literally every time tumblr talks about social justice this is how i feel

A message to other “progressive Christians”

Over the last couple weeks God has really been convicting me of having allowed sin to creep into my life through social justice circles. But I also am getting the sense these problems are widely present in “progressive”/social justice-themed Christian spaces.

I want to share the following things I am starting to learn, because I’m guessing there are others out there who need to hear the same things.

1.  We need to get off our high horses.

We are not better than others simply because we have the language of social justice at our disposal. Nor are we in any way more “enlightened.” We do not know or understand everything about our world. We just happen to have access to a particular framework and mindset that helps us understand certain systemic issues really well.

2.  On that note: we need to realize that “social justice” is not for everyone.

Sure, the dismantling of systemic oppression really does benefit virtually everyone on the planet. But not every person will find liberation and mission in the principles and terminology of “social justice” as we define it, and that’s fine. Not every problem fits neatly into the framework of privilege/oppression (though many do!) and not everyone is called by God to activism (though many of us are!).

I learned this the hard way when I was trying to help a friend going through a hard time. I thought that I could help her out by helping her understand some of what she was experiencing from a social justice lens. But that was not what she needed at the moment— she needed me to listen to her where she was at.

3.  Marginalization is no excuse for sin.

Sure, with privilege comes power, which can and does corrupt us. Privilege can also cause our sins to have greater impact, since we have the entire weight of the world backing them.

But, in Paul’s words, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Privilege does not excuse sin, but neither does marginalization. We have all sinned against one another, and we have all personally crucified Jesus with our sin. There is literally no point in comparing my sin with anyone else’s, and there is no excusing it no matter what circumstances I was in or what oppressive systems I was suffering from.

4.  People are more than the sum of their identities.

In social justice circles, we rightly talk about how people’s social identities so strongly shape their experience in the world and their relationship to systems of power and oppression.

It is absolutely important that we do this. After all, the devil longs for nothing more than to sow division among people, and does so through power structures that divide people by identity. If we want to bring about the kingdom of God, we first have to dismantle the devil’s power structures — and to do that, we have to understand how they work!

But we also have to remember that God sees us as more than just the sum of our identities and experiences: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). God absolutely understands how human-constructed identities impact our lives (after all, Jesus became flesh!) but God also sees beyond them.

There is enormous value in examining how people’s social identities impact our experience here on earth. We have to see race if we wish to dismantle racism — colorblindness doesn’t cut it. But we must make sure we don’t see others as merely the sum of their identities, though, lest we start viewing other people the same way the enemy does.

5.  We can learn something from all Christians.

It is tempting (and I am guilty of this too) to say we are better than particular groups of Christians with whom we disagree — particularly those that preach misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc. Or if we don’t actually say this, we at least believe that we are on better theological footing.

The fact is, none of us have a perfectly correct theology. It is of course our responsibility to call out bad (or downright oppressive) theology when we see it, but we should also be prepared for other Christians (and not just our inner circle) to find holes in ours. We should point out when other Christians are straying from the Lord, but only if we’re open to hearing the same.

We certainly do not have to listen to every Christian — there are some, like my former youth group leader, who preach such damaging theological garbage that the best thing we can do is plug our ears. (And we should be wary of Christian groups that have strayed so far from the Jesus of the gospel that they may as well be worshipping a false God — although we ourselves need to be aware that the same accusation could be lobbed back at us.)

We have every right to stay away from Christians who are actively hurting us or harming our relationship with Jesus. But we should remember that any disagreements we have are superficial compared to our agreement over who is Lord, and we are all walking the same faith journey. And despite our differences, we can all teach each other something about Jesus.

6.  On that note: We need to be prepared to be wrong.

I am sure that when I get to heaven, one of the first things that will happen is God will show me a print-out of all the stuff I’ve written on tumblr that is flat out wrong. None of us has all the answers. We need to acknowledge this and be humble.

I hope this is helpful and meaningful to people! These are all things I struggle with, and I am happy to pray for you if there are any of these you feel you need to work on in your own life.


I know nobody’s gonna care but I’m going to rant wtf When I look up a tag I want to see what I looked up and not some fucking bull shit hate. I understand a lot of people on tumblr don’t like onision but to really hate literally 24/7 is getting really fucking annoying. Don’t you guys have anything better to do than hate? Don’t you want to go out and enjoy life and idk laugh a little? When I look up onision on tumblr I always expect to see some nice gifs of old and new videos and maybe some new memes about him or something but literally all I get is hate. With onision I understand why some wouldn’t like him. He does say pretty offensive things I will admit but fucking really just move on. Stop stalking him to find every bad thing about him. I me a why are you looking at his tweets if you actually not interested in what he’s saying. It just gets me so pissed that people are actually spending the time to hate another human being. With his Channel onision. It’s a comedy Chanel. His jokes are offensive but guess what Tumblr people find it funny. It’s fucking comedy guys nothing on that Channel is serious. It isn’t supposed to be. Onision has helped me through so much. I truly believe the reason I’m alive is because of him. A few years back I had terrible depression. Topping that off with other mental disorders my life was practically hell. Then my mom had a stroke and everything went to hell. A year later I was raped multiple times by a family member. I felt terrible. I hated my life and I hated myself. Onision changed that for me. His videos on his channel onisionspeaks really helped me. They practically showed me that I wasn’t alone and other people were going through the same things and I could get help. He put my feelings into words for me with one of his videos. The video was named rape apologists I think. He was talking about a girl and a male friend but the situation was practically the same. Practically my whole family were what you would call rape apologists. I thought what happened to me didn’t matter because of them but he showed me it did matter. Again he put my feelings into words and helped me cope with it. I’ve always wanted to meet him and just tell him how much he means to me and I’m so thankful. It just gets me so pissed when social justice warriors are making him seem like a terrible person for saying an offensive joke. Again he’s a fucking comedian. I’m sorry for the long ass rant I’m sure you can deal. Now have a nice day or night or whatever -a very pissed girl at 3 am

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Okay, tumblr, we need to talk

This shit with Zamii isn’t the first time it’s happened. You did the same to the xkit guy and John Green (I have to mention him even if he is a hack), and both times you’ve first been vitriolic, conflagratory arseheads, and then, after the delict’s been done, then disingenuous, self-centered fucks.

You chased off the xkit guy on a vague and uncorroborated accusation and then fucking pleaded some – what?? – two days later for him to come back and fix whatever staff had fucked up yet again, but not without your characteristic disingenuousness and arch-smugness, never getting off of your moral high horse, telling him that you will forgive him for the bullying that you had perpetrated, only if he were to just turn around and crawl and grovel back to you as if you do not possess self-control.

Then the same shit happened with John Green. Whatever anyone’s opinion of him may be, I think that it’s only fair to say that he too was chased off by no other dint but the one of the fact that someone compared him to a pedophile for writing YA fiction, as if writing for any sort of target audience is the same as wanting to roger those same people whom the writer will for the most part never even meet. That comparison was vitriolic and overstated, but once again nothing stopped a Plural You from dropping every single, final modicum of any sort of sense towards self-control and sense of responsibility just because you wanted to take it out on someone again. And of course, you fucking did because, and let’s face it here, my esteemed colleagues, you don’t have the Basic Human Decency (that you keep regurgitating so much about) that it takes to question your own actions from a standpoint that has got to be individual and critical.

Instead, what you chose to do is what I judge (and judge hard) one of the most debased and depraved modes of action that a human being can descend to, and that same thing All of You did to Zamii, once again, under a different pretext.

No, screw that – it’s even worse.

Steven Universe is a bloody kids’ show. Its characters are fictional and they don’t have feelings. Bad fan art will not irreversibly mutilate them. Your sense of undue entitlement spiralled out into what almost became a murder and for all that you intended to do, you’re murderers in my book, and that Zamii managed to survive her suicide attempt will not exculpate you one mote.

When and what will it take you to fucking look back on what you’ve done and how you’ve been thinking and finally come to terms with the fact that those characters are fictional, that they don’t exist as actual people and that they never will exist as actual people? That you don’t need to defend them because they can’t be attacked?

What in the Devil’s arsehole will it take for you to realise that non-real personalities are less important than living, physical people’s lives which you already treat with such levity that people are rightfully scared of even fucking up the slightest bit on this growing lump of cancer of a website?

What will it take you to just stop running about for a moment with torches and pitchforks primed for stabbing and raising, and just think - do nothing but just stop and think - on whether there’s any humaneness and goodness left in you and whether you’ve abandoned all sense of right and wrong, all sense of personal, critical, independent existence, when you could do things such as that?

What the FUCK will it take you to understand that a shitton of other people doing it doesn’t mean that they’re inherently right just for their sheer numbers? Do you know of shame, if not decency? Don’t you know of humanity? You constantly homily about Social Justice™ and Inclusiveness™, but come the moment when your patience is tried the slightest, you show that you’re not any activists or people who argue for justice and change, but a throng of abject, craven Belongers who repeatedly use whatever they espouse as pretext to commit gross and repugnant injustices and horrifying acts of othering and violence that make me feel literally, actually ashamed of simply having to witness you.

I want you to stop and think about what you did yourselves, what you did to a person called Zamii, that you’ve already drawn blood over a cartoon, and what kind of people you’re putting yourself at risk of becoming. I want you to stop and think deeply about all of those because this sort of behaviour has long since stopped being a joke. And here’s an addendum: when people use the term “SJW” in a derogatory manner, they mean people such as you. Not hard-working, hard-thinking, level-headed altruists who dedicate their lives to aiding the disenfranchised and the dejected. Instead, they think of you, and they relate the term to the odious impression of a frothing-at-the-mouth, torches-and-pitchforks mob that you give off when you, over the pettiest of causes, commit un-acts that are legally criminal and morally unacceptable, such as these.

So please, for the third or fifth time – stop and think. And if not for anyone else’s, then at least for your own, individual sakes.

I’m so fucking sick of this site’s attitude towards cartoons. It’s not just the frequent Steven Universe shit that bugs me, because these people were just as bitter towards Samurai Jack when Jashi turned out to be a thing, and there was also that one person who ended up leaking Voltron shit because their ship wasn’t canon. These people look for the stupidest, most trivial shit to get offended by, just so they have an excuse to not only harass rational fans of the show, but the creators as well. 

I don’t care if you think that rejected SU character design is racist or if you think heteronormativity ruined Samurai Jack or whatever, but the second you start harassing real people, I can no longer consider you a decent human being, because you’re sending people death threats over some drawings that were compiled together to create a series of 11/22 minute stories that have no barring on the real world. I don’t care how much of an animation fan you are, but at the end of the day, cartoons don’t matter that much.

And another thing, stop claiming that you’re doing this for the sake of “””social justice”””. Your perverted bastardization of the term does not resemble real social justice in any way, and you’re also not helping society in any way by harassing people online. In fact, as an autistic trans lesbian (all of which seem to be part of some holy trinity of being a stereotypical Tumblr user), I think you all look like a bunch of basement dwelling low-lives with way too much free time. And newsflash, most minorities probably think the same way about you as well, so in the end, you’re not winning anyone over.

Sorry if I’ve been bitching about cartoon discourse frequently, but goddamn does it piss me off. This site is a toxic cesspool of filth, and if it weren’t for the fact that there are some cool people on this site, I would’ve sailed ship a long ass time ago, because I literally feel myself aging more rapidly every time new discourse pops up. It just gets exhausting after a while, and it’s so hard to avoid because so many of the blogs I follow are talking about it. For my own sanity, this will probably be the last time I rant about discourse for a while unless something pops up, because like I said, it gets so fucking exhausting after a while and I’d much rather talk about stuff I like, because unlike some people on this site, I like talking about things I actually enjoy.

TV shows and why people stop watching them when their favorite character dies.

On November 2014, my dad had a heart attack and died. I didn’t take it well. My dad was the person I love the most in the world, he was my best friend and I’m never going to stop missing him. The grieving process really took a toll on me, and during the following year, I retreated inside of myself. I was still functioning, but the truth was I felt empty and I had to debate myself every morning to get out of bed. One of the brightest spots during that time was that I got to see my favorite characters, characters I’ve come to love deeply, having adventures every week.

And then, on May 2015, Supernatural killed Charlie off.

Both of these things, the real loss of my dad and the fictional loss of a character I liked a lot were irredeemably linked in my mind. I wasn’t even sad, really. I was angry. It was as if a close friend, someone who ought to know better, had made an insensitive joke at the expense of my dad’s memory. I calmly turned off my computer while muttering to myself: “I don’t need this shit in my life right now.”

And I stopped watching the show altogether. A show I really loved, a show to this day I write fanfic and blog about, lost me because they killed off a character way too soon after my dad’s passing.

Of course, this wasn’t the writers’ fault. They couldn’t have known what I was going through, they couldn’t have known that I was going to feel like they had personally stabbed me in the gut. They had killed off characters I loved before and I cried and I screamed and wrote angry essays on Tumblr, but this time was different. It was different because I was already dealing with a very real grief and I didn’t want to also add fictional grief on top of it. The fandom’s reaction was pretty much the same as every time a favorite is killed off: they raged, they rolled their eyes, but ultimately they kept watching. Minus me. They’re on Season 12 now. Hope that’s working out great for them.

Recently, a fan favorite character was killed off (in a brutal manner, I’m given to understand) in The Walking Dead. I don’t watch that show. I tried: I made it through season 1 and a bit of 2, but ultimately it failed to grab me. I’ve heard it gets good after season 3. But now this character died, and I happened to be up and on Tumblr when it happened, so my dashboard suddenly was filled with people writing in all caps and swearing at the writers. Cue the gif of a confused Donald Glover walking into the room with pizza to find everything is on fire.

One of the posts I saw was a person calmly saying something along the lines of: “Welp, that’s the last episode of The Walking Dead I’ll ever watch.” And boy, wasn’t that a throwback.

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An Asian-American Experience

A note before I begin: This is in NO WAY a representation of all Asian-Americans. All my thoughts and feelings come from my own experience within my own Asian-American communities. I do not speak for everybody, but I know that there are people like me who feel the same way. 

This is basically my talking about my experience as an Asian-American and my life with my parents, so it gets rather personal. Read if you please.

Because I literally am 100% still talking about Allegiance because it literally changed my life, you can expect this musical to be discussed in here as well. Just a warning in case you’re like sick of my talking about it! [Also a good amount of BBClock/Elementary talk since that is what got me personally into giving a shit about who I am.]

TW: Abuse and suicide.

Honestly, a good part of this long ass post is just a plea to Asian parents. To my parents: stop making me feel like shit constantly. Thanks. 

If you end up reading the whole thing and want to discuss your own experience as a person of color, I’d love to talk!

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Tumblr's idea that white people have to dedicate every single waking moment to apologizing for their privilege and/or being ashamed, lest they get sent hate messages? Seriously. I've seen actual text posts saying "tbh white people don't talk to me unless you're actively apologizing and trying to abolish your privilege" and they literally meant every. single. second. Like ew. There's a difference between recognizing your privilege and understand it, and obsessing over it.

To an extent i feel it misses the forest for the trees.

1. Let me first make it clear the quarrel I have with tumblr’s social justice is absolutely nothing to do with its goal. I understand the intentions are good and fully support how people are interested in these very important issues- because the racial structure continues to perpetuate harm, is the reason why we have constant injustices that badly need to be addressed. My quarrel is that big parts of the discourse here have become about packaging, rather than substance, about big, showy, declaratory- but ultimately meaningless gestures rather than actual attempts to deconstruct the systemic nature of racism.

2. Maybe others may disagree with me, but as a person whose family history was very much shaped by European imperialism, I fail to see what is achieved by saying white people have to be constantly apologising for their privilege- when the real crux of it is that it’s about them being AWARE and CONSCIOUS of that privilege. It’s about them being conscious about it so they are aware of the inequalities they benefit from, refrain from reproducing oppression- and have the tools to use their position to push for change. That is why I would privilege an emphasis on awareness far above apologies.

  • Are there people who should apologise? Certainly, apologies are essential to acknowledgement and deconstruction. It is important to victims. People or entities who have been directly involved in enacting racism and oppression need to show they have realised they are wrong. For example, former KKK members. The US government as an entity has to apologise for things like the experimentation on African-Americans. If a white person said something horribly racist, they should certainly apologise. But I certainly contest the notion that racism will somehow be solved by this fixed emphasis on apologies rather than awareness when we come to dealing with individuals. The point is not to make the people who benefit guilty for the sake of it in itself but to get them to help dismantle these structures, no?

3. This excessive fixation on white people is also a complete failure to recognise that white supremacy, for example, in the US, is a SYSTEM that is not embodied in a single individual. It is a system that endures via many proxies- not just white people but ALSO non-white people. For example, many East Asian communities reproduce anti-blackness in our shameless usage of racist caricatures from 1930s America.

KPOP star G-Dragon in blackface, eating a watermelon and wearing an afro wig.

The watermelon stereotype is considered racist because it was very frequently used to paint this picture of black Americans as being simple-minded people (i.e so giving them food made them happy), and was often used to also present an image of laziness. (Recall how proponents of slavery said it improved the spiritual condition of slaves because it made them work.)

Many of my Chinese relatives blithely repeat racist stereotypes about black people, and they’d never think they were being racist. Our culture has long associated fair skin with beauty due to how the aristocracy generally did not work in the fields and tan, but modern racism that privileges whiteness has reinforced this idea. We ourselves as East Asians perpetuate this against each other when we denigrate people with smaller eyes, when we uphold “looking white” as the standard of beauty. We may not be “white” at all by US standards, but we have certainly reproduced and reinforced the various forms of racism created by European colonialism because we are actually USING American stereotypes.

4. Lastly, this fixation on white people apologising also does no justice to the complexity of racism and oppression around the world. This is quite clear to me. And yet, the tumblr discourse often privileges white on “POC” violence EVEN outside the US context- an erasure I find infuriating considering how my family’s history was shaped by European AND Japanese imperialism. Do you know who else needs to apologise? Plenty of “non-white” countries like JAPAN, for their horrible war crimes during WW2 which killed millions of people all over Asia. Up till today, they’re whitewashing their textbooks and have even portrayed themselves wholly as innocent victims of China and America. TURKEY, for the Armenian genocide, which the government continues to insist wasn’t genocide but casualties from WW1. CHINA, for their continued oppression of minorities like Tibetans and Uighur Muslims. These are just 3 examples. Many of these countries are construed as “POC” in the US.

5. It is true that “whiteness” has benefited due to European colonialism. However, the substance of the issue- deconstructing a SYSTEM- needs to be focused on. Also, fixating on white people to the extent one would ignore cases of “POC” perpetuating racism caters further to whiteness rather than actually addressing the systemic structures. Yes, white people (anyone for that matter really) should be ashamed and apologise if they say racist things or endorse activities that perpetuate racism- but other than that? Personally, I would rather white people spend the rest of their time deepening their understanding of racism and deconstructing racist structures they benefit from rather than being ashamed 24/7 or apologising without actually understanding why.

About Hannibal..

Bothered to read some of the fans posts and comments about Hannibal where they honestly talked about what they don´t like about the show and now I´m a bit sad, confused and frustrated and not because these posts and comments are hate posts because they really aren´t, but because they made me think, think about some of the things that I already thought before but not as much and now I´m so..I just felt like writing a whole essay about it. One thing is for certain though, Hannibal would be a much more successful show it wasn´t so Hannigram oriented and this is coming from a Hannigram shipper. I love these two so much together but I´m confused right now. I really don´t know how many people there ship Hannigram and how many of them don´t. Tbh though, think that there are more fans of the character than there are Hannigram shippers out there. People that became fans because of the books and movies long before the show started airing. Some non shippers think that Hannigram shippers are a minority and that Bryan shouldn´t have continued the show in a direction where it´s only about THEM. The numbers don´t lie and nor they lie in this case. It´s a fact that the show had most of viewers when it wasn´t so much Hannigram orianted. Well, as much as it was in S3 and part of S2 for an example. In my opinion S2 also did great when it comes to viewers and I enjoyed it probably the most because it was so intense and while it was still about Hannigram in my opinion it still had dare I say, others things. I guess this show has more issues than I´ve thought and im not one of those tumblr social justice who see problematicity in-every-damn-thing (yeah i get really annoyed by them sometimes) but like I said reading some of the posts made me really think. For an example, I always was annoyed how they didn´t show enough Hannibal but I figured that perhaps they wanted to make something different and show other characters more like Will and while they did that they didn´t showed nearly enough Hannibal and that does bother me. They definitely showed more Will than they did Hannibal and after season 1 when they showed Hannibal they mostly showed him when it had something to do with Will, either he talked about him or something else and while I understand that Bryan said that the show was always about them I´m still annoyed at how less they showed Hannibal, Hannibal alone. I remember when I watched the show for the first time and I literally could not wait to see Hannibal. To see a scene with him. To be that excited and in antipaction to see a main character of a show because they didnt show him as much ??? Really ????? Now I realize how absurd that really is. At the same time I love Will. I love how he was potrayed in the show, I love Hugh´s brilliant performance as Will but I love Hannibal more and Hannibal definitely deserved more spotlight. Again, I find wishing this very absurd because he IS the main character after all and this shouldnt have been an issue but unfortunately it is. I believe that this made a lot of people lose interest in the show. I bet they wanted to see more Hannibal and his relationships with other people, his past just anything about him really. Its just confusing really. The show would have been a lot better if Bryan and the production sorted out their priorities from the start in my opinion. I´m just very confused right now..I once thought that only S3 was flawed because it lacked intensity and yeah it was also too Hannigram but now I see the bigger picture and im just so very confused. Another thing that I find confusing is Hannigram related. While some people think that Hannibal was just manipulating Will all the time and that Will is idk ˝perfectly innocent˝ I saw a post about how Will never returned any queer feelings to Hannibal and that in the end Will used Hannibal´s sexuality against him ??????????????? There are so many theories going around its crazy. This show, Hannibal´s and Will´s relationship was never supposed to be easy. Here we are taking about two extraordinary men but damn I guess I just wish that it was either black or white sometimes. If they were in love I wish they kissed and if they were not then they are not. They share something platonic, Bryan said that it wouldn´t be believeable of the characters if they did kiss or what not, it´s nothing but queerbaiting some say while the others say that it´s not queerbaiting because there was lesbian sex in the show, gay sex isn´t showed as much as lesbian sex and that´s problematic ANOTHER group of people says, then Bryan I think said that he didn´t initially planned Hannibal´s and Will´s relationship but that it just evolved naturally by itself because of the chemistry Mads and Hugh have with each other and that I find understandable…anyway my head hurts how confusing all of this actually is. Ya´ll..*sigh* I still love this show so much and the characters and I´ll aways ship Hannigram but in my opinion Bryan really needs to think everything through before presenting us with season 4 and I mean EVERYTHING!!! Not have a part of season 4 go in this direction and another part in a completely different. This is serious ya´ll. If someone actually bothers reading this I´d love to hear your thoughts on all of it. Thanks and peace! 

Update: I wish I could say that I was drunk or high when I wrote this but unfortunately I was not. This is just how my brain works sometimes. Even I fail to explain it at times lol. What I learned is that I shouldn´t bother what other people here have to say about the show that I love nor my ship. I´m aware of the fact that every show has its flaws and Hannibal is no different. I´m still not sure why I wrote the post above. I guess I was overwhelmed with so many different theories and opinions that I forgot about my own and that´s not good. The truth is that I never shipped someone as hard as I ship Hannigram. No one. This ship also makes me happy and it´s my comfort zone. Whenever I feel sad or loney or I just want to stay out of my own head I go re-watch some of the episodes or I read fanfiction or watch fanvids. So yeah, I should have sorted out my thoughts before writing the post above but ehh that´s life. I´ll probably write a few shorter posts eventually. Probably. 

A look at the upside-down world of Tumblr racism

In this post I would like to discuss a special type of racism that exists in certain corners of Tumblr. Tumblr is, for the most part, a vocally anti-racist site… compared to say something like Yahoo comments. However, within the context of the discussion of social justice, some users have developed a new approach to continuing racism with an anti-racist veneer.

I should make clear that I’m not talking about “reverse racism” or any other specious argument that seeks to undercut the legitimacy of the anti-racist movement. Instead, what I would like to focus on is a continuation of “the old racism” but with a slightly different spin – in which white saviors/teachers silence the voices of people of color so that white people can advocate their own preferences but with the borrowed authority of the groups they claim to represent.

Let me go straight to the example that caused me to think about this…

Today some World of Warcraft players were talking about the desirability of having access to “darker skintones” for Blood Elves. One poster, lobstmourne, argued that it was a question of representation for people of color.

but even if that’s true ALL your reasons against dark skinned elves ever happening are fucking trash.  

BRAEKIN TEH CANON!!1!   NO WHERE does it say blood elves MUST be light skinned or CANNOT be dark skinned, find me the Official Blizzard source that says otherwise I dare you.

Even if there was a magical law somewhere?  Guess what, you can break imaginary rules in an imaginary fantasy universe.  Blizzard retcons characters and changes lore ALL THE FUCKING TIME and you’re telling me dark skinned options on elves would be “too different” like seriously shut the fuck up.


People like you are part of the problem.  

Next time you try to shit on an attempt to improve representation and inclusion, eat it. Just eat it. Eat your own shit.

At this point another WoW player, regalswag, offered a firm but civil rebuttal saying that he, as a black man, did not feel that including darker skin tones would offer meaningful representation for him as his racial identity and experience cannot be essentialized as skin color options. (I won’t excerpt it because it is worth reading in full).

This posed a problem for lobstmourne and his friends because, up until that point, they were able to dismiss dissenting opinions as racist. Now, lobstmourne and others claiming to advocate for PoC could have listened to the concerns of one of the members of the community that they were discussing to understand that no community is monolithic and that sometimes the things that outsiders see as priorities are not the things that members of the group see as priorities.

Instead, we slide into the world of Tumblr racism – used by white folks to marginalize other folks but in the name of anti-racism and inclusion.

Lobstmourne’s first move was to imply that regalswag was blinded by “internalized racism”:

It’s incredibly important that the real people who are affected by everyday racism have the loudest voice when speaking against it.  

As someone who does not experience racism, I do not want to take center stage away from someone who does have those experiences and can speak from them.  

At the same time, internalized racism is absolutely a thing and it’s both a cause and a symptom of the way media (among other things) influences our opinions and aesthetics.  All races can internalize racism against other races and even against themselves without realizing it.  

Internalized racism is incredibly pervasive but also subtle, subtle as thinking a billion dollar game company shouldn’t have to include more skincolor options because “only a few people will roll that option, why does it matter??”

So, when a black person (regalswag) disagrees with a white person whose only experience of racism has been the perpetration of it (lobstmourne) on the subject of how best to represent black people in video games, then it is the black person who must be wrong.

Next, lobstmourne blocked regalswag from his Tumblr – which is his right – but also had the side-effect of making all of regalswag’s replies to the discussion invisible – literally erasing the counter position offered by a person of color and the only black person (up to that point) to have replied to the thread.

When this was pointed out, lobstmourne defended himself by saying:

I actually blocked you because of all the shitty snarky comments you kept making on otherwise positive posts from people being excited about darker possibilities for blood elves and about including more skin options in general, and I did so long before you made that big response.

I understand your animosity towards me and I don’t blame you, I do not have the experience with everyday racism that you do. I do not want to invalidate your experiences because they do matter.  Your opinion does matter.

In addition to the obvious tone-policing, this excuse exposes a double standard as lobstmourne himself and his friends were not held to the same strictures. As previously quoted, lobstmourne had no trouble telling people to “eat shit” and immediately after regalswag’s rebuttal he had posted:

“Also, to clarify, I think you are a great artist as are many of the people that have taken up this [cause], but I guess I don’t see why you’re wasting your time doing this when you could be effective more substantive changes on more important things.  If this really means something to you, please don’t let it become a meme.”

I’m not going to directly link the racist pissbaby who sent this, but let me say this:

There are few things more important to me than representation and inclusion of POC in popular media.  Media influences literally every aspect of our lives and the lack of representation perpetuates the popular, internalized, grossly unchallenged notion that white is the default and all other colors and cultures are abnormal, that darker skin isn’t “pretty,”  that other races aren’t intelligent or interesting enough to be the hero.

I am one person, I cannot change the world alone, but I will do what I can to make something I enjoy (WoW) more diverse and inclusive.   True there is no africa, no america, no india, no china, no pacific islands, etc. in Azeroth, but that does not mean darker skinned characters cannot or should not exist. 

Why are people so content with a mostly-white Azeroth?  Because mostly-white is what they’re comfortable with, because that’s all they see in media.  Exclusion should not be comfortable and should not be tolerated.

Darker skinned people need to be more visible in our media including our imaginary fantasy worlds.  

If you don’t think that isn’t hugely important, keep your pure white dreams to yourself please.

Keep your pure white dreams to yourself, or at least off lobstmourne’s pure white Tumblr. The lesson here is that disagreeing with a privileged white male about how to better achieve equal representation means that you are a “racist pissbaby”… albeit an internalized racist pissbaby.

Lobstmourne’s friends were also quick to attack the character of regalswag and – for the sake of thoroughness – his girlfriend.

see I thought I remembered correctly about regalswag being shit


Regalswag and perfectperfidy are some of the shittiest members of tumblr. They attacked Dogslug for making a dark skinned blood elf about a year ago, or close to.

For reference here is dogslug’s art that regalswag had suggested looked like a case of fetishizing “blackness,” a concern echoed in the recent discussion.

Art by Tagged #you just jelly.

So, regalswag’s concerns are already part of an existing multi-fandom dialogue about the appropriateness of rendering multifaceted identities down to fetishes or turning sexual identity into a “kink” and allowing members of the privileged class to transgress by co-opting the “subversive other.”

Art of this “Blood Elf as ‘sassy black woman’” type reinforces the potential danger for a virtual “black face” should white consumers who see blackness as an aesthetic and not an identity be encouraged to make black avatars.

What we see is a recycling of racist tropes presented as inclusion or representation, but, in actuality, it is just a doubling-down on the existing racial narrative.

In the words of lobstmourne:

Being POC doesn’t magically absolve you from internalizing racism or perpetuating default white standards.  Happens with the way media influences people.

If they are POC irl then I will not question their struggles, but a lot of the commentary I’ve seen from them on the topic of darker skinned characters and options being included in WoW has been gross and negative.  

White people see characters that look like themselves all the time, white humans and elves and dwarves for miles in all directions.  With how few darker options there are (for some races 0), I have a hard time understanding the resistance to seeing skin options that more closely reflect other people.

White people see characters that look like themselves all the time, and now they also wish to get a chance to act for the “exotic” other – to recreate PoC as they believe them to be based on racial stereotypes and coded prejudices.

When I opened up this discussion in the thread, I received a response that, for me, encapsulates this dynamic (from waterbendingotter):

Except Regalswag and any of his friends are not GOOD members of their supposed community and NOT people to go to to ask for what good representation is. For gods sake, he tried to say that a race in WoW was racist for simply existing and speaking a certain way that, in reality, has zero ties to any of it.

If we peel away the immediate “no true Scotsman” and the misrepresentation of regalswag’s position, beneath it we see the old racist trope of the “good minority member” and “the bad minority member” – the “bad” being she or he who disagrees vocally or strongly. The good minority would listen when their white teachers tell them how to solve the lack of representation of people of color. And I suppose we white folks have a special edge in that regard, having ourselves created this system of lopsided mis/representation.

At the beginning of this long post, I said that this was really the same old racism dressed up as anti-racism or social justice. I make that claim because what we are seeing still privileges the white voice over those of the PoC that are said to be the subject of this advocacy. Also, the prime benefit here is not so much representation as it is giving white players access to, what for them, is an aesthetic option while reducing racial and cultural identities to a single superficial feature – which would only produce, in this context, dark-skinned avatars with stereotypically white features.

What I find most troubling is the way, exhibited here, that certain corners of Tumblr have found a way to co-opt the energy of anti-racism and to use it to reinforce the existing structures of racism by continuing to divide those locked out of the system into “good” and “bad” minorities using “internalized racism” as a rationalization for why white folks still know better. Representation cannot happen until people of color are allowed to represent themselves instead of having their message channeled through “advocates” who only represent their own interests.

Can we talk about the dynamics of the 1D tumblr fandom for a minute?

[Note: I’m a non-Larrie blogger, so this post is mostly worded as though it is directed towards people on my side of things. That being said, I’m going to add some tags on this so that more people have a chance to see it, and I welcome responses from people in all corners of this fandom.]

I’m going to be super honest with you guys… like, at least half of the people I have interacted with recently in the 1D fandom need to take a breather and seriously consider the kinds of posts they’re making about other members of this fandom. 

If you’re following me, it’s probably because of some of my more popular debunking / commentary posts, and I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t actually believe any of the conspiracy theories about ships in this fandom. When I first started regularly making/reblogging text posts after Freddie was born, I started following a lot of really awesome non-Larries who wanted to correct some information that was being circulated by certain blogs. Over time, more and more people seemed to feel comfortable calling out harassment in the fandom. Which was incredible! I saw a lot of people identifying themselves as former Larries and talking about the difficulty they had within that section of the fandom. It was so wonderful to see these people taking a step back and figuring out what they really believed in and cared about. I was so happy that a lot of bloggers felt like they had a chance to distance themselves from something that, for many of them, had become a toxic, unhealthy, or a source of anxiety. It was wonderful that people seemed to feel brave enough to speak up when they saw big bloggers posting things that were harmful or cruel. 

But there’s a line between calling people out for their behavior and just attacking someone because you’ve got a problem with them as a human being. 

In the last week, I’ve seen so many posts in which non-Larries have kind of launched these blanket insults about Larries, and it is unbelievably unnecessary. You can say, “This theory does not make sense,” and give a reasonable explanation why. But you can’t say, “Larries are so fucking dumb,” and expect that to be cool with everyone. It’s not okay when Larries say that antis/non-Larries are stupid, and it’s not okay when antis/non-Larries say that Larries are stupid. Literally the entire reason that people on “our side of the fandom” are calling out Larries is to address harassment and manipulation and abuse, whether it be of the boys in 1D, their families, or other members of the fandom. It’s unacceptable for anyone to turn that around now and start making personal attacks against people they disagree with.

This extends to discussions regarding sexuality. I can’t even count how many posts I’ve seen from both sides of this fandom in which people are making blanket statements or assumptions or accusations regarding the sexuality of “the other side.” And that’s obnoxious, no matter who it’s coming from. The reality of the situation? There are people of every sexuality and gender identity in this fandom, and they fall on every side of this issue. There are straight Larries, straight antis, gay Larries, gay antis, bisexual Larries, bisexual antis, pansexual Larries, pansexual antis, asexual Larries, asexual antis, trans Larries, trans antis, genderqueer Larries, genderqueer antis, agender Larries, agender antis, and literally any other conceivable sexuality or gender identity on both sides. Some of these people are genuinely invested in LGBTQ+ rights and being great allies, and some of these people are perpetuating harmful, homophobic ideas with their posts. That’s true of both sides, not just one or the other. Saying “straight Larries only ship Larry because they’re trying to make themselves feel better about the fact that Louis and/or Harry would never want to fuck them, so they pretend the boys are gay” is absolutely as inappropriate and untrue as saying “straight antis only hate Larry because they want to fuck Louis and/or Harry and they want to pretend they have a chance, so they pretend the boys are straight.” 

I’m constantly seeing Larries accusing antis of being homophobes who hate the idea of two men together, and I’m constantly seeing antis accusing Larries of being homophobes who fetishize the idea of two men together. One thing that I really can’t stress enough? At the end of the day, shipping something or not shipping something is not activism. It’s great that people in this fandom are so invested in creating a dialogue about LGBTQ+ rights, support, and visibility, but the second people start using the language of social justice and social activism as a weapon to make personal attacks on people they disagree with, that dialogue starts sinking fast. 

If people in this fandom want to have honest, important conversations about LGBTQ+ awareness and support and activism, we need to start by making sure that those conversations are respectful. If people in this fandom don’t want to have honest, important conversations about LGBTQ+ awareness and support and activism, then they need to stop using social justice vocabulary and false claims of activism to attack other people. Even beyond the scope of that particular issue, there’s absolutely no reason or excuse for anyone in this fandom making posts with the sole intention of attacking or hurting other fans. The things that are hurtful or unacceptable are still hurtful and unacceptable even when different people are doing them. It would be great if we could recognize that as a fandom and kind of collectively agree to not be raging assholes to each other. We all got into this fandom because we liked the same band. There’s no reason to use that as a segue into harassing other people, no matter how much you’ve decided they deserve it. 


CONTEXT, because I’m sick of this whole bullshit controversy already and it’s only been a couple days.

Context from someone who lives in Japan, speaks Japanese, owns the game, has a history in localization, and who has gameplay footage to back it all up. Of course, this is not a word-for-word translation, but if you’ve been keeping up with this thing, you’ll find that this lines up with the out-of-context translations that have been floating around, along with this aligning with the arguments against the journalist/blogger outrage that’s been circulating.

Also worth mentioning that Gaijin Hunter is not a GamerGate advocate or an MRA or an anti-feminist reply video maker. He’s a guy who makes Monster Hunter videos and loves video games. That’s it. 

Onto the game. Spoiler Warnings, of course.

Several important details that come from actually playing the game and experiencing the story: Soleil is Lazward’s daughter and she has a very close relationship with him and grew up trying to imitate him. Lazward was a huge womanizer who tried to hit on every girl he met. Soleil wants to be a reliable and heroic warrior like her father, but she also wants to be like her Father and chat up cute girls whenever possible. Additionally, her habit of hitting on girls is more like complimenting, and they ever show that she does it with practically every girl, at every given chance, including her mother. 

The infamous “drugged drink” scene is also not at all how it was made to seem by outraged idiots. For one, Soleil sees her obsession with cute girls as a problem. She wants to be a hero and a good soldier, but she literally gets weak in the knees and faints from being around them. She willingly admits this is a problem, not because she thinks it’s wrong for her to be attracted to women, but because it’s a weakness that makes it hard for her to be a heroic warrior and someone her father can be proud of. 

The player character does slip her a magic powder without her knowing, but the intent wasn’t to force Soleil to love him. It was for the purpose of helping her overcome her weakness through a sort of immersion therapy, which she is thankful for, does not begrudge him for, and actually takes advantage of by going to go ogle all of the male soldiers, since she temporarily sees them as cute girls. It’s playful, it’s silly, and it’s definitely not meant to be an attempt to un-gay Soleil. The intent is to make it so its easier for her to be around and interact with girls, NOT to make her attracted to men instead.

Lemme reiterate that last part: They are not trying to break Soleil’s attraction/obsession/appreciation for cute girls. They are trying to help her overcome her anxiety and weakness that stems from it. Namely that she literally gets weak in the knees, falls over, and gets overwhelmed. She wants to be able to interact with cute girls without it affecting her ability to fight and be a valuable part of your army.

Additionally, a part that is often glossed over, is that the romance between the player character and Soleil builds over time. Over the course of several conversations and points in the game. It’s not an immediate switch. It’s not even a switch. It’s a realization, over time, that she is in love with the player character, in spite of her overwhelming attraction to cute girls. And seeing as they can go on to get married and have a kid, there’s a physical attraction there as well.

Perhaps these scenes aren’t as well written as it could be, perhaps certain things are lost in translation. Maybe.. just maybe, we shouldn’t take the word of a random tumblr user as fact and start spreading rumors that the new Fire Emblem game has a scene where you drug the homosexuality out of a female character so you can fuck her.

But let’s talk about a few elements of this that people are glossing over or misrepresenting. Namely, Soleil’s obsession with cute girls. In the context of her relationship with her Father and his womanizing habits, it seems a little clearer why she does it. As for the rest of her relationship and dating habits, as we know is that she asks a ton of girls out to tea and it pretty much ends there.

Then there’s her overwhelming anxiety stemming from cute girls, which isn’t exactly relatable. It’s not for a certain girl, or that she’s so in love that she can’t focus, or that she’s so passionately lustful for other women that it makes her faint.. It’s just an odd psychological hang up for her character that’s sort of played for laughs. A sort of exaggeration that introduces minor conflict for the characters to resolve.

And then, there’s the claims that Nintendo has written a shitty gay character and ruined them. There are plenty of arguments to be made that the character is Bi at best, or that her complex for cute girls is not directly tied to her sexuality, but those are roads that have made people jump to conclusions and take a lot of personal offense when they really shouldn’t.

I don’t talk about LGBT issues very often because there’s not much I have to say, other than occasionally pointing out how utterly incompatible and destructive SJWs are to the LGBT community. I think that’s what we’re dealing with here, but let’s get into something that a lot of people are either forgetting about or willfully leaving out of the conversation, and that’s that there is no right way to be a certain sexuality.

Many people have jumped on the “BAD GAY CHARACTER” bandwagon, but their complaints are pretty fucking terrible when you get down to it. What they are implying is that there is a right way to write a gay character, and a wrong way.. and the right way is to make them a stark, cunt-lusting, man-hating stereotype and the wrong way is to make their sexuality nuanced and complicated.. (Not like love and relationships are fucking complicated, amirite?)

Putting aside Soleil for a moment, real people and actual human sexuality is a complicated thing. Attraction, admiration, lust, desire, and all the other things we have to deal with are not as cut and dry as just checking one box on a list of predetermined sexual preferences. It’s more of a spectrum with a lot of gray areas, but not quite the bat-shit insane, 5-dimensional imagination land spectrum that tumblr insists it is.

For instance, lots of straight men will tell you that Chris Hemsworth is attractive. There are perverts on imageboards who are aroused by anime girls with dicks, but they consider themselves straight. There are bisexuals who have only dated one gender. There are homosexuals who haven’t dated anyone. There are people who have gone decades without realizing they were gay. It just is what it is. There’s no wrong way to do it or any wrong way for it to happen.

Insisting that a gay character needs to be a certain way or that they can’t do certain things or act certain ways is not progressive or helpful. It’s just another form of bigotry and prejudice. 

Once you toss out all the complaints about the game having a sort of magical forced gay conversion therapy, you’re left with people who are angry that the character isn’t the way they want her and what can be done about that? 

It’s hard to tell if changing things would even make a difference, because every time a company or an artist or any kind of creator caves and tries to pander to the angry social justice mob, nothing good ever comes of it. The people who didn’t care and weren’t angry, because they aren’t easily riled idiots, are left with a damaged product, and the people who bitched the loudest decided whether they wanted it or not long before any changes were made.

And really, this is a controversy about a video game and the problem is that you CAN romance one particular character out of dozens. Will there be similar outrage when they find out you can’t romance certain characters they like or that certain characters can’t bare children? Probably not.

At any rate, there are people demanding censorship and drastic rewrites over a complete misunderstanding. Localization is already rife with problems and instances of translators feeling that they need to sanitize games to make them acceptable and it’s a practice that really needs to be reigned in, not encouraged.

The best I can hope to come from this is that people stop trying to use tumblr bullshit as a legitimate source for news of any kind and that gaming journalism takes another blow by failiing to do their jobs.. again. At the very least, though, I hope that those who read this all the way through can walk away from this bullshit manufactured controversy with some valuable context to dispel the lies and misinformation that have dominated the conversation.

Fire Emblem Fates is not homophobic. There’s no magical gay conversion therapy. The character wasn’t meant to be strictly gay. That is the hard truth and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fucking idiot.


This is a post concerning the problems user arthurcharles (who has now changed his url to redmohawkkid, most likely in fear that my friends and i would attempt to call him out).

Warning: this post is a huge trigger for sexual harassment, transphobia (mostly in the form of misgendering), bi-erasure, ace-erasure, and ableism. If I’m missing any other triggers, feel free to message me.

This is a long message and I’ll probably make a post that sums up all the bad things he’s done. I apologize to mobile users.

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I feel really bad for continually spamming my tumblr with long text posts but in record time, I feel the need to vent once more. I apologize and feel embarrassed for typing something so long again, but I would rather address the issue than allow my frustrations to stew. Um feel free to ignore or unfollow or whatever.

Anyway, if it wasn’t already obvious from a past passive post on the issue (I thought that would relieve my stress but it did not.), the concern I have is with a particular post that makes the overarching claim that writing fanfiction is racist, dehumanizing, and a form of fetishizing idols. I won’t link the original post and tumblr because again, I don’t want to bring even more attention to this person – who has frankly used every rebuke as an opportunity to bully others either herself or with her followers. Besides being a gross overgeneralization, the problem I had with the post (and the thing that made me tick beyond no return) is the appeal to authority, an incredible fallacy that as a queer East Asian, there was somehow the right to be a voice for East Asians in general. Not only has this appeal to authority been used to automatically dismiss every reasoned and dissenting opinion, it also disregards a whole population of East Asians themselves – those who participate in the very fandom activities that this tumblr user is denigrating. In a misguided attempt to “protect” the dignity of a population, she has simultaneously outcast a large population of them.

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Alright, rant time.

Let me start out by making it clear that this post isn’t an attempt to attack all social justice bloggers.  But I do want to address some of the more hypocritical ones, specifically those in the Night Vale fandom.

Let’s start out by establishing some of the common priorities I’ve seen among Night Vale social justice bloggers:

- Establishing a safe space for queer POC, where their voices can be heard and respected.

- Promoting diversity in fanart.

- Respecting the sensitivities of people who might be triggered or offended by certain content.

And what’s the best way to achieve these goals?  Well, apparently it’s singling out the most visible queer POC artist in the entire fandom, one who has drawn some of the most racially and ethnically diverse fanart out there, and one who’s made an ongoing effort to tag triggering content and modify her behavior to accommodate the sensitivities of others…and trying to drive her out of the fandom.

Now, this seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  Why would you take the very type of person, art, and behavior you want to encourage in the fandom and respond with hatred?  Why would you strive to make this person, of all people, public enemy number one?  Well, my theory is that because for a lot of social justice bloggers, there’s something more important than any of the values or goals that the movement supposedly supports.  And that is simply: “If you’re not a social justice blogger, you are the enemy.”

Think I’m exaggerating?  I have literally seen a post where someone admitted that said person isn’t problematic, but continued to criticize her because she doesn’t actively do enough for social justice.  Someone recently came into her inbox and - rather than condemn the people who have been harassing her - chose to blame her, the victim, by saying that she needs to be more in tune with and take a more active role in the social justice community.  Some of the very people who claim that queer POC deserve to be heard and protected are first to disregard her opinions and attack her because she’s not as extreme as people think she should be.  Some of the very people who encourage diverse headcanons are the first to attack her fanart because she dares to have some white people among her cast of characters.  Some of the very people who claim to promote sensitivity when it comes to triggers and offensive content are the first to ignore all of her attempts to tag her triggers and modify her behavior, because some of the things she posts on her own blog, don’t quite live up to the near impossible standards the tumblr community has set for political correctness.

She’s been accused of every kind of bigotry imaginable with no evidence to prove it.  And despite the fact that there are plenty of legitimate bigots who openly express intolerant views, people choose to focus their energy to twisting her words in ways she didn’t intend to make her look bad.  What’s more, she’s shown that if she has done something genuinely hurtful or offensive, she’s willing to talk about it and try to remedy the situation.

So why is she so frequently singled out as a villain?  I mean, even if you have problems with some of the things she posts, aren’t there literally millions of other people who you could find equally or more problematic?  People who have done more to offend and less to change?  Why focus your hatred on her?

Well, I think a big part of it is that she’s a very visible and very popular figure in the community, and thus an easy target.  After all, why waste your time on no-name bloggers who are actively seeking to hurt and offend others, when a less problematic person is guilty of the much more heinous crime of being well-liked despite the fact that they don’t agree with you on everything?

And what are the results of this continuous campaign against this particular individual?  Is the fandom a safer place for queer POC?  Have diverse headcanons increased?  Are people being more understanding and sensitive towards the needs of others?  Has this changed things for the better?  What has all this really accomplished?

Well, for one thing, it’s accomplished terrifying people.  And can you blame them?  When the some of the very same people who claim to want to protect the voices of queer POC, to promote diverse headcanons, and to be sensitive towards the needs of others spend their time viciously attacking the very person they’re supposed to be defending, who among us is safe?  How many people have looked at this crusade and thought, “I could be next”?

But the worst thing in my eyes, by far the worst thing of all of this, is that this subset of social justice bloggers have hurt a very wonderful individual.  In their mission to put their own personal vendettas above the feelings of others, they’ve not only managed to subvert their own cause, but they’ve also blatantly disregarded a good person’s well-being.

Again, this is not addressed to all social justice bloggers.  Some of them have come out in defense of this individual, and for that I’m very grateful.  But for those of you who continue to wage this war against this person, I’m begging you to please examine your priorities and figure out how you can effectively foster the sort of atmosphere you claim to support.

versidue  asked:

Please do not take this as an insult because I am asking out of genuine confusion. What was wrong with jakfrost's comment? Or was anything wrong? What do you mean by posting without comment? Are your thoughts on the matter supposed to be self-evident so you don't need to say anything or are you not commenting because you agree or are you making fun of perceived cluelessness or what because I can not tell what is going on at ALL

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