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Good Afternoon, Tumblr!

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It’s been a sometimes awful, sometimes great, comically ironic, and consistently surreal week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up one bit this weekend. So for once I think (the least dizzying gif of) Ougi ought to be the logon avatar for the day. BONUS: I briefly bumbled my way into giving myself a case of “the floppy hands” casually chatting on Twitter today, so Ougi really is the perfect [spoiler redacted] for the day.

I’ve stated my short term, general goals a thousand times, and I still seem to jinx it every time I mention them specifically.  I have no idea how much will get done and on some level don’t care at the moment. I’m really just formally logging on to express intent to do something related to Tumblr-related…stuff?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, there’s a lot of neat stuff on my dash that I’d like to share via queue at the very least. 

I’m here, I’m queer, completely unfocused and posting… something on my blogs in here!

IMPORTANT (?) ADDENDUM: I use the one-click repostage app in @new-xkit-extension to add things to my queue, so if you tag stuff with “my art” or “my gif” expect it to still be there when reblogged here. No, I’m not trying to claim credit for your stuff. Avoiding that kind of confusion is why I do the obnoxious “miya gif,” “miya clip,” “miya pixiv,” “miya fartblaster” tagging thing on all the stuff I make.  There. Now everyone is properly informed and offended. 

RFA Members as cats + Saeran

Saeran Choi/Unknown
▪The scarred up, feral and abused cat that hisses and tries to swipe at you
▪eventually, with some love and affection, that Saeran needs and deserves he begins to warm up to you
▪becomes a really sweet cat, just once you get past his tough exterior

Jumin Han
▪boy oh boy
▪cats are literally this man’s spirit animal
▪cat-Jumin would be a lot like Elizabeth, tbh
▪always has to have the premium cat food, diamond collars, crystal bowls, you name it.
▪he’d have the softest inky black fur ever that is always well taken care of
▪long haired cat, obv
▪and he’d only open up/feel comfortable around a select few
▪the kind of cat that gets really sad when you’re gone

Yoosung Kim
▪this boy is literally the death of me can we just
▪sunshine-y yellow fur with some brown markings on his face + pretty eyes
▪can literally play for hours and likes chasing laser pointers
▪always falls for the trick where you “throw” the yarn ball and cries at you when he finds out you’ve fooled him
▪really likes mackerel *cough cough* Haruka Nanase
▪fresh?? canned??
▪doesn’t matter, give him his food

Saeyoung Choi/Luciel Choi/707
▪idk how to write this one but
▪super affectionate but definitely trolls you
▪tricks you into feeding him more than you should
▪howls outside the bathroom door while you’re showering
▪he just wants let in to see what you’re up to
▪the cat that always gets into some kind of mischief
▪also tries to hog the bed

Jaehee Kang
▪absolutely adores (!!!) long naps in the sunlight
▪always up and moving around
▪if you’re sad, she immediately nuzzles into your arms and gives you attention
▪sleeps by your side/feet every night to make sure you’re safe and happy!!
▪short haired cat with a mix of different shades of brown

Hyun Ryu/Zen
▪*loud sigh from admin*
▪he’d be the really pretty cat who always gets compliments
▪let’s be real though: he’d win tons of cat contests
▪the cat that knows he’s pretty and uses it to his advantage
▪he accidentally broke something? puppy dog kitty cat eyes

▪gorgeous white fur, definitely a long haired cat

I left V out of this one because I felt like it’d just be the same as Jaehee’s haha


This is literally me.

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:00000 you listen to bts??? do you have a bias :0

I fell in love with Jungkook first because that boy is too perfect to be true (his cover of Lost Stars though………… rip me) 

And I also love Jimin to bits HE PRACTICES SO HARD he’s such a sweetheart his laugh sounds like an angel being tickled and he’s got AWESOMe stage presence and his gaazeee  

He needs to be stopped