literally 5 of them

i went to look at the amazon reviews on the mbmbam show and i wanted to look at the 1 star reviews just for giggles but there are none????? there are currently 122 reviews of it and literally all of them are 5 stars?????????? and that just makes me so happy like omg im so proud of these goofy silly boys

Hate crimes going up, just like after Brexit.

The only thing holding White people back was feeling alone in their frustrations. Not human decency. Now, they know racism is acceptable to most White people in this country.

Collect your cousins.
1) Point out hate crime news to your racist family
2) Ask them what they’d do if they were present
3) Share that you would step in
4) Repeatedly set the expectation that you are in the role of protector and expect that from them (without literally saying it that way)
5) Speak of actions, not ideals. When your mom says ‘We don’t know what the Black boy has done to earn a beating from a cop’ don’t let the convo end until she’s firmly stated out loud that she would physically walk away from a grown man with a weapon beating a child.

can u believe there’s an au where tony stark single-handedly raised the next generation of avengers


When you lay my body down 
When you throw me in the ground
Don’t be sorry.

A tribute to the real Percival Graves, should he have died at the ends of Grindelwald. This is his song


Tag yourself “Kiwi’s Gijinka forms of anthro cars” edition. 

I think i can see the other side. This image has 103 layers for some reason and its 2 am what happened. 

FAHC Headcanon: Pride Parade

Okay. Imagine. Los Santos is a pretty weird place, so of course they’d have one of the most extravagant pride parades ever. They’ve got balloons and floats and the whole nine yards. LSPD is just hoping the FAHC doesn’t use the opportunity to try to rob a bank or something, ya know. What no one is expecting is a sudden rainbow of colored flares shooting over the crowd. And there’s a big explosion as the boys whip out their fireworks launcher that Geoff gave them for the 4th of July. There are fireworks and flares /everywhere/ for a good bit. Then it goes strangely quiet and everyone is tense, waiting to see what the deadliest crew of all time is about to do.

What they don’t expect is for all of them, B Team included, to come sweeping over everyone in their rainbow parachutes. And they’re dropping candy and stolen goods all over, careful to not hurt a soul. It’s a day of pride and they’re not there to ruin anyone’s fun. And if they see someone so much as look at them with disgust for flaunting their pride… oops the fucker is on fire. Was that a flare? And Gavin had managed to hack into every speaker anywhere close to the parade and starts playing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

When the response to our question “What do I do for my kids who can’t even read or do basic subtraction?” is “Well, we really need to collect more data…”