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Just for fun, what do you think is the most out there, uncommon ship you ship?

Not gonna lie, my immediate knee-jerk reaction is Cullen x Isabela. Dude. I cannot get enough of this ship, of which there are literally 5 fics… most of them are tiny one-shots, and then a fic of mine. Like literally this ship is a dingy, and I sail this sea alone… but hear me out:

They would be terrible together in a relationship, but they’d make the hottest one (or three) night stand. I can only see this happening post Kirkwall, before an unromanced Isabela sails away on her ship. Cullen has fuck all going on with his life right now. And Isabela want to see how easily she can take him apart. (I am literally just describing the plot of my fic The Captain, at this point, lol.)

Also… Carver x Stroud… Because, – hello angst – imagine choosing between Hawke, or the love of Hawke’s baby brother’s life. I literally don’t know if anyone has written anything about them.

Cullen x Meredith. My shame ship – this just has dark fic written all over it.

Anora x Alistair – Because I obviously have a thing for the intersection of smut and angst.

can u believe there’s an au where tony stark single-handedly raised the next generation of avengers


When you lay my body down 
When you throw me in the ground
Don’t be sorry.

A tribute to the real Percival Graves, should he have died at the ends of Grindelwald. This is his song

why don’t we just call this show:

when will rick ever give a shit about his kid again

don’t get me wrong, i loved this episode but once again, carl has come so close to death and rick can’t even show him some love. sure, he finds michonne and gives her a hug but he leaves his kid sitting there like an awkward third wheel? with all the times that carl has come to face and accept his own death, his father still lacks to show him his love. what happened to the times where rick would literally fall apart and hug his son every time he came close to death? literally, the last time i recall them hugging was in season 5. (excluding when he carried carl to the infirmary after his eye was shot out in season 6). it’s going to be season 8, and their lack of a relationship continues to piss me off. even in the comics rick makes sure to check on carl, because everything rick does is for carl. what happened to that?

When the response to our question “What do I do for my kids who can’t even read or do basic subtraction?” is “Well, we really need to collect more data…”


Tag yourself “Kiwi’s Gijinka forms of anthro cars” edition. 

I think i can see the other side. This image has 103 layers for some reason and its 2 am what happened. 

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Top 5 to join/start a band? (And what position they'd be?)

Ok this top 5 got literally out of control. For the first time in the history of the top 5s (???) I’m having a guest who elaborated all the hc with me. Let me introduce to my favorite person on this hellsite: @burningocean! We had a lot of fun creating this, so let’s go!

1. Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Bokuto. Aka the rock band with so many guns it should honestly be illegal. Iwa as the leading singer and bass player, Kuroo as the supportive singer, guitar player and proud leather-jacket-skinny-jeans aesthetic carrier, Bokuto as the drummer. In one word: RIP us, but especially their interviewers. 

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Bonus: Oikawa is their manager, Kenma is their social media manager who is surprisingly good at his job but no one knows when he’s doing it because he’s always on his phone and lazily hanging around in tight jeans and fluffy and colorful fur coats. 

2. Ennoshita, Yahaba, Akaashi, Shirabu, Futakuchi. You know One Direction, right? Get ready for: HQ DIRECTION. They started because Ennoshita recorded the five of them singing during a training camp, the video got 1M views and now they’re Japan’s most popular boy band. (Ennoshita is Liam, Futakuchi is Harry, Yahaba is Louis, Shirabu is Niall, Akaashi is Zayn…because he’s the prettiest and the one who’s most likely to leave them early rip) 

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Bonus - Shirabu: “I have to be in a band with HIM? No fucking way” Yahaba: “Puh-lease, as if someone is inviting you” Shirabu: “I’ll invite myself then”

3. Terushima as the new Justin Bieber. I’m just gonna leave this here. But think about it…really…think about it. You’re welcome. 

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4. Noya & Tanaka as a classic duo in which Noya plays the violin and Tanaka is the classic singer /who can play classic instruments too), they do covers of the most popular songs and movie themes. They have a youtube channel and they’re insanely popular. 

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Bonus: the Karasuno 3rd years are often their guests

5. The Karasuno first years. Who am I to break up the only canon band we have? They probably started because Yachi wanted to participate to a singing contest…and now they’re stuck with her (they have a lot of fun but Kags and Tsukki will NEVER admit it) 

This one was amazing to make, thank you again Ann, and thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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~companions react to f!sole getting pregnant~ preston: “that’s great, babe,” he smiled. “i’m sure our kid will grow up to help the settlements, babe.” x6: “no,” he said, and walked away. Maxson: is there for some reason, with 657 paragraphs describing his chest hair

nat made me read this and now im doing the same to the rest of you


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  • bc i love kids and i love svt so why not combine both
  • I had exams today also and I’ll start back on ask tomorrow.
  • so here they’re all like 5
  • except Chan, he’s 4 (bc he’s the real baby)
  • so basically you’re their babysitter
  • how you got the job?
  • you set up a sign in the lobby of your apartment saying you could babysit any of the resident’s children on days you didn’t have school or when you weren’t at school
  • and families started pouring in bc of two things
  • one: your salary was cheap
  • two: you were closer to people’s home so more convenient.
  • that’s how you became the regular babysitter of 13 rambunctious boys
  • tbh lil Chan is probably really attached to you and follows you everywhere and he’s one of the boys that always follow what you say
  • tiny Chan asking you to carry him and bc he’s so cute you just gotta
  • also you notice tiny wonwoo curiously looking through your stack of books and he has a lil pout bc there’s no picture books
  • so the next day you buy a bunch of children’s book and when wonwoo gets dropped off, he sees them and he literally lights up and takes like 5 books and is scrolling through them with a smile
  • Wonwoo reading to the rest of the boys and you help him with words he doesn’t know
  • having to hide snacks bc one time mingyu had found your snack drawer and boyyy it was not pretty
  • mingyu likes to watch you cook, so he drags a little chair next to you and stands and gets so excited when you make ramen or something
  • Seungcheol being that one kid bragging that he’s gonna turn 6 soon
  • he probably drags Jihoon around too so they can play together
  • but jihoon is more focused on his drawing of what looks like a dragon? maybe?
  • also jihoon is the kid that gets really possessive of his stuff like
  • “that’s mine!!! don’t touch!!”
  • Joshua’s the really sweet child that always listens to you
  • and whenever the other kids are doing something they shouldn’t be
  • *cough* mingyu searching for snacks *cough*
  • Joshua’s like “um y/n said we shouldn’t do that”
  • Soonyoung wildly dancing when the kids tv shows theme song plays.
  • And by wildly dancing its just him jumping up and down screaming the lyrics with his arms moving everywhere
  • Seungkwan and Seokmin running around together and giggling wildly bc of who knows what
  • I bet seungkwan cried the first time he was dropped off bc he didn’t want to leave his parents
  • Jeonghan playing with the doll toys you got
  • Jeonghan playing house with Chan and Chan being put as the kid and jeonghan has the parent
  • Seungcheol joining in bc no one else will play with him
  • Hansol being that kid that knows all the weird dances
  • Like he dabs at the most random times
  • Hansol: *dabs while he sneezes*
  • The other kids catch onto this so now you have all of them dabbing for no reason
  • Thanks Hansol
  • Seokmin probably draws you pictures of like the sun and flowers and its the most precious thing ever
  • Really quiet Minghao reading with wonwoo
  • And like I bet one of the books is about different languages and Minghao is pointing out the Chinese words to Wonwoo
  • Jun has probably stated that he wants to marry you
  • probably asks you a bunch of question on what you’re doing and why you have stuff
  • accidentally found your pads/tampons and you’re just like JUN NO
  • When someone cries, EVERYONE is there to cheer them up
  • out of all of them you probably see Chan most because he isn’t in school yet so he gets dropped off a lot
  • One time you were asked to pick up jihoon from school so you brought lil Chan with you and he called it an ‘'adventure”
  • When you picked up Jihoon you ran into a bunch of the other parents and kids
  • Seungcheol cried bc he wants to walk with jihoon, you, and Chan home
  • and then suddenly the whole crying frenzie begins bc now all the kids wanna walk home with you
  • One time Seokmin knocked on your door and you’re like “what are you doing all by yourself”
  • “I’m lost”
  • Them fighting for your attention and screaming your name bc “LOOK LOOK AT THE PICTURE I DREW.”
  • Seokmin and Seungkwan “do you have a boyfriend. Are you married.”
  • Basically children svt are really cute and still dorky and a little too into your personal space but their chubby cheeks and flower pictures make up for it