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i have this age old headcanon where two or so years after the blight morrigan agrees to rendezvous w the warden(+ love interest) so they can meet kieran for a day



There are some mistranslation on Luffy’s page in the translated Luff’s last episode (second pic above) that has been circulating around across sites.

I have been waiting since this translated page was posted and now that it’s been a while, I’m growing uncomfortable for not yet finding anyone else pointing it out, considering how big One Piece fandom is, so I’d like to clarify:

No, in the 4th-5th panel, Luffy is not asking for Zoro and Sanji to punch him so he can see the dream again. The original text「おれがこんなに夢見てる様じゃ、おれ達は前に進めねェ!!!」is better translated to “With me seeing such dream, we won’t be able to move forward!!!”. Luffy is asking for a punch to help him stop clinging to the past. And considering his personality, he’s not the type who would let himself mulling over the past and what-ifs no matter how nice they seem.

And in the last panel, Luffy actually says “I only saw a dream!” instead of “I only wanted to see a dream!”. It could be a simple mistake, of mistaking the original text 「夢見ただけだぞ」with「夢見ただけだぞ」, but it leaves a noticeable different impression. It should be something along the line of “You shouldn’t have punched me THAT hard just because I saw a dream!!” despite him being the one asking for it, instead of him complaining “Is it that wrong for me wanting to see a dream?!”.

Last one, but it’s more like a personal beef regarding translation, the text bubble that screams “WAIT!!!” originally only says 「おらァ!!」or “ORAA!!!”. It originally is just Sanji and Zoro shouting while punching Luffy, but the translation makes it seems as if Luffy is asking for them to halt their action. 

Those are all I’m gonna note here for now. If anyone finds some mistakes from my side, you’re very welcome to point it out! I honestly would rather privately message the translator but I had a hard time tracing back to find them and I just… I’m just sad to see many people getting the wrong idea from the mistranslation…


Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin, Episode 34

Some small detail about language here. Eren specifically says “Sarude nanda” literally “What is a monkey?” So he’s not asking about a monkey, he’s asking what is a monkey. It’s notable that Ymir and Reiner refer to it as “monkey” whereas everybody else (i.e. Connie, Hange) refers to it as “beast”. Gives the idea that the wall people don’t know what a monkey is.

Good morning, while we wait for the Sana + Isak scene, think about all those times Isak gets piggy back rides now.

First time happened after Even cooked and Isak was helping (read: sitting on the counter and directing the spices. bc hello? he is the master of spices) and then it was time to give Isak rewarding kisses for being such a good helper so Even was standing between his legs and then suddenly he turned around, put his hands under Isak’s knees and said

“Hop on!”

Then this one time when Isak was a grumpy, sleepy lump in bed, where it’s warm and soft and cozy and Even was in such a good mood (*sigh* those morning persons) he pampered Isak’s face with all those kisses and then pulled him into a sitting position, rubbed their noses together and then whispered against his mouth

“Come on, Baby Monkey” and turned around.

Or the time when Isak got really, really drunk on Mahdi’s birthday. He wanted to stay mainly sober but as those plans go one drunk Eva

(”Isakiyakiiii, here have a shot with meee!”)

and also one very interesting drinking game (Even now may or may not know his part in that awful Penetrator song) later, he was basically shitfaced. He and Jonas were sitting on the stairs, Even crouching down in front of them, when Even suggested they get home and

“Oh! Yesss, plissss….Evi, I don’t want to move though”

he slurred and really tried to keep his eyes opened but, boy, his lids were heavy.
His boyfriend with his amazing hair and his plaidshirt just grinned up at him and tipped his back, raising those fine, fine eyebrows (Isak may have sighed dreamily more than once while this interaction happened) in question.

Isak returned the grin and asked  “Monkey?” to which Even answered with a soft peck to his lips and murmured

“Yes, my Baby Monkey”

and turned around for Isak to hope on. Once on his back he made a salute gesture to the general direction of Jonas and smooched Even’s cheeks, one hand firmly in that soft hair of his boy (for direction purposed of course).

anonymous asked:

What got you into Narry and what is your favorite Narry moment? 😊

Oh goodness, Non-Non. This is gonna be a bit of a trip down memory lane!

So, basically- I got really, really into Niall first and while watching videos of Niall I really started to notice his friendship with Harry, which resulted in my watching Narry videos – and then it was just…down the rabbit hole, you know? The first moment that really struck me as a ship moment, though, was this one:

That’s the moment where my was kinda like, “Oh. Ok. This is fine.” After that I was a goner.

As far as a favourite Narry moment goes, here’s the thing: I am literally unable to choose a favourite. As in, I can never choose just one, because there are SO many – and there are sooo many perfect ones, you know? So, instead of choosing just one, I’m gonna do you one better and I’m gonna do the top seven moments that immediately come to mind when I think about Narry.

1. In which Niall can hardly contain his excitement, let alone wait it his turn because he wanted to make sure that he was the one to get Harry’s cake pop.

(Bonus: The way Niall points, and looks at James, and nods to confirm that yeah, Harry is his.)

2. In which Narry have a little cuddle, followed by a little love tap in front of that one L*rrie.

(Bonus: I know you know.)

3. In which we were all just watching this casual PSA from 1D and wondering why Harry can’t take his eyes off Niall this time, and then- BAM! Shoulder kiss!

(Bonus: Niall’s little shiver directly after Harry kisses him.)

4. In which Niall wanted to kiss Harry under the mistletoe – that wasn’t even meant for THEM.

(Bonus: Niall doesn’t even hesitate.)

5. In which Harry breaks free from at least a dozen men to across a field and throw himself into Niall’s awaiting arms.

(Bonus: Niall on his tippy-toes, and Harry patting his bum. Bonus-bonus: How proud and fond Niall was in the moments directly after.)

6. In which Harry would do Niall. (However cliche as it might be for me, a Narrie, to choose.)

7: In which Niall is unable to contain his fond for Harry. (This one is really getting to me lately. LOOK AT NIALL!)

theyre bananas for equality!

tomorrow never happens

Sabo knows he shouldn’t. He really does. He knows it’s a bad idea and entirely unnecessary and probably stupid, but he brushes past the Marines in the doorway just enough to bump into them anyway.

“Beg pardon,” he says, tilting his hat down both as an apology and a distraction, then slips out the door. It shuts behind him and he chuckles, opening the wallet he’d palmed. Huh, rather a lot for a Petty Officer on shore leave, actually-

“Oi, you there.”

He looks up, already disappearing the money into an inside pocket and the wallet into a sleeve. “Hmm?”

And that, right there, is the reason this was a really bad idea. There’s another Marine coming towards him, and this one’s wearing lieutenant’s stripes. “Give that back,” he says, and Sabo takes one moment to blink and decide how he’s going to play this. Well, he is supposed to be laying low, and they are in public, so…

“What?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows and spreading his empty hands.

“The wallet,” the lieutenant says, stopping right in front of him.

Sabo tries to sidestep because he doesn’t really want his back to the door. “What, my wallet?”

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