literally almost broke down into tears

PJO Headcannons

Nico and being protective.

Nico has very few friends and he pretends he likes it that way but he craves attention and love. Will Cecil and Lou Ellen have figured this out and welcome him with open arms, Nico settles in to their friend group well and surprisingly quickly but is fiercely protective of his friends and boyfriend.

An idiotic Nemesis boy once called Will a fag. Nico had to be bodily dragged off of him to stop him from beating him to death. Clarisse cheered Nico on and tripped the boy on his way to the infirmary.

An Ares boy once said Piper was only a pretty face and that the only reason any of the seven plus liked her was because she charm spoke them into it. Jason almost challenged him to a duel but Nico just decked him, broke his nose and left him unconscious for two days.

One of the senate once insulted Reyna, something along the lines of women having no place outside the kitchen. As a physical confrontation would have likely gotten Nico arrested he had to settle for a verbal dressing down that literally left the man in tears.

Woe betide anyone who insults Hazel within hearing distance of Nico. A man once cat called her as they were walking through New York something about ‘black bitches’. Nico nearly snapped his neck and Hazel literally had to put herself between her brother and the offending mortal and repeatedly remind him that killing mortals was against the rules.

Cecil was once called nothing but a lowly thief in front of Nico and Nico broke the offending son of Hebe’s arm.

A visiting roman spat at Lou Ellen and called her a bloody witch. He caught an arrow to the shoulder. Will had to patch him up and apologize for Nico to avoid a lengthy confrontation and possible rekindling of war. Nico just glared the whole time and corrected Will when his boyfriend said he 'missed his target.’

Ok sleep calls.

Thinking of You & Me :3

* So Here’s part 3 of this story! I really hope you all enjoy this chapter! I loved writing it!! Enjoy!

P.s. This one is a little longer than chapter two.*


           Val sat with Sharna on the bench outside of Peta and Maks LA home until amber came out looking for Val. Amber spotted them through the back door take a quick notice at how they were sitting before she opened the door walking outside.

           They hadn’t noticed her presence yet so she quietly walked over to them until she was standing a few feet away from them. “Val?”

          Val head whipped around to find his girlfriend standing a few feet away from him and Sharna staring at them. “Hey, I’m sorry I left. I just need to make sure Sharna was okay.” Amber nodded walking closer to them “She looks fine to me.”

           Val nodded back watching as amber crossed her arms giving Sharna the death stare as if she did something wrong.

          Val kept his arm around Sharna though not moving. “Yea she is okay now. We were just coming back in to eat.”

           Amber watched closely as Sharna moved away from Val standing up on to her feet watching as Val did the same.

          He walked over to amber gently wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “I’ll see you inside Shar?”

         Sharna nodded back quickly “Yes of course.” She said in almost a whisper as she watched Val walk away from her with amber in his arms.

        Sharna sat back down on the bench for a moment taking a few deep breaths, all she needed to do was make it through today and her feelings would go away right? Well she hoped they would disappear into thin air even though she knew that was impossible especially with someone like Val.

          Sharna heard the door close, this time she noticed that it was Trevor walking towards her.

        “Hey are you alright? I haven’t seen you for a least forty five minutes. Do you want to leave?” He asked as he sat down next to his girlfriend wrapping his arm tightly around her shoulder bringing her into his side.

           Sharna smiled laying her head on to  his chest “I’ll be okay I promise. Thank you for worrying about me though.”

       Trevor smiled placing a kiss on the top of her head “Of course I care, your my girlfriend. So I’m always worrying.”

           Sharna giggled a little bit leaning closer to Trevor, “Thank you, for being here today.” Trevor smiled down at Sharna “There’s no where else I’d rather be.”

          They sat for another moment or two before Trevor spoke up, “How about we go eat?” He questioned looking down at Sharna watching as a smile appeared on her face.

        “That sounds beyond amazing.” Sharna giggled standing up with Trevor as they walked back towards the back door.

       Trevor opened the door letting Sharna walk through first, she waited for him to stand in behind her before wrapping her arms around his waist.

         “You’re the sweetest.” Sharna said curling into the strong arms of her boyfriend as they walked into the living room laughing together as he whispered into Sharna’s ear.

        “I think you’re mistaking me with you.” He said tapping his nose making her giggle, which grabbed everyone’s attention.

         Val watched them laughing together as they got their food before sitting down next to one another on the couch opposite of the one her and amber were sitting on.

        Jealously flew through Val’s body as he watched them together.

           He shouldn’t be feeling this way, his girlfriend was sitting next to him. This was Sharna he was thinking about, his sister, he shouldn’t have these kind of feelings. Plus shouldn’t he be thrilled that she found someone like Trevor. He was everything Sharna wanted in a man, she was beyond happy with him.

            So why am I jealous? He thought as he took another bite of the pizza. Before his thoughts drifted off to years ago when Sharna and Paul had broken up.

Val walked up on to Sharna’s front porch knocking on the door with a pizza in one hand and some ice cream. She texted him about an hour ago saying that she really needed him and to also bring pizza and ice cream even though it was almost eleven thirty at night.

A moment later Sharna opened the door with makeup running down her face “Thank God your here!” She said throwing her arms around Val’s neck, almost making him drop the pizza and ice cream.

“What’s wrong baby?” Val asked watching as Sharna unlatched her tight grip on him back up pulling the pizza box from him. “Lets sit down on the couch, I’ll grab spoons for the ice cream.”

         Val nodded following his best friend over to the couch watching as she sat down the pizza he brought over on to the coffee table. Sharna then disappeared into the kitchen before coming back out with the two spoons in her right hand.

          She quickly made her way back to Val who was waiting for her on the couch, she sat down next to him feeling his hand come underneath her chin pushing her to look at him. “Are you going to tell me what happened." 

          "Paul and I broke up.” She whispered before tears started to falls again, Val sighed brushing away the fallen tears. “I’m so sorry my Love.” Sharna almost laughed as she reached to grab a piece of pizza handing a slice to Val as well.

           “It isn’t you’re fault V. You’re my best friend who brought over pizza and ice cream. You literally saved the day. Believe you me you’re making the world a better place every pizza and ice cream party we have.” Sharna said laughing as she took a bite of pizza.

         Val also laughed watching as smiled at him goodness he was falling hard for her and he didn’t think he’d be able to stop himself from falling anymore.

         “Do you mind if I put on a rom com?” Sharna asked Val as he picked up another piece of pizza. “Whatever you feel like. Tonight’s all about trying to make you smile.” He said pressing a kiss into the side of her forehead. 

         “Yay!” She said as she pulled up her Netflix account finding her favorite rom com which just happened to be “The Wedding Planner"  this was her absolute favorite movie.

         Her and Val have probably watched this movie together at least five times already, but he would watch it a thousand times if she asked him.

       She started to play the movie before she decided it was time for ice cream, she grabbed the cookie dough blizzard she asked Val to bring. She took the lid off before sticking her spoon in to the ice cream taking a large bite.

       "Mmmhhh”, she said closing her eyes as if it was the best thing she had ever eaten. Val laughed watching as a content smile appeared on her face.

          “Is it good?” He asked laughing as she shot a smile in his direction. “It’s amazing babe. Thank you so much. Here have a bite."  She said handing him the other spoon watching as he took a bite of the ice cream smiling as he ate it.

           "Mmhh, it is quite delicious.” Sharna laughed at his response, “I told you."   She said giggling before sticking her spoon back into the cookie dough ice cream.

          It was now almost to the end of the movie and Sharna was laying was her head in Val’s lap as he ran his hand in her hair. It was so relaxing her so much that she may or may not have dozed off of few times in the movie.

                "Val why do we suck at relationships?” She asked opening her eyes looking directly into his eyes.

       Val almost laughed at her question, “I don’t know baby. We just love to hard I guess."  Sharna nodded cuddling closer to Val and his warm body.

         "Why can’t I find a man that like him. Someone who would cancel their own wedding because they knew it wasn’t right. Someone who would chase after me if I left. Someone to love me that much."Sharna said watching Matthew McConaughey  character chased after Jennifer Lopez’s character.

           "You’ll find someone one day that does everything you could ever imagine wanting , but they will be better than you ever pictured. They be your best friend and love you even on your worst day. They’ll cheer for you on your best day and love you ever second of everyday.” Val said leaning down pressing a kiss to Sharna’s forehead.

           Sharna smiled listening to everything Val had said to her as the end of the movie and the credits started to play. “You know V, you’ll find that person one day too. She’ll love you every second of every day. I just know it.”

         Val nodded smiling down at Sharna “You’re right. How about right know I take you to the bathroom to clean up your tear stained face. Then I tuck you into bed.”

       Sharna smiled siting up letting val get up, he stood up quickly before picking Sharna up in his arms carrying her to the bathroom upstairs where she kept her makeup wipes.

        A moment later Val had Sharna sat up onto her sink gently wiping her face clean of her mascara tears.

       He eventually got all of the makeup off before he grabbed her moisturizer putting some into his hands before her gently rubbed her face with the moisturizer.

       Sharna smiled watching Val “Why are you doing this?” Val almost didn’t know what to say as she stared up into his eyes.

       He looked down into her eyes “Because I love you too much to leave you a mess. Because your my best friend and I would do anything for you. Even if it means I have to bail you at of jail, hopefully that’s never happens.”

       Sharna laughed before leaning forward into Val’s chest “Thank you V for everything. Your my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

         Val smiled pressing another kiss to her forehead before he picked her back up carrying her into her bedroom. He got her all settled and tucked in, before he was going to leave.

        “I’m going to go now baby, but I’m just a phone or a text away.” He said leaning down placing a kiss to her temple, “Wait V please don’t go.” Sharna said almost in fear that if Val walked away she was going to loose her best friend.

         “Okay I won’t go, but I’m going to go downstairs make sure the doors are locked and all of the mess is cleaned and the lights are off. Give me ten minutes.” Sharna nodded “Okay, but come back.”

            “I will I promise.” He said before quickly leaving her bedroom heading downstairs.

           Val quickly picked up the pizza box the had some slices left so he put it in the refrigerator. He then threw away the ice cream the was empty, before checking the doors making sure they were both locked.

           He quickly shut off the lights and the tv before jogging back up the stairs where his best friend was waiting for him.

         Val walked into Sharna’s bedroom quietly making sure she wasn’t already asleep “You’re back.” “Of course I wasn’t going anywhere."  Sharna smiled watching as Val kicked off his sweatpants and t shirt before crawling into bed with her.

         Sharna immediately snuggled into his chest pressing a gentle kiss to his chest "Goodnight V, I love you.” “I love you too Shar, Goodnight.” He said before closing his eyes gently falling asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around Sharna as she fell asleep.

          “Hey babe, they’re going to sing happy birthday. Let’s go.” Amber said pulling Val out of his thoughts. “Yes lets go.” He said standing up grabbing ambers left hand as he looked around noticing that they were the only ones left in the living room.

          They quickly walked into the kitchen where everyone else was waiting for them so they could sing happy birthday to baby Shai.

                *Yay! Chapter three is officially finished!! I really hope that you all enjoyed this one! Because I think this is personally my favorite chapter so far. So please tell me what you all thought because once again I love to read all of your comments! They mean so much! Thank you all for your love and support! You all are the best! - Tori*

no offense but I’m kind of a mess but that’s okay

i actually almost broke down in tears in the middle of work today because i’m so fucking stressed out from it. this job is terrible and i get up every morning and I want to literally CRY.

Where did all the people go?

They got scared when the lights went low.

I’ll get you through it nice and slow,

When the world’s spinning out of control.

I was sitting in a room on a retreat with thirty other college students reflecting on God, community, and the current state of my life when I heard these words float out of a stereo. It’s silly to admit, but it’s as if Gavin DeGraw wrote this song for me and my roommate. It was spring semester of my sophomore year, and I was in the midst of recovering from a severe depressive episode. One of the retreat team members gave a very moving talk and this song played immediately after, as tears streamed down my cheeks. I looked over at my roommate, Melissa, who was (and still is) my best friend. She was on the other side of the room and when our eyes met, we both broke down. This song symbolized everything our relationship held.

Just a year before the moment when we heard this song for the first time, depression overtook my entire being and almost took my life. Melissa could have left me. Literally, she could have transferred rooms. Figuratively, she could have chosen to ignore what was happening. She didn’t. When other people turned their backs on me, she stayed. It wasn’t easy. Her grades suffered. Her social life was lacking. But she stood by me because she believed in me and knew I could get through it.

I’ll get it if you need it,

I’ll search if you can’t see it,

You’re thirsty, I’ll be rain,

You get hurt, I’ll take your pain.”

I am alive today because of Melissa. She took care of me. She fed me in bed when I was too weak and tired to walk to the dining hall. When I looked in the mirror and saw ugly, she was there to negate that belief (she would actually write words of affirmation on our bedroom mirror so I would feel better about myself). When I had a huge exam but no energy to study, she would not do her homework to help me so I wouldn’t fail. She put her life on hold so I could still have mine, and that is the greatest blessing my heart will ever know.

“I know you don’t believe it,

But I said it and I still mean it,

When you heard what I told you,

When you get worried I’ll be your soldier.”

There were many times when I told Melissa to move on. I felt as though I was too much of a burden and that all I was doing was ruining her life because my depression and anxiety were so out of hand. Every time, however, she told me that she wasn’t going anywhere. She made a promise to me that no matter what, she would stand by my side and walk with me on this journey through the ups and the downs. She gave up everything to care for me, and she helped me carry the weight of my illnesses. I assumed I would have to fight alone, but Melissa proved me wrong.

My aim is so true,

I wanna show you,

I’ll try forever,

I’m never gonna say ‘surrender’.”

I’m pretty confident that when Melissa was deciding her senior year of high school what college she was going to go to, having a roommate with severe depression and anxiety was not on her bucket list. The funny thing is: We both almost ended up at completely different colleges. I had the deposit check written for another school and Melissa wanted to go somewhere in a bigger city. Because of that, a huge part of me has to believe that something larger was at work in bringing us both to that tiny liberal arts college that no one outside of New England had ever heard of. She carried me through the dark. Not because she felt obligated to, but because she wanted to. She force-fed me hope when the darkness was swallowing me whole. She is genuinely in this journey for life, and I would not want to battle mental illness with anyone else by my side.

I’ll be your soldier

Well I’ll be, oh I’ll be your soldier.”

How do you repay someone who saved your life? There are no words, no gifts, and no actions appropriate enough to thank her for what she did for me. I have tried, and failed, multiple times. I’ve brought this question up to her and she told me that what makes it all worth it is that I’m here today, living. That I kept going when I wanted to give up. That I decide to get out of bed each day, even when it is hard. What I don’t think she understands, though, is that I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for her. She is more than a roommate. She is greater than a friend. She is everything to me. If I could one day be half the person she is, I will know I have lived a successful life. She took my pain as her own and fully entered into the experience with me to better understand what I was going through. She renewed my life, and I try my best every day to honor the life-giving graces she has bestowed onto me.

- Mae, TWLOHA Fall ‘15 Intern

Goblin Review: Episode 16 Finale

Everything about this finale was bittersweet. I won’t deny that I have some issues with how it ended (and these last couple of episodes dragged on a bit so that didn’t helped), but overall, I admit that I’m satisfied with the fact everyone ended up happy. I have congratulate the actors, writers, staff and crew for such a well written story with brilliant directing and breathtaking cinematography. I loved the characters, their relationships and friendships, and their comedic prowess. I am certainly going to miss this drama and my favorite bromance.

Shin/Eun Tak: I’ll start off by saying that I loved them re-creating their memories in Canada and I love the scene where she finally remembered everything. When I realized that Eun Tak was going to die I have to admit that I almost screamed “WTF.” This drama didn’t let us take a break until the very end, lol. She had finally remembered, they got married, and not even a couple days later, she gets hit by a truck trying to save kids? The fact that Yeo was the one to greet her as a ghost and her and Shin say good-bye broke my heart (literally had tears streaming down my face, it was bad.) It made sense in a way, but it was just so abrupt that I was honestly caught off guard. She didn’t drink the tea so that she could remember and that scene where she walks up to him as a teenager again with all her memories intact? Yeah, that hit me in the feels. These two have honestly been through so much and I’m so glad they get to be happy for the next 60 or so years haha 💞  Major props to Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun for such wonderful performances.

Yeo/Sunny: It was a little frustrating to see them say good-bye to each other when all they wanted to do was be together, but I love that Sunny was Yeo’s last name card before his completed his punishment and finally moved on. Seeing them hold hands and move on was super sweet; Sunny is finally able to forgive him and they finally got to move forward together. And seeing them again in their new life? Lol, I’m glad they got their happy ending. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s chemistry was fantastic and I really love their scenes so much.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: This is honestly my favorite bromance ever. They’ve teased, helped, yelled at, shown affection for each other all throughout this drama. I was happy to see them forgive each other and Shin call Yeo his friend in the end. And while I was happy to see Yeo be at peace in the end, I slightly hated the fact their friendship ended there. I owe a lot of laughs to the antics of these two; Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook’s friendship off screen definitely helped their chemistry shine on screen.

Deok Hwa: Ahh, I think Yook Sung Jae did a brilliant job in this role. To play the role of a serious deity on top of being a goofy nephew couldn’t have been easy for a rookie actor, but I really enjoyed his scenes. I wish we saw more of him in the end, but I guess I understand why we didn’t.

Pros: The story was unique and interesting with unexpected twists and the performances by the actors were brilliant. The cinematography was absolutely beautiful and the OSTs were amazing. It balanced romance, friendship, and comedy incredibly well; I had an amazing time watching this drama.

Cons: First, as much as I loved this drama, I have to admit it was pretty static in terms of plot development for the majority of the episodes. We’d go 2-3 episodes where nothing really happened to an episode where everything happened and you’re just in awe. I didn’t mind so much because the interactions between the characters were enough to keep me entertained but still. Second, so Eun Tak was reincarnated again but she’s obviously going to die again in like 60 years since she’s human. Couldn’t they have made her immortal or better yet, made Shin a mortal so he can finally grow old with Eun Tak and be at peace when they die of old age? He’s gonna have to wait around by himself until she is revived every time she dies. I think they could have better than that. Lastly, I have to confess that I’m a little disappointed by the fact we really didn’t get to see Shin/Eun Tak, Yeo/Sunny, and Deok Hwa be all happy together in the same lifetime. I wanted to see them (Eun Tak, Sunny, and Deok Hwa at least) grow older and be happy together as a little family. Despite all this, I did enjoy this drama very much and I’m sad to see it end.

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’m sure gonna miss this drama! 

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 )

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Yeah what you did to those kids enjoying some weed was fucked up. They were probably just chilling with friends and you little shits ruined their relaxing night and all for "fun?" You must be so fun at need a blunt and to calm yourself

I don’t have patience for drugs. First of all, it’s dangerous. You know what they did after getting high? Drove away. Driving under the influence of any drug can put others lives at risk. So fuck that. If you’re going to get high, do it in a safer manner than that. Don’t be a dumbass and put other people’s lives at risk just because you want to get stoned. Looking back, I should have called the cops.
Second, my step brother has been smoking weed for the past four years and it’s managed to literally tear my family apart. “But it’s just weed!! It’s not harmful!!!!” My dog got into it and it almost killed him. Our house constantly smells like pot. My step brother gets violent and irritable when he isn’t high now and threw my step sister against the wall and broke her wrist because she tried to tell him to stop smoking. At some points it’s so bad I have to leave the house for days.
You want to tell me to calm down and smoke a blunt? Honestly fuck you.

Thanks For The Memories, Now Let's Be Alone Together

Thanks for the Memories, Now Let’s Be Alone Together 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone; this is all fiction. 

Word Count: 1332

Warnings: none

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about the ending :// aw well here’s a cutesy feely kinda fic((new years theme, ofc)) it’s basically all about Dan reliving how Phil has changed his life for the better during the countdown idk I thought it was cute lmao feedback is rad af so tell me what y'feel HAPPY NEW YEARS THOUGH!! also soz for the most cliché title ever lmao

“Dan, the countdown is starting; put up your laptop and grab a popper!” Dan’s computer is pried from his hands by his partner, whose movements are a little sloppy and his eyes shining, making Dan perspire until the dark haired man with a growing clumsy streak sets his Mac on the coffee table. 

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I confessed over a year ago that I got my grail doll and gift wrapped her, putting her away until I reached my goal weight. It was hard, there were a lot of tears and a broken cartilage but I did it! Ive lost 221 lbs and I treated myself to my grail. It made her so much more special, I was literally shaking as I unwrapped her, it felt unreal. I almost broke down and gave up so many times, but Im glad I did it. Everyone that encouraged me in that post, thank you! I have it printed :)


Finally! After all these years of disappointment and injustice, Cristiano more than deserved won his second Ballon D'Or. Finally!

I was almost shocked about Cristiano’s reaction. Tears of joy - yes, I expected that. But that he was this moved and literally broke down in tears showed how much the appreciation of his achievements, of his infinite dedication and ambition means to him.

Day after day, Cristiano has to endure all kinds of unjust and malicious comments, insults, judgements and disrespect. Without ever having done anything bad to deserve such a treatrment. He tries his best to ignore all that. But he is a sensitive human being and needs affection and respect like anyone else.

If anyone dares to make fun of his emotional reaction, his tears of joy and relief I’ll only feel pity with such a heartless person.

Today has been a hard day for me and I’ve found myself overwhelmed with sadness, guilt and pain. Searching through photos of baby animals earlier I broke down in tears, and almost had a panic attack on the train thinking about the horror going on right now. I know this might sound dramatic or like an overreaction but we are literally slaughtering millions of innocent beings (who have feelings, fears and families) every single day for no reason at all. My heart aches.

It would mean the world to me if you could check out my latest Instagram post / spread the word / get your family involved / watch the documentaries Earthlings or Cowspiracy. Sending love and kindness to you all xx

NOT DESTINED (Septiplier fanfic)

So I asked if you guys would read if ever I write my own Septiplier fanfic and A LOT of people said yes, and here it is! It may not be that good for me at least but I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think :D (sorry if it’s SUPER LONG)


“Okay, mom! See you later!” Mark said and hung up the phone. He woke up early just to prepare breakfast for his boyfriend, Jack.

They have been together for six months and neither of their parents knew. Mark decided to invite his mom over to their apartment and let her know that they are both in love with each other. “I think it’s time” he thought to himself.

Mark slowly opened the bedroom door and saw Jack still asleep. He tiptoed around the bed and put the breakfast he made on the side table.

He sat down on the bed beside Jack and stared at him for a while. He smiled unaware and run his fingers through his grayish-brown hair. His hand went down to his cheek caressing it and leaned over kissing him softly.

He felt Jack smile and kissed Mark back. “Good morning!” Mark whispered as he pulled away, his hand never leaving Jack’s left cheek. “Morning!” Jack whispered back tugging Mark’s shirt and kissed him again.

“I made you breakfast” Mark handed the tray full of bacon and pancakes to Jack. “I cooked it with love.” Mark said. Jack looked at him and smiled. He took a bite of the pancake and shoved a piece of bacon into his mouth.

“So how was it?” Mark asked staring at Jack, waiting for him to look back. “IT’S REALLY DELICIOUS!!! I’m not even joking! Thank you!” Mark is still staring at him and just admired how he is lucky to have Jack in his life. He wouldn’t know where he would be at if they never met.

The first time they met was when they were at PAX East. Mark didn’t fall in love instantly. He just adored at how Jack is very genuine and sweet. On the other hand, Jack felt something weird when he’s around with Mark but he couldn’t tell himself what it was. He always felt nervous when he’s with him. Everyone knows that Jack looks up to Mark a lot and he is the main reason why Jack started YouTube.

But on the last day at PAX East, Mark visited Jack in his hotel room just to see if he’s okay. He didn’t actually plan to go visit him. He knows that he is not here inside Jack’s hotel room to check if he’s alright, he is there for something else…

Mark confessed his feelings to Jack. At first, Jack thought Mark was joking and that he’s just fooling around. He was laughing so hard like it was the funniest thing he has ever heard. But Mark kissed him cutting Jack’s laughter in silence….and surprisingly, kissed Mark back. And that’s how Jack fell in love with Mark.

“Mark?” Jack said softly.

“Hm?” Jack held Mark’s hand and intertwined his fingers with his. “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course! Why’d you ask?” Mark said, confused.

“Nothing. I’m just afraid that someday I’d lose you.” Jack said looking down staring at their intertwined fingers.

“You’re insane! I’d never lose you and you’d definitely won’t lose me.” Jack looked at Mark and leaned over kissing him passionately.

Mark pulled away and sat between Jack’s legs putting his arms around his neck. “I’ll show you how I really love you” he smirked and kissed Jack again. He layed down Jack in bed not breaking the kiss.

Mark licked Jack’s bottom lip begging for his tongue to enter his mouth. Jack opened his mouth and let Mark explore. He moaned in pleasure as Mark gives Jack neck kisses. Mark pulled away and took his shirt off revealing his muscular body. He tugged on Jack’s shirt and took them off as well. Mark continued to kiss Jack but more passionately. Their bodies touching in heat and sweat making them lose their breath.

Mark pulled away again and combed Jack’s hair away from his face with his fingers. “I believe you now” Jack said. Mark smiled and kissed the tip of Jack’s nose.

“But what about your parents? What about my parents? We’ve been together for almosy a year and they never knew anything about us.” Jack asked.

Mark got off of Jack and sat beside him. “About that…” Jack sat up and looked at him curiously. “I actually called my mom earlier this morning and told her to come over. I think today’s the day.” Mark sighed.

“What about your dad?” Jack’s heart is beating so fast like it might pop out of his chest any moment. “They’re divorced. He doesn’t need to know. I don’t even know what he looks like.”

“But your mom, what if she doesn’t like me for you? I’m scared Mark.” Jack panicked.

“Hey! It’s going to be okay. Nothing will come between us. I promise.” Mark kissed the back of Jack’s hand. “I love you”

“I love you too” Jack said.

While Mark and Jack are nervously waiting for Mark’s mom to come over, they were cuddling on the couch talking about their future. How they were excited to get married and how they were excited to adopt their own child. It scares and excites them at the same time.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Jack immediately panicked and his eyes are getting watery. “Hey..” Mark whispered. “It’s going to be fine.” he cupped Jack’s face with both of his hands and kissed him.

Mark opened the door and there’s his mom, greeting him with a smile. “Hey mom!” Mark greeted and hugged his mom.

Jack stood up and nervously went over to his mom. “Good morning, Mrs. Fischbach” he smiled and offered her a hand shake. “Hey, you’re Jack, right? Mark has been talking about you all the time. You seem like a nice friend.” Mark’s mom took Jack’s hand and shook hands.

“Uh, mom. I have to tell you something you need to know” Mark’s mom’s face went all puzzled. She was waiting for Mark to tell her what she has to know. “Jack is not my friend. He’s…my boyfriend and we’re in love” Jack nodded and looked down.

Mark’s mom froze. She just stood there, speechless.

Then someone knocked on the door again. A man appears behind the door as he opened it slowly.

Mark’s mom looked behind her and her face obviously seems that he knows the man that just entered.

“Before I say anything, I forgot to tell you that I also invited your dad over.” Mark’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe his dad is in front of him right now.

“Hi dad.” he hugged his dad and got teary eyed.

“Hey son!” Mark’s dad noticed a person beside his son. “Would you like to introduce me to your friend?”

“I…uh” he cleared his throat. “Dad, this is Jack…m-my boyfriend” Jack looked at Mark’s dad and couldn’t believe what he just realized.

“N-no. This..this can’t be happening.” Jack said panicking as hell like anxiety is atacking him.

“Jack?” Mark’s dad said. He knows what’s going on right now.

“What’s happening?” Mark asked curiously. He looked at Jack, crying and just seeing him break down just makes him cry as well but he doesn’t even know what’s happening.

“Mark, my son…Jack…is…your brother…from another mother.” Mark’s mom covered her mouth in shock. Mark just stood there in fear. “Excuse me?”

“I am currently married with his mother.” he explained.

“B-but…we’ve been together for almost a year. We can’t be brother’s…we’re in love” Mark said and tears starts rolling down his cheek.

“I am sorry but, you need to do what you’re supposed to do.”

They all know what he’s talking about. Jack literally broke down, bawling his eyes out. Mark knelt down in front of him. “Jack..” he tried to comfort him but Jack cried even more, hugging Mark tight. “I don’t wanna lose you. You promised me. You said I’d never lose you. You can’t do this to me”

“Jack, hey listen to me. You’re not gonna lose me. We’re going to still be friends. We may not be destined together, but I’ll always be here for you if you need someone to talk to” Mark explained as much as he can but Jack just shakes his head.

“I am too inlove with you to let go of the fact that you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” Jack slightly shouted at Mark.

“I am sorry, Jack. We need to let that go. We can’t be together.”

Their dad cleared his throat to draw their attention to him. “Jack, son, I am going back to Ireland to see your mom and I want you to come with me.

“What?” Jack refuses.

“No, Jack, go. Go with your dad. We can’t live in the same apartment. Please Jack.”

*2 years later*

Jack is now living alone in his own apartment in Ireland. His dad is living with his mom just a few blocks away and he is now happy. He already found a new person he loves and cares and can always brighten up his day.

Meanwhile, Mark is still living in his old apartment where him and Jack used to live. But what he did is for the sake of their reputation as brothers. Mark never thought of finding a person who can make him happy and less lonely because a certain person’s heart is still with him. He missed all the memories he had with this person he loved and admired two years ago.

He missed his touch

He missed how this man would kiss him

He never seem to get him out of his mind.

Now, Jack can sleep with a smile on his face worrying about nothing, yet Mark stays up until 3am missing someone who is not missing him anymore.

Today my boss told me he thought I was one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen (he’s 65 so that’s a lot)… And he asked if there were guys lining up to be with me… I almost broke down into tears because I literally fucking struggle to have a single guy want to be with me. I DONT have a single guy that wants to be with me. And no one gets that. Everyone always assumes I do… No one gets how fucking lonely it is… And how much I hurt because I constantly blame myself for no one wanting me.

MINNESOTA RECAP... two weeks late...

I apologize for being the slowest updater ever. Because I am stuck with my old iPhone 4S… it is basically incapable of uploading photos without crashing, therefore I have to upload them to my computer first and clearly that takes me 100 years. ANYWAY. 

Remember that time the boy and I drove from Colorado to Minnesota for my best friends wedding? AND for him to meet most of my people? Yeah, this was almost two weeks ago now, but I need to share the deets with y'all (under the cut because this update is massive). Before this trip, Jeff had only met three of my people. THREE. My long-time best friend/roommate since the 4th grade, a friend I met through her, and one of my college roommates who came to visit (and the only one so far might I add). 

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Accident prone


 Length: Drabble (767 words)

An: My first fanfiction, so yaay :) I'ts pure fluff ^^

Dan was once again mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr when the soft but totally out of tune humming of his best friend and flatmate teared his attention from the twisted world called the internet. He laughed softly and padded towards the stairs where the noise has been coming from, just to be met by the view of Phil tumbling down the stairs. For a split second Dan stood there paralysed before he began to laugh loudly, he couldn’t help it, the situation  looked so hilarious, until he was interrupted by a soft whimper. He stopped and looked down at his flatmate who, as he now realised, hadn’t moved at all from his position at the end of the stairs, desperately clutching his left foot.

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Poor. I try to weaponise the word; arm myself with it so maybe it doesn’t have the same connotations as it had a few years ago during my first year of university, and my housemates convinced themselves that I had an eating disorder because they never saw me cooking. I try not to let it have the same connotations as it had when I explained, and one of them tried to help me get a week’s shop, only for me to nearly break down in tears when it slowly crept past £10.

What is it, then? If it’s not rigged with connotations?

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