literally alone on this ship

dunno how i feel about people calling what’s transpiring in the lwa fandom a ship war between ankko and dianakko fans, when the former is legitimately not doing anything to anyone besides loving and defending their ship and one of their favorite characters from the latter’s vitriolic portion of their fandom when we have to.

we’re not the ones invading the diana/dianakko tags at high speed, spouting bullshit that tears down diana as a character despite her development, invalidating the dianakko ship, or being downright nasty to the shippers just because they like or defend it. because not only do we not have anything against dianakko, as many of us see the validity in the ship, but we actually really love diana, and respect it/her and the shippers enough not to be dicks about something they love.

this whole mess is completely one-sided, as there hasn’t been a single andrew/ankko fan that said they hated diana/dianakko. we’re just getting fed up with some of its fandom and their inability to “stay in their lane,” so by default, our love of diana/dianakko is waning. the one and only thing we’ve asked, that many of them refuse to comply with, is that they don’t tag their hate in the andrew/ankko tags. that’s it. we don’t care if you hate andrew or ankko, though we wish people would actually give some real, valid reasons other than the usual, subjective opinion of “he’s boring,” “serves no purpose in the narrative,” “is a jerk,” etc., two of which aren’t true at all, because the narrative and his development actually contradict those last two “reasons" and the first applies to whichever individuals that personally feel that way. we just want you to stay out of the tags.

it’d be easier if people just came right out and said that he “got in the way of their ship,” because that is legitimately what it all boils down to, rather than us having to pick apart these strawman arguments every, single time someone finds the balls to enter the tag with a nasty ass attitude. i’m not saying that anyone who isn’t an andrew/ankko fan can’t enter the tags; i’m not the boss of anybody here. but, we’re pleading here, that if you don’t have authentic constructive criticism that we may have a genuine dialogue, instead of the billion and one “i hate this dude/ship because…” lists, then stop entering the tags. many of us have been through enough ship wars to last a lifetime and are getting quite sick of it.

one last thing, there’s a case of hypocrisy that i feel needs to be addressed here, in the case of the diana/dianakko and andrew/ankko fandoms. if you don’t want us to defend andrew/ankko, stop coming in the tag like you have a chip on your shoulder. keep that shit on your blog or find somewhere else to complain that’s not his or the ship’s tag, otherwise you will be met with opposition. you see, because we don’t actively go onto your blog or into the diana/dianakko tags seeking to start drama just because we prefer andrew/ankko. we don’t even send character/ship hate (that i know of). that would literally be us trying to shove our opinion down your throat like an angry mother bird, you know, kinda like what some of y'all do to us, and we don’t want to do that. instead, we block you to avoid it, because life’s too short to be bitching over which fictional character/ship is better, when they’re both valid characters/ships. we don’t invade the diana/dianakko tags at high voltage speed, because, newsflash, some of us are actually multishippers and know how to ship one without putting down the other, and we actually really respect how many of you feel about your preference. again, why? because they’re both good, balanced, healthy ships and help akko grow as a person. now, imagine if we did to diana/dianakko what many of y'all seem so intent on doing to us? yeah, not a pretty sight.

literally all we’re asking you guys to do is leave us alone. you don’t like andrew? that’s fine. you hate ankko? okay, cool. it’s a free country. but please, stay out of the tag with the aggressive/passive-aggressive remarks, blaming us for why you hate him/it even more when all we’re doing is what you’re doing - loving our ship and andrew without invalidating yours or diana.

this is getting beyond gross and old.

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Fic Request: Tony loved, supported, and protected by the guardians of the galaxy, while Team Cap tries to fight (unsuccessfully) for Tony's attention

I’m not gonna lie, I wrote this in my glitching phone with really iffy characterization for the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Here you go though:

Tony meets the so called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ when their ship crashes and the UN sends the Avengers to investigate. Of course by this point the Avengers are simply Vision and Tony, occasionally Peter, but they go anyways Tony once again forcing himself to put on the suit and ignore the memories of the chest plate being ground down into the tender scar tissue below.

Vision leans forwards to rip the door of the ship open right as it’s inhabitant throws it open. Tony can’t help but start as he makes direct eye contact with what appears to be a raccoon with a gun.

He hesitates only for a moment before clearing his throat. “Do you speak English?”

“What planet is this,” the Racoon asks before he turns his head back to scream into the ship. “Quill, come deal with these things!”

“This is Earth,” Vision answers serenely as Tony attempts to process that the animal does in fact speak. “May we ask why you’ve landed here?”

The raccoon opens his mouth to reply, but is cut off by the appearance of a green woman who snaps at him. “Say nothing Rocket, we know nothing about them.”

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” the animal, Rocket, snarls at her.

“I am the Vision, and this is Ironman,” the android introduces them. “We’ve been sent by the United Nations to determine whether you pose a threat to society.”

“Depends,” Rocket smiles, “Got any shit for us to steal?”

A man, who appears to be human, suddenly surfaces behind the other two. “Sorry I took so long, what’s this about?”

“What’s your intent here on earth?” Tony finally asks as he takes off the helmet to make eye contact with him. “Because I have a ton of other shit right now and I don’t need to deal with another alien invasion.”

“I’m Peter,” the man tells them. Then he jerks a thumb at his two companions, “This is Gamora, and that’s Rocket. We also have Groot and Drax onboard. We weren’t actually planning on invading we kinda crashed.”

Tony digs the heels of his hands into his eyes, “How long will it take you to repair your ship?”

“I don’t know,” Rocket scowls, “You showed up and interrupted me in the middle of the diagnostics!”

“A week?” Peter guesses with a shrug. “The thermal protection unit is down.”

“Very well,” Vision says, “We’ll have to request you come meet with the UN than, at the very least so that we can prevent a global panic.”

“Another one, you mean.” Tony mutters under his breath his eyes flicking down towards his chest.

Eventually, the Avengers manage to get all of the Guardians except for Drax to come with them. The Guardians simply refused to leave the ship alone, and decided that Drax’s literalness would contribute the most confusion to their discussion with the UN.

Tony does his best not to stare at the fact that the plant Rocket is carrying is most definitely alive and moving. Instead he focuses on what happening in the UN meeting, trying not to remember what happened with the last group of so called heros you he’d been here with.

Eventually, everything is sorted out except for where the ship repairs and Guardians housing will be. Tony hasn’t been listening for a while now, not when Vision’s voice still makes him mourn for Jarvis.

“We could stay with Mr. Stark,” Quill says, catching his attention.
Tony bites his lip. “The compound is available, and Vis can keep an eye on them when I’m gone.”

And that’s that, Tony finds himself caring for yet another superhero team.

However this team tries not to take advantage of him, promising to compensate him once they figure out how to convert credits to American momdollars.

Tony can’t help but become fast friends with them all. It’s not like with the Avengers where they didn’t understand how much effort she Tony put into their care. These criminal heros he met days ago somehow manage to be more thoughtful than a team of superheroes he’d known for years.

It isn’t automatic, but Tony comes to appreciate all of the guardians in a way he never could the Avengers. Rocket and him share a love of mechanics, Peter and him for music. He has a healthy respect for Gamora who reminds him of how Natasha could’ve been. As for Drax and Groots, he finds them funny and cute respectively.

At When the Guardians repair their ship, Tony can’t help the sadness that fills him. He knows they have to leave, has been anticipating it, but he still can’t help but wish they could stay longer.

“Don’t worry,” Peter winks at him, “We’ll be back soon.”

And they are; the Guardians attempt to visit once a month minimum, often bringing him and Vision small trinkets from their travels.

“Do I want to know where you got this?” Tony asks once.

There’s a small pause on Peter’s end, “Probably not.”

“You know what,” Tony sighs, “It’s not my Jurisdiction, i only work on Earth.”

When they return and discover that the Rouge Avengers are due to come back for trial next week, they refuse to leave.

“As if we would leave you to deal with them alone,” Gamora grumbles when Tony asks why. “We’re friends.”

Tony manages to secure permission from the UN for the Guardians to come with him when the time for the prison transfer occurs. The Rouge Avengers had turned themselves in, and so T’challa would hand them over to Tony to bring to the UN today. Still, Tony didn’t want to be their alone. He couldn’t help that when he looked at them all he could see is red.

“They don’t deserve your respect,” Rocket tells him. “If they only turned themselves in after years of you revising the accords, of working for this, than they’re assholes who don’t really believe in the accords. Don’t respect them, and don’t trust them.”

“I am Groot!”

The Guardians and Vision stand behind Tony as he talks to T’challa and forces the Rouge Avengers to wait on him.

“Tony,” Steve calls out when he steps into the empty tarmac they’re meeting.

Rockets words echo in his head as Tony ignores Steve; he’s a criminal after all, and not even a simple thief like the Guardians. Steve is a terrorist, through and through.

“Thank you for overseeing their arrest, King T’challa,” Tony says as he firmly shakes the other man’s hand.

“Thank you for taking them,” T’challa says. “I am glad that we were able to work this out.”

There’s a snort behind Tony and a snide, “about time,” that Tony knows comes from Peter.

Both T’challa and Tony ignore him in favor of making their way over to the Rogues.

“Follow me,” Tony demands coolly before turning on a heel and making his way to the quinjet.

“Tony,” Steve calls out as they board, “How are you, how’s Rhodey?”

“Don’t say his name!” Tony hisses, glaring at him.

Drax comes to stand behind Tony, “I would sit down now, so we can secure your restraints”.

Steve glares at him defiantly, before finally taking a seat. The Guardians walk around to ensure none of the rogues can make any kind of escape, before they are content enough to sit back and watch from a distance.

“Are these really necessary?” Clint asks, shaking his hands and with them the chains that hang down.

“Yes,” Gamora tells him glaring. “And if you move I will not hesitate to harm you.”

Clint slowly lowers his arms and Wanda glowers at Tony, “So these are the kinds of people you work with now, alien thugs who are willing to hurt normal humans.”

“Better than terrorists,” Tony informs her bitingly. “Besides, she threatened to restrain a known criminal with a history of violence whereas with you guys I couldn’t even be sure that one wouldn’t be invited to live in my home.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Steve asks, and he sounds so confused.

Peter rolls his eyes, “It means Wanda messed with his mind and worked with Nazi’s but you still invited her to live with him. We understand friendship, we wouldn’t do that to him”.

“That isn’t how it-”

“Shut up!” Rocket screams, “No one gives a shit what you have to say.”

There’s a brief silence, until Vision speaks up.

“Thank you, Rocket.”

//rubs temples

there’s literally no reason to make fun of soukoku shippers for joking about how Dazai folding Chuuya’s clothes up in that one scene makes the ship canon and if I have to see one more goddamn person making a post meant to antagonize soukoku shippers for that I’m going to lose my fucking mind bc

1) the majority of soukoku shippers aren’t yaoi loving fujoshis who actually believe that one (1) singular scene where Dazai did something that for once in his life wasn’t shitty makes the ship undeniably canon nor that it makes it the most obvious and healthy pairing in the world. We understand our ship isn’t actually canon. We understand that not everyone is going to ship it. We understand that they have issues they need to work out. It’s a joke. Leave us alone.

2) Literally every ship has a version of this??? I ship kunikidazai and that one extra comic when they’re going to an onsen together and stay overnight together and they’re talking about Dazai’s bandages and Kunikida’s glasses and whatever, every kunikidazai shipper, myself included, has made the “it’s a date, kunikidazai is canon now” joke about that comic. That one official art where Chuuya is giving Q a piggyback ride while Kajii is stuffing lemons into Q’s hands? Every motojichuu shipper has made the “I can’t believe motojichuu is canon and Q is their son” joke. The fact that Chuuya is in the OVA and Aya looks just like him? Every Kunichuu shipper has made the “Aya is Chuuya and Kunikida’s lovechild, kunichuu is canon and they’re getting married in the OVA to raise their daughter together” joke. But literally no one shits on those shippers for making their jokes about their “canon” ships, and I’m sure that if anyone who didn’t ship kunikidazai or kunichuu or whatever started making posts about how stupid those shippers were for making jokes like that, people would be pretty salty about it.

3) It’s such a small thing, we get it, but Dazai was uncharacteristically nice to someone that he supposedly dislikes??? For once in his life he wasn’t an utter asshole??? He took the time to clean Chuuya up and find his hat and coat and gloves which blew off God knows where in that forest and fold them up and set them beside Chuuya and yeah IT’S A SMALL FUCKING THING but it’s kind of sweet Jesus Christ how hard is it to let someone be happy over a small thing why do you have to suck the life and the joy out of everything, it costs $0 to just let someone be happy instead of shitting all over everything that they love.


is shipping two friends THAT BAD?! it’s not like i dont know their “relationship” definetly just a pigment of my imagination and they’re just friends. is it that bad to read fanfiction? is it that bad being happy seeing them together? is it that bad shipping then knowing it’s not actually real? why is everyone getting so offended when they see a otp these days? i am aware it’s just friendship. stop being so rude and leave us, the shippers, alone.

do you ever just ship something and you’re literally so alone that no one even knows what you’re talking about? and there’s like one fanfic on the ENTIRE INTERNET and of course you’ve read it a billion times because THATS ALL YOU HAVE. and then you have to populate the internet with the fanfiction because there’s at least one person that agrees with you, right? WRONG. you want fan art? u have ONE picture. ONE. AND ITS NOT EVEN IN COLOR. BUT ITS ALL YOU HAVE SO YOU PRAY BY THAT GODDAMN FANART. fUck.

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The worst about antis is that they send anons like "go kys" and they don't even know if that person is 13, or 14 and/or going through some shit like?? They are literally kids LEAVE THEM ALONE just bc they ship something "problematic" (which most of the time its not) doesn't give antis the right to harrass them like that. ANTIS ARE FUCKING RIDICULOUS

Exactly suicide bating is never acceptable and doing that kind of thing is just disgusting

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Who's Rose in word girl?

hey anon! she’s the character who moves into town in ‘news girl’ (season 7), though you can spot her in the background in other episodes later in the show.

they start off awkwardly, but becky and rose become fast friends

… and scoops gets jealous (probably just because she’s another reporter, but still)

and if I say anything more about her I’ll probably spoil the episode

i’m pretty sure i’m alone on this ship, i’ve literally never seen content for it :(

The rules of shipping

-Throw all morals out the window. You don’t need them, trust me. Have a very loose concept of right and wrong and follow the laws set before you, but ultimately do what makes you comfortable. Because you don’t have to justify you.

- Speak the truth as you see it. Don’t lie to yourself or others. It really fucks things up. If you feel a certain way, then let it be known. Although, don’t be a dick about it. There is a fine line between being blunt and being cruel.

- You only need to say things once. Repeating something causes it to lose its meaning. And eventually, you’re left screaming into a void.

- Remember that every person is exactly that; a person. They have a real life on their side of the screen. They have people that love them and would miss them. And they could be suffering worse than their shipping is making you. They could be dying of a terrible disease. Let them live their life as they see fit.

- Fiction isn’t real. What happens in fiction doesn’t directly effect real life. Once you understand this, you find that you are able to like the ships you used to hate.

- What you interpret is not the same as what other people interpret. Agree to disagree and just go on with life.

And finally…

- Don’t make a big deal out of things. Really. What somebody posts on the internet isn’t worth throwing a tantrum over. If you dislike something, just blacklist it and go on with your day. You have no need to ruin somebody’s life over a collection of pixels.

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Me @ fellow bellarke shippers coming and giving you clexa shippers shit, ESPECIALLY after tonight: Wanna fight me?? Literally leave the poor clexa shippers alone. They had the right to ship clexa and think they were soulmates just as you had the right to feel the same about bellarke. Coming in and rubbing salt in their wounds is fucked up, especially with the way things were so rushed in this ep. They did NOT deserve this. People like you and Jason Rothenberg are disgraceful. (Part 1)

(Part 2) As for the runner of this blog, I am so sorry for the treatment of your ship and poor lexa tonight. You guys did not deserve this and I’m sorry for any of the assholes who go on anon and rub everything in your face. You deserve so much better and this fandom can be so sick sometimes. If anyone is feeling sad or angry or want to rant they can come to my askbox because I’ll be there for you and I send my love!

I’m glad a nice Bellarke found me. Thank you for you kind words. <3

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"Go back to Africa" smh who the fuck forcefully brought black people here? It wasn't a choice. It wasn't "hmm I think I'll have a better more successful life in America" it was whips and chains and being dragged by the hair onto slave ships, shackled to one another and then getting to watch people die because they were so horrifically abused just on the ship ride alone. And then being literally chained in place and forced to work. Y'all wanted black people here so bad until they got rights.