literally crying because he's not in my bed

Taehyung as your Husband

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Request: Um excuse me, but may I please have Kim Taehyung as your husband please? I love your blog so much! It’s too much for me 😍😍😘🙇 Thank you for existing.

A/N: First of all thank you! I’m so happy you like our blog~ I hope you enjoy!

- so fluffy on your wedding day oml

- cried about 12 times

- which made you cry

- which made literally everyone else cry

- it was a mess of tears

- you’d honeymoon somewhere tropic like the Bahamas or Jeju Island

- getting to see his tanned skin as he runs into the water with you

- he’d carry you bridal-style for at least the first week of marriage no matter what

- “tae, i can walk y’know…”

- “just because my wifey/hubby can walk doesn’t mean they should.”  

- religiously referring to you as ‘wifey/hubby’

- idk why but i absolutely see him doing that okay

- begging you to call him ‘hubby’ too

- ugh you would be so spoiled with this boy

- breakfast in bed all the damn time

- cuddling as much as possible

- still gets all blushy and shy before asking you on a date because????? why did you even say yes the first time??????? how is he so lucky?????

- you are legitimately his world okay

- he needs you the same way we need oxygen

- despises having to be apart from you for extended periods of time

- enjoys ‘casually’ showing off your matching wedding rings

- and wedding photos

- and referring to you as ‘my wife/husband’ so everyone remembers that, in fact, you are married

- this poor boy would be so distraught if you got any amount of hate from Armys

- writes a 10-tweet-long rant about how if they support him, they should support his partner too

- has namjoon translate it so int. Armys see it too

- adopting a puppy together omg

- “this is the start of our family, y/n, i’m so proud of us.”

- sakdhslfdakhf getting to wake up to his bedhead and puffy eyes and no-makeup face every damn morning and questioning how the hell he’s even human???

- him begging you to wear his ‘vintage and specially tailored’ clothing

- which is just an old shirt with holes cut with scissors all over because why not

- honestly you’d be that married couple that still goes to the park and rolls down a grass hill like 5-year-olds

- getting questionable looks from the other couples there and not giving a shit

- because you’re so in love and just having some damn fun

- and yet in that same day you’d go home and talk about the deepest, most intellectual shit at 3 am

- because that’s just how you are

- anniversaries are a very important holiday and he never fucking forgets

- literally taking the week off of work to spent it with you

- giving you gifts everyday for the week leading up to ‘the big day’

- serenading you with a song he spent 5 months writing for you

- every. year.

- aghhhhh tae is such a pure angel and deserves the entire world

- he’d be the best damn husband to ever exist

- treat him right okay?

- i can’t omg

-Admin Yeonie

On A Scale of One to Ten

Anon Requested: Lily starts falling for an insecure, yet charming crippled james, and naturally when his injury is miraculously recovered, girls throw themselves at him. (Healer!Lily/Auror!James AU)

Fanfiction Net

“You have to let me see him.”

The desperate plea that came from the intruder’s lips was wrought with emotion as he pushed past a startled Lily Evans to the bed where a badly wounded man sat awaiting the Healer visit—Lily’s visit. Instead of assessing what had brought the man into the rehabilitation ward in the first place, Lily was assessing the boy who had come charging into the room like the patient was on his deathbed.

The bloke (not the injured one) flew into the hospital ward only moments before Lily, taking out two guards and a door with the flick of his wand. He wore a leather traveling cloak and his wand was tucked in the black bun stop his head. The boy was handsome with black hair, grey eyes, and perfect cheekbones. His pale skin was akin to the models she saw in Witch Weekly but his expression was less sensual and more roguish.

The boy stared down at the man in bed, exasperated, “Your owl left out the part where Alice Longbottom buzzed your hair off, you look ridiculous.”

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Back to the Future: Part 7

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: smut, porn gifs, oral (female receiving), angst, blood, injury, pregnancy, fluff (a little bit of everything, eh?)

~porn gifs from my blog fuckablecas ahead, my friends~

Back to the Future Masterlist


With a snap of Zachariah’s fingers and a wave of nausea from the sudden jump of time, the three of you had landed back in the map room of the bunker, startling Sam and Dean.

“Alright!” Zach clapped his hands, a gleeful smile on his face. “Now that I’ve held up my end of the bargain, it’s time for you to hold up yours. Ready to call Michael on down?”

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You know what we don't talk about? How the only way that the mage could've possibly stopped hurting Simon was for him to die. When Penny did the whole Simon Says thing, all Simon asked for was for the mage to stop hurting him. Not for him to die, or leave, or anything. Just to stop hurting him. And what happened? The mage died. Because that was the only thing that could've happened to make him stop hurting Simon. That's so intense and no one ever talks about it?

oh my god??????? i’ve literally never thought about that but you’re so right???? and now i want to cry because simon deserved a much better father figure poor baby he deserved (deserves tbh) the world and i was already having simon feel today oh man q.q

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jikook au ideas
  • Jungkook is one of the most famous CEO in Korea son 
  • Jimin is a student of the Art Academy in Seoul 
  • Jimin and Taehyung motto “bros before hoes” 
  • Jungkook usually visits his elder brother at the Art Academy, Yoongi
  • Jungkook and Yoongi have the most beautiful brothership 
  • no one have to know that Jungkook and Yoongi are sons of one of the most rich and famous CEO for their security and privacy 
  • Jungkook is a flirty boy af 
  • especially when he met for the first time Jimin 
  • Jimin is annoyed for Jungkook’s behavior 
  • but Taehyung finds this cute 
  • “Tae, you can’t be serious” “Oh cmon i would die to have someone who brings me flowers in class in front of everyone” “that was embarrassing” “but still cute tho”
  • Jungkook is seriously a flirty boy just for Jimin
  • “Can you stop follow me?” “but they said i have to follow my heart” 
  • Jimin is done 
  • Unfortunaly Taehyung is a little piece of shit, he gave Jimin’s number to Jungkook 
  • “are you still trying to put your hand into Jimin’s pants?” “Hyung this is not just sex for me but at least Taehyung gave me his number” “Taehyung? that brat?” “Yoongi hyung, don’t act like he’s not cute” 
  • Jimin’s got a message from unknown number “hey little mochi ;)”
  • 5 minutes later Jimin was ready to kill Taehyung 
  • Jungkook saved Jimin’s contact as “jiminie mochi” 
  • Jimin saved Jungkook as “jungkook.
  • one way or another Jungkook and Jimin end up in a date-night 
  • Jimin found out the soft Jungkook sides 
  • “he’s cute tho” Jimin thought “i know, told ya” said Taehyung. He realized that he was not actually thinking and wanna die bc he admitted in front of Taehyung that he was right about Jungkook. 
  • Taehyung loves to smirk when he’s right. 
  • They went on a second date, then third. 
  • Jimin finally accepted that Jungkook won’t never give up. 
  • Jimin changed Jungkook’s contact as “kookie.”
  • “You are slowly fall for him” “Tae don’t say bullshit” 
  • Jikook started to act boyfriends. 
  • “We’re not boyfriends” “not yet”, Taehyung smirks. 
  • Jimin finally admitted to himself, he slowly fall for Jungkook
  • but as always, it’s not a story without bad things happened. 
  • Jungkook and Yoongi’s identity are relieved. Social, media, paparazzi follow them no stop. They are on the first page of newspaper. 
  • Jimin never thought about it. 
  • Taehyung is literally shook
  • Jimin pretends to be not heartbroken. He doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s heartbroken. 
  • “Maybe you miss him” Taehyung was right again, but this time he didn’t smirk. 
  • Jungkook disappeared. 
  • “You will be the CEO of this company and you don’t need distraction or love story, it’s just a waste of time, Jungkook-ah. Our company reputation is now into your hands, son.”
  • things started to become complicated. 
  • It’s been months, Jungkook can’t stop thinking about Jimin. What if he found another boy? Was Jimin okay? He’s worry. He’s jealous. 
  • “Jin hyung, i’m giving you a new assignment. Control and follow Park Jimin, update me of everything he does” 
  • Jimin deleted Jungkook’s contact.  
  • After a year, when Jimin went back to his room after dance practice, he found Jungkook sitting on his bed.  
  • “but you didn’t. I thought you didn’t care about me, Jiminie.” Jungkok smirks, that smirk. 
  • Jimin missed that fucking smirk.
  • That night they end up to make love. Jimin was literally crying in silent while Jungkook slowly kiss his tears. 
  • Taehyung has to sleeps out of the dorm because “fuck, i can’t sleep with their moans, that’s gross.” 
  • Jimin and Jungkook started to dating and hide everything to the world, Jungkook is still exposed to the world.  
  • Jimin changed Jungkook’s contact as “my love”. 


  • at the ceremony of Jimin and Taehyung’s graduation there were Junkgook and Yoongi. 
  • Jungkook kissed in front of everyone Jimin because who fucking cares i love him
  • Taehyung finally received a bouquet of flowers in front of everyone.
  • “I heard you’ve always wanted to receive some flowers in front of everyone” Yoongi whispered into his ears. 

If you want to write something about this please tag me, i would like to read it! :) You could always change Yoongi as Hoseok or Namjoon if you don’t ship Taegi. 

My Deckerstar Wishlist for S2B-S3
  • SEX SCENE!! I am begging you!! (@LuciferWriters) I will literally die and have my soul go to heaven to see Deckerstar FINALLY CONSUMMATE THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! Lucifer will be sooo nervous and unsure about, and Chloe will be so thirsty for him that she will barely be able to control herself. It will be hot and sexy, but also so passionate and sweet at the same time. *If we get one in the finale or a really hot make out scene, I. WILL. LEGIT. DIE. RESURRECT. AND. THEN. DIE. AGAIN. #LifeComplete
  • Kissing. BECAUSE THEY ARE OTP CREATED BY GOD HIMSELF. and for reasons and science. *Also i need a piano make-out scene like in the dream. BUT FOR REAL. I NEED IT. FOR REASONS. FOR SCIENE. FOR MY SOUL.
  • Lucifer serenading Chloe by playing on the piano and signing to her. (Idk maybe Hallelujah?!???) I would probably will cry if we get a scene like that. *Bonus: If its in his penthouse. If she sits on the bench with him as she just looks at him with tears in her eyes. While he sings the chorus “Hallelujah” he looks at her as if because she is the center of his universe
  • Lucifer and Chloe slow dancing because of reasons
  • Lucifer spending time with Chloe and Trixie. Maybe another morning breakfast scene??? Ohhh or him making them dinner with the help of Trixie and Chloe getting mad *not really, more amused* as they through flour into each others faces
  • More flirting during cases and Ella making comments and telling them to “get a room”
  • Deckerstar touches. Arm. Chest. Leg. Hands. Hair. Foreheads. LITERALLY ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WILL END ME!!!
  • Lucifer making more romantic AF speeches without even realizing it (Literally that beach scene still makes my cry. THAT. WAS. SO. FUCKIN’. ROMANTIC. BE. STILL. MY. DECKERSTAR. SHIPPER. HEART.
  • Chloe driving Lucifer’s corvette and him being worried the whole time and 100% backseat driving to be careful around turns and not get to close to cars. Or side walks. Or really anything
  • I would very much like need stolen glances
  • Lucifer blabbering when trying to talk to Chloe because it is so FUCKIN’ ADORABLE when he gets flustered around her
  • Cuddling. On the couch maybe while they are watching a movie. Or cuddling in bed. Either or. Or both…..BOTH
  • Trixie falling asleep on Lucifers lap and him falling asleep while both of them are on the couch. *Basically the Maze/Trixie scene but with Lucifer/Trixie and Chloe taking her phone out and quickly snapping a picture to use it against him later if need be
  • Devil jokes when after Chloe finds out and see’s his true face and Lucifer being totally annoyed with it, but Chloe finding it so entertaining

Okay. I need to just take a moment to explain an insanely massive part of why I love Oswald Cobblepot so god damn much and why this little bird is so incredibly important to me.

I feel like it’s something a lot of people who don’t live with chronic illness, invisible illness, chronic pain or any sort of disability tend to overlook or don’t understand why it’s such a huge thing to people like me.

This little shit went from being a regularly functioning person, able to get out of bed in the morning without a second thought, to not being able to take a step without being in impossible to ignore pain. Looking at him, when he’s not walking obviously, he looks perfectly normal and able-bodied. And as someone who lives with more than one invisible illness and chronic pain, all with later in life onset, who went from normally functioning to barely able even lie down without pain at 21 (6 years ago), it makes me feel better every time this little bird climbs his way to the top.

Oswald gets shit done. Never once has he been shown being held back by his chronic pain. Sure, he’s not the healthiest example of what I should strive for, but god damn it, seeing Oswald fight for his spot at the top in Gotham reminds me that on any given particularly bad pain day, I can get myself up and out of bed. If he can become the King of Gotham, I can take the dogs for an extra five minutes on their walk, go get done the errands I’ve been putting off during a particularly bad flare up, or to go out one night with friends and stop isolating myself at home because I don’t have the spoons to leave the house.

I also want to say that it actually made me cry to hear that Robin Lord Taylor puts something in his shoe to remind himself that Oswald is in pain with every step he takes. As someone who has gotten so used to being in pain literally every second of my life that I don’t genuinely don’t remember what it’s like to not be in pain or have to take a boatload of medications just to get out of bed in the morning, it means so much that there is a genuine effort to understand what it’s like living this way. It might not seem like a big deal, but it matters to me so much.

So I don’t care if it seems ridiculous, but this particular portrayal of Oswald means the fucking world to me. If Ozzie can go from Fish’s umbrella boy to the King of Gotham, I can handle just getting up and out of bed.


BTS React to Hoseok Coming out as gay

You guys seemed to really enjoy my Seventeen react yesterday and it means the world to me! Here’s another one submitted by an annon: Hoseok coming out as homosexual to the group chat. Hope you enjoy this one too.

Namjoon: He would be happy that Hoseok trusted them enough to come out to them even if it was through text message. He understands how hard it must have been to do so - he would send lots of support, love and encouragement towards his best friend. 

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Yoongi:  He would be supportive but wouldn’t talk about it in case of it actually being a very sensitive subject. So he’d send a heart emoji with ‘proud of you goodnight’ attached. 

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Taehyung: He would be disappointed that he was told over text instead of in person because he’d wanna hug the fuck out of him. Though he’s disappointed, he’s also happy that Hoseok was able to find himself even though being homosexual would put a lot of unwanted pressure on him

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Jimin: Would make a mad dash to his house and attack him with love. Would tell him how personally happy and proud of him he was for doing something so difficult. 

“Stop crying, why are we sad? This is a happy time, have candy.”

Would then give Hoseok a bunch of candy and hugs

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Jungkook: Would be happy for him but would then tease him in a playful manner about being too friendly with BamBam from Got7. Sends a lot of heart emojis and tells him to go to bed because it’s literally two in the morning. 

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Jin: Calls him and congratulates him for doing something so brave. Then would say “I knew my handsomeness affected someone else~” With a laugh and tell Hoseok he loved him before saying they’d celebrate in the morning with a big cake. “We love you very much and I know it was hard. Thank you for being strong and finding it in your heart to tell us. Goodnight Hobi.”

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Would probably cry because he wasn’t exactly ready yet but was tired of hiding it from his best friends. Then would cry more because they were so supportive and sweet to him

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Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Imagine

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‘Fucking shit..’ I heard someone mumbling in the hallway of my and my boyfriend’s shared house. 

‘Jack?’ I put down the plate that I was wiping and went to see who it was. ‘Oh my God..’ And it really was my boyfriend who’s face was covered in bruises and blood. ‘Are you fucking kidding me, Jack?’

‘Babe, not now..’ He said holding onto the wall to keep his balance. 

‘This is fucking 5th time this month.’ I approached him putting his arm around my shoulder so he can support himself while we’re making our way to the living room. I helped him sit down on the couch and he winced in pain. 

‘Fucking hell..’ 

‘You’re pissing me off, Jack. I’m so done with you and your shit.’ I said going into the kitchen to take everything I need from the first aid kit. I was so angry with him. ‘You and your fucking gang need to stop going around and beating the shit out of those jerks because you see that your ass gets beaten too you fucking idiot. You need to get yourself together.’ Before I sat on his lap he took his shirt off and I started washing the blood off of his face. I must’ve pressed the napkin a little bit too hard on his broken lip because he almost screamed how much it hurt him. 

‘Fuck, y/n! Can you be a little bit more gentle cause if you can’t you don’t need to fucking do this! I’ll do it myself!’ 

‘Do not scream at me! You did this to yourself!’ I said throwing the napkin in his face and climbing off of his lap. 

‘Bitch..’ He said under his breath thinking that I’m not gonna hear it. 

‘I heard you, asshole!’ I yelled slamming the door of our bedroom making the picture of me and Jack that was hanging on the wall fall down and shatter. ‘Fuck!’ I screamed as the tears ran down my face. I sat down on the floor and just started crying. I couldn’t keep this in anymore. 

After a while, I got up from the floor and laid down in the bed, but I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep because my thoughts were keeping me up. 

Jack’s POV

After sitting on the couch for quite a long time, I slowly got up and headed to the bedroom. I knew that that probably wasn’t the best idea since y/n was pissed at me, but I just couldn’t let her go to sleep knowing that she’d mad at me. 

I slowly opened the door of our bedroom and first thing I saw was a picture of us laying on the floor and next to her a shattered frame. It scared the shit out of me because she had never done this before, I’ve never seen her this angry that she breaks things and especially not a picture of us. 

The second thing that I saw was the new black lingerie laying on the chair next to our closet and that made me feel like a real asshole. You idiot I thought to myself. 

I slowly got in the bed and put my hand on her shoulder. ‘Baby?’ I asked, but she said nothing. ‘I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you by doing this. I know you hate what I do, but it’s’s the way I am, but then again..if my baby girl is not happy with it, I’ll change, I promise you. I’ll do anything for you because when I look at those (your eye color) eyes, I know that there’s nothing more I want and that you’re the most important to me.’ I said placing a kiss on her back and caressing her arm. ‘Now please don’t make me say this cheesy shit anymore, you know that I’m not good at it.’ I said and she turned around looking at me. ‘Hey’ I whispered caressing her cheek with my thumb.

‘You’re not forgiven yet’ She said. 

‘I know.’

‘I don’t want you to think that I’m some kind of controlling girlfriend or something because I’m not and and I never want to be that, but I want you to know that I’m scared for you, Jack. I’m literally scared for your life because look at you, you can barely stand on your feet. Do you know how many times I went to bed crying and praying to God that He protects you because I didn’t know where you were nor were you alright? I’m not ready to lose you, Jack.’ 

‘I know, baby and I’m so sorry. I’m not gonna put you through anything like this anymore.’ I said and even if everyone bone hurt me, I pulled her to me, tightly wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead. ‘I love you’

‘I love you’

‘By the way that lingerie on the chair, was that planned for tonight?’ I asked her. 

‘Yes it was you idiot’ 


Sweet Somethings

Request: Can you make a scenario where you two are fighting and he tells you he likes you? Any BTS member would be great! :)

Member: BTS Taehyung (v) x Y/N

Type: Angst/Fluff… (ALSO: moments of R-Rated language) 

Comments: IDK. I didn’t want to pick a member and it was so hard because they are all literally my bias wreckers…so when in doubt…pick the bias D:

I ripped off another t-shirt and stomped around my room angrily. It was one of those days where nothing looked right, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get what I saw in the mirror to look like something I could accept. 

“Yah Y/N,” Taehyung called from my living room. “We are going to miss the movie!” 

I brooded in front of my closet with crossed arms, near tears. Tae was my best friend and had been since before I could remember. Before I liked boys, before I hit puberty, and before I became this body conscious mess. I was around before he had six boys as hip attachments, before he knew fame, and before he became everyone’s fantasy. I shouldn’t have cared what I was going to wear around him, but for some reason I did. 

And tonight, I just couldn’t pick anything that made me feel remotely okay. 

I heaved another sigh and plopped backwards onto my bed. 

“I don’t want to go anymore,” I huffed, turning my face towards the pillow to muffle the groan that escaped next. 

“What?” V shouted. 

“Just go ahead without me. I know Hoseok and Jungkook are waiting.” I called over my shoulder towards the closed door. I knew better though. Before I could even begin pouting into my pillow the door was springing open and an angry Tae was storming through. 

“Whyyyy?” Taehyung gasped. 

“Hey!” I squeaked. “You didn’t even knock. I could’ve been naked or…or…”

He lifted his eyebrows, waiting for me to finish my sentence. 

“Or naked!” I said dumbly, trying not to meet his eyes as I sat up. 

“Are you honestly going to cancel tonight because you can’t find anything to wear?” He grumbled, motioning to the pile of clothes I had acquired on my floor. 

“Yes,” I nodded. “Yes, I am.”

Tae clucked, picking up a dress from the floor. “What about this? It has flowers on it?”

“I look fat in that,” I whispered. 

“And this?” V said, dropping the dress and picking up a t-shirt. 

“My skin tone is too off for that color,” I sighed. 

“Then what’s wrong with this one?” Tae tried again, picking up another shirt. 

“It makes my hip bones look weird,” I nodded.

“Are you crazy?” Taehyung said, exhausted at this point with me. It’s okay, I was exhausted with me too. 

“Apparently, but it’s nice of you to point it out,” I grumbled, crossing my arms. Taehyung knew I had anxieties and I was pretty sensitive about them. 

“Seriously, it is literally a movie. Hobi, Kookie, and me. You’ve hung out with us a million times Y/N, what makes this any different?” He asked. 

“It’s different because I don’t fucking like myself today, alright?” I hissed. “That is why it is different.”

“We like you!” Taehyung said. “Just put on some clothes. I have to see Captain America kick Ironman’s butt so Jungkook can cry!”

I cut my eyes at Tae.

He rolled his eyes instead. “You’re being really selfish right now Y/N,” he whispered, plopping down on my bed. 

I felt a flame light in my stomach as I turned to look at him, eyes wide. “Excuse me?”

“Do you like Hobi?” Taehyung continued in a whisper. “Is that what it is? Are you trying to impress him?”

“Kim Taehyung,” I said slowly, trying to contain my rage, but having a poor go at it. “How dare you.”

“What?” he asked, turning to me with wide eyes. 

“You think…this is all over some stupid crush? You think I don’t want to go because I have a crush on Hoseok and I give two shits about what I look like in front of him?”

“Well what is it then?” he asked, scrunching his eyebrows. 

“I have issues, alright?!” I shouted, letting the rage flow through me. “I get it, I’m messed up and I’m being selfish holding everyone up and sometimes it’s hard to be me. I get into my own head, and whisper harsh criticisms to myself instead of sweet nothings. I don’t feel okay, and that is why I don’t want to go. I do not feel comfortable. Today I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone a t shirt, so just leave it alone Tae. Go see the stupid fucking movie without me, alright?”

Taehyung sat, motionless, and wordless for a few moments. I could see the gears of thought whirring at top speeds in his head. 

“I still don’t understand,” he said shaking his head. 

Man, was this kid thick. 

“Tae,” I said, my voice quivering in anger. 

“You always look beautiful,” he said, shaking his head and staring blankly toward my pile of clothes on the floor. “I don’t understand…how someone like you…could ever not feel comfortable in their skin.”

My breath caught in my throat as I looked at him. “Wh-what?”

“I guess…I guess it’s time I told you,” he continued. “I like you Y/N…and I don’t even really bother looking at what you wear because…well because that’s not the part that matters? You’re what matters…not what’s covering your skin. And if you don’t feel comfortable…well I just don’t understand. You should be proud of everything you have.”

I continued staring at him, trying to remember to blink. Had he just confessed to me?

He turned to me and placed his hand lightly atop of mine. “Y/N,” he whispered. “We don’t have to go to the movie…if you’re uncomfortable…we’ll stay in…if you’ll let me…I’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear…to try to drown out your own harsh criticisms…but they won’t be nothings…they’ll be somethings…because you deserve all of the somethings.”

I could feel myself becoming teary eyed. My vision began to blur, completely contradicting the huge smile on my face. “Taehyung,” I squeaked, leaning toward him, allowing myself to be engulfed into his arms. Sometimes he spoke nonsense, but this nonsense was working at my heart.

He kissed the top of my forehead carefully. Taehyung began to quietly sing. “Kkwak jabajwo nal anajwo. Can you trust me, can you trust me, can you trust me, Kkwak kkeureoanajwo.” 

I instantly recognized the song as my favorite of his, Hold me Tight. I nuzzled into his neck, completely shocked by the turn of events. “Have you liked me all of this time?” I asked carefully. 

“Mmm…since about the first Ironman movie,” he nodded with a chuckle. “That’s when I realized you were a girl. Quickly after that I realized you were a girl that I liked very much.”

I nodded, beginning to giggle. 

“Like…like like,” he nodded. “You know, as more than friends?”

“Yup, got it Tae,” I said, looking up to him. He stared into my eyes, his trademark boxy smile filling his face. That was all the sweet something I needed. 

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That was also the weekend when Niall woke up and posted the 'go your own way' snap from his bed. Nessie weekend had plenty to do with that mood and nothing will convince me otherwise lmao

honestly that weekend left me with more questions than answers. why did Niall DO THAT? why did Bressie admit to CRYING AT THE AIRPORT like some rom-com lead? why did he post that gd video of him playing ‘Big Love’ three days later? I don’t think anyone in Niall’s life can play a Fleetwood Mac song without thinking of him, and Bressie’s like oh yeah, BIG LOVE, that’s the one for me. 

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I was at Niall's show last night and he sounds so good live!!! Like super clear and virtually breathless! He's literally a giant middle finger to everyone who ever doubted him! If you ever get a chance to see him live Justine, fucking take it! You won't regret it!! I swear! He was worth the 3 hour drive!


yeaah i wanna see him soo bad. but for me it would be 3 hour flight (because theres noo way his coming to my country) and im too freaking broke atm :( im just gonna lay in my bed and cry about his bulge

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*chin hands* pretty please talk about demi Hannibal ? Or any other sexuality headcanons you've got up your sleeves!


Okay, okay, so like, we can ALL agree that Hannibal’s life was pretty much shattered when he met Will Graham. Hannibal feels for Will in a way he’s never felt for anyone else on the planet period. Which matches demisexuality pretty well.

Because let’s think about this. Hannibal is pretty fucking bored with people in general. He doesn’t view people as his equals and that’s not exactly conducive for high sexual attraction. Sure, he CAN have sex, if he wants, I wouldn’t argue that Hannibal was sex repulsed in any way, and he has probably had plenty of sex if only because it’s a fantastic manipulative tool (ex. Alana), I just don’t think he needs sex or experiences a longing for it.

Sex is more or less a mutual event involving two or more people, a group activity you might call it. Hannibal prides himself on being self-sufficient, he doesn’t need a group. He has no close relationships and, before Will, as far as we know, had no wish for any. He mixes well in a group and knows how to operate within one, especially as a leader, but he doesn’t need the interaction. (Although arguably he needs the attention, he IS a serial killer after all. But that’s, again, not a mutual relationship, it’s one way and it’s not personal or intimate either.)

I just think it’s very easy to imagine that Hannibal doesn’t or didn’t really give a fuck about sex before Will. Especially considering how attractive he is and how everyone is absolutely BEGGING after him. Hannibal is not unconscious of his attractive powers, oh he is VERY aware of how seductive he can be and that’s kinda my point. He uses sex to a purpose, not to fulfill his own needs. He would consider it a weakness to even have needs that depended on someone else to be fulfilled. I think it makes a ton of sense that libido was something that was always someone else’s problem while he had the ability to give or withhold as he wanted. And you can picture that, you KNOW how smug and arrogant he’d be about that, our manipulative cannibal fuckface.

But then Will happens. And for the first time in his life, Hannibal is out of control. He can’t decide whether or not to want Will, he can’t tame his desire, he just CRAVES HIM and it’s terrifying being so vulnerable for someone. It pretty well freaks him out, especially in seasons 1 and 2, so much of his manipulation is defensive because he KNOWS the power Will has over him IF Will chose to use it and I’m not saying season 3 happened but… season 3 happened and Hannibal was hella fucking right. And it drives him a little crazy that he can’t stop himself wanting Will, even KNOWING that it LITERALLY MEANS DEATH, he KNOWS being in love with Will is a death sentence he’s never had to face before, and yet… all Will has to do is exist and Hannibal is down for the count. And all these feelings are new and scary and INTENSE because he never had to learn how to cope, he never had to learn what was an acceptable expression of love and what wasn’t, he never had to learn how to temper his feelings because he’s never had them before. It’s all so fucking new to him and he is bumbling around trying to figure it out and it’d be adorable if it didn’t involve quite so many dead bodies. Oh hell, it’s adorable anyway.

I just… demisexuality really makes a lot of sense to me for how Hannibal is characterized, or how I characterize him. And, privately, I do have this little fantasy of virgin!Hannibal and Will is his first and FUCK YES FUCK FUCK ME OH GOD YES but I know that’s unrealistic if only because Hannibal cannot RESIST the chance to manipulate someone and you KNOW in college when hormones are crazy and Hannibal looks like FUCKING HANNIBAL, you KNOW there were so many people drooling after him he ABSOLUTELY tried out this sex thing to see what he could do to people. I mean, it was like sticking him in a candy store without supervision and locking the door behind him, if ANY PIECE OF CANDY IS STILL STANDING after that it’s a fucking miracle. But I just think.. he never cared about it beyond that, he never needed it. It was just one more thing that separated him from everybody else, one more way he had perfect control.

Also, for the record, this is NOT to say Hannibal was a selfish lover FAR FROM IT. Given it was always something he did for other people, albeit to manipulate them, you can BET he gave the sweetest, hardest orgasms of all time. And given he didn’t give a fuck, you always came first, he may not even come at all unless it was something YOU needed. And, again, that makes SO much sense, because who is going to think ill of someone who takes you to bed and makes it ALL about you? NO ONE. LITERALLY NO ONE. The second Hannibal realized he was sexually attractive to EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET (I’m sorry I don’t give a fuck what your sexuality is TELL ME TO MY FACE YOU WOULDN’T JUMP ON HIM IF HE ASKED) HE HAD IT IN THE BAG, SCOT-FREE FOR LIFE.

So, TL;DR Hannibal never really gave a fuck about sex beyond the fact that he could make people cry and beg him in bed until Will Graham and suddenly having an equal who understood him made him HORNY AS FUCK

@granpappy-winchester because I know Sara is also on the demi Hannibal express

If you were married to Woozi...

someone requested husband jihoon and i’ve literally been waiting to do this for so long im screaming !! if i wasn’t so in love w hoshi i’d probs say i’d marry jihoon, but i’m hoshi trash as we all know so,,,,,, what’re you gonna do? also, i almost started crying at one point in making this cause it was so damn cute so you might want to get some tissues. anyways please enjoy.

  • literally the best husband ever
  • he does whatever you ask him to
  • “jihoon could you do the laundry for me?”
  • “anything for you, jagiya.”
  • also wants to have thirty kids
  • “when are we going to have a baby?”
  • “eventually, jihoon.”
  • until then he’s obsessing over everyone else’s kids
  • he’s always wanting to babysit seungcheol’s soccer team of children
  • and when they come over it’s a chorus of “uncle woozi can we play with your guitar again?”
  • and jihoon can’t say no so the kids end up breaking a string on his precious guitar
  • he pretends not to be upset, but after the kids left you could hear him crying a little in his workroom
  • “are you crying?”
  • “n-no! my eyes are just sweating!”
  • when he’s not playing with the other members’ children, he’s picking out names and making plans for his future kids. 
  • “do you like this name? or how about this one? what about this color for their bedroom?”
  • and when you finally have our first baby he holds it in his arms and just stares at it like it’s  the most beautiful and precious jewel in the world
  • and he’s got tears in his eyes and he’s smiling so big that his face hurts
  • “hey, jagiya, look at what we made.”
  • and then you start crying even harder because you’re so in love and you married the best man ever and you and him made the greatest thing to ever grace the earth and it lOOKS JUST LIKE IT’S FATHER
  • he’s literally so helpful with the baby like if it starts crying at three a.m he’ll tell you to stay in bed and go take care of it until it falls back asleep.
  • and whenever he leaves he’ll always say, “i love you, my angel.” HHSJSJ
  • and when you have more kids and they get older he wants to do everything to support them
  • he goes t every soccer game and chaperones every field trip
  • all the other moms are jealous and talk about how sweet and handsome he is
  • and you’re just sittin there being all smug because he’s all yours
  • and don’t forget that he sings your children to sleep every single night
  • and when he comes to lay down with you he’ll sing to you as well because he has the voice of an angel.
  • he’s  also the really overprotective dad
  • like when his daughters start dating he makes sure that her boyfriend has good grades and has never been in trouble 
  • because he wants the best for your little girls
  • always has his guitar with him in case he needs to chase someone with it
  • especially when your daughter starts dating one of mingyu’s sons
  • “i swear mingyu, if he hurts her, i’m chasing you with this guitar.”
  • basically a rlly cute dad and husband
10 oldies I want to remind you of

Some older fandom classics make the rounds regularly (TIF, hellooooo), but some get relatively forgotten about too soon. So here, have these 10 hand-picked old (came out in 2013 or earlier) darling fics that everyone should (re)read. Those who were around when these came out have seen these for sure but feel the nostalgy with me, okay? Newer readers: I hope the magic of these fics translates even after this time.

Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City

The one where they’re two strangers on a train and end up spending the day in Paris. Because that’s what you do when you’re young and definitely not in love.

(There’s a sequel, be sure to check that out too!)

To Build A Home

A story about a broken boy and the boy who falls in love with him.

(Check the author’s notes for warnings. Sidenote: this fic keeps fucking me up after all these years.)

From The Love To The Lightning

“i didn’t realize it would sometimes be more than whole, that the wholeness was a rather luxurious idea. because it’s the halves that halve you in half.” a like crazy au where harry and louis fall in america, but have to try to make it work when problems arise that force louis to stay in london.

(While we’re on the topic of fics that have fucked me up… I have this literally listed as “it fucking hurts” so I mean I’m providing tissues and an ask box to cry in for those in need.)

Researching Volcanoes, And Blowing My Mind

au; there’s a gym and a juice bar and a surplus of dumb flirty boys being dumb and flirty.

Exhale The Dust

Louis is a disgraced former pop star who needs help writing a single. (a Music and Lyrics AU)

A week later, the note from Breakfast Harry is still buried in Louis’ kitchen drawer under forks and spoons and spatulas, all but forgotten. Louis is in bed (because it is only 11 o'clock, after all) when he gets another call from Herb. It’s probably about opening for fucking Blue again. He’ll probably say yes this time. He hates turning Herb down, especially since he knows that Herb most likely begged Blue’s people to consider Louis in the first place.

If It’s Me You’re Looking For

Louis has a bad habit of getting drunk before he confesses–or maybe it’s the other way around. AU.

If You’re For Real And Not Pretend

In which Harry works in a bakery and Louis can’t seem to find what he’s looking for.

Paper Planes (AO3 users only. I hope this link works for you, I’ve had some trouble with links to private works)

Louis sold his soul to the Devil when he was sixteen, tear-stained and miserable, grief wracking his body as the doctors told him his mother had days to live. Lucifer prefers to go by the name Harry, wears Louis’ soul around his neck as a pendant, and spends the next five years following him around. (Please see the notes below before reading this)

Something To Be

Louis plays football for UCLA; Harry used to love football.

We’re The Sparks That Never Fade

Louis rests his chin against his knees and stares up through his eyelashes. “So what’d your shrink say, then? Are you certifiable?” he asks seriously; he’s wearing a beanie hat and a knitted scarf now, and his cheeks and nose are tinged pink with the cold. Harry wants to tell him he looks like winter, but he doesn’t.

or, a garden state au in which harry doesn’t even know what’s wrong with him, louis lies a lot, and in the end it doesn’t really matter because all they needed was each other

Old House

Louisiana can be a pretty spooky place, especially in the older, more abandoned areas. I spent my early years in a small, rural town called Palmetto. It used to be a plantation town, but by the time I was born it was mainly just abandoned, rotting buildings and forest.

I lived with my mother, two brothers, and sometimes my uncle as well would be there. The house itself had quite the history.

Originally a plantation house, it had seen the deaths of slaves, who were hung on the large tree in the backyard. It was dead by the time I was born, but I used to play around it before I got old enough to understand the circumstances surrounding it.

During the Civil War, the home was converted into a morgue for a few years, and saw a lot of activity, mostly in the form of dead bodies.

After that was when my great grandparents moved into the house from France, and it has been in my family since. My great grandfather was a borderline murderous man, who was literally the only person who could walk into the local courthouse with his gun still strapped to his waist, because literally everyone was too afraid to try and take it from him.

I don’t think he actually killed anyone though, but by god did he try a couple times. His wife, my great grandmother actually died in the house, on the very bed that my mom and youngest brother slept on. The mattress and sheets were different, but the bed frame was the same. Myself and my brother had to sleep on the floor, where I spent many nights staring into the darkness beneath that bed.

Flashback to my mom’s childhood for a moment. My mom grew up with her father, mother, five sisters and one brother. Their mom was almost always absent, and their dad, while he loved them, also loved to scare the daylights out of them.

He had a whole host of scary stories, most urban myths about the very area. There was a legend surrounding the old Indian Burial Ground not even a mile away from the house, about a large hound that would guard it. As well as the story of Rawhead, a smaller dog that lived underneath the house. Whether or not such a dog existed is up in the air, but my mom and her siblings were petrified of this tale in particular, and her father often liked to close them all in their bedroom, holding the door closed while telling them that Rawhead was coming through the floor to get them. There are small nail scrapes marking the doors even to this day.

There’s also a lot of rumored deaths surrounding the house. The two that I can recall; one being that a man (possibly a black man) was shot and killed on the stairway. There’s indeed a bullethole through the wall to attest to this story. The second is that a baby was kept up in the attic rooms, and eventually died of some unknown reason. There were also hidden rooms all about the house, and only one of which I ever found the entrance too. I can remember part of myself wanting to go in and explore, but the latter half of me that wanted to stay the hell away won out. Another secret room that I discovered was by peeking through the bullet hole from before. But I never found how to get into that room. From what I could see it was empty, just dark wood walls.

There were definitely ghost sightings of all kinds in that house, over the many decades that family and friends stayed there. The two most common ones were seeing figures in the kitchen and hearing a baby crying.

The figures in the kitchen were always just shadowy silhouettes. A few people claimed to have seen them, always at night except for my uncle when he was a teen, along with a friend. They were outside when they saw someone walking past the kitchen window. They both tailed it inside fast but never found the supposed person. I myself used to see them all the time. There were at least four or five of them, and they always just stood around in the kitchen or sat at the table. The only working bathroom sat halfway down the hallway, and to get there you literally had to walk toward the kitchen. No doorway existed to close it up so you HAD to look into it each time you had to go pee at night. It got to the point where my mom literally brought in a bucket for us to start peeing in at night because we were all so scared.

As for the baby, literally every person that has ever stayed at the house overnight by themselves claimed to hear a baby crying. My grandfather never believed them, or heard the baby himself. I never actually got to hear the baby, but my uncle sure did.

He was at the house alone, in the afternoon. Me and my family weren’t in at the time, so it was just him. He was laying on his bed, which sat next the the older bed i mentioned earlier (we all slept in the same room even though the house had like six rooms). He was watching a VHS tape because we didn’t have satellite, and had the volume all the way up. This was literally how we watched tv when one of us was alone or at night. The tv played all night every night, at full blaring volume. This was to block out the residual sounds that echoed constantly throughout the house. It could be anything from a distant scratch noise to the sound of feet above or things falling, pretty much all kinds of noises happened there. So as a result we slept with deafening movies going instead.

Anyway, one day he’s alone watching some film, when he catches a sound just beyond the movie. He turned the volume down a bit, and can hear the sound of a baby screaming its little heart out from up above. Spooked, and knowing full well the tales of the phantom infant, my uncle lays petrified on the bed. He slowly turns the volume all the way down, listening intently as the sound of the baby seems to move over time. Minutes pass, and my uncle swears that that baby moved down the stairs and to the ground floor, where its cried carried down the hallway up to just outside the closed bedroom door.

Welp, my uncle was up. The house has no air conditioning, just a small AC unit stuck into a half-open window. He ripped this thing outta the window, crawled through the small opening, rolling onto the porch, grabbed the porch’s railing and flipped himself onto his back, landing heavy in the dirt of the front yard.

Apparently my grandfather had been nearby, in his own front yard of his small neighboring house. He came walking up and said something along the lines of “Boy, what’s at your tail!?”

There were no baby screams after that, and of course my grandfather didn’t believe him. My uncle was waiting for us on the porch swing when we arrived later that night, refusing to go back inside alone.

There are definitely plenty of other stories surrounding this house, some of which I’ve experienced myself. Not to mention the area itself was filled with strange happenings fueled by the beliefs that the people held. Hell, my mom once took me to a witch doctor when I was an infant, because I was very sick. My mom couldn’t be present for the ritual thing that happened, but apparently the doctor said she summoned spirits to keep watch over me. After that I got better, according to my mom, and supposedly I still have these spirit things hovering around me today. /shrugs/ who knows, I go back and forth on believing these things.

But I feel this post has gotten long enough (sorry!) so I’ll close it out for now. I might submit more at a later date, if people were interested.

Hope you enjoyed the story of my wonderful childhood home from the backwoods of Hell Palmetto, Louisiana!

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Butch sitting by the Lone Wanderer's bed after the explosion at the rotunda and it's lame but he can't stop crying because they're all he's got out here and Charon has to make sure he eats and sleeps and also keep an eye on the other Vaultie in bed because neither of them could have made it out in the wastes without him

Anon I have no idea who you are but this ask is a blessing and added ten years to my life.

Wasteland Squad featuring Dad!Charon doing his best to keep the two kids from vault 101 out of trouble and alive. Which is getting increasingly difficult because they literally never stay out of trouble. 

Dad!Charon making sure Butch never gets in over his head when it comes to fist fights with wastelanders because good lord the boy can never shut up.

Dad!Charon making sure the Lone Wanderer doesn’t charge headlong into a Deathclaw because no that is not a good idea put knife away and help me gun it down.

Dad!Charon being as emotionally aware as a toaster so when the Lone Wanderer breaks down after their dad dies and Butch is sitting there trying to comfort him he stands there and wonders when was the last time he ever cried over someone.

Dad!Charon letting the Lone Wanderer lean on him when they sleep for the next few nights, as Butch’s head lays in their lap, because while he can’t really express much emotion he wants them to know neither of them are going anywhere.

Dad!Charon slamming his foot against the glass walls of the Purification chamber as the Lone Wanderer raises the door.  He alternates, smashing his shoulder, his fist, the butt of his shotgun but nothing is working; why is nothing working? Butch is hysterical, his knuckles are bleeding but he’s tuckered himself out. He’s leaning against the back wall shell shocked watching the kid he grew up with walk calmly to their death. Not Charon, though. He could keep doing this all day. All day. He would, if he had to. But time was never on the side of the smooth skinned, he knew that by now. And for some reason his thoughts drift back to his question ‘when was the last time he ever cried over someone?’. At least now he had the answer.

right but telling calum you were pregnant would be the sweetest thing like it would be valentine’s day and you guys never outwardly celebrated it, maybe just with a cheesy card or by going out for dinner but you’re still in your honeymoon phase despite being married for 3 years so you figure you don’t need to try harder on one specific day. but this time you’d both wake up and stay in bed and cuddle before swapping cards and yours would say ‘you’re the macaroni to my cheese’ and he’s grinning because his card is literally cheesy, and he thinks nothing can outdo it until he reads yours that you made especially for him which reads ‘Roses are great, violets are good, I can’t wait to meet you, love baby hood’ and so for the rest of the day you lie in bed as close to each other as possible talking about how your baby is basically gonna be the most special being on the planet because it was made with the love you two share and he probably starts crying at some point and gets emotional because the only thing better than the love of his life, is finding out the love of his life is pregnant with his baby

Seventeen as best friends - Vernon

Masterlist - the other members (in unit order) will be posted shortly

  • you met because your parents work together and needed someone to babysit Sofia because their son was out and they were going to a restaurant
  • your mum practically begged you to look after her
  • you were watching TV with Sofia when Vernon came home early and it all started from there
  • by the end of the night, after Sofia had gone to bed, you were both laughing your heads off because Vernon put the TV on mute and you were both narrating the storyline
  • legit you were laughing so hard you ended up waking Sofia up
  • It was cool though because you told her if she didn’t tell her parents you’d give her lots of ice cream
  • your parents started going out with Vernons regularly so you would babysit with Vernon a lot
  • it was always the best night of the week because you could eat whatever the hell you wanted with Sofia until Vernon came home and then you’d all watch TV
  • you learnt the reason Vernon came home late a lot was because he was training under Pledis and you were like “?? That’s so cool what“
  • as a foreign student too, your Korean wasn’t so good and after Sofia had gone to bed he’d try and teach you words and phrases 
  • literally always texting you
  • like boy you say your at dance rehearsal but you’ve been none stop texting me for the last 3 hours
  • “have you seen this”
  • “oh my god look how funny this is I’m crying y/n" 
  • he introduced you to The8 before anyone else and you assumed that the other boys would be calm like Minghao
  • you were wrong
  • "You’re not suppose to say oh my god Vernon” “I told you not to bring that up”
  • you’d secretly take funny snapchats of him and send them to Dk and Hoshi 
  • he’s literally always playing music or has earphones in
  • “do we have to listen to Drake again?”
  • secretly Vernon would try and take care of you by bringing you food and asking you to send him pictures of yourself (without telling you he was looking to see if you had eye bags)
  • “I KNOW WHEN THAT HOTLINE BLINGS” “oh my god shut up Vernon”
  • he is a very calm person and when he first saw you panic about something he didn’t know what to do 
  • he found out off your mum that you were stressed about exams and felt really bad because he was always telling you to meet him instead of studying 
  • you would always fit in around his schedule and it meant you were missing extra revision sessions at school
  • he didn’t know you were doing this because he’s a pretty oblivious guy and it hit him hard when he realised he was to blame 
  • which he wasn’t
  • he had a very stern talk with you about your studies and for the next few weeks whenever he did see you it would purely be study time
  • even though he didn’t go to school anymore Vernon would still study with you, learning your syllabus
  • he was happier then you when you passed your exams
  • always takes you out for food 
  • just a really genuine, fun guy to have as your best friend and all he would want is to see you happy

posting the others soon, and I am doing it in unit order so keep waiting! MASTERLIST

S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, Mingyu, Hoshi, The8, Jun, Dino,  Woozi, Seokmin, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan

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