literal monkey

My friend made a very good point today (We were studying together and at some point, I let him play my MH4U game). You know how you throw dung bombs at monsters to chase them away?

He said that the dung bomb shouldn’t work on Congalala, since it’s literally a giant pink monkey that farts at you.

Doesn’t Congalala throw dung at the hunter too?

It would be pretty awkward if you threw a dung bomb at a Congalala, only to have it retaliate by throwing an even bigger piece of dung back at you.

why did dan come up when i searched “similar bands to mcr” im

when someone tells me they love a song by an artist i’ve sold my soul to i think “do you really love this song like does it mean as much as it does to me than it does to you???? dO you fEEL THE SONG DO YOU FEEL THE LYRICS DO YOU FEEL THIS WAy toWARDS THIS MASTERPIECE????????”

Welcome to RWBY

everything is a ship.  you like those two?  great!  Its a ship!  You hate those two?  Great! its a ship!  they have a good ship name?  Great!  Its a ship!  they’ve never met each other?  great!  its a ship!  they’re both dead?  great!  its a ship!  that character likes food?  great!  its a ship!  they’re not even in the show yet?  great!  its a ship!



“Sora, that’s NOT a valid answer!!”

Recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with a little blog called liverpepper☆ I can’t even pretend that I’m a huge fan of KH or FF (I played two games when I was a wee child), but this AU has captured my heart. These ridiculous meme-loving twins and their long-suffering dads are the most precious thing on tumblr. So, rather than do my homework, I decided to make this!

Jay, I hope I’ve been able to do justice to your lovely creation!! Thank you so much for these nerds!!!


based on that one scene from gravity falls, yknow the one

…i wanted to do this mostly because walani lmao gf!wendy is totally my hc voice for her and then, i decided to make it a little longer