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OK, but, consider; Jamie in pants.

Star Trek Reboots: A Summary
  • Star Trek 2009
  • Kirk:*cheats on exam*
  • Kirk:*sneaks onto starship*
  • Kirk:*is kicked off ship for mutiny*
  • Kirk:*angers captain to the point of losing all control, sending him into a despair/rage spiral*
  • Kirk:*becomes captain of ship despite having never graduated the fucking academy*
  • Starfleet:Let's give that kid our flagship!
  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Kirk:*majorly fucks up prime directive*
  • Kirk:*looses command of enterprise*
  • Kirk:*openly disobeys at lease six direct orders*
  • Kirk:*sets crazy lunatic loose on San francisco, nearly destroying the entire city, but to be fair, does die trying to fix it*
  • Starfleet:Let's make put that kid in charge of all new first contact missions over a five year span.

anonymous asked:

I did watch Dracula, the whole series. You know where they made a lesbian have a sex with a man and made her like it? I know very well that Vic is married, and frankly the way she's acting and dragging Katie into her shenanigans she should be ashamed. Katie was relatively private before Jess and Vic came along now their turning her into every other Hollywood celebrity who posts selfies daily. Katie's sexuality will be discussed when she's posting pictures of herself' 'pretending' to kiss women.

Victoria should be ashamed of herself, why is that exactly? Do you realise how ridiculous you sound? Katie never went out of her way to be private, it’s just now she’s surrounded by people- good friends- who use social media and happens to be in some of their pictures. If Katie made a twitter would she therefore be embarrassing herself by coming out into the spotlight, when she should obviously be hidden away? Of course not. Also, Jess and Vic are not Hollywood stars, I wouldn’t exactly say that either. Katie can do whatever she wants, she’s a grown woman and I’m pretty sure she can make her own decisions without being judged. Also Katie’s sexuality will not be discussed, you have absolutely no right whatsoever to discuss someone’s sexuality and start rumours that she’s a lesbian when you know absolutely nothing about her personal life in that way. Why don’t you take your theory to Victoria on twitter and see how she feels about it, because you’re making out she has something to be guilty about when she absolutely does not. At the end of the day they’re all grown adults who can post as many pictures as they want without being accused as something as ridiculous as ‘gay-baiting’ for doing so. Come on.


okay so this is my video for the compliment thing. i’m sorry it’s so bad - the thumbnail is terrible, i say ‘um’ too much, and i wish i’d said more about everyone - seriously i could write essays on how much i adore each of you (me being weird again lmao). i had stuff pre-written and can send it to you if you’d like, because i missed bits and added others and yeah.

i’m planning on writing compliments to a list of urls i have later today and writing compliments for each of those i didn’t mention in the video, because as i explain, i haven’t been part of the fandom long, haven’t had the opportunity to talk to everyone i’d like to, and as a consequence feel like i want to be inclusive?? my long list wouldn’t have fit in a video, hahaha.

anyway, in this video i talk about the fandom as a whole and then those who have mentioned in some capacity or talked about me in their list or video. so, in the order i talk: stagmania, northsfire, palepinkgoat, poisonousdame, montygreening, mickeysupsetcaspersbastardchild, and wehangout

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS seriously i cannot stress that enough. i was moved by everything that’s been said.