literally both me right now

  • Me: *Stares at open googledoc*
  • Me: *Has fifty ideas for fics*
  • Me: Let's do this
  • Brain: Cannot.
  • Me: But I-
  • Brain: Cannot.
  • Me: Listen, I just wanna write and-
  • Brain: CANNOT.
  • Me: FUCK.

sansa and tyrion are going to literally kill me this season

they’re both so miserable right now but don’t realize how happy they could be together because they are both victims and just want to be loved and they could be so good for each other and ugh why do i do this to myself

why do i always choose the pairings that kill me

Every once in a while I remember that the Katrina storyline is over forever in Sleepy Hollow and I just get this massive smile on my face because we’re free.


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If Erik's family are Magda and Anya, then they're human and it's going to make zero sense that he goes back to being pro-mutant, anti-human, even after his family is killed, so I really, really hope Singer won't go that route. Besides, if his wife is Magda, then who's Pietro's mother? Maybe his wife is Lorna's mother and his child is Lorna?

okay, you’ve brought up some really interesting points! endingthemes sort of addressed some of this in her post I reblogged here, so i’m going to borrow a couple pointers from her to start with:

  • in DOFP, Pietro’s mom was credited as “Ms. Maximoff” so I assumed she was Magda, but maybe not! Anyway, Mags is with a different woman in the trailer.

assuming it IS Magda in DOFP, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting Anya. that being said, Pietro/Peter’s presence in DOFP is one huge mess to begin with because of the rights war going on between Fox and Marvel, so there’s a slim chance they could have it be Magda living with Erik in Poland anyway. I doubt it, since that would make things even harder to follow, but for the sake of argument let’s say it is.

in that case, you’re right: it makes zero sense for Erik to go back to his pro-mutant, anti-human ways if Magda and Anya, his human wife and child, are killed. even if they’re killed by humans, I’m going to again borrow what ending said:

  • It’s like saying Erik can give up his feelings about living through the Holocaust and making sure that never happens again, but his wife being killed is going too far. I’m not trying to say losing your wife isn’t traumatic, but as a motivation for genocide? Like somehow we’re comparing the Holocaust (Erik’s strongest background motivation) to fridging a woman (the most overdone weakest plot device).

overall, though, it makes less than zero sense for Erik to randomly settle down with a human wife and child anyway since he’s pro-mutant, anti-human to begin with (and please read huxleypearl‘s comment on madneto‘s post here because they’re both literally bringing me life right now), so again, I’m going to go ahead and say I doubt it’s Magda and Anya in XMA.

Lorna is also another possibility, and an extremely interesting (if random) one at that. it would be really cool to see a young!Polaris, but then it also leaves me with a nasty sinking feeling if she and her mother are fridged, since it kind of almost feels like how the Ant-Man movie fridged Wasp. nice. the X-Men movies already have a terrible problem with female characters to begin with, since we’ve gotten an overabundance of Wolverine in the original trilogy and Jean Grey gets killed off while Ororo struggles to get some screen time over Scott Summers, and in FC and DOFP, we pretty much only get Raven/Mystique as a consistent character (Emma Frost and Angel are fridged off-screen, Kitty Pryde is replaced again with Wolverine, and we barely get to see Blink at all, which I’m still salty about). needless to say, fridging Lorna while she’s still a small child is not okay. :)

HOWEVER, we still don’t know what happens to Erik’s wife and child in XMA yet. we don’t actually know if they’re fridged, but I think it’s pretty safe to say there’s a 80-20 chance of it happening, if not higher. but if by some miracle they’re not killed off, then that leaves them with…what? Erik being taken away by Apocalypse, and then after that? after The Heroes save the day (as they inevitably will) and Erik is himself again? I highly doubt then that Erik will go ‘okay, great seeing you Charles, Mystique, I’m going back to the woods to live my quiet life.’ no way. this is Magneto. you can meta all you want about how it makes some kind of sense for him to take a break in the woods (which I highly disagree with, but I digress) but you can’t forget that his entire character is built around being 100% about The Mutant Cause. we all know the X-Men are one large metaphor. they’re not going to end this trilogy with Magneto retreating back into the wilderness. if his wife and kid survive, he’s going to end up abandoning them to return to The Cause.

so then what was even the point of him having a wife and kid in the woods to begin with? I’ll tell you: they’re still just a shitty plot device only being used to fuel yet another male character’s ~emotional journey~ and if you’re not sick and tired enough by that by now, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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Ok wtf I thought the thing about the psychic Phil video showing up in recommendations was being blown out of proportion but no. that was literally the first recommended video for me #IlluminatiConfirmed?

right now we both have #reviewgate and #psychicgate happening at the same time this is truly a rebrand in the making

  • me, watching Ink Master: wow that tattoo is amazing
  • the judges: we hate it, this tattoo is the worst we've seen on the show honestly the lines are wobbly and the design is asymmetrical, the shading is wrong and too dark, this tattoo makes us want to claw our eyes out. your existence disgusts us and basically you, and this tattoo, are both going to hell