literal monkey

Good morning, while we wait for the Sana + Isak scene, think about all those times Isak gets piggy back rides now.

First time happened after Even cooked and Isak was helping (read: sitting on the counter and directing the spices. bc hello? he is the master of spices) and then it was time to give Isak rewarding kisses for being such a good helper so Even was standing between his legs and then suddenly he turned around, put his hands under Isak’s knees and said

“Hop on!”

Then this one time when Isak was a grumpy, sleepy lump in bed, where it’s warm and soft and cozy and Even was in such a good mood (*sigh* those morning persons) he pampered Isak’s face with all those kisses and then pulled him into a sitting position, rubbed their noses together and then whispered against his mouth

“Come on, Baby Monkey” and turned around.

Or the time when Isak got really, really drunk on Mahdi’s birthday. He wanted to stay mainly sober but as those plans go one drunk Eva

(”Isakiyakiiii, here have a shot with meee!”)

and also one very interesting drinking game (Even now may or may not know his part in that awful Penetrator song) later, he was basically shitfaced. He and Jonas were sitting on the stairs, Even crouching down in front of them, when Even suggested they get home and

“Oh! Yesss, plissss….Evi, I don’t want to move though”

he slurred and really tried to keep his eyes opened but, boy, his lids were heavy.
His boyfriend with his amazing hair and his plaidshirt just grinned up at him and tipped his back, raising those fine, fine eyebrows (Isak may have sighed dreamily more than once while this interaction happened) in question.

Isak returned the grin and asked  “Monkey?” to which Even answered with a soft peck to his lips and murmured

“Yes, my Baby Monkey”

and turned around for Isak to hope on. Once on his back he made a salute gesture to the general direction of Jonas and smooched Even’s cheeks, one hand firmly in that soft hair of his boy (for direction purposed of course).


The fact that all of their lives are literally on hold just breaks my heart. They’re all just living each day, counting down the minutes until they can talk to each other again

anonymous asked:

Since it's the 10th anniversary of FWN do you have favourite songs and individual lyrics from the album?

This is overwhelming, for a lot of reasons. One being that I remember this day because my friend in high school gave me it - I want to post a picture of my copy of this CD because it’s very amazing. She burned it for me, because that’s what you did in 2007. And I have it still. She gave it to me in school and I remember going home and putting it on my shitty laptop and then listening to it on the bus the next day. Which just means I’m too old for Tumblr. 

Anyway, to answer your question, most of my favorite AM songs come from FWN. I always thought it was interesting that at the time, Alex had a thing for writing “the” instead of “her” - he didn’t use pronouns. (Example: “The eyes were all red” “The eyes were bright”) When singing do me a favour live, he often changed it to “her…” Because yeah, it makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Only Ones Who Know and Do Me a Favour have the best lyrics, I think. They’re more of his profound songs, that kind of reach over his reckless young adult ramblings like This House… Which, even still, is prophetic in itself. “We’re forever unfulfilled” - being that observant, introspective and reflective about a time of your life that is so reckless and carefree, to me, says a lot about the direction Alex went with his writing. 

This album always meant a lot to me because it’s an album of growing pains. Of how ‘true romance can’t be achieved these days’ and ‘perhaps fuck off might be too kind’ - he was broken hearted, tired of his home town, knowing he was on the edge of something big and not sure what to do with it. But then there are songs that stick out against this theme, like Florescent Adolescent. Where does that song fit in? I’m not sure. It’s a very supercharged album, with a message that basically says they don’t care about how they’re perceived anymore. It’s the last bit of youthful, childhood recklessness before they move onto their mature sounding records, with the complete shift in sound and energy and everything, as you all know.

I always really liked “Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up/blinded by nostalgia” and I’ve felt this way so many times. I thought it was so clever, which it is. The frustration of being stuck somewhere you’ve outgrown. I know that well.

But Do Me a Favour has always been very special to me. “Hold on to your heart” is something I’ve taken and thought about in my own life, quite a few times. I know the song is about a strained breakup with one of his first girlfriends, but it still gets me. Some people listen to music for the composition of the songs, technicality, the art, etc. For me, it’s a mixture of that and the emotional response I can connect to. And I feel that so much with this song, and the album as a whole.

What’s your favorite?