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The Element of Surprise | Kim Junmyeon


Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which Junmyeon decides to take you out on a surprise date, even though you’re not to keen on surprises.


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“Date tonight, wear something cute” He vaguely spoke through the phone line, making me raise my eyebrow at his sudden mysteriousness.

“What are we doing?” I chuckled at his excited tone

“I can’t tell, it’s a surprise!” He exclaimed, electing a groan from me. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate his adorable efforts of doing something sweet for a date; I just didn’t like the element of surprise in general

“You know-” I began

“I know, I know! You don’t like surprises blah-blah-blah, but trust me on this one please?” He requested, thinking as if I could literally see the puppy dog face he was pulling at the opposite end

“… Fine! But I swear if you pull anyth-” I began to warn, only to be cut off again

“Dangerous, weird, life-threatening, you’ll dump me” He incorrectly finished

“Well I wasn’t going to say ‘dump’, but thank you for taking it that seriously I guess” I laughed “What time?” I asked, already rummaging through my closet to find something ‘cute’

“I’ll pick you up at 7, love you!” He bid

“Love you too” I turned my phone off, placing it on my bed before picking out statement articles of clothing for my outfit.

6:30 pm and I’d decided to go with a simple white short dress with lace details, pairing the outfit with very minimal makeup and crème flats. I was sat there scrolling through my twitter whilst watching the latest episodes of (TV Show) when suddenly; I got a call from Baekhyun

“Hey Baek!” I greeted.

“Surprise date huh?” I could hear the smirk on his face, causing me to roll my eyes at his ability to find out just about anything with a little bit of enquiring

“Who told you, and how much do you know about it?” I inquired

“My lips are sealed!” He exclaimed and I heard the doorbell ring “Don’t worry, it’s not like he’s going to kill you or anything” He laughed

“Yeah, let’s not hope for the worst” I waved off, walking towards the front door “I’ll call you later, he’s here I think” I informed

“You have me on speed-dial right?” His cautious tone made me roll my eyes once again

“Shut up Baekhyun!” I faux scolded before hanging up and proceeding to open the door.

There he was stood on my doorstep, wearing an irresistible smile and a white button-up shirt with his hands tucked into the pockets of his casually-classy jeans. His hair looked amazing neatly swept to the side, as the handsome features of his face perfectly complimented and showcased his capturing personnel

“Hey” I greeted after I got out of my little trance

“Out already? I could’ve given you five more minutes” He smirked, earning him a light smack on his upper arm.

“I just got off the phone with Baek” I chuckled leaning against the doorframe

“Did he tell you anything about my surprise date?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nope” I replied. “So, where to?” I asked, locking my door and wrapping my arm around his as we walked down the steps of my porch

“You’ll see” He beamed, leading me to his car

With that, we got into his car and he started driving slowly. I put the radio on and started jamming out to the songs playing, whilst he was there singing along as well. It was a pretty long car ride, but we finally reached the place which looked like a little private park (Which I thought looked absolutely adorable).

 As soon as I we got out of his car, he came to my me side, put his arm around my waist and guided me towards our location. And as we reached our destination, which was a little tent in the middle of the park, I was mesmerized. The beautiful white-cloth walls had sparkling fairy lights draped across them, there was a little sitting area with tons of pillows and blankets and the twinkling night stars appearing on the clear ceiling above us tied the whole scene together.

“I love it…” I whispered.

“And who doesn’t like surprises?” Junmyeon chuckled as he came up behind me slipping his arms around my waist. “What do you wanna do?” he whispered in my ear. Clearly implying to something I don’t want to mention.

“Talk” I replied, allowing my elbow to lightly shove at his chest. He let out a little groan of pain before regaining composure.

“Shall we?” He asked as he gestured towards the sitting area

“We shall.” I agreed as we linked arms and walked towards the area, telling each other random facts about ourselves.

 We were currently lying on the blanket with his arm draped lazily around my waist,confessing stuff to each other. It’s funny how much you can find out about a person through what they’re confessing. It was about 11pm. Wow! We had been talking and cuddling for hours, and I never got bored. Sure it wasn’t the authentic date like carnivals and fancy dinners, but I enjoyed the fact that I got to know Kim Junmyeon the person, and not just Kim Junmyeon the idol.

 After a while of stories and secrets, I started hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops falling to the ground. It was raining! I got up off the sitting area and ran outside. 

I heard Junmyeon chuckle and follow me. We were both dancing around in the rain like idiots but it felt like the cutest thing a couple could ever do. The rain started to get heavier and I decided to go back into the tent, but Junmyeon grabbed my wrist and spun me into his chest.

“May I help you?” I sweetly asked as we were entangled together getting drenched in the rain.

“Stay out here.” He pleaded with his big brown eyes.

“No. We’re both going to catch a cold!” I explained. “Now, let’s go in!” I instructed as I attempted to drag him into the tent, ATTEMPT being the keyword here.

“Fine. But first do something really dumb and cheesy with me?” He trailed

I knew exactly what he was talking about. So I got up on my tiptoes, being a bit shorter than him, and brushed my lips across his. I put my arms on his shoulders and his went around my waist, and our lips moulded together whilst moving against each other in perfect sync.As we pulled back with bug grins on our faces, I couldn’t help but admire how much I appreciated his wonderful gestures

“It’s pretty late. I’ll drop you off at home.” He suggested, pulling me closer for warmth in our freezing wet clothes

“I’d like that.” I smiled up at him, with my arms now linked behind his neck

I may have fallen asleep in the middle of the journey because I remember Junmyeon attempting to wake me up but failing. So he had to carry me out of his car and actually tuck me into bed. Eeomma Suho! As he was about to leave my room, I opened my eyes and called him.

“Junmyeon…” I whispered.

“Hey princess.” He smiled as he came over to my bed.

“Thanks for the great date” I thanked, beginning to drift back into my slumber

“No problem Jagiya, now get some sleep. Good night…” He bid as he kissed my forehead.

“Night” I replied before falling asleep again. Okay, the element of surprise doesn’t seem to be that bad…

A/N: I hope the Anon who requested enjoyed this! I really liked writing it, and I’m really glad you requested it :) Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you later Loves!

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Cat and Mouse - Mikey Request

A/N: I kind of tried to do something like the request? but kind of mixed it up a little? idk but mad michael feels right now =} its just a quick read, super cute and fluffy 

You stop to check your makeup in the mirror one last time when you hear his voice.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mikey asks abruptly, sitting up in your bed.

You turn around to look at him, “Hey babe, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.. I was just about to go out shopping for a few hours with the girls.”

“Nope,” he said smiling, “you’re not allowed to leave.”

You giggle a bit at his puppy dog face, “You literally do this everytime you come back from tour Michael.”

“Yup,” he nodded his head, “And we’re not changing the routine now.”

You stomp your foot once playfully, “But baaaaabe you’re literally going to sleep for like a solid 24 hours I can’t lay in you’re death grip for that long, I need oxygen and sunlight, plus you’re asleep anyways whats it matter if I’m there.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Did you just refer to my cuddles as a death grip?”

You Place you fingers over your lips, trying to hide your laughter.

“You gotta stay,” he insisted, “I’ve been looking fowards to this for months, I need you here, in this bed right next to me, as close as you can get,” he insisted “I want to be able to smell your hair the entire time I’m asleep, so you can’t leave.”

You try to force your best frown, but its hard to deny him. “Are you going to yell at me when I accidently wake you up?”

“Nooo,” he answers quickly and you raise and eyebrow, “ughhh yes but you know I don’t mean it, sleepy me is grumpy sometimes.”

You scrunch up you’re nose, “But I realllllly wanted to buy this new pair of jeans I tried on the other day, they make my butt look sooo good I bet you’ll really like them.”

He forces a fake frown, “You canttttttt leaveeee meeee,” he whines, “plus you’re butt always looks cute, you don’t need new jeans to draw other guys attention to it.”

You walk over to him leaning down to where he is laying in the bed so that you’re face is just a few inches from his. “Fine,” you say be for giving him a soft peck, “But you have to catch me first.” Instantly you take off running out of the room and down the long hallway.

You realize Mikey isn’t far behing you when you finally get to the bottom of the stairs. “You think you’re quick, don’t ya?” he yelled cheekily from behind you. “Do you realize how much longer my legs are then yours?”

You look back over your shoulder to stick your tongue out him and almost run straight into a lamp. When you finally reach the dining room you are pitted at one end of the long table facing him at the other.

Every time he moves in your direction you move in the opposite one, you are both laughing hysterically at you’re little game of cat and mouse. Suddenly he throws one of the chairs down to the floor as a barricade and darts in your direction.

“AHHHH NOOOO,” you scream kicking you legs as he lifts you up and tosses you over his shoulder.

“I win!” He chuckles as you continue to claw at his back, “bed, now!” he commands playfully once you reach the bedroom he plops you down onto your bed. Still laughing and out of breath you stare up at him.

“Are you gonna run again?” he asks eying you.

You bite your bottom lip in attempts to hide the huge smile spread across your face, “Nooo,” you claim shrugging your shoulders innocently.

“I don’t trust you,” he laughs before laying across your body.

You screech knowing you were helpless under his large body, “I’ll stay! I’ll stay!!” you laughe as you feel him pressing down on you.

“You gotta pinkey promise first,” he insists, letting his weight off you a bit to stick out his little finger to yours.

You’re laughing so hard that he has you pinned to the bed that its almost difficult to make you’re promise through gasping for air. “Babe,” you whine reaching out your pinky to his, “I pinky promise I will not leave the house until you are done hibernating.”

A wide grin spread across his face as he rolled over you, “That’s my girl,” he says nodding his head, “now come here.” He leans in pulling you close to him, into the choke hold he claims to be cuddles, “you smell nice” he mumbles as he presses his face into the top of your head.

You knew he was out cold right away, somehow the boy manages to fall into a deep sleep in like .5 seconds. It was an amazing talent of his, the ability to sleep at the drop of a hat. You moved your eyes about the room, knowing you would be stuck there for a long time, but you didn’t mind, this boy meant the world to you.  


Okay soo I wasn’t feeling creative enough tonight to add to the series I kind of started yesterday but wanted to post something and this just came to me as I was writing. Hope ya like it I though it was cute.. as always thanks for reading and feel free to drop anything into my ASK BOX i love love love hearing from you!!! p.s to the anon who requested .. I hope you like it!!!!!

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