literally cannot contain my excitement

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i literally cannot contain my excitement for louis' music. JHO was great but man could you imagine a soft balad with piano joined with louis raspy, smooth, ethereal vocals? IM NOT READY BUT I ALSO NEED IT

apparently his album is gonna be diverse which !!!


This is what I have spent the last month and a half creating. Countless hours (actually it’s probably been around 30+ or so) of actual physical labour (like painting and cutting paper and stuff up and folding paper and murdering clothes) have been put into this costume, and the two posters.
And it’s finally done.
(Besides lights, of course)
Basically, it’s based off the lyric in Clean ‘when the butterflies turned to dust that covered my whole room.’ I felt it was appropriate because Clean is my favourite song off 1989 and has helped me get through a lot, and the butterfly idea wasn’t one I’d seen online (or in pictures or anywhere, really) much.

I’ve kind of blended styles of Red and 1989- the top hat was inspired by Taylor’s WANEGBT outfit on the Red tour, the high wasted shorts by Taylor’s Red era style, and I also have a crop top which was inspired by Taylor’s current style. I literally made every part of the costume myself (apart from like the base clothes, which I bought).
ANYWAYY, I’ll be at the show in Brisbane on December 5th, and I’ll be flying in from Perth (I am forever and will be forever so thankful and grateful to my parents for paying for most of this trip to Brisbane. I have obviously put a lot of money in and worked so hard to earn it, but they payed so much of it).
I’ll be travelling approximately 3,614km (2,246 miles) to get to this show and absolutely every second of it will be so so so worth it. I literally cannot contain my excitement, and the fact that there are 21 days (25 as I am writing this) left until the show is so mind blowing on every level. I’ve been waiting for this since my birthday on July 3rd (when I found out I was going to the show), which has been 155 days, and I literally never thought it would get down to 21. I am at MAXIMUM FREAK OUT LEVEL HERE PEOPLE. LIKE THIS IS INSANE. I AM POSTING MY COSTUME RIGHT NOW- THIS IS A REAL THING THAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

I’ll be at the show with my mum (BECAUSE SHES THE FREAKING BEST MAN IF I SEE YOU JUDGING YOU WILL BE SHOT) and I’ll probably spend the entire time before Vance comes on running around the stadium taking pictures of everything and sending them to my best friend (@literally-taylor be prepared bae) and also sending them to my crush, queuing at the Taylor Nation booth and trying to find people from Tumblr and Instagram. I’m so excited for this day I just ASDFGHJKL. I’ll also probably get to the stadium super early lol.
If you see me, PLEASE DO COME SAY HI because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk to you and I promise my butterflies won’t bite!!!

To Taylor: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me Taylor and I cannot wait to see you live in concert again and I can’t wait to hear Clean live and I can’t wait to hear the Clean speech and I can’t wait for you to be in the same building as me and I JUST CANT WAIT. THANK YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


P.S I promise no paper butterflies were harmed in the making of this costume.


Prologue of leather and lace, coming Monday, 4th of January!

“No, no, it’s just–” Harry paused his thoughts, choosing to then smack his lips together and shake his head; I couldn’t have been more thankful he decided not to explore his thoughts further. “You look absolutely stunning,” he decided to say instead.

My cheeks warmed instantly at his kind words, tilting my head down to look away from his eyes that were searching mine. He liked to compliment me, he liked to say things that made me blush and put a smile on my face – it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there was still that voice in the back of my mind that told me I didn’t deserve those moments of pure happiness.

“C’mon, Ace,” Harry continued on, checking himself once over in the mirror. “We really are going to be late if we don’t get a move on.”

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Hi Steph! I know you + others don't like doubters too much, but maybe I can appeal to logic. About 95% of the time I am completely on board, but when I have doubts, I have DOUBTS. Logically, Moftiss could totally screw us over. It's always a possibility---that's undeniable, despite its unlikeliness. I guess my question is: say it doesn't happen, what do we do? Stage an uprising? Write our own show? Protest? Or just take it? If you can, please don't respond with just "that won't happen." Thanks

Hey Lovely!

Oh my gosh, I don’t mind doubters at all!! If that’s the impression I gave, I apologize! It’s okay to feel doubt about Johnlock!! I love helping doubters feel better, and I hope I can do just that for you! My goal in my time here is to help keep the hope alive!

Listen lovely, after the way Moffat talked VERY fondly and in depth about LGBT representation in the media, I have never been more certain than NOW that this is the direction that they are going with their series. They KNOW they have to be gentle with it, and they HAVE been. This is NOT queerbaiting; this was a silent message to the Johnlockers that we just have to hold on JUST a tiny bit more, and we will have our heroes who will get their happy ending! It’s HARD, I know, especially as we draw closer to a new season and doubt is absolutely going to be there! I’m just simply trying to spread my own excitement around because I literally cannot contain it!

I’ve written many-a-meta about my certainty on canon Johnlock this season, but I think these two will help you best: Will Johnlock be Canon in S4 and  Johnlock is Already Blatant! For more reading, my best TJLC / Johnlock meta are in the header of my blog, so do check those out if you need more! And never hesitate to come seeking help!

Just a note.

I’m going to start cleaning out my dash. With entering full-term status tomorrow, my son could come at any time and when that happens, I’m not going to have time to scroll my dash and reblog things [onto my other blog]. There are a lot of people that I follow because I like hearing about their life and I do reblog from them, but there are other blogs I follow that are merely for reblogging purposes and I think it’s time to say goodbye to them from my dashboard. My life as a mom will limit my time as a blogger but when I do get on to surf my dash, I want to read up on what people have been doing–not scrolling through pictures. If you’re reading this and thinking “We’re mutuals” or “She likes and/or reblogs my posts”, then I more than likely won’t be unfollowing you. 
I also want to take this time to say that I will continue updating this blog! Probably more than I update now, but I can’t say that for sure. All I know is that my little handsome’s face will grace this blog many many times (watermarked, of course), as well as our adventures as a family. I will update on when I go to the hospital and I’ll update on our son’s arrival as soon as I feel comfortable doing so and have calmed down a bit, because I’m sure the first few hours will be overwhelming and filled with so much excitement. 
My husband and I literally cannot contain ourselves much longer. Ry could be here this weekend or a week after my estimated due date and us not knowing is literally going to drive us crazy! We’ve waited so long and been through so much for his arrival that we probably couldn’t be more prepared than we are now.
Let the waiting game begin (: