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Ignorant Lover

I don’t know what it’s like
Waking up to a lover
While intertwined
Under the covers.
I don’t know what it’s like
Caressing her spine
As the sun comes up
In the summer.
And I definitely don’t know
what it’s like
Looking in her eyes
Confessing that I love her.

I rained love on you
But you held up an umbrella,
I blew love your way
But you closed the windows,
And I shined love on you
But you stood under the shades.
So I’m just gonna give you
Your space
And take my love out of
Your face.

Role Models

“Role Models”

There was once a young sibling who admired his older brother.
Even though they came from different dads, they shared the same mother.
The younger brother wanted to emulate the older brother in every way
From baseball cards to video games, morning, night, and day.

This little boy followed his older brother around
To batting cages, arcades, and all over town.
He ordered the same foods and drank the same drinks.
He wore the same hats and thought the same things.

The older brother knew he had the power to influence
And in no way did he consider his brother a nuisance.
In fact, he greatly enjoyed setting the lessons
Like a preacher educating those about Heaven.

This pattern continued into the teenage years.
The older brother was a role model almost like a career.
It’s amazing how younger kids follow the older herd
And want to be just like them, every word for word.

What the older brother didn’t realize however
Was that his younger brother was watching his every endeavor.
Every movement he did and every action illustrated
The younger brother often imitated.

After all, what are older role models for?
If not to set the standard for the ones whom they adore?
But its not easy when young eyes constantly observe
And one night the older brother slipped and swerved.

The older brother had fallen into a very unethical crowd
Where peer pressure would loom like an unwanted cloud
And sweep him away into a world where he’d forget
He had a little brother to whom he swore to not neglect

But one night in his room he pulled a box from under his bed
And hastily began snorting chemicals deep into his head.
It wasn’t long before he was rushed to a scene
Where he layed in a coma and remained in his dreams.

Now the younger brother had saw the whole act
From the closet door where he was hiding under stacks
Of clothes unhung; and when he stepped out he saw
His older brother lying unconscious on the floor.

He took the powder that was in his older brother’s hand
And held it tightly while trying to understand
What had just happened, but he thought it was fine.
His brother would not mislead him down a road without signs.

So with an innocent smile the brother inhaled the powder
And was lying next to his older brother in less than an hour.
He promised to follow his brother wherever he went
And so he followed him into a coma where he laid content.

And so to all those who have younger siblings; let it be known
Know how much you impact their slow, steady growth
Be there for them, love them, and nurture them whole
Always know they are looking up to you, body and soul
Be their driving force; be their guiding light
Be the one who sets a path clear and bright
Yesterday’s children will need you to guide them away
From the drugs and violence that lead them astray
Otherwise then the cycle will again repeat
A new generation born to fog up these streets

You recline your head
Against the burgundy wallpaper.
Moonlight caresses you.
You tell me

Happiness is like the lining of my suit.


Because It is
On the inside,
And it feels like silk.

—  The Cynical Idealist.
Let Her Be

Looking from
The outside-in,
She’s living
An illusion,
She’s living
A dream.

Waking her up
Would cause
A confusion
From the lie
She’s feeling

Let her be
Don’t make her
Lose sleep
Let her be
Don’t make her
The sheep.

Heart 💔 Break

The road to love isn’t
Too straight.
It’s filled with thorns
On each corner
That penetrates
Our worn out feet
As we search
For our own place
In love or in pain,
We keep hoping for gain
As we’re running the race
In our own pace
Staying strong
With a crooked smile
Posted on our face
Hopeful that one day
We’ll end up first place
In the life of that poor soul
That has ‎been through the
Heart ache, heartbreak,
Heartbreaks, heart aches.

Idle Mind

I can’t be with a girl
With an idle mind
Who does nothing
With her idle time
What are you doing
While I grind?
Looking for trouble
With any time
You can find?
Nah, I’m good
You can keep that
While I keep
My peace of