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Dating Xiumin Would Include...

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  • Aegyo
  • Lot’s of it
  • Drinking coffee together 
  • If you don’t like coffee, well, too bad
  • You’re drinking coffee together
  • Being the third wheel when it comes to XiuChen
  • He’s with you guys 90% of the time and there’s nothing you can do to change it
  • Lot’s of pet names
  • Watching his eyes light up whenever he see’s you because you’re literally his everything
  • Him getting jealous whenever you baby Sehun
  • “You shouldn’t have done that for him, Y/N.”
  • “But he’s so small and adorable and -”
  • “He’s 23, dammit! If he wants to organize his 552 pairs of shoes by color, size, brand, and material, then I think he can do it himself!”
  • Letting him win whenever you plays games
  • Him whining because he knows you’re letting him win and he doesn’t like it
  • Poking his cheeks whenever you want his attention
  • Him constantly cleaning your house even though it’s already clean
  • Him hovering over you whenever he’s doing push-ups so he can kiss you and workout at the same time
  • Protective Xiumin
  • Running his fingers through your hair
  • Not much PDA
  • But you guys are ALWAYS holding hands
  • Slow and deep kisses whenever the two of you are alone together
  • Blanket forts
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Him always making it to your events
  • No matter what
  • Being in love with your soulmate


……So like…..what if injured Sidney Crosby, hopped up on the good MedsTM after coming out of some sort of oral surgery, gropes Geno’s arm in front of the Pens all, “Geno, Geno, baby, did we feed the dog? Oh my God, we didn’t feed the dog. He’s going to die. (sobs) Geno, I want pasta. I want cheese. Everything hurts. Geno, I can’t suck your dick for like a month. What if I forget how to deepthroat?? What are we going to do????”  

Jake nearly swallows his own tongue. Tanger and Flower are literally holding onto the wall trying not to shriek with laughter while trying to record the whole thing. Geno glares at everyone but is recorded stroking Sidney’s hair and saying, “Shh, is okay. Um. You get better. Dick sucking not important” as Sidney gasps and says, “It’s very important, Geno” and then crying again. 

In the circus arc, our!Ciel has to deal with some horrible flashbacks of his own time and experiences with the cult.

Later, he order Sebastian to ‘burn it all.’

There’s a lot of different opinions about this particular scene. I’ve always thought that our!Ciel wasn’t really in his right state of mind, and he was wanting Sebastian to destroy the memory. Our!Ciel was relieving his past, and the children there were already ‘dead’ to him because all the children in the cult had been killed.

Now, I still think Ciel was traumatized and reliving his past here, and his order to burn everything could very well be him wanting the memory to be purged.

However, allow me to make a new suggestion.

The moment our!Ciel saw the literal writing on the wall, he immediately knew it was his twin. Perhaps, just perhaps, a part of him always suspected it.

When he was forced to relieve his worst memory, it was like his brother was there once again. Maybe he told Sebastian to burn everything not to just stop him from having to remember it all, but he also wanted everything to be burned to make sure that his twin stayed dead.

Of course, that didn’t work.

These are just a few of my rambling thoughts, so I may be way off with this one.

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hi, have you guys watched the new episode? and if yes can we get your opinions on it? im curious !!

yes, we actually did just now. and okay, we’ll try to be quick and so no one can jump on us again, we want to point out very clearly that this is our opinion, not facts


can they keep sebastian away from literally everyone in the institute? i mean ??? jace’s little smile at the mention of maia was so cute but then sebastian ruined everything with his disgusting talk about clary like yeah she’s not jace’s sister but she’s yours you incest loving fuck (im not even sorry, i hate him). alec as the head of the institute is my fave thing ever and you can really see he’s trying his best so i’m really glad isabelle told those two shadowhunters to shut the fuck up and listen to him smh 

ALEC AND LUKE YES !!!! two leaders i love. i mean the episode was pretty boring in my opinion besides the downworlders scenes & the forced clace ??? no thank you, simon doesn’t fucking deserve this and maia too

on a lighter note, isabelle training ??? im gay and the seelie queen was AMAZING !!!


2) are they still trying to push rizzy on us? because it’s still no and i’m glad raphael decided to leave it even if it’s only because sebastian is annoying

3) MR LIGHTWOOD AND MR BANE as if all of them don’t know you two bone i mean come on, so casual, so smooth yes alec smiling like and idiot and magnus being like “NAILED IT” also later raphael teasing magnus and his little smile i love them

4) clary is a bitch and why does everything always have to be about her? she hurt simon and now she acts like a victim and when izzy wanted to talk about her day for once, clary is crying so of course clary’s drama is more important. i just really don’t like that.

5) sebastian setting up luke like no thank you you can choke

and i agree with ariel, it was pretty boring but meliorn was iconic as always so we good

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Daddy daddy daddyyyyyy, who is your tumblr crush?

Oh shit. I have so many but I’m in love with @tasteofswallowedwords literally she’s gorgeous, smart, funny, she brights up my day when we talk, (hella in love with anything Irish too), she writes hella good. Like I could sit here and tell you so many things about her. She’s just perfect and you should go follow her if you haven’t. You don’t know how badly I want to go visit her and take her on a cute little date and watch her show me all her favorite places and where she grew up and just everything. 💕😘

I don’t dislike Sasha that isn’t why I’m upset :/
I’m upset cause literally you could have given us
A.) Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss where Alexa would be a little scared and have to outsmart her to win or Nia Jax as champion
B.) The Mickie James vs Alexa Feud I’ve been waiting for since she came back where Alexa becomes obsessed with Mickie (when Mickie came back she said Alexa remembered everything about her career I though that is where they were going with it)
C.) Bayley vs Alexa the redemption storyline
E.) You could have made Dana not look like a total doofus and start building her up
But Nia has one of her best showings since coming to the main roster and I feel like it wa s really wasted and I’m so sad

Hey this might be controversial but

I love Riku so much. I’ve loved him ever since the day when I first turned on Kingdom Hearts on my old ps2 nine years ago and I saw him and automatically picked him as my favorite for, at the time, basically no reason except I thought he looked cool. And then I loved his desire to see other worlds because I was (and still am) the same in the sense of wanting to get away from where I am and see what else is out there. And I loved that even though he spent the entire game running around being a big jealous asshole he still came through at the end and put the safety of everyone else above his own in order to close the door to the Realm of Darkness. 

I love that ever since then he’s spent every single day trying to better himself, to move past his mistakes and overcome his demons both literally and figuratively. I love that everything Riku did through Days was just him selflessly doing anything in his power–even if it involved using the same darkness he was so afraid of giving into again–to make sure that Sora, his best friend in the world, would be safe. And how even though by KHII Riku was so self-loathing and ashamed of himself that he wanted to hide away from his friends, he still helped them in secret.

I love how even after everything, Sora and Kairi still love Riku. Because they know him, and they know his past mistakes aren’t all that he is. They know that he’s loyal and caring and brave and a good person even if he can’t see it, and they’re his best friends and he doesn’t have to hide from them. They love Riku for who he is, and they accept him for his light and his darkness.

I love that even if Riku can’t forget his past, that’s okay because he doesn’t have to let it haunt him–he may not be able to get rid of his darkness, but it doesn’t have to hurt him anymore. He’s learned and accepted that it’s a part of him, and that he can control it instead of letting it control him. I love that he can still hold darkness in his heart and be worthy of being named a keyblade master. That he can still hold darkness in his heart and be someone who cares deeply for his friends, who protects others, who is seen as–and just genuinely is–good, and worthy of love.

Riku is just so important to me. I see so much of myself and who I wish I was in him. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters of all time and I am so glad he’s a character that exists, so grateful for his growth throughout the series. Riku is amazing.

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I meet this really cute girl and we texted. It was going so well, we literally talked about everything! We talked about our future and hobbies 🙃 everything was going so well! "I'm going out just in case I don't answer" I'm literally quoting her and then she blocked me 😓 Why did she do that?

She doesn’t want to talk with you anymore. I don’t know why she doesn’t. And you cannot do anything but accepting her decision. I wish you to be luckier next time.

Mark - Best friends to lovers
  • i would die to have him as a roommate honestly
  • he’s so quiet sometimes you’ll forget he’s home.
  • like youll go to get some food and he’ll just be there chilling in the kitchen
  • honestly gives you heart attacks
  • spends most of his time either in his room or on the sofa playing games online
  • he’s the kind of roommate to trxt you if he wants something instead of souting for you
  • literally you barely ever talk to each other unless you have friends over
  • or when you’re both in that mood where everything’s funny
  • then all the neighbours hear for a few hours is you two laughing your heads out
  • in terms of chores you two are organized and on it
  • you each have certain chores that you do and some that you do together like food shopping and laundry
  • you take turns in cooking for each other
  • you’re both best friends with jackson
  • like he’s always over your house
  • eating your food and falling asleep on your couch
  • not that you mind
  • mark’s quiet, but trustworthy and reliable 
  • literally the perfect roommate
  • you have weekly movie nights and you take turns in suggesting the movie
  • you have pretty much the same taste in music
  • so you’ll just be in the kitchen and you’ll hear mark yelling for you to listen to something new he found
  • and you’ll end up jamming for a few hours
  • hes the best if you had had a hard day at work
  • you can just walk in and feel completely relaxed 
  • he’d hold you until you feel better and orders takeaway
  • and you do the same for him whenever he’s stressed
  • if he ever gets his half of the rent in late or ever does something to annoy you he’ll buy you your favorite takeout or get that new accessory you’ve been eyeing as his apology
  • honestly what a babe
  • for a guy, he’s pretty clean, but he still has his moments
  • his worst habit is leaving his laundry in his room for ages and disappearing with mugs somewhere and never bringing them back
  • so really? not too bad
  • you really have no idea how he’s able to put together an actual outfit everyday with the state of his closet and dirty clothes basket
  • mark doesn’t talk about things that annoy him that often so you have zero clue when you’ve pissed him off
  • it only ever comes up when you guys have one of your rare disagreements
  • and he just spills out everyhting thats upset or annoyed him in like the past month
  • he always looks so regretful afterwards for unloading so much on you at once over something so silly
  • but tbh if that’s how he deals with things then you’re more than willing to put up with it for him
  • you two would put up with anything for each other because honestly could you ever find better roommates?

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Hey! I jut wanted to let you know that I read your 'Mess Is Mine' series and literally could not put my phone down. I can tell that that series is a work of art because it honestly made me feel everything so deeply! You're an awesome writer and I hope you enjoy writing your stuff as much as I enjoy reading it :)

YAY! YAY YAY! I’m so glad that I sucked you into the story. 

I LOVE writing and sharing it with everyone. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. <3 Thank you so much for this amazing message and I hope you continue to like what you find here on the blog!! *hugz for daaaaaays*

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So... my boyfriend and I have: know each other 6 years, been together 4 years, lived together for 3. I love him so much, but we just don't agree on the future, we've compromised on everything except where to start our lives: he wants to stay in AZ and I want to go literally anywhere else. (Plus, even tho we have agreed on this: he wants me to bear children and I want to adopt. We've settled on adoption because we both feel like it's my choice. I'm still worried be will resent me in the future.)

These are kind of high-level things here, babe. Learning how to compromise (on big and little things) sucks big time. It sounds like you guys are working on it! (Altho: the kids thing is also HUGE. Glad you in theory came to a compromise, but if you’re worried he’s going to resent that, you don’t seem to have much faith that it’s a solid thing you’re both comfortable with.)

Ultimately, if you feel like you MUST live somewhere else, now, and he feels that he MUST live there, now, you owe it to both of yourselves to be honest about that. 

Have you done the prerequisite soul searching? Has he? Have you talked seriously about all of your options? 

You’ve got to figure out why you want to leave. Are you stir crazy? Do you hate the region? Is this where you’re from, and you feel like you won’t be able to ‘adult’ unless you’re somewhere else?  

You said “anywhere but here.” Where do you want to go? Why? Explore some of these for yourself. Look up opportunities - fellowships, jobs, cities - and see if something strikes you. Can you imagine yourself living somewhere else without him? Living in Arizona with him? What would that look like for you in five, ten years? Would you be a shriveled up ball of resentment?

Can he stay, and you go live somewhere else for a year or two elsewhere? Stretch those wings? It sounds awful, and long distance is hard, but it’s not as awful as losing him entirely, is it?

I know couples who’ve made a “we’ll live somewhere for 5 years and then move to X” kind of bargain, but that can blow up, especially if it doesn’t work out exactly right. Maybe give a timeline, but be loose about it if it doesn’t work out. Say something like “I can give you X years here, but you need to be willing to look elsewhere after that.”

If it’s a dealbreaker, you owe it to him to be honest about that.

If you can, going to a relationship therapist to help you work through some of this could be super helpful.

These are hard questions, love, and the truth is that there may not be a “right” answer. Some deep soul searching for both of you, on what you can and cannot envision for your futures (alone or together), is in order. <33333333333

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oh yas Candice was crying during the rehearsal!!! if only we got to witness that firsthand raw moments Im sure it's gonna end me right away, and grant being so secretive about this song that he lets no one to hear ot until that rehearsal? wow I love it how he wanted it to be a surprise and it feels really special. I love how these two captains always sailing this ship so well!

Yesss, I was SWOONING when we found that out!! I’m sure CP was just as moved the second time around - since she did flat out say it’s impossible not to be. But she obvs was composed enough to not be literally crying. Awww. Everything about the scene - both onscreen & bts - is just incredibly sweet. I love our captains. ❤️

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why is okay for you to say anything you want about cishets? im definitely not het but i don't think it's right for you to insult them for no justification, that literally what they did to lgbtq people for so long and i don't understand why now that everything is starting to become good that you would want others to feel like most of us did??????



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Hello Shan, how are you feeling about jjp's comeback I mean death.




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I've never said this before, but I actually agreed with Farrah for most of last night. Yes, she doesn't respect her mom but her mom abused her. I wouldn't respect someone who hit me either. However they are working on it. David wants to seem like a saint but he isn't even trying to talk to his fiancée daughter. And Deb is crying but she should realize it was davids fault. Not Farrah's. Farrah tried. David literally ignored everything and didn't go on any of the fun trips they planned.

I kind of wash my hands of all of them to be honest. They are all terrible people.

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um hi? i'm a spidey, i love spider-man since i was a little kid and i see a lot of myself in him. but it fucks me up that marvel is screwing up the origin story of the character by tying him up to iron man's. have you seen that iron man 2 stupid fanservice? i'm hating everything that involves tony in homecoming. his "parental relationship" is nothing but a lie, because he used peter to his own needs on ca:cw. he "doesnt want peter to be an avenger" but he TOOK HIM TO GERMANY! shit...

honestly, i totally understand where you’re coming from. shoe horning tony into this just makes peter look dependent on him, and literally saying that peter’s reason for wanting to be a superhero is to impress tony means that without tony, there’s no point to him being spiderman. like. shit man wyd!

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You're art is literally how I've always wanted to draw. It's so perfect but it's not overly defined. It's just smooth on the eyes and you can clearly recognize who your muse is. But people have to have a knack for drawing like THAT. 🖤

Thank you, this is a very sweet message. However, you can trust me and other artists when we say that almost everything comes down to practice. I don’t really believe I have a particular knack for drawing something in a particular way automatically, I believe I have a knack for drawing a certain thing in a certain way because that is what I have chosen to draw over and over again. Do different stylistic attributes come through that are unique to each artist? Sure. But if I decided tomorrow that all I was ever going to do was paint watercolors of saguaro cacti in a particular style, then after a while I’d probably have a knack for that too.

I want to fucking die.

Fuck you brain.
Literally fuck you.
Thank you for ALWAYS ruining everything for me.
Finally starting to feel happy again after weeks.
Brain: Hey remember when they fucked?
Lol, I remember that too.
Fuck my life.
I hate you.
I hate myself.
I hate everything.
This life sucks.
I am literally never going to be happy.