literally an angel tbh


Summary: These pranks are getting pretty out of hand… Enough said.

Pairing: Warren x Reader

Warnings: It might be intense fluff, it might be light smut… Who knows? Swearing, as always.

A/N: Currently super pissed off at tumblr right now. I had like 3 stories I was going to publish today and they all got deleted, so that was fun. If you guys have any alternatives to tumblr drafts could you message me bc I’m legit so lost… 😱 Sorry that this is super late. You guys should request for sure because this writer’s block is killing me. 😭 😭 

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“Shit!” You gasped as you felt the icy water soak through your clothes. In an instant, you felt another balloon explode against you, drenching you once more. “What the fuck?”

You wiped the water from your eyes, shivering against the wind. You had just come out of the mansion with Jubilee, heading to the pond for a nice, relaxing lunch with Jean, Scott, and Kurt. Instead, the moment you stepped outside, you were attacked. 


You looked up to find Warren and Peter, perched in a tree with a bucket of water balloons. They hi-fived before Warren swooped down and Peter skidded to a stop at your left side with a cool gust of wind. 

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Got7 appreciation post

Mark Tuan

reasons to stan this cute lil muffin:

  1. He’s pretty fucking insane at acrobats, okay.
  2. He raps out the side of his mouth, and if that’s not the hottest thing eVER, you’re invited to leave. 
  3. He probably gives the warmest and best hugs ever. Mark is so fluffy and sweet and loveable no one touch me 
  4. His laugh is so c u te goodbye
  5. He’s the quiet one, so there’s sure to be a lot of secret observing and I am just so into the concept of quiet wallflower Mark, tbh.  
  6. Also this happened: 

Im Jaebum

reasons to stan my sweet soft baby boy

  1. He’s a softie. Feeds stray cats in his downtime even if they scratch him.
  2. He is a precious little pancake who loves being onstage and being praised. 
  3. He’s an only child but he loves the members like they’re his brothers. 
  4. He’s kinda really fucking hot
  5. Chic and sexy
  6. soundS LIKE AN ANGEL
  7. also he is the mOST boyfriend-looking mf in the world. look at this shit

b y e 

Jackson Wang

reasons to stan the epitome of boyfriend goals

  1. He loves his family so much omfg (posterboy for Momma’s Boys R Us tbh)
  2. He is a literal angel, I’m pretty fucking positive. 
  3. He’s the comic relief for my boys and I will forever be indebted to him for keeping them happy.
  4. His laugh and that smile, someone put me in a cage 
  5. He knows, like, five different languages
  6. He does this adorable thing where he runs away from pretty girls okay do not touch me 
  7. Wang Puppy. 
  8. He’s also hot af goodbye

Park Jinyoung

reasons to stan the bean

  1. He’s an A+ actor
  2. His English has improved so much since their debut and I am so glad to say that I got to hear it in person and I am so goddamn proud
  3. He’s like a real-life sour patch kid– sour on the outside (savage, actually, lol) and secretly a big softie on the inside 
  4. Have you seen his performances lately because hot damn
  5. He literally has the voice of an angel tbh
  6. Park Gae is my life, alright?
  7. He, too, is fine asf.

Choi Youngjae

reasons to stan my lil otter

  1. He is literal sunshine incarnate. It’s impossible to be sad when you look at him. 
  2. Coco’s mom 
  3. 300-time thickest calves award winner
  4. Makes everyone their smiley best <3
  5. He sounds like Fergie and Jesus had a baby, that gorgeous voice ugh
  6. That blonde glow-up though
  7. He’s hot af too don’t touch me

holy shit rip


reasons to stan the love of my life

  1. Do you see that smile on his face omfg what a cutie pie???
  2. Dab boi
  3. Sweeter than frickin’ candy
  4. Designer hoe boyfriend
  5. Yugbam
  6. Chelsbam (ship it)
  7. It is literally impossible to be sad in his presence okay it’s like he’s the sun and I’m the earth
  8. His accent is so cute I fucking die okay
  9. He’s so hot, man.

ultimate bias af

Kim Yugyeom

reasons to stan the evil maknae who ruins my life

  1. He can freestyle the fuck out of some dance moves
  2. Hit the Stage. B y e 
  3. Cutest smile in the entire world oh sweet lord
  4. Sweetest baby in the universe
  5. Got excited over ordering a hotdog in English (thank u based naver app + Hard Carry)
  6. My pure sweet boy
  7. I cried when he came out onstage bc he really is the most pure human being I have ever come into contact with, my little muffin
  8. Silver Yugyeom is my religion
  9. also hot af

stan talent, my friends. 

disclaimer: none of these images are mine. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Steph!!! May i ask you to tell me who you ship your mutuals with (got7)?? Ly!!! ⭐️

Hi, anon! 💖 omg this is gonna be fun 😝 I can’t pick one specific person because everyone I talk to loves their bias so much! haha so i’ll be picking out a few from the top of my head~

Mark: all my Mark mutuals are so sweet and they adore Mark so much!!

@rosegoldmark @626mark @marksonmandu @theflyingtuan @blingerzxc @markbummedout @mochimork @pinkhoodiemark

Jaebum: okay most of my mutuals are JB bias and we just cry about him together LOL

@jaemamba @leaderbum @imxjaebeom @darlingjbum @j-aebumed @jaebumitos @imj-b @defsouljaebum @lethal–dose @ddef

Jackson: my Jackson bias mutuals are always so proud of him and are just as bubbly as he is!!

@whaaaalep @jackson-wang-tbh @jacks83 @jacksons-eyebrows @jackbum

Jinyoung: literal angels like I love talking to my Jinyoung bias mutuals

@got7s-omma @p-jinyoungie @jinyoungieluv @husbandsjjp @imeightout

Youngjae: happiest lil babes and they love Youngjae so much!! (need more youngjae bias mutuals!!)

@youngjaesloudlaugh @poeticyoungjae @s

Bambam: omg I need more Bambam bias mutuals pls hit me up I love talking about Bam!!

@bamethyst @got7doubleb

Yugyeom: lil cuties :)

@redgyeomie @yougotmeyugyeomie @im-shouting-mayday @kimyugy

Come into my asks if you want to be mutuals so we can talk about got7 all the time 💕

anonymous asked:

🌷💕 for the ask thingy

🌷 = favourite blogs

can i just give you my entire blogroll? it’s tempting. jk (but not really). the blogs that i tend to stalk are: @thomasdean @krvm @aurrorevans @hollandstcm @paddfoot @roxanncweasley @moonyinstincts @ginniewheezie @ginnyweaslcy @cho-chang @siruisblack @nerville @jillys @deerjily @meraudurs @smlfoy @scourgify @prongsno @howlingremus @mxrcusflint @nevelles @txmriddlx @angelinajchnson @flntwood @chvchang @pctter + everyone mentioned in the next question

💕 = tumblr friends

let me just tell you about the all-time greatest people ever. i haven’t had much time to talk to people since joining mostly since i haven’t been here very long, but the following people have made me feel so insanely welcome that i just need to say a little something about them:

@hermioneganger ava is just too precious and kind for this world. even though we don’t text a whole lot, ava has been super kind and welcoming and warm and supportive of me being new here and they just do something almost every day that just cheers me up ?? just seeing them on my dash of getting to send in a question to them and see it answered cheers me to tbh. literal angel.

@rvvenclaws is super sweet and welcoming and kind and along with the harry potter talk, has made me feel relaxed and welcome with all of our ridiculous puns - i honestly feel like i could come talk to them about anything if i needed to.

@delacouvr has been so insanely kind and sweet to me ever since i joined the harry potter fandom, and they have thrown headcanons around and cried with me about characters and have just made me feel so welcomed here.


@auroremus another really kind and sweet person that i am grateful i have the opportunity to interact with and want to interact with more.

send me things. | accepting!

the naps i take w chance are the best naps and i always feel nice afterwards cause chance is my best boy