literally dripping with sweat

Backpacking (mini drabble)

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & humor || 528 || more fics

summary: oliver and felicity hiking the pacific crest trail during their five months away
a/n: it’s not exactly a oneshot but i hope it’s okay @imusuallyobsessed

“Did you put rocks in this backpack?”


“It feels like there are a thousand pounds of rocks in my backpack. Did you pull a parent trap?” Felicity wiped some sweat from her brow, trudging forward and attempting to keep up with Oliver.

“A what?”

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, “I know you haven’t seen a lot of movies, Oliver, but The Parent Trap is a classic! Lindsay Lohan playing her own twin-”

Oliver laughed loudly.


“I’ve seen it. Speedy made me watch it a couple of times,” he said, “It’s impossible to say ‘no’ to a six year old that has her mother wrapped around her finger.”

She shook her head, “Now I really do suspect you put something in the backpack,” she took a few more steps and stood beside him.

The Pacific Crest Trail was beautiful, lush green mountains, but she was not the backpacking kind of woman. Her chest was on fire, her legs and back aching, and she was so covered in sweat she was having flashbacks to junior high gym class. This had totally seemed like a good idea when they started. Standing in front of the mountains, getting one of those cheesy pictures taken, but now… now she was questioning her sanity. Especially the part of her that offered to carry the backpack.

“I didn’t,” he chuckled again.

“Then why, I ask, why am I dying and you have not even broken a sweat,” she gestured at him, “You should at least be a little sweaty so I have something to look at.”

His smile slowly formed into a smirk.

“But no, I’m dragging my ass up a mountain and I’m disgusting. You’re going to leave me here because I’m so gross,” she grossed her arms and pouted.

He rolled his eyes at her, “And I thought I was the dramatic one,” he teased.

She continued to pout.

“I think you’re sexy,” he stepped closer to her.

There was literal sweat dripping down her nose. She didn’t believe him for a second. He leaned in and kissed her sweaty forehead and then her nose. Slowly moving down to her lips.

“Sexy,” he reached behind her and squeezed her butt.

She couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at the corners of her mouth.

“How about,” he started to say, “I carry you for a bit?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not going to say no to that,” she watched him pull back and turn around.

He bent down low, so she could get on. She wrapped her arm around his neck, nuzzling her nose into him gently. Her legs went around his waist tightly. He gripped onto his walking stick and kept going. It only took another mile or so for him to finally break a sweat.

“You’re sweaty,” she smiled against his skin.

“Yep,” he huffed out a breath.

“Finally,” she kissed his neck, tasting the salty sweat.

“I’m starting to get the feeling you would like me to stop for lunch.”

“Nah,” she giggled, “Why am I distracting you?”

“Nope, hold on,” he said as he jumped between a couple rocks.

She squeezed him tight. “Now you’re just showing off.”


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- chapter one: part two -

“There’s a million reasons why this won’t work…but there’s only one reason why it will…”

7 weeks

I struggled with what I wanted to, or actually, what I should say to Niall for what felt like forever. It was more like…four hours and twenty three minutes. Which may seem a bit excessive to some, but being in the current situation I was in, with the person I was in it with, I knew I had no choice but to get this exactly right on the first go. I had no clue as to what I was going to do about…anything quite yet, but the first thing that needed to be done was to tell Niall.

Sitting on my couch and continuously staring at the little piece of paper as I contemplated word for word what I was going to say to him, almost made my head hurt. But I finally swallowed back my fears and picked up my cell phone, getting up from my couch to nervously pace back and forth across the carpeted floor. My teeth nipped increasingly hard at my bottom lip, scraping off the bits of skin that I had already been picking at for the past four hours and I could feel my hands jittering uncontrollably as I held the phone in my hand. Nervous was beyond an understatement at that point; I was absolutely scared shitless.

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the funniest thing was how throughout the show Dan was just a sweaty curly haired mess and Phil was like totally fine

there’s dan who looks like he’s literally being interrogated from the sheer amount of sweat dripping down his face

and then there’s phil. who looks great. not even a single strand of hair is sticking to his forehead

Sorry if This is Ramble-y But...

I like Serirei partially as an “opposites attract” thing, what with Serizawa being shy, sweet, honest, and naive and Reigen being a charismatic trickster jerk with a heart of gold and all. 

But also there’s a lot of things you could do with it. Like Serizawa being all flustered and Reigen being all flirty or Serizawa being all nervous and Reigen’s oblivious as to why or most importantly, Reigen being nervous but trying really hard to play it cool. (Seriously, there isn’t enough of that last one and don’t tell me he wouldn’t. He tries to play it cool at work all the time, like you can very literally see the sweat drip from his face.) Plus, there’s always the possibility of Reigen comforting Serizawa or them protecting each other.

But mostly, I just find the idea of these 2 men, who have been really lonely at some point in their life and taken advantage of by people that they thought were their friends, finding company in each other whether as friends or lovers is just really sweet to me. Granted, their situations were very different. Reigen’s only real friend was a 14 year old kid and managed to realize his “friends” at the bar were only using him for advice on his own. Meanwhile Serizawa hid in his room to protect others from his powers and got tricked into working for a terrorist organization by having his own desire for control over these powers used against him. But now they have a 2nd chance. Because of Reigen, Serizawa can now integrate back into society by helping erase evil spirits and because of Serizawa, Reigen can now have more friends.

Goddess - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: hey could you write a equal to Godess? I would really like one because reading the gave me some confidence. <3

“Holy fuck.” You gasped. You collapsed onto the cool floor and struggled to catch your breath as your boyfriend continued on with the workout without much issue. As you lay sweating through your strained breaths you began to regret agreeing to work out with him. When Jason realized he was the only one of you two still doing something he immediately stopped mid workout and came to your side.

“Are you alright [Y/N]? We can stop if you’d like.” He offered gently.  

“I’m fine.” You insisted. “Go on without me Jay.” You say trying desperately to control your breathing so he wouldn’t know just how hard you were struggling to keep up with him. You threw your arm over your face to cover your eyes while your bright red face slowly started to return to a more human color. When he didn’t move away from you, you carefully peeked out from under your elbow to find that he was gazing down at you with worry plaguing his features.

“[Y/N] if you need to stop …”

“It’s fine Jason.” You insisted probably a little too harshly. To Jason’s credit he didn’t appear offended by your snap, he only wordlessly handed you his cold bottle of water. You wanted nothing more than to just pour it over your overheated body but opted instead to use it for its intended purpose. You drank down the chilled water like you had been stranded in a desert and only now just discovered water. You heartbeat pounded in your ears and you were quite literally dripping in sweat.

“You don’t have to keep up with me, [Y/N]. You should go the pace that you’re able.” He reassured you softly. He brought a towel up to your face and started tenderly dabbing away at your excess sweat. You sat up on the floor with a groan and moved to rest your forehead against his bare shoulder.

“I know. It’s just …” You trailed off trying to find the right words to voice the thoughts you had been having for a while. “I just want to be good enough for you.” You whispered sadly, your eyes downcast in shame trying desperately to avoid his gaze. Jason frowned and brought his hand up to guide your chin upwards so that your face wouldn’t be hidden from him. When you dared to let your eyes flash up to his gaze, his features were a mix of warmth and concern.

“You are enough for me, [Y/N]. Why would you think you’re not?” Jason insisted as he gently took your cheeks between his hands. Jason gazed intently into your eyes and your cheeks reddened even further.

“You deserve someone healthier, someone can be beautiful on your level. I’m not that person and no matter how hard I try to be, I never will.’” You admitted in a sad whisper. Jason’s frown deepened and he wrapped his arms securely around you, pulling you into a tight embrace.

“Hey. Enough of that.” He whispered into you hair, emphasizing his words with a soft kiss to your temple. “I love you, [Y/N] nothing will ever change that. I guarantee you that I could not care less how you look. I love you the way you are. I promise.”

“Forgive me if I find that hard to believe.” You mumbled against his bare chest. Jason sighed and rested his head on top of your head. He absentmindedly started running the tips of his fingers through your soft locks. He had told you once before that he loved the feeling of your hair running between his fingers, it always reminded him that he was alive and he had someone to live for.

“What do I have to do to make you see yourself the way I see you?” He whispered into your hair.

“I don’t think you can.” You whispered remorsefully.

“Bullshit.” He said in almost a growl before crashing his lips to yours. “God damn it [Y/N]! I hate that you see yourself this way. I love you.” Kiss. “You are worthy.” Kiss.  “If anything,” Kiss. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.” He said passionately with a heat burning in his eyes. You were taken aback by his sudden intense affection but you were never one to not want him to shower you with affection. Dear god, you always wanted this man but right now you just didn’t feel comfortable in your own body to be around his perfect naked form.

“Jason…” You said starting to pull away from him.

“[Y/N].” He responded moving his lips to start brushing along the sensitive column of your neck. “Please. Let me love you like the goddess I already think you are.” He pleaded against your neck. You scoffed at his choice of words. The word goddess seemed to imply perfection, something you clearly were not.

“I’m no goddess Jason.” You insisted. Jason’s eyes flashed up to yours and narrowed.

“You might not think so, but for me, I worship the ground you fucking walk on. You have me completely and utterly taken. You ask me to jump, I ask from which bridge. You tell me someone hurt you, I ask where you want them shot. I’d do anything for you, [Y/N]. I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me to.”

“You really think that?” You asked meekly. Jason tighten his arms around you and brought his lips back up to your lips to give you a firm kiss.

“Of course I fucking do. You’re the goddess of badassery and you’re all mine. Fuck unattainable beauty standards, baby. You’re my perfect goddess and I wouldn’t change any part of you.” Jason insisted. To emphasize his point he leaned down and pressed a sweet chaste kiss on the tip of your nose.

“You wouldn’t change anything about me?” You asked in disbelief. Surely he must be joking. You could rattle off a million and one things about your body that you hated.

“Nothing.” he promised.

“But my face is too pudgy.” You insisted. Jason shook his head sadly and cradled either side of your cheeks with his palm.

“Perfect cradling size.” He planted a soft kiss on your cheek.

“I hate my nose.” You continued.

“I love you nose.” He shot back kissing the tip of your nose.

“My stomach isn’t flat.”

“So? I don’t think I know a woman who’s is.” He shrugged. His hand traveled the hills and valleys of your torso and slowly pushed your shirt up over the small of your waist.

“My cellulite has cellulite.”

“You know, Wonder Woman has cellulite.” He said matter of factly. His hand moved down to gently palm your ass. He gave you a gentle squeeze before continuing to run his hands along your thighs.

“My left boob is bigger than the right..”

“I never noticed.” He said his hands slowly tracing back upwards to cup your breasts. He gently squeezed them in deep contemplation. “Nope. Still not seeing it.” He shrugged. “I think I might need to do further research though just to be sure.” He whispered seductively in your ear as his hands moved to push your shirt up the rest of the way and over your head. As soon as your skin was exposed you wrapped your arms around yourself, subconsciously covering yourself from his gaze. He gently guided you hands away from your body. His eyes widened and filled with appreciative wonder at the sight of you in front of him.

“Holy fuck. How did I get so lucky?” He breathed out in genuine wonder. Jason readjusted you onto his lap and with the new angle you could feel his arousal pressing up into you. You bit back a smile at the realization that he had a very unapologetic hard on for you. As if your hips had a mind of its own you instinctively pressed your hips further down against him. Jason leaned his head back and groaned at the added pressure. “Fuck [Y/N]. Do you feel that? Do you feel the torture you put me through?” You gasped at the sensation of your lover’s throbbing erection pressed against you.

“So how are we gonna do this babe? Are you going to take control and ride me like there’s no tomorrow or am I going to have to tease you relentlessly until you’re begging for mercy and then ravish you?” He asked with a husky need in his voice. You weighed your options carefully. While the second option was just as appealing as the first, knowing Jason his teasing would be torturous. You needed him now. You wordlessly pushed on his shoulders until he got the message and laid on the floor. His fingers gripped either side of your hips as you moved to straddle his hips. He thrust upwards against you with a broad mischievous smirk gracing his lips.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned up at you. His fingers glided over the expanse of your hips and dipped into your shorts. He stroked and teased along your clit. When you were practically mewling on top of him he finally slipped a finger into your hot wet core. You threw your head back and let out a strangled moan at the glorious intrusion.

“Jay!” You moaned.

“Yes babe?” He asked innocently as his fingers began to pump torturously inside of you.

“I need you! Fuck!”

“I think you forget, I under your complete and utter control. Say only the word and I will do whatever you wish.” He said, his unoccupied hand toying at the edge of the waistband on your shorts.

“I want you to fuck me.” You pleaded wantonly.

“Really? That’s what you want? You could have asked anything of me, clean the apartment, punch Superman, kill your greatest enemy, conquer the known universe in your name. Literally anything you can imagine, my goddess and it could be yours.

“Yeah, yeah. Make love now, conquer later.”  You commanded. His grin widened and he pulled down your shorts in panties over your hips all in one go. He slipped out of his own shorts and his erection sprung forth pressing against your aching core.

“As you wish, my goddess.” He whispered reverently. Jason took his cock in his hand and lined it up with your entrance, gently stroking the tip across your wetness. Eventually you grew impatient of his teasing. You braced your hands on his chest and sank down onto his hard cock.

“Oh Jay!” You breathed out when he was fully inside you. You leaned over him and captured his lips in a passionate kiss as you started to swivel and bounce your hips along his shaft. To your great pleasure Jason was soon moaning and grunting into your mouth.

“Fuck.” He swore under his breath. His hands framed your hips, his fingers digging into your ass as he tried to control his hips from involuntary bucking.

“Fuck me Jason.” You whispered against his lips. Jason let out a low groan at your commandment but let go of his inhibitions and began to thrust his hips upwards to meet your own.

“Fuck . .  . [Y/N].” Jason grunted his face twisting in pleasure. “God baby. I love you … so fucking much.” He whispered his thrusts becoming harder and more erratic. Your fingers dug into his chest as your hips met and you began to feel your release approach. As you got lost in all consuming pleasure Jason continued to pound into you from below, his grunts and moans growing louder and louder as he too neared his climax.

“Oh god! … Oh! … Fuck … Jason!” You cried out as your pleasure overflowed. You let out a string of curses and your lover’s name as you came around his cock. Jason guided your hips down on him a few more times before he thrust upwards once more. Jason let out a deep guttural groan as he came hard into you.  You caught his lips in yours to swallow his cries of pleasure. When his pulsing inside you ebbed you moved to rest your forehead against his as the two of you tried to catch your breath.

“You never got to finish your workout.” You breathed out jokingly, still trying to catch your breath from your lovemaking. Jason chuckled and pressed a lingering kiss to your lips.

“True but I did get to do my favorite type of physical activity.” He offered.

“And what, pray tell, would that be?” You asked with a small smirk playing at your lips. You knew he was baiting you but he seemed just so eager to say whatever line he had cooked up in his head.

“Making love to my utterly enchanting goddess.”


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Request by anonymous:

“I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Jackson is making fun of your stretch marks when you wear shorts to school and Isaac stands up for you because he’s one of your best friends and he loves you?

Warnings: Bullying/swearing

Note: I can relate to this as I have stretch marks, and can I say if you are feeling self conscious about it, don’t be because every second person has them and a tiger has gotta earn their stripes right? :) xx

You knew it was going to be a bad day the minute you woke up with sweat literally dripping down your face. You felt gross with your whole body splayed out with the fan going at maximum speed, your covers left discarded on the floor. As you forced yourself out of bed to avoid the wrath of Coach you grunted in response to your mum yelling out to you that ‘It’s the hottest day so far this year on record, dress for it sweetie!’ from downstairs. 

You were standing in front of the mirror with your jeans on but already you could feel your thighs starting to sweat, you didn’t even know sweat could be produced from your freaking thighs. Thighs. The things you hated most about yourself. You weren’t a big girl by any means, you were healthy and in shape but somehow your body had forgot to tell your skin to keep up as it grew throughout puberty causing stretch marks to form. If you could get rid of anything in the world it would be stretch marks, well after you got rid of world hunger and poverty and all that, duh. 

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why jungkook?

this post as very self-indulgent one is a compilation series of reasons why i’m jungkook bias yeah finally i can find my bias in bts

first thing first, his love for casual outfits. remember when jungkook wear his vibrant-colored tee to the airport, like this




and of course the-ever-fave color couldn’t be missed out

this man-child really his love for tees knows no bound and also

i notice that he’s very particular with his style, literally just add a shirt + short with neutral colors + timb’s boots and off you go

oh he has a pastel-colored one too and what’s with the collar seriously are you cut it yourself because of your body temperature that growing too hot rapidly

he looks so good in black /sobs/ 

speaking about black, this one black tee here i think is one of the best looks he has and the beautiful wonderful forehead because forehead!kook is life

how could someone with only a tee, a short and a bucket hat can be this hot

i don’t mind being tissues to your sweat bb

gosh this outfit looks so unf on him not to mention the dripping sweat emphasizing the fact that yes he’s literally being hot pls excuse my lame joke

okay enough with the hot atmosphere we need something fresh and clean here, look at him being so handsome in white tee + open jeans-colored shirt so boyfie material 

looks so soft with the all-white outfits

this one could be considered as soft-looks too if not for the sinful collarbone that decide to peek out of nowhere jungkook’s collarbones are my weakness

i’m also weak for if he’s wearing soft-looking hoodie like if it’s raining and you’re home with him on a bed and he’s being the big-spoon to your small-spoon, his soft wearing hoodie body pressed up to your back

okay before this post getting out of control i will end it with casual-black-shirt-with-sweat-pants-combo wearing jungkook bcs looks at his jawline it can cut mountain. hope this post helpful in some ways or another and also feel free to hmu if you have any ideas to be up in the next installment (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Hi susie i would like to request a one shot with Harry about you and him working out together. do whatever you want with it you're an amazing writer.

What about going to the gym with Harry? Your first time working out or something When you’re used to him as much as he is

Omg please bless us with gym sex!!!

Ok, I got this 3 times.  So…here ya go.

Early on in our relationship, Harry and I quickly picked out that we were going to have one of those competitive type of affairs.  We both enjoyed working out, running and being active but more often than not those activities evolved into a bet being of some sort followed by one or both of us pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion to win.

Sounds childish.  

It was.

It was also fun.  And arousing.  And it pushed both of us to do better.  And dear God when he beat me I wanted nothing more than to ride his cock for the rest of the night as a reward even though I’d never tell him that.  He was sexy as hell when he was cocky.  It was my kryptonite.  I couldn’t help it.  

So when he appeared in the doorway of the gym he’d built in the basement of his house, looking like he meant business in his workout gear with his hair pulled back off his face with a Nike band, I knew things were about to get interesting.

He saw me struggling to bench press a weight he knew I had never tried before and he rushed forward to help me get it back up on the rack,

“Love, you should’ve called me for a spot before doing this on your own.”

I grunted out a breath as the bar clanged onto the steel rack,

“I thought I had it.”

He frowned, deep wrinkles appearing on his forehead,

“You could’ve hurt yourself.”

There it was, the other turn on when the two of us were working out.  Harry’s concern for my well being.  He was always insistent the two of us were safe, me more than him most of the time.  He leaned down to grab the bottle of water I’d set near the rack and handed it to me as I sat up,

“Drink some water.  You’re looking pale.”

I took a few sips and glanced at him over my shoulder.  He was smirking though I couldn’t figure out why.  I took another sip,


He shook his head, leaning onto the bar,

“Nothing.  Just wondering how many you’d done before I got in here.”

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Missing Lams Letters:

“Dear Alex: I drew you as a unicorn, ok, you can stop asking now.”

“Dear John: Please stop sending me stuff. I appreciate the thought, but Lafayette said those shirts each cost like, 3 years’ salary, and I’ve been using them as tourniquets. Rich people, I swear to God.”

“Dear Alex: Please stop sending me stuff. The turtle was very dead by the time it arrived.”

“Dear John: Dude, Lafayette got his head stuck in a tree. Like, inside the hollow of a tree. He says he tripped but I think he was chasing a squirrel.”

“Dear Alex: I have literally died and gone to hell. Look. Look at that. I literally dripped sweat onto this letter. South Carolina in the summer is the worst fucking thing to happen to the world.”

“Dear John: Lafayette wants you to draw him as a werewolf.”

“Dear Alex: ‘Length of my nose’ is the least sexy euphemism you could have possibly thought of, btw.”

“Dear John: I met a girl. How did I convince you that I wasn’t just after your money.”

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Because of a schedule your BTS husband is going to miss your first ultrasound. How would they react to coming home and finding a DVD copy of the ultrasound playing on the TV? I didn't steal this from Bones, I promise.

So I got really carried away with this question. Sorry, not sorry.

Jin: Jin would come home asking so many questions about what he missed. He’d almost seem motherly as he drowns you in questions and worries how everything went. He’d want to know everything about the ultrasound in great detail. He’d feel apologetic and left out for missing such an important milestone. Jin would feel hurt for not experiencing such a sentimental moment between unborn child and parent. But when he finds the DVD Jin would completely lose his mature older brother image when he flaps his hands like a girl and practically prances (and maybe trips) to the DVD player. He’d eventually clam down and pull you o the couch so the two of you can enjoy the video together. Jin would get all snuggly and cute when he squishes next to you and rests one of his hands on your stomach. There would come a point when he actually gets eye level with your stomach so he can press his ear to your body in hopes of feeling the baby. Might as well get comfy, because he’d be in this position for quite a long time. 

Suga: Out of all of BTS, Yoongi would be the least upset about missing the first ultrasound. Don’t get me wrong, he’d still be upset, be’d he’d have enough sense to realize that there are plenty more ultrasounds to come. He wouldn’t appear as sad as the other members as he would try to brush it off. He’d calmly ask you how everything went instead. The moment he realizes the TV is playing the ultrasound, Suga would have one of those huge gummy smiles. He’d chuckle in disbelief and go, “Really? You serious?”. He’d then make his way to the couch making sure his eyes never leave the screen. He’d watch in absolute aw; he never imagined he’d get so sentimental over a video. But here he is, completely awestruck by the first ever video of his unborn child. It’s just so amazing to him. 

J-Hope: First off, Hoseok would feel the most regretful out of BTS. He’d be heartbroken knowing that he wasn’t there for the very first ultrasound. Hoseok would want to be there every step of the way. When he comes home knowing that he missed it, he wouldn’t be his usual hopeful and cheery self. He’d appear crest fallen and mopey instead. But when you whip out that magical DVD recording of the ultrasound, Hoseok would light up like a child’s face on Christmas morning. He’d let out a loud squeak when he bounces across hthe room to smother you with a hug. He’d praise you for being so smart and he’d shove the DVD into the player and plop on the couch. But keep in mind he won’t be seated on the couch for long; because he’d be the one to run up to the TV screen and go “OHHHHH! Our baby is so cute!”. And of course you’re going to have to faceplam because all you can see is a faint outline and a bunch of fuzzy darkness on the screen. 

Rap Monster: Namjoon would want to cut his day short to make it to the ultrasound appointment. But knowing that he can’t, he’d rush home asking how everything went. As a rapper Namjoon be spewing out questions at the speed of light. He wouldn’t shut up until you physically turn his head to the TV screen. He’d automatically shut up and gasp to say, “AH, didn’t see that there,”. He’d would watch the whole video with huge eyes and a proud smile. He’d almost appear childish because he’d be so joyful. He accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be able to see the ultrasound live, but this sure is sufficient enough. 

Jimin: Jimin would probably be the sweetest in a situation like this. He’d come home feeling down knowing that he missed it. And similarly to J-Hope, Jimin would feel a bit left out. But despite these feelings, Jimin would try his best to appear excited and content for the sake of your happiness. But as soon as he sees the TV he wouldn’t have to fake it anymore. He’d exclaim, “AH! Whoa, you’re a genius! Ah!”. He’d rush over to you and plant countless happy kiss all over your face. Once he’s had his fill and realizes he expressed his gratitude enough he’d lout out a childish giggle. Jimin would be amazed at the video going, “WHOAAAA…,”. He’d be smiling the whole time of course, and when the video ends he’d say, “That’s amazing! Let’s watch it again,”.

V: Taehyung would be similar to the maknae, just a LOT more loud and rambunctious. He’d slam open the door and practically shout with excitement, “HOW’D THE ULTRASOUND GO?! How’d it go? AHHHHH!”. He wouldn’t be sad as much as he excited. Heck, he wouldn’t be sad at all. Taehyung would just want to hear everything. He’d jump in the house like an excited crazy puppy nipping at your legs. When he notices the TV playing, he’d clamor over to the TV set with his jaw open and eyes wide. He’d shut up for a second or two  (thank goodness) as he comprehends what he sees, “AKLSD;FSKLFD oh my! OH MY GOD! So handsome, so pretty! What a perfect baby!”. Taehyung would be gushing and making some very strange animal noises as he watches the entire video. He’d be sitting criss cross apple sauce and two inches in front of the screen yelling incoherent gibberish. Congratulations, now you’re going to have two children. 

Jungkook: “Ey, ey, ey! How was the ultrasound? How was the ultrasound? Tell me everything!”. Jungkook would be the one to literally run home and shove open the door panting with sweat dripping down his face. He’d rush to hear all about it. He’d be so excited to hear about everything in great detail. When you point to the TV, Jungkook’s eyes would shine with amazement and wonder. He’d jump over the couch (or whatever is between him and the TV) to get a better view of the screen. There wouldn’t be a sound from him because he’d be so immersed in the video. When it’s over Jungkook would turn to you with astonishment, “Whoa, that’s cool,”

-K (/wheezes/ that was a really long answer holy cow)

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can you please make scenarios where they find out that their gf has a ticklish and sensitive neck? who would be playful and who wouldn't mind? and would there be anything special about that? + thanks ♥♥ (i'm really sorry i know i'm requesting a lot but i love your writings i can't help it hehehe♥ thanks again

omg anon you’re so sweet! <3 also my neck is so sensitive. I freak out whenever anyone or anything touches it. i got you boo. i hope you like it!


He wanted to surprise you with a necklace that he bought you. Sneaking up behind you he put it on you and you smiled nervously while playing with it. He noticed you played and gently tugged at it all night. “Jagi what’s wrong? You don’t like the necklace?” You had to tell him that you didn’t like wearing things that were tight around your neck since it was so sensitive. He smiled and relaxed. “Take it off jagi. I’ll get you a longer chain tomorrow!” Whenever he bought you anything now he’d make sure it was long enough to not bother your neck.

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He was feeling particularly affectionate one day as you were both laying on the couch. Leaning over he pressed a soft kiss to your neck and watched as you made an offended noise and brought your shoulders up to hide your neck. “The fuck?” You told him how your neck was sensitive and you were terrified of something choking you. He simply hummed and nodded. He would avoid scaring you again but if he was in a teasing mood guess where he’d attack first (kisses and nuzzles only of course).

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You gave him a back massage after a long day of him practicing in the dance studio and he wanted to repay the favor. You weren’t going to complain. So you both switched positions on the bed. He moved up to start massaging your neck and you quickly turned to your side accidentally kneeing him in the groin as you did. As he whimpered at the end of the bed you tried not to laugh as you explained your neck was ticklish. “Stop laughing jagi. I’m never touching you again.” You both knew he wasn’t serious about that, but he would never touch your neck again when he didn’t have protection for his valuables. 

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You had your hair up and were cooking. He couldn’t resist. He snuck up behind you and started to tickle your exposed neck while talking cutely to you in a high pitched voice. Freaking out you spun around and backhanded him in the face. You instantly teared up as he looked at you shocked before he laughed. “Jagi you’re savage!” You explained while he hugged you to calm you down from accidentally hitting him. “I learned my lesson!” Of course he didn’t but he’d be ready to defend himself the next time he wanted to tease you by tickling your neck.

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While you were out on a day date you decided to stop at an ice cream shop. While standing around and picking out what flavor you wanted his hand brushed across the back of your neck. You shivered and bounced away from him looking upset. He smiled at you confused and tilted his head. You told him about how sensitive your neck was and knew he’d use it against you. Now whenever he wanted to tease you he’d blow on your neck, brush his fingers across it gently or give it soft kisses just to see your reaction.

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He jumped on you while you were relaxing in bed and commenced with tickling you all over. You flailed and tried to defend yourself but then he attacked your neck and you involuntarily screamed before bringing your shoulders up to hide your neck. He stopped and stared down at you. “Are you okay jagi?!” So worried he hurt you he’d listen carefully while you explained that you didn’t like people touching your neck. He’d apologize then just cling to you the rest of the day so you’d feel safe.

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He managed to drag you to the gym only because you wanted to spend more time with him. You had literally done almost nothing but were dripping with sweat. You felt gross as hell. When he came up to you he grinned and wrapped a towel around your neck. You shoved him playfully away from you and quickly removed the towel. He looked at you confused before you told him your neck was ticklish. He would then use every opportunity he had to use it against you so you better be on your toes to defend yourself. 

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Unknown reasons - Ashton Irwin Smut


so here isn’t Chapter 8 but hopefully a good Ashton Irwin smut. Hope you like it. Please tell me if you do!!

You watch as Ashton is doing his push ups and smile to yourself when you hear Ashton grunt. Luke, Calum and Michael have been told to leave twenty minutes ago by their own personal trainor and you’re the only who keeps Ashton still there.

Partly you aren’t letting Ashton go because as the drummer and in addition to that with a heart problem he has to stay fit, but mostly because you overheard how Ashton was telling his bandmates how easy you are and that you probably wanted to make a move on him. Then you swore to show him how easy you really are.

And maybe you do think he is hot but actually, really making a move on him never crossed your mind.

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  • So Neil comes in from his morning run.
  • And it’s very hot outside despite it being early.
  • Neil’s literally dripping sweat. Like waterfalls.
  • Anyway Andrew’s in the kitchen pouring a mug of coffee because heat will not stop him from caffeine.
  • He sees Neil enter.
  • Neil takes off his sweat soaked shirt.
  • And Andrew just kind of freezes like he tends to do around Neil after he says something snarky or when the percentage is about to go up.
  • His brain is trying to reboot as his eyes track the bead of sweat that starts at Neil’s forehead
  • And slides down the faded scars on his right cheek
  • Disappears briefly under his chin
  • Reappears on his neck
  • Pools in the dips of his clavicles
  • And slowly pours over his scarred chest.
  • Neil looks over.
  • “Andrew! The coffee is overflowing!”
  • “Shut up and come over here.”