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So here’s the deal. I’m not doing so hot financially right now, and I desperately need to find some way to supplement my income, at least to get me through the next couple of months until I can get my financial health back to a reasonable level. To that end, I’m going to be offering the following:

  • Fic commissions: Any length, any pairing, any fandom as long as I’m passingly familiar with it. You can give me as much or as little direction as you want. Toying with the idea of charging $1.00 USD per hundred words–you would specify a length, and it’d be up to me to match it. Word count would be a minimum, and any overage you would, of course, not be charged for. This could also be for something other than fanfic–I like to ramble and I would be happy to ramble about anything you like. 

  • Knitting: Small items and accessories. Off the top of my head, some available items would be: fingerless gloves/armwarmers, headbands, hats, potholders, washcloths, small bags/pouches to hold dice, crystals, or tarot cards. No scarves, socks, or sweaters–the turn around on those items is simply too long to be worthwhile right now. I have a shit ton of yarn and a shit ton of patterns so I’m sure we can find something to work. Pricing would be on a case by case basis, likely somewhere between $5.00 - $20.00 USD depending on the item, plus shipping to get it to you.

  • Tea: I sell tea from a company called Steeped Tea. If you are interested in tea I would be more than happy to talk to you about options, what kinds of teas you like, make suggestions as to teas to try as well as hardware and accessories you might find helpful. If you’re interested, let me know, and I can give you the link where you can peruse the entire current catalog. 

  • Translation: I haven’t done any for a long time, but I would be happy to work on translating any quotes or short texts into Sindarin Elvish, complete with tengwar transcription. These would be a flat $5.00 USD fee. Until I’m in a better place, I’m not going to be doing any more free translations, but I can promise a quick turnaround on translation assignments. 

  • Item sales: I don’t know yet what this might entail, but I have a pretty sizeable collection of comics, books, DVDs, and video games. I also have a massive yarn stash, some of might end up parting with. If you’re interested, feel free to let me know, but I’ll probably post pics and information as I figure this stuff out. 

  • Donations:  Fuck, I really hate this shit, but–if you don’t actually want anything, and you have some cash to spare, and you feel so moved, these would also be accepted. 

I hate how pathetic I sound, but I’m at work utterly paralyzed by a sick feeling in my gut and feeling like I’m on the edge of a breakdown, and I need to take SOME kind of action, so–this is what I’m doing. If you’re interested in ANY of the above, please let me know via message or fanmail. And thanks. 

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How do I get the courage to cut my hair? Like I really want a Mohawk but literally everyone I know tells me its a really bad idea and getting shitty with me:/ I really want to but I can't be dealing with people being dicks to me about it now

1. get drunk 2. find scissors

i just want everyone to know that its literally been like the best week ever so many good things have happened and i have friends that don’t make me want to shoot myself and are actually queer so i can say shit like “im so fuckin gay” out loud and theyre just like “same” its just. its so great and im so happy

The family fight at the ski lodge story! 14k of Fingon/Maedhros first time fic, with jokes, and Huan the Good Dog, and altogether too many brothers. 

Read it on AO3 here.

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I was just wondering if you are ever going to finish your hockey novel?? Not to pressure you or anything I was just wondering bc I'd really love to read it.

yes! yes. i am. yes i am. i promise i am. i promise that i am going to finish my novel, at some point. at SOME POINT!!!! soon. probably soon. maybe soon. i promise.


TAYLOR!!!!!! One of my best friends Anthony shakeitoffs is seeing you today! He has never met you and has been a fan for so long!!! He is in section 213 row k!!!! I know everyone would literally EXPLODE with happiness if he got to meet you!


This is so lovely, and Peter Hollens is just incredible! Oh, and he mayyy be doing something from a certain movie in 2 weeks, How to Train Your Dragon 2, i think it’s called ;) 

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I did watch Dracula, the whole series. You know where they made a lesbian have a sex with a man and made her like it? I know very well that Vic is married, and frankly the way she's acting and dragging Katie into her shenanigans she should be ashamed. Katie was relatively private before Jess and Vic came along now their turning her into every other Hollywood celebrity who posts selfies daily. Katie's sexuality will be discussed when she's posting pictures of herself' 'pretending' to kiss women.

Victoria should be ashamed of herself, why is that exactly? Do you realise how ridiculous you sound? Katie never went out of her way to be private, it’s just now she’s surrounded by people- good friends- who use social media and happens to be in some of their pictures. If Katie made a twitter would she therefore be embarrassing herself by coming out into the spotlight, when she should obviously be hidden away? Of course not. Also, Jess and Vic are not Hollywood stars, I wouldn’t exactly say that either. Katie can do whatever she wants, she’s a grown woman and I’m pretty sure she can make her own decisions without being judged. Also Katie’s sexuality will not be discussed, you have absolutely no right whatsoever to discuss someone’s sexuality and start rumours that she’s a lesbian when you know absolutely nothing about her personal life in that way. Why don’t you take your theory to Victoria on twitter and see how she feels about it, because you’re making out she has something to be guilty about when she absolutely does not. At the end of the day they’re all grown adults who can post as many pictures as they want without being accused as something as ridiculous as ‘gay-baiting’ for doing so. Come on.

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Imagine Steve giving everyone piggyback rides around the tower

“Giddy-up!” Natasha cries, raising her one hand that holds a foam sword. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to let the Avengers do a charity event at a toy store had another thing coming. They could hardly keep it together while they all ran around with the display Nerf guns.

“My turn!” Tony yells, hopping over the couch. Natasha slides off Steve’s back easily and Tony hops on.

“You’re all ridiculous,” Bucky laughs, looking up from where he’s playing with Funko Pop figurines.

“Says the one playing with an action figure of himself,” Clint jabs. He’s putting together a Lego model of the Quinjet with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

“Fuck you,” Bucky replies, giving Clint he finger.

“I would like to be someone’s noble steed!” Thor bellows. Rhodey grins and takes a running jump onto Thor’s back. There’s a twinkle in Steve’s eye as he meets Thor’s. It clearly says, race ya.

Steve and Thor dash around the common room with Tony and Rhodey bouncing on their backs. Natasha’s waiting at the finish line to see who wins. It’s Thor by a millisecond. Tony grabs a chunk of Steve’s hair and tries to use it likes reigns. Steve winces in pain and drops Tony on his ass.

“Hey!” Tony cries indignantly.

Steve smiles. “Sucks to suck,” he says as he tosses Natasha onto his back and starts running around the room.