Wrestler's relationship ( RANT )

Alright, I’m highly getting sick of this “ Who is dating cm punk ” drama shit on my dashboard. let me begin with, it’s none and I mean NONE, of our business who cm punk is dating. Several resources apparently say, him and lita broke up again, like I say “ sources ”, but anyways, if they did break up, it’s no one concern if they did, sending him tweet asking if they broke up will mostly likely get you blocked, cause it’s just highly disrespectful. Now, the AJ and Cm punk dating rumors.I would say I wouldn’t be surprise if they are dating, but i doubt they are.RUMORS say they left a recent house show together, necessarily doesn’t mean they are together. AJ in real life is highly private person, she never speaks of her personal life, so who knows?   

now this AJ Punk Vs Punklita 

whatever your shippers name are.. 

It’s stupid, you’re fighting over someone’s else relationship.. 

if you ship AJ with Punk okay do that

if you ship Lita with Punk do that

But, I HOPE, I HOPE  you guys don’t forget  like i said.. it none our concern, our concern is only what cm punk does in the  ring

there’s two different cm punk. 

The one who we see in the ring, and the one who does thing out of the ring

and we should only be concern about cm punk inside the ring.

he’s old enough to do whatever he wants, okay? okay :3 

if you don't like this..