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I was tagged awhile ago by @twin-salopian to post 9 albums I’m in love with. Sorry this took me so long, but thanks for tagging me!! In no specific order-

1- Dangerous Curves by Lita Ford

2- Black Market Music by Placebo

3- You and Me Against the World by Apoptygma Berzerk

4- Metal Health by Quiet Riot

5- A Kind of Magic by Queen

6- Live in Berlin by Depeche Mode

7- Appetite for Destruction by Guns N Roses

8- Waking the Fallen by Avenged Sevenfold

9- Who’s Next by The Who

honorable mention- Disintegration by The Cure

the nine I’ll tag- @lexa-the-conqueror @thedis-time @just-an-earthbound-misfit @circee @betterthingstofalltogether @misssfriday @rammstein4ever @fifty-shades-of-gray-chapter @stokoetopia or you can blow this off, that’s totally cool too


TAGGED BY: @13xwishes <3
TAG! YOU’RE IT!: tag yourselves, and then tag me, because I wanna know eeeevrything (’specially what to call ya)

1) NAME: Kar(Lita)
2) GENDER: fem
3): STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
4): HEIGHT: 5′6″
6): FAVORITE ANIMAL: Hm…I like red panda, capybara,foxes, corvids, and the peregrine falcon!
7): HOURS OF SLEEP: Hah. About 3-5 hours on avg.
8): DOGS OR CATS: Both. Both are good.
9): NUMBER OF BLANKETS: I like putting one under the stretchy sheet, and two on top so…3
10): DREAM TRIP: I want to explore old ruins. Would really like to visit New Zealand for whatever reason. Or anywhere pretty and vibrant. If it looks out of a fantasy story I wanna go there.
11.) DREAM JOB: I want to be a published writer! Or a comic artist. Or a baker/patisserie.
12.) TIME: 4:20pm. eyyyyy
13.): BIRTHDAY: December 13th.
14.): FAVORITE BANDS: umm…PATD, Paramore, PTV, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.
15.): FAVORITE SOLO ARTIST: Currently? Kali Uchis, Alina Baraz, Khalid, etc.
16.): SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Grace Kelly - MIKA & Luvoratorrrrry - REOL
17.): LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Kubo and the Two Strings
18.): LAST SHOW I WATCHED:  The Amazing World of Gumball
19.): WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: July of 2014? Don’t got an exact date.
20.): WHAT DO I POST/REBLOG: Stuff that relates to the muse, so aesthetics, art, sayings, and also writing/threads
21.): LAST THING I GOOGLED: pretty sure I looked up a word meaning
22.): OTHER BLOGS: personal or rp? ‘cause this is the only rp.
23.): DO I GET ASKS: Not really? Once in a blue moon. Would love some, though.
24.): WHY I CHOSE MY URL: JUDOLETTE FLIP! FIYAH! (signature power move)
25.): FOLLOWING: 150
27.): LUCKY NUMBER: ???
28.): FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Violin or bass
29.): WHAT AM I WEARING: What am I wearing indeed. Kimiko would disapprove.
30.): FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta
31.): NATIONALITY: American?
32.): FAVORITE SONG:  haha, idk. music.
33.): LAST BOOK I READ: Oh…uh…in completion? Antigone, I think…
34.): TOP THREE FICTIONAL UNIVERSES I’D LIKE TO JOIN: sh*t what do I like…uh…Pokemon. The land of Ooo looks fun. Anything in space, like Gundam. 


Here are some rather belated Christmas gifts for some of my GW2 guildies from [MOTH], drawn for me by the lovely @shutterbones ~ 

I know most of you don’t play the game anymore but I really hope you like these in any case!!! :D I’m super lucky to know such awesome people as you - love you guys!  ♥♥♥

❝while many male musicians of the ‘80s were filming music videos full of oiled-up women dancing in cages behind bands and making themselves into sex objects for masculine singers, another group of musicians presented a wholly different vision of the roles women could play. these musicians were the women of rock; women who smashed the expectations and succeeded as artists in a still vastly male-dominated entertainment medium…❞

1. under the gun  //  lita ford  2. metal queen  //  lee aaron  3. lady in a rock 'n’ roll hell  //  warlock  4. hell raisers  //  vixen  5. out of control  //  phantom blue  6. trouble in paradise  //  princess pang  7. seducer  //  saraya  8. rebel  //  femme fatale  9. woman  //  smashed gladys  10. nasty nasty  //  girlschool

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Hey Tumblr! Meet A Member Of The AJ Lee Defense Squad.

You people that try and belittle the career of AJ Lee and what she has done for the WWE make me sick. Let me break it down for you! AJ Lee is STILL the LONGEST REIGNING Divas Champion in WWE History, she’s a former RAW General Manager, a 3 Time
Divas Champion, she’s the first Diva to grant a Make A Wish, the first Diva to bring back merchandise for the WWE Divas since Trish Stratus and Lita, a 2 Time Diva of the Year and got to work with Superstars like John Cena and Daniel Bryan with whom she was in a STORYLINE with and not really dating them like SOME DIVAS. She has ultimately turned that Division around by showing us women around the world that you don’t have to fit someone else’s idea of what the “perfect woman” is supposed to be! Storyline or not! I am a proud AJ Lee fan and it really pisses me off that these same fandoms trying to piss on AJ’s career get just as salty when their heroes are insulted! Be respectful to our hero and be proud of your hero without shaming them. I am proud that we have women like AJ Lee to set an example for the “Freaks and Geeks” everywhere.