liter a cola

my depression meals

-a peanut butter sandwich
-cranberry juice and birthday cake flavored oreos
-water with dust from my ceiling in it
- 2 large 1 topping pizzas and a 2 liter of Coca Cola from dominos
-aftertaste from my toothpaste after finally brushing my rotting teeth

Sick Day

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: Taehyung was stressed with work and you did everything you could to help even if it meant putting your own health on the backburner. 

Word Count: 2480

Warning: like one use of the f word

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The cup of tea you had set down on the desk for him had gotten cold. It was untouched, not a drop had left the cup. He didn’t even lift a finger or tilt his head in acknowledgment when you entered the room. He was too engrossed in memorizing lines for a drama he was recently cast in. 

“Taehyung-ah. You have to eat something.” You came up behind him and place a hand on his shoulder. It seemed like the only part of his body moving right now were his eyes which danced left and right reading the lines in the script. This drama was pretty important to him. He’d moved up from supporting to second male lead, and he wanted his performance to be perfect. 

You sigh and take the cup of tea from its place on the table. Taehyung’s been sitting there at his desk ever since he came home from dance practice, and that was hours ago. For hours, he’s been sitting there repeatedly scanning each and every page trying to memorize each and every line. 

This was routine for the past few weeks. He’d leave early to go to the studio to either record or dance, come home late into the evening and sit at his desk memorizing the lines. You’d have to force him to go to bed and even then he’d only ever get a good three, maybe four, hours of sleep every night. It was unhealthy for him, and you knew it. 

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So my younger brother recently got the Nuka world dlc, because I told him it was worth getting. His room is just opposite mine, and he has the door open and he’s playing it. I just heard him sigh loudly, then say in the most neutral tone “I’ve had enough, it’s time to nuke the furries.”

Playtime » BamBam

Pairing: BamBam X Reader

 Summary: BamBam and you had always done things to spice up your sex life. You found out some interesting things when you both started experimenting. Like that he hates teasing and likes being called daddy. 

❝You’ve always been a slut haven’t you?❞

❝ Did you just squirt?

❝ You wanted me to catch you didn’t you? Playing with yourself to turn me on?

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Dom!BamBam, Sub!Reader, Daddy kink, masturbation, oral (receiving), overstimulation

Word Count: 3.7k 

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I love how all the Raven Cycle characters like totally do things just for the aesthetic. 

Blue: homemade clothes, purposefully messy hair, wears fingerless gloves even though they are impractical because they look cool

Gansey: has an antique car that always breaks down, lives in an old factory, keeps a patchwork notebook full of his finding just because he’s so dedicated to making his life seem full of interesting things (because he doesn’t think there’s anything interesting about him :( sorry this one got said.)

Ronan: all black, all the time. got a 900 dollar tattoo just to piss off his brother. dreams himself a pet raven. puts copies of speeding tickets on door. probably practices his shitty faces in the mirror

The Grey Man: has his whole gray thing

Greenmantle: Literally has a whole chapter in the raven king were he stands around in his underwear drinking from a bottle a wine contemplating how this was the perfect sad aesthetic for mourning piper

And then there’s Adam, who’s too tired and busy to have an aesthetic, but literally wore a Cocoa Cola shirt one time and thus gets called Cocoa Cola shirt for the rest of his life in-universe and is represented by Cocoa Cola in every photoset ever in fandom.

like there is no ethical consumption under capitalism but coca cola literally kills people. there’s an aura of evil in every coca cola commercial

what the fuck was this got7 est cola commercial i mean

literally where tf are they and why they end up at some Stonehenge looking shit

i’m jb tbh

you would think that for being in the desert they would have a tan but no they got them as white as their hair smdh 

yugyeom in the back like “yah youngjae what else that mouth do”

mark looking like that kid who watches anime and so some douche kids pick on him and wanna fight so mark squares up only to deadass pull out some sick anime fighting moves and people kinda scared bc they think he’s crazy

here we have mark regretting every life choice he has made to lead him to this point. he is looking up to the heavens like @ god why did i sign that contract all those years ago. jinyoung about to nut over some est cola literally i think he is seducing the bottle and me lowkey and yugyeom dead eyed,, he just wants to dance

got7 on their way to fucc ur bitch

his body reaching for the bottle but his eyes are reaching out for help

THEY LITERALLY LEFT JACKSON BEHIND IN THE DESERT AND HE LIKE “yall did the most™ for no reason watch this”

jackson drinking anything but water and no fat no carb no sugar no salt no artifical flavor bland ass plant based milk we are hashtag blessed

this commercial saved me i will never stop laughing thanks got7

anonymous asked:

I found an old photo that my friend send and it was a shopping cart filled 2 liter of cola and I'm like you the heck buys that much of cola but then I'm like wait Edd would.

i just had 1.5 liters of coca cola jfdshgsdf i just cried listening to lana del rey and then laughed listening to lana del rey while scrolling through the babe’s blog

i spent a good five minutes telling dorian how much i love him