literally does not stop talking to james the entire time

just another everyone lives au

So an anon asked @wolfstardreams this:

“Could you do head cannons if Lily and James lived and Remus and Sirius where together so they made fun of Ginny and Harry”

and i’m procrastinating

and i have an idea

so here you go, i suppose

  • in this universe, remus and sirius have been together since the end of their sixth year, and while they are doing work for the Order, they’re living together in their cutesy little flat
  • the tension though, the tension is the same. the two don’t really trust each other anymore and the war is putting a strain on their relationship. big time.
  • so remus comes home from whatever his latest order mission was (he’s undercover with the werewolves, trying to get them to take up arms against voldemort, but of course all sirius sees is the empty left side of the bed when remus has to stay with the pack)
  • he comes back looking concerned, betrayed, scared, and all of sirius instincts are telling him to listen when remus says there’s a traitor and he knows who it is, but he’s so worried that it might be remus himself that it takes a call to dumbledore and a solid hour of pensieve searching to convince him that remus is telling the truth.
  • the look of devastation on sirius’ face when he realizes that james and lily are in danger because peter sold them out is something remus won’t ever forget.
  • but they squelch all their feelings of loss and betrayal down under their anger and protectiveness over their friends. 
  • the night of halloween, the entire order is guarding the house.
  • voldemort never even made it past the front gate.

  • fast forward to harry’s first year at hogwarts, incidentally the first year remus took the job of DADA professor, partly because teaching is his calling (according to sirius. and james. and lily. and everyone.) but also because someone has got to keep an eye on bambi
  • now harry had grown up happy and healthy, surrounded by family and friends who love him, having sunday brunch at the weasley’s, wednesday night spaghetti (pasketti) at remus and sirius’ and friday thai food movie nights with all the marauders (”except for peter bc screw him” “pads, language, the kid’s here”) piled onto the same sofa in his parent’s small living room.
  • sirius spoils the crap out of the poor kid, remus talks to him like he’s an adult and actually understands Gamp’s Law (”give him a few years, he’ll be a genius in no time”), and lily and james go all out on the ice cream and the playdates and the theme park visits and the toy broomsticks because hell if their kid isn’t going to have the BEST CHILDHOOD EVER
  • and so the tiny terror grows up to be the spitting image of his father at eleven years old (”prongs this is uncanny” “reckon he’d also be a stag?” “bet he’ll beat your youngest animagus alive record”)
  • the whole squad sees him off at the station (except remus, who’s already at school), and he and ron immediately occupy a compartment and pull out the map, eager to see the castle for themselves
  • their first DADA class, remus tells himself he’s going to treat harry like he would treat every other student, because even if he has changed the kid’s diapers he - 
  • “… sorry uncle moony…”
  • “you better be! now, as I was saying…”
  • and james had a super tough time letting harry go so lily comes up with the brilliant idea of having remus send them like weekly reports or something, and james takes it super seriously like “moony i’m expecting one every saturday without fail - without fail you hear?” “prongs, please find your chill”
  • these weekly letters become something of a tradition, they’re often jokingly official, and always end with “and of course, detention this week.”

  • so life goes on, and in their fifth year, it turns out that remus knows about harry’s little crush before harry does.
  • his letter that week ends instead with “does anyone remember the patented james potter evans is in the room look glazed look because i’ve just gotten a very vivid reminder of it”
  • and when harry comes home for christmas, he is mercilessly teased as they try to guess who his mysterious crush is
  • “so bambi, who is she”
  • “is she cute?”
  • “do we know her?”
  • “does she like quidditch?”
  • “does she play quidditch”
  • “i’m sure those broom-riding skills are handy in that case”
  • “lils, please, this is your child you are talking to”
  • this persists until christmas dinner at the weasley’s
  • ginny gets up from the table to get yet another platter from the kitchen, and harry (who has been distracted this entire time, of course) literally stops in the middle of a sentence
  • and the gears in james’ head are practically visible through his skull, you can see the lightbulb go off the moment he makes eye contact with sirius, who’s also connected the dots.
  • “well well well, if her hair were a tad darker i’d say your boy here is dangerously close to an oedipus complex…”
  • “pads that is literally the grossest thing you’ve ever said”
  • “darker hair? darker - oh!”
  • “moony why didn’t you tell us it was her?”
  • “i’ll be honest i didn’t know”
  • “you are so bad at hints i’m impressed you got us as far as you did with your shoddy sleuthing”
  • and then when ginny walks in, inevitably, it’s time to move to the living room for a little rest before dessert, and inevitably the only seat left in the room is a tiny sliver of space on the sofa next to harry
  • and padfoot innocently like “well if it’s more comfortable she could always sit on your lap instead”
  • and ginny turns bright red, as does harry and all the adults in the room just burst out laughing because that is exactly what happened all those years ago in the gryffindor common room
  • harry is 100% the most embarrassed he’s been in his life, so he takes quick trip to the backyard to clear his head, and ginny follows him out like “you idiot, now we’re going to have to walk back in and they will take every opportunity to make a joke”
  • and harry like “i’m sorry i don’t know why they think they’re so funny” but it turns out that fred and george have been teasing ginny about her crush for ages and they just take a second to be like “wow we literally could have been an item like, a year ago” and then promptly have a quick makeout sesh before they hear a wolfwhistle from the porch accompanied by cheering and they simultaneously just turn around and glare
  • guess she does play quidditch, eh bambi?”
  • “…mom, why…”