I hate aromantic posts that explain how you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship by using deep, life-long friendships as a replacement. What if you don’t have or want THAT either??? Aromantic posts are like “you don’t need someone else to be whole!” but then IMMEDIATELY start listing a LITENY of people who make you whole INSTEAD, like friends, relatives, colleagues, whatever.

Related to this are those posts that are like “Hey, aromantics aren’t FEELING-LESS MONSTERS, GEEZE. Hey, STOP presenting aromantics as stoic, logical MACHINES!!” because like. What the fuck is wrong with that? What’s your problem with not being an emotional wreck? A huge part of being aromantic for me is NOT investing my emotional well-being in someone else, AKA something outside of my control. Be that a romantic relationship or otherwise. 

Don’t get me wrong, friends are great!! and stuff!! But I’m really sick of the alternative to a romantic relationship being this deep, soul-mate level connection with someone else, because then it just starts SOUNDING like a romantic relationship to me and I get weirded out. I don’t have that with anyone. I am still A Very Happy Person. Somehow!! Crazily enough!! And in fact, I actively Do Not Want any relationship like that. So like, chill your fucking heels when it comes to trying to make aromantics seem “normal” by explaining that “no, they totally have REAL, MEANINGFUL relationships, you’re just being JUDGY, SOCIETY, because it’s not ROMANTIC.” Because hey, some romantics don’t. And that’s. Fucking fine???