literally an alpaca

People say that they like my Tomodachi Life Comics so I decided to make a Cling On one that dosen’t have anything suspicius or familiar about it what so ever.

I Also “fix” some of the grammar erros and Balloons placements

Cows: horses with souls

Pigs: horses but their soulless void is filled with desire to consume the universe

Sheep: horses but smaller and fluffy and somehow more stupid

Goats: tiny horses without limits

Alpaca: literally just horses with somewhat less power

Humans: maybe they were the real horses all along

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Hey comic book fans, have you ever wanted a lame valentine with very lame pick up lines written in comic sans? If the answer is yes (and honestly why wouldn’t it be) then just reblog this post and tag it with any Batman character that you want a valentine from, and I can guarantee you will get one in your inbox on February 14th. All valentines will be original and made by me so get ready.

I was going through the things I’ve drawn on my tablet and I found this nearly finished, so I finished it. I have no idea when I did this or why, but I tried to draw the high rollers group as alpacas.

At some point I think I’d like to redo this because I think I did this fairly early this year and could probably do a much better version now