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Henlooo can I request a Mc who is short and is often teased/bullied about it Rfa + V + Saeran

i’m sorry if you wanted this to be heartfelt or in an imagine form (if you don’t like this i’d gladly do it over in whatever way you’d like) i hope you like it anyway, thank you for the request!
-mod seven

🌙 jumin
-thinks its cute
-loves to hug you
-takes you high heel shopping if you’d like
-doesn’t make fun of you over it
-doesn’t retaliate when people make fun of you, just gently leads you away
-always tells you how much he loves your height

🌙 jaehee
-the shortest one also
-she feels your pain
-doesn’t make fun of you for it
-but death glares anyone that does
-stays in the short end of the pool with you when you’re too tired to tread water

🌙 v
-lifts you at concerts/in crowds
-literally always holds ur hand. you cant get lost on him
-tells off people that make fun of your height (wags his finger and threatens to hurt them)
-hates when he has to put you in front of the RFA group photo cus it puts you on the spot

🌙 saeran
-makes fun of your height
-but if ANYONE else does…. death, pain., strife follows
-makes you crawl underneath the couch when he drops the remote in between the two seats
-snatches things from people that raise stuff over your head

🌙 seven
-you already know there are jokes lined up for you
-hes probably called you lord farquuad honestly
-and an elf during winter
-but he loves it
-the cuddles are the best
-also ur an arm rest sorry

🌙 yoosung
-rests his arms on your shoulders
-he literally loves it
-he laughs bc u make all ur video game characters taller than what you actually are
-“(Y/N), being small rules!! do you know you can crawl in small places? in video games aaand in real life!”
-its okay, both of you get your id’s checked at clubs

🌙 zen
-“how can i take selfies with you if you’re below sea level”
-lifts you so you can reach stuff
-will straight up punch someone if they make fun of your height
-“sweetheart, your height is fine. i love it, you’re a perfect little spoon!”
-pats your head at all times (even when just walking by)

lets talk about ms cammie morgan and mr zachary goode anD THE WHOLE JOURNEY FROM THE START

  • the whole gallagher girl thingy zach has and when they first meet and she sURPRISES him when she calls him blackthorne boy 
  • the m&ms in the elevator dont deny you fell in love since that very first moment
  • the fact that zach KNOWS CAMMIE like her code name is the chameleon SHE LITERALLY KNOWS HOW TO DISAPPEAR FROM A CROWD yet zach always tends to find her 
  • that first kiss. enough said
  • zach being so worried about cammie he literally follows her - in costume - to every stop in the Winters/McHenry campaign
  • the jacket
  • “happy new year gallagher girl”
  • the whole tombs thing please just that whole scene was so epic and powerful and so very important
  • RUN AWAY WITH ME i mean zach wants to protect cammie so BADLY it’s so obvious and he is so worried something might happen to her so he tells her to run away with him that they can just run until it’s safe that they can keep EACH OTHER SAFE 
  • also another point because so many kisses between these two they are always welcomed thank you ally carter
  • so of course cammie does what she think it’s best for everyone: she runs away AND WE LATER KNOWN WHAT WENT ON BETWEEN THOSE MONTHS SHE WASNT THERE AND ZACH GOODE PEOPLE. he broke down he didn’t know what to do to find cammie he did everything he could he ran away just like her he went to search her 
  • but he didn’t find her
  • can you even imagine his face whenever he thought about cammie and THINK OF THE WORSE OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO HER PROBABLY 
  • “where did you go? when you were looking for me?” “crazy i went crazy”
  • when cammie tells her she is not crazy and zach understands her and he probably is worried sick about her but he understands everything she went through + first time she thinks she kinda loves him /sobs
  • book 6 is couple-y zach and cammie ??? everything we wanted??? 
  • “i just see you” THAT WAS SO SWOONY WORTHY OKAY
  • please let us not forget the epilogue and cammie and zach grown-up thank you very much we will keep that in our memory
  • i dont know if i forgot something i dont remember all but if i did feel free to add them 

I’m going to London today and I’m really worried about the travelling bc I’ve never been there on my own, and I’ve used the tube about once in total. I’m just really hoping I can wing it, but I think as I’ve got work first I’m gonna get increasingly nervous as the day goes on.

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vixx's fanservices are always lit like they're making an effort to reach their fans even the international ones

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i’ve never seen so much fanservice from a group until vixx came along like they do not hesitate to interact with fans. like i always watch their utopia concert videos and when they literally go into the crowd during from now on youre mine and time machine it’s literally the cutest thing??? and even from their solo episodes from vixx tv when leo/ken/n all have musicals they spend so much time with starlights at the venue and it’s literally the cutest thing. then don’t get me started with the milky way MV and vixx tv episode like they literally planned that out just to spend time with starlights and for a music video too??? also not to mention when n/hyuk were trying to get into VIXX LR’s stage performances and fansigns and they interacted with starlights as if they were all friends??? it really makes me smile so much that they incorporate starlights as much as they can and it’s so relieving to see that

send me an (un)popular opinion

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Literally my entire life I've always just wanted to blend in a crowd Bc my town is super judgy over literally anything being a little bit different. Like I want to look super bland and boring but I don't! I have orange short hair and I'm fat and tall so I stand out like crazy. I just want to be ignored honestlyyy but also I highkey want positive attention but for some reason I can just exist and people make fun of me and don't like me

I understand this feeling, Nonnie. It’s not okay for them to make fun of you, and you’re not obligated to change yourself so they don’t- that’s their flaw, not yours

He saves you (1D preference)

Harry (his P.O.V.): I was laying on the beach watching Nick, Louis and Y/N play in the sea. I didn’t really know what they were playing. It was something with a lot of water splashing. Suddenly I saw Nick grabbing Y/N and pushing her head under water. I sat up immediately, not really knowing what his plans were, but I didn’t like the sight of it at all. He got her head out again to let her breathe and then pushed it back in again. No. This was NOT the game they were going to play. When I was running to the water I saw Louis noticed what Nick was doing as well. All this time Louis didn’t notice. I heard Louis yell. ‘Let her breathe Nick!! She’s under too long!!!’ I reached the water and as soon as it was deep enough I started to swim towards Y/N and the so-called friend I thought Nick was. Nick listened to Louis and pulled Y/N head out of the water, but to everyone’s fear she was limp in his arms. I could see the confused look on Nick’s face. ‘WHAT. THE. FUCK. MAN!’ I screamed when I reached them and took my unconscious girlfriend in my arms. ‘Y/N! Can you hear me? Please!!! Wake up!’ I yelled, tabbing her cheek. No. No. No. This was not happening. This could not be happening! I am not losing her. I took her out of the water and started doing CPR. ‘Please, please… No…’ I cried, pumping the water out of her chest. Louis just got out of the water and sat on the other side of her. ‘How’s she doing?’ He said, panicked voice. ‘NOT GOOD! What the fuck were you playing!’. ‘I don’t know what came into Nick’s mind. I didn’t know what he was doing Harry! I send him away.’. ‘Good. I probably would’ve killed him anyway.’ I pressed my lips onto her mouth and let my air fill her lungs. Suddenly she began to cough. ‘Oh, God, thank god…’ I took her into my arms and let her cough it out. ‘Wh… what happened?’ Her voice was raspy. ‘You’re ok… Oh thank god your ok. That fucking dumbass pushed you under water for too long. You nearly drowned.’ I said kissing her hair. ‘Louis, maybe you can go and warn that stupid ass. When I see him, I will end him. Don’t have to hear any explanations. By the time we arrive in the hotel, I want him to be gone.’

Louis:  You were at home with Louis. You lived together for two years now. Sometimes you had fights, like every couple. And today you had one. ‘If you would just get up at a decent time, I won’t have to do all the household by myself. I understand you can’t help after a day in the studio. But now?! Louis, you had a week off and you didn’t even wash a single dish!’ You were yelling at him, when he lay in the bed. ‘Y/N, calm down! Why always complaining. I’m getting quiet tired of it.’. ‘Well if you get tired of me, maybe I’ll leave then!’ You snapped heading to the door of your bedroom, ready to walk out. ‘Don’t twist my words misses!’ He followed you into the hallway. ‘I did not say that… Y/N… Y/N, STOP!’ His yelling made you stop. You were standing on the top of the staircase and you turned around to face him, but you lost your balance and leaned into the dept. Louis gasped, grabbed your arm in reflex and pulled you back into his chest. ‘Shit…’ He whispered, holding you close. You were both just standing there for a couple of seconds, realizing what could have happened if Louis didn’t grab you when you were about to fall. ‘That was close…’ You said after a while, breaking the silence. ‘Thank you for saving me.’ Louis did not answer, took your hand, led you to the bedroom and placed you on the bed. ‘You are going to sit here, read a magazine, be safe, listen to some music, whatever you want. I’ll do the dishes!’ He kissed your lips. Just before he disappeared in the door opening, he looked at you again and said  ‘By the way… You don’t need to thank me for saving you. I will not let anything happen to you. I will always save you. Although I have to admit, you almost got me a heart attack right there.’

Niall (his P.O.V.): She was gone way to long. This was not normal. She said she just went to the toilet and now, twenty minutes later, she still wasn’t with me. Suddenly I saw Y/B/F/N storming to me with panic written all over her face. ‘Someone grabbed her and took her outside, Niall!’. ‘Someone what? Where? How?’ I was yelling while running to the exit. I cursed at the fact that parties were always so crowded. I literally had to push people aside to get through. Normally I was never so rough, but now was an exception. I needed to find Y/N before anyone would touch her. My blood was boiling just by the thought of that. As soon as I came outside, I heard her voice, I heard her screams. I followed the noise. As soon as I saw the man who was holding her, pressed against a wall and touching her with his free hand, I snapped.‘GET THE HELL OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!’ I yelled when I punched him in the face. He fell to the floor and just when I was ready to punch him again and again and again, I heard her cries, I heard her whispering my name and it made me stop in my actions and turn towards her. She was crying on the ground. I took her into my arms. ‘I’m so sorry I wasn’t here baby. I’m so sorry. But I’m here now. Nothing will happen to you. I’m going to take you home, is that alright, Y/N?’ She nodded. I picked her up and carried her to the car, promising myself I would never ever leave her alone again.

Zayn: You were moving houses with Zayn and the boys and some friends were helping with moving all your stuff into the trucker, who would move your stuff from this place to the other. You were standing outside. Harry and Niall were in the bedroom of you and Zayn, trying to get out a closet through the window. The closet was to big to get through the door. ‘This is so heavy! What the hell is in there?’ Niall groaned. ‘Nothing!’ you yelled. It was just a heavy type of wood you thought. Suddenly it happened fast. Zayn walked outside with a box of Cd’s, when Niall yelled. ‘Zayn, I’m not holding it! Get her away from under there!’ You saw Zayn look at Niall and then at you. You were standing right under the closet. You heard someone say ‘shit’, you saw Zayn dropping the box, running towards you and pushing you away, both falling in the grass. A split second after, you saw the closet crash to the ground. ‘Are you ok?’ Zayn looked you in the eyes, concerned. ‘Yes, I think so…’ You answered. ‘ZAYN!!! ARE YOU GUYS OK?’ Harry and Niall yelled in panic from the window. Zayn gave them a thumbs up while he helped you stand up. ‘Never, ever stand under something that heavy when Harry and Niall are carrying it. Please. I don’t want to lose you.’ He said when he took your head in his hands and kissed your forehead. ‘Now go do something safe, please… Like just go sit in the truck and be pretty like always! Let us do the heavy work!’ You chuckled and kissed his lips.

Liam: You were preparing dinner when you heard the front door open. ‘Liam? Are you home?’ You yelled. You expected him to come to the kitchen right away as usual, but he didn’t. You took your phone and dialed Liam’s number. ‘Hi honey!’ he said. ‘What’ wrong?’ You heard the voices of the boys in the background so you knew he was still in the studio. ‘I think someone just got into the house.’ You whispered, heart beating fast. ‘What?’ Liam’s tone was serious now. You could hear the laughing and the voices in the background stop. ‘Did you see someone?’ ‘No, but I definitely heard the door open and close, and-‘ suddenly you stop and you pull the phone behind your back when a big masked man steps in. You didn’t hang up on Liam so he could hear what was happening. ‘You are Liam Paynes girlfriend, right?’ You shook your head. He grabbed your arm. ‘You’re a lair. You called his name just a minute ago! Where does he hold the money. AND GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PHONE!’ When he saw the phone he took it out of your hands and threw it through the window. He pushed you to the living room. ‘Where is the money?’ he yelled. ‘There is no money here! We don’t have it cash here for people like you!’ You yelled back. Suddenly you felt his hand hit your cheek and you fell to the ground. He picked your limp body up and started to tie you to one of the chairs. ‘I’ll go searching myself them. You stay here.’ He said, leaving you. Your eyes were closed. Feeling the pain of his hand on your cheek. ‘No… Y/N? Are you awake?’ You heard Liam whisper next to you. You opened your eyes and you could see his worried face. ‘He hit you.’ He stated. You wondered how he knew it. Did It look that bad? ‘Is he still here?’ Liam growled. You nodded. At that point you realized the boys were all there and Paul too. You pointed upstairs, Paul nodded and followed the path of the masked man. Liam helped you to get off of the chair and took you into his arms. Niall was already calling the police. ‘If Paul would let me, I would end the guy for what he did to you.’ Liam whispered into your ear. You were glad Paul was there. Paul handled the man perfectly fine and the police took him away. Liam never left your side during the process. The only moment Harry and Zayn had to step in was when the masked man walked by with some police officers. Liam was furious. If Harry and Zayn weren’t there, Liam probably would’ve killed him right on the spot.  

ok so here’s what happened lol
my sister and I had first row seats and were super close to the field it was awesome

ash let two goals in during warm ups and was really funny about it, also the haircut is better in person lol

when romania scored the own goal, the american outlaws started chanting “thank you romania” and everyone around me we like “savage” but it was nice

tobin was an absolute beast and so was crystal, they were literally breaking ankles

again, crystal dunn was amazing tonight like always and the crowd was literally blown away by her

alex morgan got so mad when she was called offsides and kept yelling at the ref for like 2 minutes. she also gave the ref that famous amorgs™ angry face and it was really hot tbh

christen called for ali and kept saying “come on ali, over here ali” and I was like same

when press knocked down that romania player, they replayed it on the big screen and she literally gave no shits and a few of the other players were laughing at her response

when ali tried to score the whole crowd went wild and when she missed everyone was chanting her name and telling her it was ok and it was beautiful

tobin and christen were always by each other and I just knew that a preath™ connection would happen sooner or later

when moe took the pk, everyone around me kept yelling at her that it would be alright if she missed and when she scored we all went crazy

also, these players are so much more attractive in person and so much more fit, but they all look smol except for mewis lol

I saw becky up close after the game and she was so beautiful and stayed for a long time

however, it was my girl ak who was the last player to leave the field. I didn’t get to meet her, but she is so beautiful and also super vocal on the field

anyway, im probably forgetting things but overall that was a lovely experience and im also more in love with christen press so there’s that

I'm Full Of Surprises - Part Four - Austin Carlile
…continuing with the request…He says he’ll meet her by the barricade (he’s able to get her in a but earlier so she’s for sure right there). She gets upset when issues comes out an he’s still not there. Then om&m comes out and she’s shocked. But like a good shocked. He pulls her onstage so she can watch from side stage and after the show he meets her and she loves what he does and is proud of him and lots of fluff :)

Sorry if it’s not exactly the request, I kinda went into my own world cx Written by Emma. part one, part two, part three, part four.

Impatiently, I stand by the barricade. Austin definitely told me to wait here for him, he said he would come meet me here to watch Issues play so I could get the real experience. He even got me in here earlier than everybody else so I could stand here. I have no idea how - I’m assuming it’s something to do with his job, which he still hasn’t told me properly about. I double check, making sure I have my VIP ticket for after the concert, when I get to meet both bands. It makes me wonder how on earth he got them and how quickly - the night before - he got them before the concert. I kept to my word and didn’t look up the band Of Mice & Men, I hope I like them.

Admittedly, I begin to get worried that he’s not going to be here in time. The crowd was already packed, I was getting quite squashed as it was. I didn’t have a true problem with it, but I felt unsettled as Austin wasn’t here with me.

Flashing out, the lights turn off and it goes pitch black. A massive amount of cheering comes from the crowd and I’m immediately pushed forward. He’s too late.

Forty Minutes Later

Austin still isn’t here. Trenching off the stage, Issues leave with loud calls from the crowd. Despite Austin’s no-show, I loved it, it was amazing. We as the crowd jumped and sang to our heart’s content. It was breathtaking. The adrenaline rushes were unbelievable, it was so exhilarating. I’ve never done anything like this before, I can’t wait until I do it again.

Now, the next band’s stuff was getting prepared for them on stage. The sound was just chattering of the crowd, and people dying of thirst. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll have the energy to jump around like that I once again. I look around and stare at the people in the crowd, they all look so excited and happy, even though they’re out of breath. The dedication in their eyes, it’s fascinating.

Suddenly, the lights go again. Screaming to the top of their lungs, the crowd once again rushes forward, wanting to be as close as possible to the next band. We can hear small scattering on the stage, but it’s pitch black, so we can’t see a thing. Nonetheless, the fans in the crowd are sure they’re there, and they’re right.

A deafening beat drops out into the room out of nowhere. I jump about five foot in the air. Screaming, the crowd begin to bounce again. The drums crash and the guitars storm it. A piercing voice bellows into the mic, filled with anger. The guitars, drums, bass and his voice go into sync, I feel my heart pounding out of my chest again, amazing.

It’s like loving a lion that cannot be tamed, I snap at the thought or the sound of your name. Pulling teeth from my stomach you’ve been eaten alive, my blood fills your lungs, my soul your inside. I feel the vocalists voice rip through me. His scream is hard, rough and powerful.

The crowd and the band jump directly in time. My feet they stand on ashes, from the fires that you’ve made. Burning bridges, just to save your face.The crowd jump alongside the perfect beat as the drummer smashes it directly on time with the guitarist’s sound bending in between.

There’s something about the vocalist that makes him look a bit like Austin. Seemingly he has the same haircut, and he’s got a bunch of tattoos. The frontman travels over the front if the stage, reaching his hand out to fans who are desperate to reach him. Pausing by me, their what I believe to be bassist begins to sing.

If I say I wouldn’t be hostile could you say you would do the same? He says. The frontman, now standing directly in front of me, lowers himself down to me. Plenty of arms are rushed around me to get to him, but he focuses on me. Looking up through the arms, I’m gobsmacked. “Austin, you little sh-” He presses his hand to my mouth. “Take my hand.” He murmurs. For some odd reason, I don’t question him and do it. Clambering up onto the stage, I’m pretty sure my face looks like a smacked ass. He grabs my shoulders and I face the crowd, hundreds of people are staring right back. “Amazing, isn’t it?” He breathes. Tell me who is to blame.

Taking a secure grip of my shoulders, Austin starts the next verse. I’m sensing a feeling picking wounds of regret, that left alone there’s no scarring I’ll dig and I’ll dig. I turn my head to see the rest of the members in their zone, it’s astonishing, especially closer to them. Austin continues strongly. Scratching and itching I’ll keep biting my lip, from this pain that I’m feeling. Picking wounds of regret. The rest of the crowd sing along for the next part. A cut cannot heal, unless you leave it alone. I’ll open mine daily leaving bones exposed. Quickly, Austin releases me and begins to head bang in unison with the other band members. Remarkable.

As the bassist begins to sing the chorus again, Austin takes my hand and leaves me to the side of the stage. Firmly, he presses his lips to mine, hands cupping my chin. Departing moments later, he looks at my gobsmacked face. “What can I say? I’m full of surprises.” Winking, within a second he charges back onto stage.

For the rest of the concert, I watch in awe. It’s amazing, watching him do all of this. I can’t explain how perfectly his voice roars into the mic. The force and will he puts into it is breathtaking, literally. I stare at Austin admiringly, he always reaches out to people in the crowd, his previous fans, and clutches their hands. The way his fingers wrap around theirs, he seems like he truly cares about them all.

Analysing the rest of his band, I watch intently. Their drummer seems to be having the time of life, hitting his drums like his life depends on it. Their bassist and singer is adorable, giving every ounce of his heart into playing. One if their guitarists, with long, dark hair is amazing, he seems locked inside his own world, playing the music like it comes naturally. Then there’s another guitarist, a ginger, who seems to strut around the stage like he owns it, showing off his moves. They look like an interesting group, I hope I can get to know them more.

The time comes when they have to finish. Disappointed aw’s echo in the crowd, but Austin insists he’ll see them all again in a few months time for their next concert.

Trumpeting off the stage, Austin immediately presses his lips to mine, as if he was eager. His index finger tilts my head upwards so our lips meet perfectly. My hands scavenge around his chest. Although covered in sweat, I can’t keep my hands off him. Parting, he looks into my eyes lovingly.

“My full name is Austin Carlile.” He says, smashing the silence. I stand there, looking at him in shock, still overthrown by the show. Nodding his head, he continues. “I write music for my band, Of Mice and Men, and perform them to thousands and thousands of people.” I’m speechless; I had no idea. “I’m 26. I’m famous, at least, I thought I was until I met you.”

“Why me?” Is all that leaves my mouth. “Why I wanted to take you out? I don’t know, there’s something strangely appealing about a girl as beautiful as you playing hard to get.” His thumb strokes my cheek, making me flush red and turn away slightly. Quietly, he laughs to himself and takes his hand away, wrapping it around my waist instead. “Did you like it?” He asks, resting his head on mine. “Well, I’m not going to lie - I was petrified when I saw your face on that stage.” I say honestly but smirk. “What can I say?” He shrugs. “I’m full of surprises.