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How can those of us w/o a tv or outside the US stream SNL when it airs??

You can watch it using these livestreams (you have to sign up for this one)

It starts at 11:30 ET, you can look up for your timezone by googling 11:30 ET in (your country/city)

“I won’t date Charlie because he stalked me and I’m a lesbian!” The waitress shouted at Dee. She still has no name.

Dee snorted, unaware that that’s how you call for bees. “Why are you obsessed with Dennis then?” She asks.

“So I could get to you.” The waitress responds, placing her hand on Dee’s arm. Suddenly a bee flew by, landing on the waitress. She didn’t move. She smiled. Her hand turned into a swarm of bees. Dee screamed. The waitress was just a swarm of bees the whole time. Dee was actually a flower. This is a metaphor. Save the bees.

You lay in your bed and put the blanket over you. You turn the light off and open Tumblr mobile on your phone. Your dash is dead. You sigh and put your phone on the charger after a long day of use and set it on the nightstand next to your bed.

You lay your head on your pillow and face your bedroom door. Suddenly you hear a scratching sound on your floor. You tense, then realize it must be your dog. Except, you don’t have a dog. You put the blanket over your face and hope that whatever it was can’t lift a fucking blanket.

After a few minutes you remove the blanket from your face. You glance at the floor and see a pale hand laying limp. The arm is coming from under your bed. You freeze and stare at it.

Suddenly you’re no longer in your room. Dennis Reynolds is laying in the bed next to you. You and him are in his bed. “Hello (Y/N).” He says seductively.

You scream. He morphs. He is now Dee Reynolds. You feel calmer, but still extremely unsafe. You are now in her bed at her apartment. She smiles at you. You can’t move. Suddenly the bed is on fire. She set the bed on fire. You’re in your house in your bed. It is still on fire. The Reynolds twins smile maniacally at you as they watch you burn to death.

I literally cannot think of a single heterosexual motivation for Dee’s fantasy to be that the masked man robbing the gas station was actually be a stunningly beautiful woman. Sure, maybe Dee wanted to feel some kind of female empowerment after experiencing years of misogynistic abuse at the hands of the gang, but what motive then for the woman’s remarkable beauty?

tl;dr HAROLD

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ok but has anyone come up with trans dee headcanons??? Like it would honestly makes sense like thats why their mom was so horrible to her and praised Dennis so much for being a 'real man' and why she had such a hard time with beauty pageants bc of bigotry. (also the gang constantly makes fun of her hands and feet for being big)

trans dee is an interesting thing because i actually have seen a fair number of people talk about that headcanon before! i agree with you on pretty much everything you’ve said here, and while i don’t see trans dee as “canon” the way i see, say, lesbian dee and trans charlie as “canon,” i am really fond of trans dee.

but like….. nobody writes dee fics? like ever? and i’ll admit right now that i’m also guilty of this myself thus far but there just AREN’T a great many dee-centric fics period, much less any that deal with dee being trans. i think i’ve seen….. one? trans dee fic? and it was really really good don’t get me wrong!! but it’s still just one

god knows i have a long-ass list of things i need to do and things that i want to write in the near future but i really really do want to write some sort of trans dee fic at some point, just because it seems like nobody else is going to

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1 and 10

1. Favorite music video? 

that sure is a difficult choice! I love most of them, but if I had to pick one I’d pick On Melancholy Hill. It’s really nostalgic for me because I loved that song and video way before I discovered there was a whole story behind Gorillaz, besides that Noodle is badass with her mask and guns, I love how 2D and Murdoc are drawn there and I love how the guest artists all make a guest appearance!

10. Opinion on The Fall?

(I already answered this one a long time ago and this was my answer )

The Fall to me… It’s a bit complicated. I know the majority of the fandom seems to dislike it, and I understand that. I mean Seattle yodel is on The Fall. Is there anyone who likes Seattle yodel?

But, the Fall also has Hillbilly man, and Amarillo, and revolving doors. And those are songs that I love. I think revolving doors is one of my favourite Gorillaz songs actually.

And plotwise I somehow just don’t want to hate the Fall, seeing how it’s 2D’s album you know?

‘’ And this one The Fall, is mostly just me…something more gentle and just…well…it’s just me and an iPad really mucking about…trying out some stuff. Just looking at America and then tapping on the screen…I’m not really concentrating too hard on it….So, right, each album got all of us on it somewhere, but each time it’s… more of one of us than the others….Well, that’s how I see it anyway.“

-2D (x)

I also think it’s amazing that Damon was able to make it on an Ipad in a short time! I mean I know a lot of people criticize the album over that, but I think it makes the Fall special.  

Soo.. I don’t really have a conclusion. I can’t say that I like most of the songs, but I don’t hate the album and it has a few songs that I actually really love!

Dee woke up next to Charlie on the futon in his apartment. She quickly sat up, hoping they didn’t have sex. She noticed that the world was very blurry and lower than it normally was. She squinted and went to run her hands through her hair at the roots, only she was almost entirely bald. She let our a scream, hearing Franks voice. This couldn’t be happening.

Meanwhile, in Dee’s apartment, Frank woke up in a comfortable bed. He sat up and let out a yawn. The world was clear and higher up than usual. Today will be a good day.

Suddenly everyone was at Paddy’s and dressed for the day. “Give me back my body you son of a bitch.” Dee said to Frank, but it looked like Frank said it to Dee.

“I’m confused.” Mac said simply.

Everyone is confused. Suddenly Mac was Charlie and Charlie was Mac. Paddy’s is on fire. Philadelphia isn’t real, it was just a figment of our collective imaginations. Pennsylvania is part of New Jersey. The United States is fake.