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Hi! What do Victor and Yuuri think about Otabek having a crush on/dating their smol son? :)

• Viktor is so extra about it like when he first saw Otabek with his arm around Yuri he clutched onto Yuuri and started crying about how they son is growing up

• He’s the kind of parent who sneaks up to Yuri’s room and bursts through the door to try and catch them out

• Sometimes Yuuri has to restrain Viktor from doing something stupid such as flying to Almaty to interrogate Otabek when he first posted a coupley photo with Yuri

• But Yuuri secretly pulled Otabek aside at a dinner at their house and very quietly and politely told him that if he hurts Yuri in any way he will hurt him three times the amount he hurt his son

• Otabek is lowkey terrified because he said it in such a calm voice but his eyes held death

• When Otabek tells Yuri about this later that night he was met with THEY’RE NOT MY PARENTS!! But secretly he was so happy that they cared about him enough to do that

• But once they get to know Otabek and Yuri as a couple they are the most hardcore Otayuri shippers they have matching Otayuri trash # 1 shirts they wear in public much to Yuri’s embarrassment

• Literally when ever Otabek and Yuri post a coupley photo 2 hours later there’s a recreation on Viktors Instagram with Yuuri

• In the beginning they were wary but once they saw how much Otabek loved and made Yuri so happy (and the other way around) they welcomed him as a son in law with open arms

- mod Isla

(I hope this is okay I have so many thoughts on this I was trying to keep it short I might write another protective parents headcannon what do you think?)

So I work at wall of greens as a beauty advisor. I am a full time employee and have been working for this company for almost 6months(this matters for a reason). Now I can’t drive and so my roommate who also works for this company(different store as an Assistant Store Manager Trainee) drives me to work, sometimes 8 hours earlier than my shift since we live so far and he’ll have an opening while I have a close. Because we live in the south I much rather stay in the store where there is AC and I’m not burning to a crisp. I have people I work with that I call friends. So obviously sometimes we talk when I get there early and they’re working.

This was never a problem before last Sunday.

So I come in for my 9 to 5 and I’m focusing on getting rid of expired shit. I have a tendency to cuss or naturally say whatever when talking to my coworkers. Never been an issue before. I also didn’t hear any calls for IC3’s while out on the floor until 4:59… And the line is huge and the main cashier is slow as fuck. I don’t want to risk working past my shift. I literally was on my way to clocking out anyways.

2 hours later I am waiting for my ride, and I get told my manager was calling to talk to me. I call him back, and he’s telling me I am banned from the store until he calls me in for my next shift. Some employees had made some complaints about my behavior. He wouldn’t elaborate at all. I am terrified because I’m known for working hard and being nice.

I talk to multiple management positions about this and they all say my manager went about it odd. I was suspended for 3 days for inappropriate remarks on the floor, distracting employees off the clock and ignoring IC3’s… So fuck management and coworkers.
Instead of just talking to me like an adult about something bothering them that I’m doing they go behind my back and want to fuck up my job. They completely blew it out of proportion and now I only work 14 hours next week when I’m promised 32.

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Hey! :) Could i request a headcanon or scenario where MC had a part-time/temporary/full-time job as a Retail Assistant in Toy store or Clothing store or Book store (either 1). MC never had a job before, so she is feeling anxious and doesn't know where to start. She told all these to RFA members + saeran, what will their reactions and response be?

aaaaaa of course~ i’m sorry this literally took forever .-.

also: ToyRUs because I LOVE THAT PLACE??? leggo


  • right so she’s at the shop just minding her own business 
  • lmao low key avoiding customers like
  • questions?? you got a question ok don’t ask me cuz idunno anythinggggg 
  • someone send her help pls
  • anyway this guy comes up and he’s like “Excuse me miss, where do you sell Legos here?”
  • MC is f r e a k i n g the hell out cuz she doesn’t know???? (literally just got the job yesterday and she missed orientation ok)
  • and then:
  • “Sir, I can help you over here!”
  • it waS YOOSUNG/???!?!!!
  • that’s right, this boy got a job just for you MC


  • MC was nervous for the ENTIRE NIGHT before the first day of work
  • and he was tryna calm her nerves (started using some ‘actors-stress-relief’ tactic on her)
  • he walks her to her work place and gives her a special charm to wear so she can think of him whenever she gets lost or scared
  • also did i mention
  • the charm is a fuckin-
  • like that’s great Zen but this ain’t a charm it’s just your face
  • k well she takes it anyway because at this point she’s so desperate she will take anything to calm her internal screaming
  • 2 minutes into working on the shop floor and she hears footsteps approaching so she’s grabbing onto the charm for her dear life
  • and when she turns around it’s literally Zen
  • “Can I ask you something about the store for your entire shift?”
  • yas


  • she doesn’t get it
  • “MC it’s just work, I do it all the time - literally.”
  • okok but she’s not actually that savage
  • so she makes sure that MC has some coffee and whatever so that she can have a smooth day at work
  • and she drops by during lunch to take her out!!!
  • “MC, how’s the day been so far?”
  • “It’s horrible, customers make me nervous and my boss says that I-”
  • Jaehee cuts her off by squishing her cheeks
  • “It’s only your first day, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon enough, trust me… seriously.”


  • “MC, why don’t you just work at my office?”
  • “.. don’t I need a diploma of some sort first?”
  • “But I don’t want you to go abroad to attend university like I did.”
  • MC:
  • ??????
  • ok what?
  • anyway so she finally goes to work and-
  • “jumin wHAT R U DOIN”
  • “Oh, MC, when is it your turn to be the cashier? I would like you to help me with these items”


  • MC’s getting a job?
  • trololololol
  • time for some fun
  • Mr. Prankster here does not have any sympathy
  • so while MC is working yenno kinda unsure about everything
  • he goes in and messes with her
  • “MC! MC! Where can I find the shoes section?”
  • “… shoe section? um, I don’t- SEVEN THIS IS A TOY SHOP GET OUT.”
  • hehe right
  • 5 mins later:
  • go awayyyy u poohead


  • lmao he’s so protective
  • he literally just went into the shop and just
  • “kisa shouta-ed” MC (u know what im sayin if u watched SIH)
  • anyway MC was kinda happy because every time she turned a corner she’d see him and it made her feel really relieved
  • but that wasn’t what the manager thought
  • soooo he asked him to leave
  • then he stayed outside and just kinda watched through the windows lmao
  • the manager did that “i-can-see-u” point thing 
  • but the sweetheart stayed outside until her shift was over aweee

saeran u fluffy piece of shit is2g

~Cherry L.

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One time Hearthstone tried to do something big and romantic for Valentine’s Day. He’s normally not very good at that sort of thing, but he wanted to and, well. It didn’t exactly go according to plan.

2 hours later Blitz comes home to find roses literally spilling out of EVERY window in the house, and a frantic Hearth sat in the middle of it all desperately trying to undo it.

Blitz laughs for about five minutes straight. Hearth is not so amused.

But when he’s done, Blitz goes over to Hearth, looks him in the eyes, and signs,
And he kisses Hearth.

They spent the rest of the day clearing up roses from every inch of the house, but somehow, it’s not so bad.


best hayley & blair moments from the amazing race 26 | part 2

things I want in Pacific Rim 2 or the animated series:

Newt goes to do a rude imitation of Hermann again and Hermann fires right back with a scarily accurate imitation of him

“Dude kaiju are awesome I mean awful dude kaiju dude”

Story time, kids!!

So yesterday, my sister and I had tickets to an advanced screening of Captain America: Civil War.  We got into Boston early because we weren’t guaranteed seats because they overbook these things in case people don’t show up.  We get in line (we’re like 40 people in) and we settle in to wait for 2 ½ hours to be let in to be seated.  

I know Mike Beach is currently in Boston, filming Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, Patriot’s Day.  I jokingly started tweeting him about how he should come keep us company in line at the theater (because there was no way I’d be content to just stand there and talk my sister).  

Literally about 2 hours laters, I get a reply and yeah. 

This is what happened:

Naturally, I start freaking.  “Is he serious?”  “Is he teasing me?”  “I know he said he wanted to do a meet up, but is he pulling my leg?”

The movie was going to be a long one, so I wasn’t going to hold my breath.  

Then THIS happened:

H O L Y  S H I T

He had mentioned in an earlier tweet that he was going to be around the Prudential Center on Boylston, so my sister and I started walking in that direction for when he told us his location.  He had a place in mind, but they ended up being closed, so we could tell he was trying to find something else.  

When we stopped at a corner to give him some time, apparently he walked right by us on the street.  (We weren’t RIGHT on the corner.  We were out of the way and he was on his phone.)  I get a reply telling us he found a place.  

It was a bar.  We walk up, we see him in the window, by himself.  Holy shit.  We go in and introduce ourselves.  He gives us big hugs!  He’s wearing his Harley Davidson biker vest.  He’s so happy to see us!  Its literally just the three of us.  I don’t know why I thought he’d have someone else with him.  When I meet people from the internet, I always like to have one other person there with me, but he’s a 50+ year old man, so…….

We immediately start discussing Civil War.  We obviously didn’t want to spoil anything, but he had one or two questions that he needed answers to just for his own piece of mind.  haha.  He told some anecdotes of his kids.  (The man has 7 kids.  Oldest will be 30 in November and the youngest will be 2 soon.)  

We order some food.  He got a dinner and my sister and I split nachos.  It was 10:30 at night.  We didn’t want to eat too much.  

I feel like we literally talked about everything!  We talked about his kids.  We talked about our jobs.  We talked about his experience in the industry and the movie he’s working on right now.  The previous day he had been talking to Deval Patrick for about 3 hours, trying to really do the role justice.  

We talked about The 100.  He asked me what I thought about this season.  I asked him if he really wanted my honest opinion and he said, “Yeah!  Its no skin off my back!” 

Well….I ranted.  Due to the many different kinds of followers I have on here, some might not agree with me about my stand on certain things, so I’m going to refrain from going into detail about that.  

We also talked about The 100 cast.  He feels so genuinely towards them.  He honestly feels like they all honestly love each other.  He thinks its beautiful.  I think its beautiful.  God, I love this cast.  I told him how Bob was actually supposed to come to Boston twice, but he had to cancel both times.  I said if he did it again, I was going to start to take it personally.  He got a kick out of that!  Obviously, I’m joking.  I just really want Bob to try to come to Boston.  Always.  

We talked about the Jason/Ricky thing and I’ve mentioned how I haven’t liked Jason for well over a year because of how he’s treated different sides of the fandom over the course of all 3 seasons.  I told Mike about the “Ricky’s a great actor. I wish him all the best” or what have you and how that was literally all he said when asked.  Jason wrote an essay over a fictional character, but barely gave a full thought about a real person that he really hurt.  Mike didn’t even know Jason said anything at all and seemed to not be too happy about that.  

I’m getting heated all over again, fam.  Please forgive.  

Like, we told him how we met Ricky in November and just how lovely we thought he was.  How it broke my heart to hear that he was treated that way.  I love Ricky so much, you guys.  

We talked about how the cast actually used to be pretty active on social media, but because of all the hate they receive, its caused them to kind of clam up.  “Especially Bob. He can be really sensitive towards that kind of stuff.” Again, I’m just paraphrasing, but he did mention Bob specifically in regards towards the hate.  

RANT TIME: Literally, how gross do you have to be to send hate to an actual person OVER A FICTIONAL CHARACTER??  I’m disgusted by each and every person that continues to harass him, and the rest of the cast.  Guys, we’ve been following Bob for a good chunk of time now.  We know he’s a bit more sensitive to the hate.  Just fucking knock it off.  If you’re going to hate one someone (who you don’t even really fucking know, mind you), at least have the decency to not tag them on social media.  He literally does not need to see that shit.  When I was suddenly woken up at 3am and looked at my phone this morning to his tweet

I was literally ready to go to war.  I was ready to fucking fight.  I told Mike how that absolutely broke my heart to hear because Bob is one of my favorites, if not my number one, on this cast.  He’s a precious bran muffin who deserves the world.  I’m literally CONSTANTLY sickened by the amount of hate he gets.  

Mike also told me how, while he was live tweeting the episode last night, this girl was coming at him and when he went to reply, she had blocked him.  Like, how attention seeking are you?  Go outside.  Read a book.  Don’t start shit on the internet, honestly.  

He also told me, without giving away any spoilers, that the episode was probably the best one yet.  I told him that I couldn’t wait to watch it!  That it honestly looks like it was going to be the best one yet this season.  (And it was!) 

We talked about how he’s going to his first convention and he was asking what conventions are like.  We told him as much as we could.  We only have three cons under our belt, but I feel like we gave him a pretty good picture.  He doesn’t understand why people should pay to get pictures and autographs.  He doesn’t believe it should be like that.  But its literally always about money, so…..

(ALSO, CHARLIE HUNNAM IS GOING TO THAT CONVENTION??  I kind of geeked out. Me: “Charlie never goes to these things!” Mike: “I know!!  A whole bunch of us (SOA) will be there!”

We talked tattoos.  Our tattoos.  His tattoos.  He showed us the one on his bicep.  He had to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeve.  I nearly died.  That dude is FIT for 50+.  

I could’ve stayed there all night, but he needed to go to sleep and my sister and I needed to catch one of the last trains.  So I asked for pictures and we went outside to take them.  

Here’s mine:

Then he asked which way we were walking.  (We were actually walking in the same direction, so we started walking together.)  His hotel was right up the street, so we stopped out front and got hugs.  Said thanks.  We said that we hoped to do this again!  He’s leaving on Sunday for LA for a week, but he said he’d be back the following week for a couple of weeks.  He seemed down to meet up again!  We said goodnight.  He told us to get home safe and then he crossed the street to go into his hotel.  





Okay guys here’s how it all started. On Thursday September 18th Taylor followed me on tumblr right? Well literally not even a week after she had been following me I’m in my french class at school and I check my tumblr and I see that TAYLOR’S blog had sent me a message. It said that it was Taylor nation and that they loved my blog and my dedication and they were wondering if I could send them my email and my first and last name and the state or region where I lived. So I sent them all that info and literally 2 hours later they responded in an email telling me that they also want my phone number and date of birth and age so they could “keep me in a file for any upcoming opportunities” so I sent them that email giving them all that info and I didn’t hear back from them again. THEN on Tuesday it was 6:48 and they called it was a girl named Lauren and she was so nice she gave me all the information about where we would be meeting and what secret code to give to the hotel Clark when we get there and she sent over parental consent forms since I’m under 18 I had to have my mom come with me. Anyways fast forward to today I was all anxious I didn’t even go to school and my mom and I went to New York right. So we get to the hotel and everything and you can literally immediately tell who was there for the secret session just by the looks on their faces. So we give the clack the secret code and he points us to where we needed to go. We get in a line to sign in and be put into groups and check in and every thing and once we’ve done all that they start to put our things into bags and label them. I asked one of the Taylor nation girls (Sierra I think) if she could give Taylor my letter for me and she had a whole box where she put letters and gifts that fans wanted to give to Taylor. Anyway after that when everyone’s stuff was taken and put into a box they put us into groups and I was in group 5 and groups 1-5 got onto the first bus to head over to Taylor’s building. Grace ( dressedtothe1989s ) and I tried to start a sing along on the bus but it didn’t really work out. Lol. Anyway we get to the building and everyone is screaming and the security guards line us up and tell us to be quiet because other people live in the building too and we literally walk up 6 or 7 flights of stairs and were taken into this house but it’s not Taylor house its the security guards house that is across from hers. We stay in there for a little while as we wait for all the groups to come up and everything and everyone’s crying and we all think that Taylor’s GONNA walk in any minute but she didn’t lol. Anyways after staying in there for like half an hour they finally start taking up across the hall to Taylor’s house. Everyone is screaming and exited but the guards are telling us to try and be quiet lol but when we finally got into Taylor’s house it was like BAM all you smell is the smell of autumn/cinnamon/like pepper-ish and it just smelled so good in there I can’t even tell you everyone walks straight to the living room and on the way we pass like a shelf of Taylor’s awards it had her BBMA and a Grammy and TN is like you guys don’t have to sit down right away look around and get some food so we do. Grace and I start getting food and the food was literally so good like I tried sushi for the first time and it’s hella amazing. Anyway we start looking around and its SOOOO cool and vintage and it literally looks like the inside of anthropologie store but better her ceiling was so cool it was like wood and I don’t even know how to describe it it just looked really cool we walk into her kitchen and it’s so cute like there was a picture of her and Ina Garten near the sink and she had all these drinks set out for us and I really liked her kitchen it was really modern but had this really vintage feel to it like and right across the island there were these huge windows that made the whole place feel really open and made you feel at home. Then we walk into the other living room where Taylor has Polaroids covering one side of the walls she has Polaroids that she’s posted and others that she hasn’t they were the cutest pictures you’ll ever see and everyone of them had a caption and they were like big Polaroids and they were in groups of 4 and they were framed. She had a bunch of movies and books hahah she even had an anthropologie book and she had like a nice sized TV in there and it was just a really cozy room like a room that you would wanna be in on a winter night just chilling watching movies. We looked in there a little while longer and then came out again she had a really cool birdcage type thing with vintage books and a Grammy sitting on top of them. THERE WERE SO MANY CANDLES and awards We then went into a bedroom where we were asked not to touch anything but we looked around and it was all warm and cozy in there and there was a picture of Karlie kissing Taylor’s cheek the one they posted on Instagram and we went into the bathroom and and I saw Taylor’s body wash and Shampoo and conditioner and I took one of the paper towels that had a gold S engraved in it and we were allowed to keep them they were really cool. THEN I went into another bedroom it was the white bedroom and it was also really vintage looking in there and MEREDITH was there and she was like in the corner and I walked over to her and she looked so mad and she growled at us when we tried to pet her hahah she was like trying to defend herself against our affection. Then another Taylor nation person told us not to touch stuff we we left that room and I think they closed it afterward. Then I went back to the living room and someone came in yelling that Karlie had just walked in and walked upstairs. That’s when I went to sit down right in from of Taylor’s chair. Lol then everyone just kind of talked for half and hour and all the Taylor nation people started like gathering near the stair with the security so we knew something was about to happen. So after like another 10 mins or so of just waiting we see legs starting to come down that stairs and everyone goes insane and starts screaming and crying and freaking out I swear I’ll never forget that moment when she came down those stairs. I was so emotional at the sight of her and just in awe at her beauty she was wearing the cutest black dress and gold shiny heels and she came down the stairs with Karlie, Andrea and Scott behind her. She did this really cute wave thing because we wouldn’t stop screaming and then she told us that karlie wanted to say hi to us before she left so Karlie was like waving to us and saying hi and she was so fucking gorgeous her and Taylor looks so alike and they’re both so beautiful so we were all like screaming hi and karlie did this like really adorable air fist pump thing then her and Taylor hugged and she left. Next Taylor starts coming in and she’s like waving and saying “hi guys” and looking around and she sits in the chair in front of us all and she looks me dead in the eye and smiles and says “ARENT YOU PATTY?” Like she knew my freaking name and I’m like crying and I’m like YES OMG YES I AM. I CANT GET OVER THE FACT THAT SHE KNEW ME LIKE WHAT EVEN. she then starts like recognizing people and saying hi to everyone and she’s so sweet and so cute and genuine. She talks to us for a little while she closes the curtains and everything and when she sits back down again she plugs her phone into the speaker and starts telling us about the first song. She uses this really big word to describe it and my friends and I are like I don’t know what that means but she heard me and looked right at me and kinds giggled and told me what it means and played the first song for us. Let me tell you Guys right here and right now 1989 is single handedly without a doubt Taylor’s best album. It’s very different in terms of sound and lyrics she uses a bunch of metaphors that are really cute. The lyrics represent each song perfectly the courses are extremely Catchy and witty well written I absolutely love the bridges in every single song like they’re amazing it’s just such a well written and well produced album and Anyone who was doubting her working with Martin and Shellback again well you were very wrong because 1989 has a sound so unique and unlike anything out there right now or probably ever. The songs are so incredibly happy and you can tell that Taylor’s so proud of it and she has every right be. I’m not gonna get too into specifics about inspiration behind the songs because Taylor told us that she wants certain things to be left for her to say because they’re her stories behind her own songs and I just all I can say is that you guys have no idea what’s coming for you!!! HAHAHAH it was adorable because Taylor was like dancing along to and singing along to the songs in the chair and it was just so fun. OOHHHH and when Taylor was describing the 3rd or 4th song it was really funny because she shaded me a little she was talking about how she wanted to make this album as sonically cohesive as possible and then she looked over at me and chuckled a little and said “which means” she was referring to earlier when I didn’t know what one of the words she said had meant and it took me like a whole 30secs to understand what she meant and I was like OMG I’m really stupid and she was like “no no I think it’s really cute that you asked me what that means” lol I think she thinks I’m an idiot HAHAHAHA. After the 5th song we had an intermission where Taylor passed around cookies and they were the best thing I’ve ever tasted my whole life and her rice crispy treats were so amazing as well. I was like standing behind her and I touched her arm and her hair and it’s so soft and then I left her alone because I figured I had probably creeped her out enough for one night. I went over and one of the TN ladies brought over Olivia and gave her to me to hold and she’s like a little baby cutie polar bear she was so cute and soft and she was so nice to everyone and we passed her around and went back to our seats to hear the rest of the album. Taylor described more songs to us and played more songs and during like the 7th one I started absolutely balling and not even because it was a sad song but just because It just really started to sink in for me that that was really happening and I was really in front of her and she was real. Everything became real. I think she saw me crying tho and was kind of confused because it wasn’t even a sad song at all I was just so emotional seeing her in front of me like that. Then she played a video for us along with a song but it wasn’t her video but I can tell you it’s definitely emotional and there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room and by the end of it everyone was basically crying Andrea was balling and Taylor was crying a bit herself too. She played the last of the songs for us and they were all just pure perfection. When she was done we had a huge dance party/sing along to shake it off and Taylor and I basically danced together during the whole second part of the first verse and everyone was yelling the lyrics and dancing like crazy and when we were done she put song songs in her phone for us to listen to and she went into the kitchen and they got us into groups again to have individual meetings with her while I was waiting for my turn I talked to Papa Swift and he was so funny and so tall just like Taylor oh and he gave me a guitar pick and was like asking me where I’m from and I told him I lived near reading so we had a whole conversation about that and he was showing me videos on his phone its so cute because he and Taylor and Austin and Andrea have like group family messages and it’s really weird because he has Taylor in his phone as “Lucy” and I asked him was there any reason why her name was Lucy in his phone and he said no he just likes the name he’s just like Taylor like he was struggling with how to use his phone and I was showing him and we bonded over how he and I both have sprint as our phone plan and then he gave me a hug and he and I and a bunch of other fans played pool. I was so bad at it. Scott is honestly such an amazing person and father and he and Austin look just alike. Then I said hi to tree and told her she was the best publicist ever and she said thanks so much but then she had to leave. Then I said hi to Jimmy (Taylor’s body guard) and he’s honestly so nice like he really cares a lot about Taylor and always keeping her safe he’s just a great guy. Then I went over to mama swift and she gave me a hug and told me thanks for coming and being so dedicated to Taylor and she said that I was so sweet and fun and she told me I was beautiful and I told her thank you for having Taylor and raising her to be such a generous good hearted well rounded person and mama swift said that that’s all Taylor and that’s her nature and she was like telling us stories about Taylor and you could tell how proud she was and how much she loves Taylor. I swear Scott and Andrea just love her so much you can tell in the way they talk about her and look at her and they’re so proud of her and it makes me so happy that Taylor has a family like that that’s so close plus mama swift was like singing along to all the songs when Taylor was playing them for us. Btw papa swift showed us videos of Austin at collage it was cute. They gave us smart waters omg and before that someone had asked Taylor what’s up with the straws in her smart waters and sh said that her team does that just so she won’t mess up her make up or something but she doesn’t do it herself. OHHH AND I forgot to tell you guys when Taylor was telling us how she got the inspiration for one of the songs it was so cute because she described it to be so weird and then she showed us the end result of the song and how it ended up Turing out and I was like “Taylor the way you described it you made it sound like it was gonna be weird but it wasn’t even weird at all” and then we had this mini conversation and it was just really so cute and I love that song it’s fantastic. OHHH her piano is huge like I just love her little music room so much. I Did I tell you guys Taylor’s fire place is really cool because on top of it she has these 3 wooden vintage old clocks and none of them work and one either side of them she has two Grammys one for best country album and another for album of the year and then she has like these books that are in the shape of her initials and it really cool. Anyways I got back in line to meet Taylor and I saw this has this really cool cage thing that has the word love lit up on top of all these really old books and magazines and near the door she had like huge light up letters of her initials and above it is a picture of her grandmother who is so beautiful like wow Taylor really looks a lot like her grandmother. We weren’t allowed upstairs but at the top of the stairs she had a picture of her and Karlie jumping in the air and she was so sweet to all of the fans she talked to so close with them and she really made us feel like we were best friends and when it was my turn I was trying not to cry again but she came up and gave me a hug (her hugs feel so good) and she said do you go by patty or Patricia and I told her both and I was just so in awe because she’s so tall and beautiful and I told her that and she said thank you in the cutest way possible and she told me that I was one of the ones she hand picked and that made me so happy and I told her how I had given on of the TN girls my letter and she said they’ll give it to her and I was just staring up at her taking in her beauty and she asked me how I wanted to pose for our Polaroid picture and I told her whichever way she wanted so we did one hugging and then took one with my mom and she gave me one more hug and we said bye to her and went across the hall back into the security guards house where we got gifts and we waited to get back on the buses and go back to the Hotel to get our stuff. Honestly it was the best night of my life I never imagined in a million years that something like that would happen to me Taylor is an in incredible human being with an absolute heart of gold she’s just as genuine and humble and nice and generous and loving as everyone says she is. She’s the definition of beauty inside and out and absolutely drop dead gorgeous her eyes are mesmerizing and her smile fills you with most love and comfort and happiness that you can ever possibly feel. She’s the without a doubt the best person I have ever met in my entire life and ill never forget this day for as long as I live!!!!

Oh and a few side notes:
1) it was really funny because when Taylor was talking about the second song Andrea came in with all this wine and gave it out to tree and Scott and some other people and Taylor was reaching for it like she wanted some and it was so cute she like hunched her shoulders and was like “okay I guess non for me” and Scott was like its ginger ale (no it wasn’t lol)

2) I really hope Taylor gets my letter because I didn’t really get to tell her everything I wanted to tell her because I was so mesmerized by how beautiful she was.

3) Grammys are very heavy

4)the voice memos are absolutely perfection and they’re so funny and really showcase Taylor’s vocal talent!!! They’re amazing

5) This album is gonna knock all you socks off its the best music I’ve ever heard my whole life.

6) at some point Taylor was asked about singles and this one girl was like its never too late to release ATW and TTWAS as singles and Taylor was cracking up at that.

7) all the people that work for and with Taylor are absolute incredible they’re all so nice and sweet to us and I just loved them all

8) Taylor’s house is so beautiful like no joke it’s the coziest home and its just a place where I would literally spend my whole life if I could. It’s so magical in there!!!!

taylorswift thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and for inviting me into your home and trusting me the way you did you are and absolute angel and I’m forever grateful to you. I love you so much and you’ve just absolutely made my whole life!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU sorry I was so weird and awkward

Neji Though...

I am so happy that someone shares my opinion about Neji. I’ve been saying from day one that Neji pretty much died for nothing, but others have been putting me down. I’ve wanted to believe that Neji hadn’t been killed in order to give NaruHina some legitimacy, but my worst fear was confirmed by the creator himself. 8( #stillbutthurtin2015 #nejidiedforthisbs 

Mod 2 reply: yes, I remember ppl tried to excuse that blatant pairing fanservice like “Kishi wanted show us the reality of war with real casualty blah blah blah”. You gotta be blind not to see this is contrived sickening pairing BS. Team Gai, Neji’s teammates, had like 3 small reaction panels, while Hinata and Naruto had pages of pick up melodrama. And Naruto literally had another pick up moment 2 hours later, there’s nothing special about these pick up moments, it’s not like they gave Naruto some lasting character development. Neji basically was killed so that Naruto and Hinata could hold hands in front of his dead body.

The shit that’s happening to Bex on twitter needs to stop. Now.

For anyone who’s unaware, she’s been getting a shit ton of hate recently. Why? I have no idea. She hasn’t done anything to deserve the kind of shit people are saying to her. She made a mistake earlier this month by using the hashtag “blue lives matter” alongside “black lives matter”, but guess what? She apologised literally 2 hours later. She knew she made a mistake, she owned up to it, and she apologised. She didn’t delete the tweet and pretend it didn’t happen. She took responsibility. She’s 21 years old and she’s still learning. What more do you want from her? 

 Hate goes hand in hand with speaking up about the issues that other people would shy away from, for fear of being too political or for fear of getting backlash for it. Bex doesn’t care about that, she uses her public voice to make a difference and give a voice to the people who aren’t always heard. That’s who she is. She can’t stand by and watch this shit happening and stay silent about it, and thats a HUGELY respectable quality. She advocates for mental health awareness, for LGBTQ+ rights, for ending racism, for women’s rights / feminism / female empowerment, for suicide prevention, and for love and acceptance. She’s done 1000 positive things, but what do people choose to focus on? The one negative.

 You can say that she should be able to just deal with it and that she knew what she was getting into when she decided to become an actress, but you need to remember a couple of things: 1. This girl was 17 when she started professionally acting. She’s only been in the public eye for 4 years. I can’t speak from experience but 4 years doesn’t seem like long enough to be able to “get used to” people attacking you and criticising your every move. In all honesty, I can’t see how anyone can ever get used to that, let alone someone thats still so new to it. And 2. No matter how strong someone is, they’re not invincible. They’re not bulletproof. After a while things will start to take their toll. I don’t doubt that she’s one strong motherfucker, but shit like that eventually starts to break you down.

All she wants is to do what she loves and inspire people along the way. No one should have to deal with this shit, but someone who honestly just wants to spread love and positivity… I can’t understand why someone would go out of their way to try and make someone like her feel like shit. Seeing shit like “rt to push @/IBexWeBex to suicide” makes my blood boil and my stomach churn. Seeing someone that I truly look up to, someone that has kept me from making some really stupid decisions, someone who has been the only person able to cheer me up when things get really bad, to see her getting so much hate is beyond heartbreaking for me. But as much as it hurts me, I can’t stop it from happening. When it comes to hate on social media, it’s one of those situations where fighting fire with fire isn’t gonna help. But what I can do, what we all can do, is show her that she has so fucking much more love and support than any of the bullshit that people are throwing at her. We can make sure she knows that who she is is enough and that we all love, respect and admire her beyond belief. 

 If you have a spare two minutes it’d be greatly appreciated if you could drop by her tumblr, twitter, or instagram, and leave her some love and positivity. She’s a ray of light thats bursting with kindness, but even she has her dark days. Let’s try to make them a little brighter.

okay seriously at this point, I don’t even know if I’ll continue watching even if they’re like JUST KIDDING and there’s some magic sci fi shit that brings her back to life. that’s not the point. the point is they drew us in and made us so emotionally connected to this character and the dynamic, and just crushed it like that. even if she does come back to life, what does matter is those writers caused literally just the most horribly traumatic heartbreak I’ve ever witnessed on my dash. shame on them for ever even making us think she’s dead…double shame for actually killing her.