D23 Live Panel Recap (to the best of my abilities, but I kind of died and went to heaven, so...)

Spoilers, kind of?

A Wrinkle in Time
-Ava DuVernay saying she wanted the cast to reflect the real world
-gorgeous makeup and costumes for Mindy, Oprah and Reese
-Meg being told she has to be a warrior in the teaser
-we all got free posters and Oprah shouted “You get a poster, you get a poster, you all get a poster!”
-CHRIS PINEEEEEE (and Disney openly and willingly congratulating him on Wonder Woman) also he was adorable with Storm

Mary Poppins
-Lin is adorable in the trailer and it just feels so magical and it’s gonna be great
-also Dick van Dyke and Angela Lansbury are in it

-they announced casting and they cast Middle Eastern actors thankfully (correction: the actress who plays Jasmine is actually Indian, sorry for the mistake)

-it is coming. that is all

The Lion King
-they played footage of The Circle of Life and I almost cried

Star Wars
-Rian geeking out
-MARK HAMILL walking out and everyone goes wild, and he’s like ‘Who, me?  Nah…’
-Mark pointing to his eye, drawing a big heart, and then pointing at the entire crowd
-behind the scenes footage
-and I miss Carrie so much

-Kevin Feige and the fact that it’s been almost 10 years of Marvel!
-bringing out almost the entire cast of Infinity Wars (except not Evans, but I can deal)
-like, they brought out Josh Brolin first and then they brought out a round of Avengers actors, and then they were like we need reinforcements
-and they were like how about some Guardians
-and then they Josh was like I’m still feeling pretty cocky
-and Kevin Feige was like, we have a Hulk (cue Ruffalo)
-and then they’re like didn’t you bring a friend from work? (cue Hemsworth)
-and Feige was like it would be so cool if Spider-Man swung by (cue Tom)
-BUT SEBBBBBBB (with his amazing beard)
-and then and then and then RDJ is like where is the footage?
-so they did this gorgeous recap of MCU up till now
-and it ends with the exchange between Tony and Cap on a black screen (“How do we cope?” “Together.” “We’ll lose.” “We’ll do that together too.” (chills))
-there’s literally so much awesomeness I can’t even begin to share it but seriously chills
-The Guardians picking up Thor in outer space
-Doctor Strange conjuring his force portal stepping stone things and Star Lord jumping from stone to stone
-Nat’s blonde!?!?!
-Bucky and T’Challa leading a Wakandan army!?!?
-and this is the part where I died
-because somebody throws something (maybe a spear? I’m not perfect, I couldn’t see 100%)
-and then a figure in the shadow catches it
-that’s right
-and the most important takeaway
-I probably missed stuff
-but I was a little overwhelmed

I got to the convention center last night at 10 pm (panel started at 10:30 am).  I slept on the concrete floor in line (inside, thankfully).  It. Was. All. Worth. It.

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Top 5 fav cophine moments :)

sorry this took me so long, but i wanted to add gifs…aaand i’m doing 6 bc i’m absolute trash and couldn’t narrow it down. so here we go:

6. when delphine is saying goodbye, and knows it could very well be the last time she ever sees cosima. i love love evelyne in this scene bc she really looks like she’s trying to memorize every single bit of cosima’s face, and ugh wow.

5. ummmmmm this kiss. bc of delphine’s hand….like??? need i say more?

4. i’m pretty sure this is going to be a flashback, and we haven’t even seen it yet, but…..omfg. this is….thirsty delphine? i am deceased. i have literally rewatched the s5 trailer a million fucking times bc this is so hot i cannot handle it.

3. SMOOTH OPERATOR COSIMA!!! obviously one of everyone’s favorite moments, but i love love this so much. especially bc of the way delphine ends up leaning against the table, like it just really confirms her as a top™….as if we did not already know.

2. controversial, but, the break up. listen. cosima’s small, “i love you” with her puppy eyes was so traumatizing, i cried for 30 minutes. and then! delphine dramatically breaks down in the middle of the hallway, increasing my heartache tenfold. they were both so amazing in the scene, god it’s just so sad.

1. delphine climbs into bed with cosima to keep her warm. this scene really got me bc first we have cosima’s blurry vision seeing delphine strip down in front of her, and her face is like, “is this real? am i dead already?” like she literally cannot believe her eyes. so that already had me emotional, but then delphine’s face when she looks down at cosima i just like…really lost it?? she looks at her with such care and reverence, like she’s just in complete awe of her. i really cannot believe they made me wait an entire season for this, but tbh it was worth it.

i love them so much, honestly i’m so glad i waited to binge watch this series bc i really could not have survived the hiatus between seasons lmao. they compliment each other so well, i just really want them to be happy. lord knows they deserve it.


LITERAL Tron Legacy Trailer Parody (by Tobuscus



the dragonwatch book trailer  literally changed my life, but my favorite part was how adorable this scene was

1. It’s so pure how Seth is attempting to reassure and comfort the wraith about his new home he’s taking him too, even though it’s a wraith


3. My aesthetic is creatures calling Seth “The Great One” please give me more 


5. I’m so shook that i’m finally able to make fablehaven gifs!!!!

It’s not the Jasper fandom’s fault that since Earthlings aired, she’s been hinted or referenced towards so much, we can’t just stay quiet :[ 

There have been numerous hints towards her in the end of S3 and throughout S4:

  • The Ruby Squad who heavily admire Jasper. 
  •  Pumpkin - an orange puppy filling in as the 3rd member of Lapis and Peridot’s trio, how much more obvious can that get.
  • The flower used as a promotional image for the zoo image was worn by Jasper in the SDCC poster.
  • Skinny, Carnelian and the other Beta’s along with the Amethysts - Jasper was the only one missing from a full Earth Quartz reunion. 
  • An hallucination of Jasper in Mindful Education in which she looked hurt and in pain.

And now her theme is literally playing in the trailer…..

  • what she says: I love DGHDA!
  • what she means: there are literally.,,, no words., the trailer has cleansed my soul, it has now left my body and ascended on high, this show has watered my crops, done my taxes, it was satisfying is such a visceral way, like the first drops of water after a drought, i've reblogged every single gif of those blessed two minutes at least twice,, you know, for good measure., because i just physically can't get over it

are some of y'all /really/ out here boycotting atomic blonde? like yeah, im pissed that the lesbian/bi death trope was fulfilled yet again, but also consider this:

- her death was literally pictured in the trailer. it was not a surprise in the slightest, unless you somehow went to the movie without seeing the trailer.

- the movie gave us a kickass openly bisexual character (loraine) who is still alive. name another big movie like this whose protagonist is so openly bi.

- don’t forget that Loraine’s male lover ALSO died at the beginning of the movie, so to me, it evened it out a bit (for the overused “everyone close to me dies” trope, but hey, pretty much all spy movies have it).

if y'all keep nitpicking and boycotting shit that’s actually really good, then we’re going to have zero (0) movies out there that feature good LGBT+ characters. atomic blonde wasn’t perfect by any means representation-wise, but it’s a damn good start in a genre that’s been dominated by white, straight male characters for years.

EDIT: speaking of further chiseling away at this mayonnaise straight guy dominated genre, there’s another bombass spy flick coming out jan 12, 2018 called “proud mary” that features taraji henson as the asskicking lead. if you liked atomic blonde, i suggest that you definitely grab a ticket for proud mary.