Denver, CO-based artists Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, collectively known as Hari & Deepti (previously featured here), have created a brand new series of their fantastically-themed and exquisitely detailed paper light box sculptures. Entitled “Oh, The Places You Will Go!”, these pieces are currently being shown as part of an exhibition at the Black Book Gallery in Denver.

“The artist couple were inspired by recent travels through Moab, Utah and Yellowstone, Wyoming, and transformed elements of their adventures into delicately hand-cut paper sculptures infused with mythology and science fiction. Each piece is lit from behind or below with LED strips and the boxes are exhibited in dark rooms to enhance the effect.”

Hari & Deepti will also be showing work this December at Art Basel Miami 2014 for the Scope International Contemporary Art Show.

To check out more of Hari & Deepti’s wonderful creations visit the Black Book Gallery website and keep up with their latest work on Instagram

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"I Know You For Real": A Preview of The Johnlock Kiss

SHERLOCK: That I am what?

This is the first time Sherlock looks up, and he watches John for almost five seconds before he speaks. They’re paying attention only to each other, and now they’re not trying to hid it. Sherlock’s voice gets quiet, gets dangerous when he says “That I am what?” John was unwilling to say “fraud” a moment ago, and now Sherlock’s pushing him. It’s another preemptive strike from Sherlock: if John doubts him, he’s going to make John come out and say it. This whole conversation is getting dangerous. 

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Lit from below, seen from above.

North East Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean coast.
(Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Egypt, The River Nile, The Red Sea, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, The Black Sea, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, & a slice of southern Italy.



Tel Aviv-based studio Sturlesi Design has created the iLLuminite, a collection of decorative geometrical lamps ‘inspired by the search for a more unique and original approach to night lights and ambient lights.’

Mounted on painted concrete bases, the lamps are made from laser cut acrylic glass that is lit from below with hidden LEDs.