Part 8

cute story of Akashi and his mini-bokushi
by @active-mind-15

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Chapter 8

After their little run in with Kuroko and Kagami, Akashi decided to head straight home, and so he called a taxi and led them to his address. The taxi drove into the upscale neighborhood, slowing to a halt in front of the large manor that resided at the end of the block. When they arrived, Akashi paid the driver and he and Bokushi stepped out of the car. When the taxi drove away, the two of them approached the extravagant door to the front of the house.

“It has been a while since I was here,” said Bokushi. Akashi nodded.

“Indeed, it has been a while,” said Akashi. “I’m just dreading the reaction we’re going to get from the staff when they see you.”

“Would you like me to explain?” The Rakuzan Captain shook his head.

“I appreciate the offer, but it would be better if I handled this.” He sighed as he finally reached his hand up to the door. “Let’s just get this over with.” He grabbed the knocker and hit it against the door three times and waited. After a few seconds, he heard footsteps approaching and then the lock twisted on the door. When the door opened, it revealed an elderly man in a suit. His eyes lit up at the sight of Akashi.

“Bocchama, we were expecting you,” he said. “Welcome…” He trailed off when he realized that Akashi was not alone. He looked down and saw a young boy that looked exactly like Akashi and his eyes widened in surprise as he took a deep breath and…

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Splat X: Creative Liberty

Splat X: Creative Liberty

Ix Altezio tapped on his desk repeatedly.  It was definitely not a regular habit, but here he was.  Ix Altezio the pen tapper.  He stressfully tousled the tentacles tied up on his head in an irritated manner; he brushed them back and forth like a paintbrush.  

The motion just irritated him more.  As he sat at his desk with a glare aimed down at the nearly blank sheet of paper, he tapped the capped head of his pen faster and faster on the desk.  His room was lit fine enough and the materials laid out in front of him.  There were pens, a desk lamp, several sheets of paper.  The erratic, quick motions of his pen tapping could have very well been applied to paper.  A simple black border laid out on the paper along with several outlines for what appeared to be characters.  He probably could have burnt through an entire novel series in the time he went on and battered the furniture with his writing utensil.  

Except for one fine detail.  

“…Alright Ix.”  He sighed both mentally and physically.  His body heaved as if weights had been dropped on his back.  “The chapter begins with a boy and a girl-  No, no, too shortsighted.”  Ix clenched the pen tighter in his hand as his emerald eyes jittered.  “It-  Uh…  Maybe a slice of life?”

Several beads of blue sweat dripped below his equally blue tentacles down onto his Baseball Jersey, down his shorts, straight down to his Red Sea Slugs.  The stress began to take its toll on him; several wrinkles that a twenty-four year old squid should not at all have popped up.  As he sat uncomfortably in his otherwise comfortable, plush chair and his mind buzzed, suddenly he heard something.  

His ears twitched inquisitively.  Someone knocked at his door once, twice. He wrapped his head in between his arms and gritted his teeth.  

“Not now, hun.”  He spoke to the door behind him quickly then turned back in his chair.  

A female’s voice called through the other side.  “Ix, it’s me.  Open up.”  

“Who’s ‘me’?”  Ix called back with a cursory glance and an arched eyebrow.  

“Goku.”   She replied back sarcastically.  “It’s your sister.  Let me in or I’m breaking down your door.”  

Ix chuckled and shook his head.  He swiveled back in his chair back to his deck.  “Right, sure, whatever.”  

This time he was answered with silence.  Ix’s small smile vanished as quickly as it came.  With a swift movement, he stacked all of the papers and the pens.  Unceremoniously he tossed the stack underneath his desk and pushed the chair over the materials.  He pulled his chair out of his desk and jogged over towards the door quickly.  

He reached for the doorknob and pulled with a smile.  “Hey Rem.”  

A tall Inkling woman stood in front of him.  Long orange tentacles wrapped in a band opened up like a lotus flower and flowed down behind her.  A metallic, artificial limb dropped from where her left arm might be.  

Emerald eyes similar to Ix’s blinked expectantly.  “Hey.”  She glanced around and folded her arms underneath her chest and Zekko Hoodie.  “What’ve you been up to?”  

Ix smirked and thought back to his repetitive tapping adventures.  “Eh, you know.  Just training.  After all-”  He flexed his bicep at her with one arm.  Rem cocked an eyebrow.  “These don’t just get this cool.”  

“…Mm-hm.”  She unfolded her arms and laid them by her jeans.  Rem walked around him and leaned on his desk.  “Two things.  First of all, you know you can’t beat this.”  

She mimicked him, and flexed her own biceps through her hoodie.  For good measure, she stretched her left leg out and showed off her Punk Whites.  As she did so, Ix could not help but remain drawn to the stack of paper hidden underneath the table.  

“Secondly.”  Rem cleared her throat.  “Who says that first thing?  You looked like a tool just flexing at me.”  

Ix shrugged and grinned at her.  “Just messing with you, you know?”  

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion as she lowered her leg.  Ix continued to grin regardless, though his cool began to fizzle up somewhat.  His sister glared at him for quite some time until she finally shrugged and removed her arm from his table.  He heaved a mental sigh.  

“One last thing.”  Rem spoke up and began to walk towards the door.  “Ix, you know I love you.”

“Yeah.”  Ix could not help but beam.  “I know.”  

She turned and smiled back at him.  For a split second, Ix thought he was in the clear.  Then she reached for his chair.  Rem pulled it out from the desk and sent paper and pens flying.  Her brother’s eyes went wide.  

“Aw!”  He grunted in indignation and reached out for the materials.  

As he collected the sheets and the pens quickly, Rem smirked and laid her hands across her hips.  “You’re pretty shit at lying.  Plus, I saw the stuff there since the door cracked open.”  

“Alright, you caught me.”  Ix scowled and reached over towards the table.  He re-stacked the papers in a neat pile and laid the pens across the table.  “So I like drawing.  Sue me.”  

“That’s not just drawing.”  She pointed out with a grin.  Rem glanced down at one of the sheets of paper outlined with ink.  The orange Inkling reached over and inspected it.  “Whoa.  You draw manga?”  

“Give that back!”  Ix snapped and snatched it out of her hands much to her surprise.  “Yes, I draw manga.”  

“Whoa.  Calm down.”  She gestured placatingly and leaned on the side of one of the room’s walls.  “There’s nothing wrong with that.”  

Ix sighed and tossed it onto the top of the stack of clean white sheets.  “Well, now you know.  Your little brother draws manga.  What do you need?”  

Rem frowned at him and backed away.  “I just came to visit you.  Jeez.”  She reached back and flipped her tentacles.  “Didn’t realize you were so touchy.  Since you seem busy, I guess I’ll just go.”  

“…”  Ix could only watch as she began to strut out of the room.  

Rem walked off towards the door walked out.  She pulled the knob behind her and shut it with a soft thud and left Ix all by his lonesome in his room yet again.  With a minor huff, he sat back down on the chair and turned his attention back towards his work.  He picked up a pen, gripped it tight, and aimed it down at his paper.  

Then promptly bashed his face into his desk.  “Ugh.”  

“You need some help with that?”  Rem asked from above him.  

“Gah!”  Ix yelped and dropped the pen from his hand.  “Rem!”

The small black tool rolled across the floor.  It continued its journey until it met Rem’s heel.  She stopped it with her Punk Whites and stood with her hands at her hips with a glowering expression down at her brother.  The both of them stared at one another with their emerald eyes.  

“…Mind handing me the pen back?”  Ix asked as he looked at her.  

“No.”  She answered simply.  “Ix, why didn’t you tell me?”  

He sighed and dropped his gaze and stared down at the floor instead.  “I just…like it.  Crafting stories and art.”  

“Hmm.”  Rem raised one fist up underneath her chin.   “Tell you what.  I’ll hand you the pen back if you let me help out.”  

“…Help out?”  Ix arched an eyebrow curiously.  

“You’re not the only one in the family with a knack for writing, you know.”  She wiggled her eyebrows playfully.  

Ix turned back towards his paper with pursed lips.  He took another sweep of the paper in front of him.  Almost completely blank.  With a hefty sigh, he turned back towards Rem who stood semi-patiently.  Rem was tapping the floor with her other shoe as she held the pen in her other one.  

“…Alright.” Ix sighed with a defeated shrug of his shoulders.  “Fine.  You win, sis.”  

As soon as he said that, he felt the warmth of two arms wrap around his neck.  Rem pulled him close to her chest and his face up to by her own and smiled.  “Alright. Let’s go make a manga.”  

Ix could not help but replicate the smile.  “Sure.  I just need the pen.”  

With a small kick, Rem launched the pen up into the air.  Ix snatched it as it flew up by his face and nodded at his sister in acknowledgement.  He leaned down to the paper, pen now in his hand.  

“Huh.”  She hummed and stared across the table.  “You sure needed that pen, huh?”  

“Of course.”  Ix spoke up as he uncapped it and lowered it to the page.  “What else would I use?”  

“Just a suggestion…”  She hummed and leaned on his shoulder.  Rem then pointed at the table.  “But maybe you could use those spares next time.”  

Ix bit his lip.  He glanced up at his other materials.  Sure enough, there were still a few suitable pens left for his use placed next towards the paper.  He frowned as he heard an audible chuckle from above him.  

“Sis, just help me write.”  He scowled and lowered his head.  

Rem grinned and watched as he placed his pen to the paper.  “Where do we start?”  

Ix furrowed his brow.  “Well…”  


“…so then the protagonist grows as time goes on.”  Ix explained as he sketched, his pen a blur.  

“Of course, that’s simple.”  Rem shrugged as she stared down at the table at Ix’s side.  “Not just physically in strength.  The guy’s gotta have guts.  That doesn’t mean he has to be the best at everything, there has to be a balance.  The guy doesn’t have to be perfect personality-wise, either.  We can make him a jerk but have him get a little softer as others meet up with him.”  

“Alright.”  Ix nodded as he sketched rapidly.  Line after line appeared on the page as he worked.  He wiped sweat off of his brow and stared down at their handiwork.  “…How’s it look?”  

Rem stared down at the page underneath the pen.  Where there was once nothing but a simple border and a few model sketches, a hopeful Inkling male stared up at the sky, a weapon holstered to his side.  He stood among a grass landscape.  

A proud smile crossed Rem’s face.  “Perfect.”  

“Great.”  Ix grinned and neatly placed the page to the side on top of a pile.  

The page sat on top of several others, all inked out and well detailed with scenes of the male Inkling interacting with others among the grasslands.  Set to the side, a much smaller stack of white canvases sat still, ready to be used.  Only a few clean pages remained.  

“You can thank me later.”  Rem joked as she stood by him.  

“Sure.  But we’re not done yet.”  Ix spoke up and reached for another paper.  “We still haven’t decided who the antagonist would be.”  

“Ooh!”  Rem grinned eagerly.  “I’ve got a good idea for this one!”

Ix perked up in surprise and picked up his pen, already set to sketch. “Oh.  Really?”  

“Yeah.”  She smiled and stood up tall.  “A real seductress!”  

“…Uh…”  Her brother scowled and turned in his seat.  “…What?”  

“Someone with style.”  She explained with a wave of her hands.  “Someone who’s got looks.  Dresses scantily.  Great-  You know.”  She gestured towards her chest.  “Strong as a shark, yeah.  No, stronger!  But still, real eyecandy, you know?”  

“What?!”  Ix rose to his feet.  “That seems a little much!  I was just thinking some evil mastermind-”  

Rem stuck her tongue out.  “No way.  Too cliché.  Needs to be hot and strong.”  

“And your stereotype, unrealistic character isn’t?”  Ix folded his arms.  “Rem, I’m not drawing porn.  This is meant to be a story.”  

“Why not?”  Rem crossed her arms.  “Nothing’s wrong with a little fanservice.  Besides, as long as it ties into the story-”  

“It’s just plain unreasonable!”  Ix shouted with a groan and threw his hands up in the air.  “C’mon, give me a break here sis!  Just like a mastermind, witty, he’ll be a huge obstacle for the hero while still-”  

“Nope, that’s boring, overused, and there’s very little variety in that.”  Rem crossed her arms.  “I’m not having this approved unless we get a good rack in there somewhere.”  She circled the page with one finger.  “Has to be super powerful too.”  

“Approval.”  Her brother rolled his eyes.  “What approval?  You’re not my editor-”  

Rem stretched her fingers until a crick popped out from one of them and raised her fists.  Ix shot a deadpan look at her as she prepared to brawl.  He cautiously pushed all of the paper to the side and pushed his chair into the desk.  

“Seriously?”  Ix frowned and set down his pen.  

“I helped you on this.”  She scowled and stretched her fingers.  “It’s my way or the highway on this one.”  

“What are you going to do?  We worked on this for a solid two hours, Rem!”  He complained and pushed it to the back.  

“I’ll burn it.”  She narrowed her eyes.  “All of it.”  

“You wouldn’t dare.”  Ix scowled at her.  

The two siblings glared bullets at each other.  The room seemed to heat up as if Rem were already heating up the bonfire.  Everything laid still aside from the two Inklings.


Then Rem jumped for the templates.  

The stack of papers laid nearly untouched.  The pen sat on the desk next to its other brethren, its cap neatly screwed on.  The desk itself sat against the wall fine, as did the chair against the table.  

The Inklings that laid sprawled across the floor tired, covered in minor scratches and what appeared to be minor burns were clearly not untouched.  Ix rubbed his arms sorely while Rem attempted to fix one of her fingers that seemed to bend funny.  

“…Hm.”  Ix hummed quite eagerly for someone who had just had a melee with his sister.  

“What?”  Rem asked inquisitively as she snapped her finger back into place.  She stared at it satisfied as it stretched normally.  

“What about a psychopath?”  Ix suggested as he leaned at the bottom of the desk.  “…They fly off the handle at any moment the protagonist even decides to suggest anything else.”  He said with somewhat of a angry glare.  

“…That could work.”  Rem admitted with a nod of her head.  “Does she have uh…?”  

“…She has several metal death machines.”  Ix shrugged his shoulders hopelessly and dusted himself off.  “You know, Octoweapons.”  

The smile returned to Rem’s face.  “Yeah…alright.  Go on…”  

AN:  Thanks to Dread Angel for allowing me to use his characters!  I’m really glad I could put this idea to actual text.  Never would have imagined they were writers at first.  But this is just one interpretation of how I would think it would go.  

Thanks for reading.  Hats off to you Dread. 

A Day in Yau Ma Tei

A meal at a cha chaan teng, followed by a stroll along the night markets. 

I love the vibe at Mido Cafe, very old-school, having been around since the 1950′s. Their food isn’t the best as far as HK cafes go, but the ambiance alone is well worth the visit. It’s very pleasurable to while away an afternoon here, just soaking up the character of old Hong Kong. It’s also located right at Temple Street, where the night markets are located. The street is very bustling at night, quite an experience for all senses. Take in the sights of the market, characteristically lit by fluorescent lights and an abundance of neon signs. At the sidewalks, there is a plethora of food stalls and street-side restaurants, filling the air with a mixture of aromas and the voices of shop owners persuading you to dine at their establishment. Cantonese chatter and honking red taxis complete the scene. 

Definitely one of my favourite places in Kowloon.

28th October 2016(Friday)

Mahalakshmi Kuber Puja on Dhanteras

Pradosh Kaal Muhurat
Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 17:35 to 18:20
Duration = 0 Hours 45 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 17:35 to 20:11
Vrishabha Kaal = 18:35 to 20:30

Adorn our lives else trite
With sparklers that motley skies
As soaring spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festive season of lights.
Happy Dhanteras!!!

On Dhanteras, people pray to the Goddess Lakshmi to get prosperous life and well being. In the evening, the lamp is lit and Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) is welcomed into the house. Aartis or devotional hymns are sung eulogizing the Goddess of wealth and sweets and fruits are offered to her. Hindus also worship Lord Kuber as the treasurer of wealth and bestower of riches, along with Goddess Lakshmi on Dhanteras.

Another legend says, in the cosmic battle between the gods and the demons when both churned the ocean for ‘amrit’ or divine nectar, Dhanvantari – the physician of the gods and an incarnation of Vishnu – emerged carrying a pot of the elixir. So, according to this mythological tale, the word Dhanteras comes from the name Dhanvantari, the divine doctor, who is also worshipped on this day.


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