literally any time before that


i don’t know how this happened but it did.

we’ve had so much harry content over the past month that the breakfast show interview feels like at least three months ago and we’re still waiting on a music video which could drop @ literally any time?? it could drop while i’m typing this post or before u even finish reading it we just don’t know and then an album release and then a WEEK’S worth of late late show content and then dunkirk?? and then a TOUR and god knows what else and i am already so overwhelmed that i am on the verge of tears 24/7 my head hasn’t stopped spinning since march 25th i don’t even inhabit this plane of existence anymore and i honestly don’t even remember why i started making this post but we’re all going to die


I couldn’t give it as much of a Firefly aesthetic as it deserved but anyway, here's some of my art for the Big Bang

The story is an amazing Reynabeth space AU from scrhaiser you can read it here

Edit: Did you guys see anything? I recalibrated my screen and it was all black. I hope it looks better now

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If you could travel back in time to any era, which would it be?

literally any time before the 1920’s
1100, 1872, 1333, idc they’d all be so interesting

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Hugh Dancy (or Will Graham) as Jack Skellington

aka The Pumpkin King  ☠  ♛

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Jily AU: modern/muggle/university
Because I felt like I needed to write a thing that combined all three of those things 
Warning: I started this at stupid o'clock yesterday and barely proofread it but I hope you still like it

          ‘This is absurd,’ the girl muttered under her breath, definitely to herself, and definitely referring to the nth cup of black coffee she’d had in four days.

          Which, incidentally, was the last time she actually slept.

          Why was she still drinking coffee? Nothing had changed since the last time she’d gone to a café, just as it hadn’t changed from the time before that or even the time before that. She still vastly preferred literally any other kind of caffeine, but here she was, drinking crudely made black coffee twelve hours after she finished all of the projects she was juggling. Between work and school, she was a certified workaholic, but even she got overloaded.

          It was safe to say that Lily Evans was not having a particularly good few days.

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Do you have any similarities to Rose?

So i just watched the Pll finale and wtf.

Someone with a gun is trying to kill you. You manage to get the gun and then you let them escape??????! these girls are literally so dumb. The whole time I was sitting here like shoot them in the kneecaps. no fun dancing without those. Or even the leg if you’re not that good of a shot. but really all they had to do was make sure A couldn’t run until the police came but instead they stood there screaming.

Most definitely (Part 3)

Summary: Bucky hasn’t had a lot of happiness in his life. He always seems to lose it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: some angst, implied sexual activities but no explicit smut, talk of deaths

Rating: T

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