literacy for art

No doubt your sword is indeed a beautiful thing. It is a tribute to whoever forged it in bygone ages. There are very few such swords as this one left in the world, but remember, it is only a sword, Matthias! It contains no secret spell, nor holds within its blade any magical power. This sword is made for only one purpose, to kill. It will only be as good or evil as the one who wields it. I know that you intend to use it only for the good of your Abbey, Matthias; do so, but never allow yourself to be tempted into using it in a careless or idle way. It would inevitably cost you your life, or that of your dear ones. Martin the Warrior used the sword only for right and good. This is why it has become a symbol of power to Redwall. Knowledge is gained through wisdom, my friend. Use the sword wisely.

I like the idea of someone saying they can’t take their eyes off you. Just imagine finding someone who is so fascinated by you, that they can’t physically take their eyes off you. And no matter how many times or how long they look at you; you are just as breathtaking as you were the first time they saw you"

- c.y


About new merchandise : Bocchikun acrylic charms (Hinamatsuri ver.)

Erwin and Levi are both “daijin” or two ministers who serve the emperor (Eren) and the empress (Mikasa)

Erwin seems to be ‘sadaijin’ (左大臣) : the left minister and Levi is 'udaijin’ (右大臣) : the right minister

Sadaijin (aka. Erwin) is the older minister who accomplishes in both literacy and military art. Sadaijin is placed on the right side of the viewer.

Udaijin (aka. Levi) is the younger one who protects the house. Udaijin is placed on the left hand side of the viewer.

Among the two ministers, sadaijin has higher rank.

This is so eruri ( ´ ♡ ` )

“The Ideal Neuron” 

by Adriana Bellomo 

Spring 2016 Independent Research Project

This what the ideal neuron would look like under a microscope once it has undergone the Golgi Stain. 

A. Pyramidal Cell

B. Purkinje Cell

C. Smooth Stellate Cell

D. Spiny Stellate Cell

Canadian Education!

I’ll start off with showing what the grades are by age, then going on to subjects.

Kindergarten- Age 4~ Junior Kindergarten and Age 5~ Senior Kindergarten

Then you go into grade school, and marking starts.
Grade 1- Age 6
Grade 2- Age 7
Grade 3- Age 8
Grade 4- Age 9
Grade 5- Age 10

Going into grade 6, some public schools go into middle schools for grades 6-8, but most stay in one school until seconds school.

Grade 6- Age 11
Grade 7- Age 12
Grade 8- Age 13

Grade 9 (or grade 8 in some regions) marks the beginning of secondary school, or high school. High School lasts from grades 9-12, and sometimes an extra grade 13.

After high school, you have the option to go to college, university or go into the workforce. College is more “average” education, while university is much more intense post secondary education, and you need a very high grade average to be accepted.

In grade school, the subjects are:
•English (Literacy)
•The Arts (Music, Drama, dance)
• Physical Education
•Religion (In the catholic schools)
•French (Starting anytime inbetween Grade 4or Grade 8)

In Secondary School, the subjects are the same, but have different ones depending on your school and your area. Some of those extra subjects include Business, Technology, and much more in the arts, as well as having subjects go into the different strands you want to study post-secondary, like biology, chemistry, or engineering or geometry.

(I’m really sorry for being late, I scheduled this to post on the 20th, but it never did, and then disappeared from my drafts. I had to rewrite the whole thing, but I didn’t notice it not posting, due to being so busy with school. I can definitely do a more in depth post, or focus on different ares of the education on a later date. Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience.)

Headcanons about Sportacuses/numbered heroes (because I can)

*The Sportacus we know is the 10th Sportacus, and obviously the most recent one 

*The elves take the position of Sportacus VERY seriously. The previous Sportacus has SOME input in who becomes the next Sportacus, but there is actually a whole council of elves who make the decision together. 

*The position of Sportacus is NOT something that is inherited. However, a relative being a Sportacus previously DOES help…10′s grandmother was a Sportacus previously (I like to say the 7th tbh) 

*Anyone can be Sportacus regardless of their sex. 

*You can be appointed Sportacus at any age, but it most commonly happens when the elf is young…like in their teens or twenties. 

*A Sportacus can give up their position for any reason. The most common however, is getting old, or wanting to retire to start a family. 

*The purpose of a Sportacus is to help humans. The position of Sportacus was created by elves to assist humans living in rural or faraway areas where they don’t have quick access to police and other emergency services. A Sportacus sort of functions in a town as a replacement for police/ambulances/fire dept etc. This is why 10 stays in Lazytown. 

*A Sportacus also has the duty of teaching the citizens of their towns how to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. They teach these things because living healthily can actually prevent certain emergencies from happening. Overall, a Sportacus wants to improve the community that they look after. 

*In order to be a potential candidate for the next Sportacus, one is expected to be very active and fit physically, often starting from a very young age. Knowledge and skills in many different sports is also desired, as is an extensive knowledge of health in both the elf and the human body. A Sportacus should also be outgoing and kind, and patient with a friendly personality. 

*A Sportacus is usually told which town to go to, but they can move town to town and go wherever they believe help is needed. When 10 first heard about Lazytown, he knew it was the kind of place that needed his help. 

*Every Sportacus has their own special uniform, but they do not all look the same. However, they are all inspired by athletic gear to a degree. 

*The airship and the crystal are passed down from Sportacus to Sportacus. Before 10, 9 had  flown the same airship, and used the same crystal. However, the ship was reprogrammed and personalized for 10 after 9 was relieved of his position. 

*The airship is fairly new technology. Before that, they used special magic hot air balloons. 

*The crystal enhances the elf’s already sensitive hearing, allowing the elf to hear EXACTLY where the trouble is and helping them locate it. However, it’s not immediately known who is in trouble or what the trouble is, until they get closer. Obviously, the crystal works by magic. 

*If a SPORTACUS is the one causing trouble for a citizen (for example, attacking or harming them), then the crystal will beep, and then BURN the wearer until they stop what they are doing. The elf council will be immediately notified, and the Sportacus will be forced to step down from their position as punishment. (This has only happened once, and that Sportacus was the shortest-running for this reason, and also the only Sportacus to get kicked out of his position. Their term was MUCH shorter than all the others) 

*7 was the first female Sportacus, and is also one of the most celebrated and most successful

*8 was the first disabled Sportacus and spent most of his career as a numbered hero in a wheelchair (basing this one off of something Magnus said once) That however, did not get in the way of his hero-ing. 

*The very first Sportacus, #1, was appointed in the mid-late 1800s. However, there have been earlier versions of the concept previously dating all the way back to the 1600s

*10 was made Sportacus fairly recently, around the start of the 21st century (matching the show’s timeline). 

*10 would LOVE for Stephanie to become 11 some day, but the elf council so far seems pretty against it since she is a human. He kind of wants to fight for it though, because he REALLY sees potential in Stephanie

*There are other types of numbered heroes besides Sportacuses. However, Sportacus is the only athletic/health focused type. There are other numbered heroes that assist and educate humans on different matters, such as mental health and relationships, science, literacy , music/art,  etc. Other magical creatures besides elves also assist humans with similar hero programs. 

….this ended up a lot longer than I thought it would 

Jessica Care Moore (b. 1971) is a poet, playwright, and performance artist, who in 1997 founded her own publishing company entitled Moore Black Press, dedicated to promoting a new generation of African American authors.

In 2004 she introduced the Black WOMEN Rock! Exhibition, showcasing some of the best musicians in the country. The foundation that bears her name focuses on promoting literacy and expression through art.

List of High School Classes

Classes Most Often Found in U.S. Schools.


Accounting, Business law, Business management, Consumer education, Entrepreneurial skills, Introduction to business, Marketing, Personal finance,

Computer Science/Information Technology

Animation, App development, Audio production, Computer programming, Computer repair, Film production, Graphic design, Media technology, Music production, Typing, Video game development, Web design, Web programming, Word processing  


American literature, British literature, Contemporary literature, Creative writing, Communication skills, Debate, English language and composition, English literature and composition, Humanities, Journalism, Literary analysis, Modern literature, Poetry, Popular literature, Rhetoric, Technical writing, Works of Shakespeare, World literature, Written and oral communication

Family and Consumer Science

Chemistry of foods, CPR training, Culinary arts, Early childhood development, Early childhood education, Family studies, Fashion and retail merchandising, Fashion construction, Home economics, Interior design, Nutrition

Foreign Language

American Sign Language, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Computer math, Consumer math, Fundamentals of math, Geometry, Integrated math, Math applications, Multivariable calculus, Practical math, Pre-algebra, Pre-calculus, Probability, Quantitative literacy, Statistics, Trigonometry

Performing Arts

Choir, Concert band, Dance, Drama, Guitar, Jazz band, Marching band, Music theory, Orchestra, Percussion, Piano, Theater technology, World music

Physical Education

Aerobics, Dance, Gymnastics, Health, Lifeguard training, Pilates, Racket sports, Specialized sports, Swimming, Weight training, Yoga


Agriculture, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Earth science, Electronics, Environmental science, Environmental studies, Forensic science, Geology, Marine biology, Oceanography, Physical science, Physics, Zoology

Social Studies

Cultural anthropology, Current events, European history, Geography, Global , studies, Human geography, International relations, Law, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Modern world studies, Physical anthropology, Political studies, Psychology, Religious studies, Sociology, US government, US history, Women’s studies, World history, World politics, World religions

Visual Arts

3-D art, Art history, Ceramics, Digital media, Drawing, Film production, Jewelry design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

Vocational Education

Auto body repair, Auto mechanics, Building construction, Computer-aided rafting, Cosmetology, Criminal justice, Driver education, Electronics, FFA, Fire science, Heating and cooling systems, Hospitality and tourism, JROTC, Metalworking, Networking, Plumbing, Production technology, Refrigeration fundamentals, Robotics, Woodworking

Advanced Placement Classes AP Capstones

AP Research, AP Seminar


AP Art history, AP Music theory, AP Studio art: 2-D design, AP Studio art: 3-D design, AP Studio art: drawing


AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition

History & Social Science

AP Comparative government and politics, AP European history, AP Human Geography, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology, AP United States Government and Politics, AP United States History, AP World History, Math & Computer Science, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Statistics


AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based, AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based,

World Languages and Cultures

AP Chinese Language and Culture, AP French Language and Culture, AP German Language and Culture, AP Italian Language and Culture, AP Japanese Language and Culture, AP Latin, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature and Culture