literally alone on this ship

is shipping two friends THAT BAD?! it’s not like i dont know their “relationship” definetly just a pigment of my imagination and they’re just friends. is it that bad to read fanfiction? is it that bad being happy seeing them together? is it that bad shipping then knowing it’s not actually real? why is everyone getting so offended when they see a otp these days? i am aware it’s just friendship. stop being so rude and leave us, the shippers, alone.

Yall need to leave this poor, obviously tired man alone. 

Agree to disagree. “Your imaginations are your own business”. If you see something you don’t like, just unfollow and block and move along. 


do you ever just ship something and you’re literally so alone that no one even knows what you’re talking about? and there’s like one fanfic on the ENTIRE INTERNET and of course you’ve read it a billion times because THATS ALL YOU HAVE. and then you have to populate the internet with the fanfiction because there’s at least one person that agrees with you, right? WRONG. you want fan art? u have ONE picture. ONE. AND ITS NOT EVEN IN COLOR. BUT ITS ALL YOU HAVE SO YOU PRAY BY THAT GODDAMN FANART. fUck.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate sh@tt? Is it because of the fandom, because we literally only see them interacting twice for 3 seconds each time? Is there another reason? :0

It’s just because of the fandom, there’s no way I could dislike, let alone even hate a ship that literally only has 3 seconds of screen time. This one is purely because of the fans.

The rules of shipping

-Throw all morals out the window. You don’t need them, trust me. Have a very loose concept of right and wrong and follow the laws set before you, but ultimately do what makes you comfortable. Because you don’t have to justify you.

- Speak the truth as you see it. Don’t lie to yourself or others. It really fucks things up. If you feel a certain way, then let it be known. Although, don’t be a dick about it. There is a fine line between being blunt and being cruel.

- You only need to say things once. Repeating something causes it to lose its meaning. And eventually, you’re left screaming into a void.

- Remember that every person is exactly that; a person. They have a real life on their side of the screen. They have people that love them and would miss them. And they could be suffering worse than their shipping is making you. They could be dying of a terrible disease. Let them live their life as they see fit.

- Fiction isn’t real. What happens in fiction doesn’t directly effect real life. Once you understand this, you find that you are able to like the ships you used to hate.

- What you interpret is not the same as what other people interpret. Agree to disagree and just go on with life.

And finally…

- Don’t make a big deal out of things. Really. What somebody posts on the internet isn’t worth throwing a tantrum over. If you dislike something, just blacklist it and go on with your day. You have no need to ruin somebody’s life over a collection of pixels.