literally 5 of them

Overwatch video title: South Korea vs. [insert country here]

Actual video title: Watch South Korea single-handedly destroy the entire world of Overwatch e-sports and also Dive Comp as we know it

i have chickens and turkeys and i love them with all of my heart and i went out to feed them today and i read somewhere that chickens liked classical music so i thought i’d give it a go. so after i was done feeding them, i sat on the steps and played mahler and chopin for them and they were very happy and they liked it. one chicken liked it so much she just sat down right next to me and started laying an egg. and apparently the other hens thought that was a good idea so they all just started laying eggs. imagine me sitting on the steps outside playing chopin’s nocturne op. 9 no. 2 for chickens except they’re just laying their eggs to chopin

anyway…love stanning exo…how they all have successful solo careers and subunits, how they take the time to make well-produced, full-albums, how their comebacks become a marker of success for like…a majority of other kpop groups to be compared to, how they create a new world tour every year with fresh stages and setlists, love their outfits and how they look like royalty at all times, kings, and how like 5 out of 9 of them are literally main and lead dancers, can’t wait to see them break all the records that they themselves have set again this year! I love exo summer! love their genuine love for their fans and love for each other


When you lay my body down 
When you throw me in the ground
Don’t be sorry.

A tribute to the real Percival Graves, should he have died at the ends of Grindelwald. This is his song

FAHC Headcanon: Pride Parade

Okay. Imagine. Los Santos is a pretty weird place, so of course they’d have one of the most extravagant pride parades ever. They’ve got balloons and floats and the whole nine yards. LSPD is just hoping the FAHC doesn’t use the opportunity to try to rob a bank or something, ya know. What no one is expecting is a sudden rainbow of colored flares shooting over the crowd. And there’s a big explosion as the boys whip out their fireworks launcher that Geoff gave them for the 4th of July. There are fireworks and flares /everywhere/ for a good bit. Then it goes strangely quiet and everyone is tense, waiting to see what the deadliest crew of all time is about to do.

What they don’t expect is for all of them, B Team included, to come sweeping over everyone in their rainbow parachutes. And they’re dropping candy and stolen goods all over, careful to not hurt a soul. It’s a day of pride and they’re not there to ruin anyone’s fun. And if they see someone so much as look at them with disgust for flaunting their pride… oops the fucker is on fire. Was that a flare? And Gavin had managed to hack into every speaker anywhere close to the parade and starts playing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

sometimes i think to myself “hey…. kids aren’t so bad” but then i go to target and witness the hell that is kids in the toy aisles and i literally want nothing to do with them for at least another 5 years