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Oh my God, we're so sorry we blocked your doorway. Now go get your ear muffs.

I’ve had a long respectable career in game development. A couple of years ago I’ve abandoned it for a cushy corporate job, and now spend most of my days missing gamedev.

This story takes place about 10 years ago at the apex of my career.

I was the lead on a AAA project. Our parent company, for which videogames was just one of many lines of business, was going through changes. We had to move offices three times in one year. Second of the three moves, always intended to be temporary, put us into the basement of an older building long occupied by satellite departments not involved with development.

The basement we were given had been empty for years, save for the most distant office. You entered the basement through a dimly lit staircase. Then, after you snaked through a horror-movie-like maze of corridors and interconnected small rooms, you’d eventually arrive at the farthest room of all.

A golden plaque was on the door.

Trademark Compliance Department.

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Unknown King - part VII

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Sugar daddy Bucky starts to emerge in this part

Word count: 1.8 +

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI


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You spent Friday afternoon dodging butlers, gardeners, chefs and servers who were going in and out of the house, preparing for the party that would happen later that night. Bucky went away to meet someone for business arrangements. You lounged in your bedroom, staring down and watched as the workers unfolded the amusement park before you. Shea was putting fresh towels in the bathroom.

“What are you going to wear for the party, Y/N?” She asked.

“I’m not sure,” You replied. “I’m actually not even sure if I should attend the party.”

“And why is that?” Her voice echoed in the cast bathroom.

You shrugged, “I don’t want to run into any of my coworkers and I also don’t want them to suspect anything.”

“I see,” She said. “Would you still like me to help you pick out something to wear?”

You nodded and walked towards the giant walk in closet that came with the bedroom. You had very little clothing so you only used the first floor of the closet. With Shea’s help, you agreed with a chair of worn out jeans and a shirt.

“I like it,” Shea said. “Very trendy.” She paused and placed a finger on her earpiece. “I have just received word that Mister Barnes has touched down and will arrive at any moment.”

She was right, about fifteen minutes later, the mansion gates were opened and a black SUV Cadillac rolled in. You walked out just as Bucky was climbing the steps. He smiled and pulled you in for a long lingering kiss.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” He said in his low voice. “Did you miss me?”

“Your trip war shorter than I realized it would be,” You said.

“Henry, my pilot does his job well,” He explained and looked over your head to see the commotion going on in his house. “I can see that the preparations are almost done.”

“Mister Barnes,” Ace interrupted. “Where would you like me to put the packages?”

Bucky turned to him before looking back at you, “Put them in Y/N’s room. I’m sure she’ll have a splendid time opening them all.”

You watched as three butlers grabbed two bags each and carried them into the house. Your lips parted and you turned to Bucky, he smiled at you.

“You didn’t have to do that,” You said.

“But I wanted to,” He added. “Go on, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Although you probably should have argued with him some more, you couldn’t help but be excited about the new gifts. You’ve never been given more than 5 presents in your lifetime and now you were receiving 6 at the same time. You turned on your heel and hurried up the stairs, careful not to run into servers who were rushing around with trays of wine glasses. The butlers walked past you as you entered your bedroom.

You didn’t know where to begin. You grabbed the box white box that said ‘Jimmy Choo’, you opened it and instantly fell in love with the beautiful champagne heels that sat in the box. They fit you perfectly and put the box on your bed before moving onto the next gift. You pulled out a sheer gray robe with gray fur trimming. You immediately slipped it on and felt overwhelmed. All in all, you received two new dresses another pair of shoes and a brand new Macbook.

“Do you like it?” Bucky asked.

You turned and engulfed him into a kiss, “ I love it.”

“Almost forgot one thing,” He pulled out something from behind his back. It was a velvet rectangular box. He opened it and revealed a gorgeous pearl necklace that had over twenty pearls. You took it in your hand and continued to stare at it, not believing what was before your eyes.

“It’s beautiful,” You said.

“Picked it out myself,” He smiled proudly.

“But why?” You looked at him. “Why would you get it for me?”

“You deserve to get treated like the queen that you are.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to join the party?” Bucky asked.

You shook your head and balanced the glass of liquor in your hand. “I would much rather be here with you.” You looked out the window in his study. The pandemonium was in the courtyard. Men and women jumped into the pool and acted as if they were at a carnival. They danced wherever and with whoever they desired.

You had spent the entire time in his study, talking about his business trip and upcoming ones. You slowly grew tired of watching and turned away before sitting on the velvet sofa that was in the room. You leaned back and rested the glass on the coffee table. You closed your eyes just as Ace walked in.

“Mister Barnes it’s Mister Harrison,” He said.

“He’s here? Now?” Bucky asked. You opened your eyes to see an annoyed look flash through his eyes. “Will you be alright by yourself for a few minutes?”

You nodded.

“Sorry, doll, it’s business,” He said and followed Ace out the door.

Within the thirty minutes that he was gone, you had ordered five drinks. By the time he walked back into the room, you were quite tipsy. He looked angry but when his eyes fell on you, they softened and he pulled you into a kiss. He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear and held you against his chest. He sighed and you weren’t sure if you wanted to ask him about the event that just occurred.

“Have you seen the firework show?” He asked.

“From the small window in my cottage,” You said.

“What’s the point of coming to these parties if you miss the best part?” He grabbed your hand. “Come on, I’ll give you the best view.”

He led you to a door that was hidden behind a thick curtain. Bucky opened it and revealed a dimly lit spiral staircase. He motioned for you to go up and you did, without hesitation. By the time you reached the top, your thighs were on fire. You pushed the door open and stepped onto the roof. You looked behind you, Bucky emerged from one of the many towers that were built into the palace.

Bucky pointed to the horizon. “ The show’s about to start.”

Just as the words left his mouth, fireworks erupted throughout the sky, lighting it all up. It was one after another. You walked closer to the edge, Bucky held your waist close to his body. You looked down and watched as a man dressed in a suit was moving his hands as if conducting the fireworks himself. They sparkled in the sky in dozens of brilliant colors. A smile plays on your lips as you watched the mesmerizing show of color and fire.

Something in the corner of your eye caught your attention, you looked away momentarily and saw a few of Bucky’s butlers beating the shit out of an older man. You pursed your lips and immediately looked away. You looked back into the sky just as the last of the fireworks went off. They spread across the sky in giants balls of shimmering light. You turned and pressed a kiss on Bucky as the fireworks continued to rage on behind you.

You woke up in a room that was bigger than any you’ve ever been in. The ceiling was high, the chandelier was dark, its crystals were dim. The duvet was a silky gold color. The bed was large, making you feel small and alone. You sat up. Your hair was disheveled and your shirt was on the floor. The drapes were dark and covered the probably equally tall windows. You looked around, the second floor of the bedroom had tall shelves with clothes. Each cubby was full. You pushed yourself off the bed and grabbed your sheer robe that was draped over a chair. You picked up your shirt and hurried out of the room. The train of the robe billowed behind you as you rushed through the halls. You turned a corner and crashed into Shea

“Y/N!” She exclaimed. “I was just coming to fetch you from Mister Barnes’ bedroom.”

“Holy shit,” You said aloud. “His room is huge!”

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in it,” She said and shrugged onto the next subject. “Want me to take you to your room? The house is big, it’s easy to get lost.”

You nodded meekly.

You breathed in a breath of fresh air once you stepped into your bedroom. Shea opened the balcony doors, the thin curtains flowed in from the light gust of wind that was picking up.

“Mister Barnes in waiting for you in the kitchen,” Shea said. “Now I have some errands to run.”

“Thank you, Shea,” You smiled as she left.

You changed into something more comfortable before slipping on your robe and walking down to the kitchen. Bucky looked at you and smiled. You couldn’t help but feel sick.

“Morning doll, you look beautiful,” He said.

You gave him a forced smile, “Last night, did we…?”

He furrowed his eyebrows then shook his head, “God, no. You were drunk and half conscious, I didn’t want to take advantage of you.”

You walked over to him, cupped his cheeks and stood on your toes to kiss him, “You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that. Not that I don’t want to do that with you,” You quickly said. “It’s just that, I down want it to be like that.” You blushed furiously as the word vomit continued to spill out of your mouth.

Bucky smiled, “I know what you mean, love.” He kissed your forehead. “I made breakfast.” He showed you the plate of French toast.

Your mouth watered as you took the plate. The smell was so strong but so good. You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you wolfed down three slices of the French toast. You leaned back in your chair and took a deep breath.

“That was delicious,” You remarked.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said.

You looked around the kitchen. The vivid memory of the butlers beating up the guy was still burning in your head. You found yourself staring off into the distance, your mind going blank as you looked at nothing in particular. You forced yourself to look away, meeting Bucky’s eyes once again.

“I spaced out for a moment there,” You regarded.

Ace walked into the room, he whispered something into Bucky’s ear. He nodded and stood up, “I need to take this.” He walked out of the room with Ace trailing behind him. Shea appeared from around the corner. You needed to get out of the house for a while.

“Shea, would you like to come with me to the store?” You asked.

Her eyes widened momentarily, “Are you sure you want me to come?”

You nodded, “Yes, we can have someone drive us.”

“Okay,” She said. “I’ll have Thomas bring a car over.”

You felt like you were suffocating. Living in Bucky’s place was great but you only ever left the house when you went out on dates. It’s time you get some fresh air and go out on your own. You needed to clear your head and Bucky will be fine if he’s alone for a while.

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Outlast II


The time was currently a quarter past midnight and you were ready to call it a night. Yes it was still early for Saturday night but you didn’t care. None of your friends were doing anything exciting that was worth bringing you along and neither was your boyfriend. He had been filming and out at meetings all day and honestly you were okay with it. It was the first time in a long time that you had a quiet Saturday night to yourself where you could have a nice pampering session or get ahead on your work load for the week.

You grabbed your phone and shot a quick goodnight text to Joe, something the two of you did every time you weren’t together for the night. Shoving your phone into the pocket of Joe’s trackie bottoms, you stood up from your spot on the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab some water when your phone started to ring.

“Joseph?” You questioned as you glanced at the clock again wondering why he was calling you this late.

“Hey love.” His cheery voice pierced your ears through the speaker.

“I’m about to go to bed what do you want?”

“What, I can’t just call my girlfriend after midnight just to hear her voice.”

“Not usually.” You said tapping your fingers on your worktop, “What’s up?”

“Would you mind coming over…and sitting with me while I film a gaming video?” You almost didn’t hear Joe as his voice was so quiet which made you smile.

“What game?”

“Outlast II…” His voice trailed off knowing that you weren’t too keen on scary movies either.

“Why are you playing it at this time of night?” You asked walking into your room to grab a jumper before pulling on your shoes. 

“Because Y/N, you don’t get the full experience if you play it in the middle of the day with the light shining through the windows”

“Get some curtains.” You bluntly before you were met with silence. 

You laughed to yourself as you pictured Joe’s annoyed face on the other side of the line. 

“You’re not funny.” 

“Well I for one don’t need the full experience and having another person there doesn’t help much.” 

“But it helps me. Please love I don’t want to be alone, this game really freaks me out.”

“Thats a really great thing to say when you’re trying to convince someone to watch you play a game.” You said grabbing your keys and walked out the door, locking it behind you.

“We can cuddle afterwards. I haven’t seen you in two days so we are long overdue for some cuddles.”

“Honestly Joseph, thats the only reason why I’m on my way right now.” You said getting into your car. 

“I love you, you’re the best. See you in a bit.” Joe’s cheery voice rang through your ears again and you could practically see him jumping up and down.

“Yeah yeah, see you soon.” 

The lift door opened after it stopped on Joe’s floor and you poked your head out, hoping Joe wasn’t waiting to scare you. When the coast was clear, you stepped out of the lift and over to Joe’s door. 

“Hey love.” You heard Joe call out from somewhere in his flat as you closed the door behind you. 

“Hi” You said moving into his flat finding him sitting at his work top, the YouTube home screen displayed on the screen. 

He flashed you a quick smile before opening his arms to you which you rolled your eyes as you let your body move you into his embrace.

“Let’s get this over with.” You said pulling away but failed as Joe’s arms didn’t budge. 

You looked up at Joe who only smiled before placing a kiss on your lips.

“Nice jumper.” He smirked admiring what the khaki color does to your eyes as he finally loosed his grip on you, allowing you to back away from him and turn towards the hallway that lead to him gaming room. 

“Thanks, you now Zoe has some really cool items on her website, you should check it out.” You said over your shoulder before you entered the room. 

You plopped yourself down on the beanbags that sat in the corner of the room as Joe took a seat in his chair, pulling up the game and making sure everything was recording. 

“Hello everybody! We are back with another episode of Outlast II. After the last couple of episodes I decided that I can’t film this series by myself anymore so Y/N has so kindly come over to sit with me so if you hear any other screams, they’re hers.” Joe paused as he looked and motioned for you to come get into shot. 

You pushed yourself off the beanbags and stood next to Joe and waved to the camera. 

“Really not looking forward to this or sorry if my screams are annoying.”

“You can leave the room if its too much love.”

“Then why do I have to be in here in the first place?”

“Because it actually freaks me out and its currently quarter to 1 in the morning.” 

“We should be sleeping” You said as you moved back into the pile of beanbags on the floor that we conveniently placed in a way the you could lay down and still see the monitor. 

“This won’t be a long episode, hopefully” Joe said turning back to his screen and continuing the game.

You watched the game for a few minutes, voicing your opinion on what Joe should and shouldn’t do but with either suggestion there was some kind of jump scare that you make you and Joe scream.

The game seemed to calm down a little bit and without the constant on edge feeling running through your veins, your eyes slowly drifted shut.

You felt a warm hand run across your face before you felt your body being lifted up and carried into a brighter room. You blinked your eyes open to find Joe carrying you up the dimly lit staircase to his bedroom.

He laid you down his bed before he left the room quickly, the flat getting darker before he reentered the room, closing the door behind him. 

He stripped out of his clothes and crawled into bed beside you, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead before pulling you closer to him. 

“Thanks love.” He said as you nuzzled your face deeper against his chest as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“Mhmm” You managed to get out as your eye drifted shut again. 

“You know, you wouldn’t have to keep coming over here late at night if you would just move in.” 

“I wouldn’t have to keep coming over here if you stopped playing scary games in the middle of the night.” You said opening your eyes and moving your head to look up at him. 

The pout on Joe’s face made you let out a small laugh before you placed a kiss on his lips and nuzzled back into him. 

“Can we talk about this tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep.” You yawned. 

“Fine” He sighed as he kissed your head and allowed himself to calm down as he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of your breathing.

Bossy as Usual (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,942

Summary:  After your less than professional encounter on a plane, you find out your new business partner is Park Jinyoung. A man whom, despite all the reasons otherwise, you find impossible to stay away from. 

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“Warm On a Cold Night” | Rafe x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive


DESCRIPTION: After the Christmas party you and Rafe host every year, the two of you tidy up and get ready for bed.

This one’s a bit short; just a little fluff to keep you warm through the holiday season :)

Inspired by this song (Warm On a Cold Night - HONNE) 

You can hear the gentle clink of the stemmed wine glasses and low hum of the dishwasher downstairs as you slip the straps of your evening dress off your shoulders. A light chill crosses your bare skin as you stand in the closet, closing your eyes briefly as the familiar haze of champagne swirls through your head.

It was the third annual party you and Rafe threw every Christmas Eve. Tonight’s party was a tad bit busier than the previous ones; Rafe had invited a few colleagues from work, and one had brought a lady friend whom you tried your hardest to make pleasantry with despite her obsession with collecting coins. You, complacent with your group of friends, tried to include her in your conversations, but it was difficult when the topic was always diverted back to her extensive collection.

You sigh gently as you pull on a soft sweater and whip your hair up in a quick ponytail, happy to finally be done with the night. Clicking the closet light off, you head down the dimly lit staircase towards the dining room where muffled jazzy Christmas music plays.

Downstairs, your fiancé leans over the kitchen counter with his back to you. He reaches for the last of the empty dessert plates on the table, the muscles of his back straining gently against his shirt. The sleeves of his white button-up are rolled quickly at his elbows and you catch a whiff of his dark cologne mixed with the slightest of whiskey.

Rafe doesn’t notice your presence behind him, so you spend a little while longer admiring the love of your life standing before you.

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I'm kinda like you - Dallas Winston imagine

This imagine is when Dallas has been hanging around with a new girl in town and he is once again trying to use his Winston charm to get her out on a date but he gets confused by how much they are alike

Warnings: Mild swearing

I dont know how but somehow i befriended the infamous Dallas Winston. What’s even more shocking is that he invited me to hang out with him in his room at bucks. I walk up the dimly lit staircase and I found his door and knocked lightly.

“I invited you over y/n, you can just walk in,” Dally calls from the inside. I open the door and find a shirtless Dally sitting on the bed. “Well dont you look beautiful,” I say jokingly and I wolf whistled at him. “So funny doll,” he says with a eye roll.

The Dallas Winston i see was different from the one people talk about in the streets.

This one was calm and seemed to be interested in my anything but interesting life. Street Dallas was always ready to fight, it was just his instincts. “Are you gonna stare at me the entire time or we gonna talk? Or are you just enjoying the view?” He says with a smirk. I hadn’t even realized I was staring but yes… I did like the view. “Fine, I’ll stop DILLY DALLYING,” I say and laugh. “The fuck you just say?” He says and gets up to face me. Dallas was taller than me and I had to turn my head up to look him in his eyes. “Dally lighten up, it’s only us two in here anyway,” I say while still laughing. “What? Aren’t I not hyper and over the rainbow fuckin happy all the time?” He says in a matter-of-fact tone. I stood up straight so I matched his form. “I’m kinda like you,” I say. “No your not, you’re the complete opposite.” He argues. “Really? Cuz last tine I checked, we were both assholes in public but kinda nice to the people we are friends with or like or love,” I state. He looked at me and smirked,“So are you nice to me cuz I am your friend or cuz you love me?” My face started to flush and my mind just kept repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ He saw mt face and started to chuckle a little. “Did you think I didn’t know? You always blush when I’m around, ya made it obvious y/n,” he says and continues to chuckle. “Hush,” I simply say. He shook his head and picked me up as if I weight nothing and draped me over his should. “What are you doing?” I ask him and giggle. “We are going out,” he answers. “You mean like a date?” I ask and I blush once again,“When did I ever agree to this?” “You didn’t have to, we all know your crazy about me,” he says with his famous smile and he walked us out the door. He was right, I was crazy for him and I tried to keep my cool… but I’m the inside I was bubbling!! I finally got a date with Dally!! – this waa my first imagine so I am sorry if this sucked, i hope to get better in the future!! Also I will accept request for imagines so feel free to ask!!!
Scattered: Part 1

Notes: Starting this new series! there will be smut. Dont worry. Just not in the first part. ;) Sexual tension. This is set in BEFORE Emma and Jefferson reuiniting with Grace. Hopefully you enjoy!

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(If you’d like to be tagged in this series shoot me an ask! im sorry If I forgot anyone!! :((( )

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Originally posted by i-alwayslikedstrangecharacters

Title: Are you scared? (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony leads the group to a haunted house, insisting that it will be a great team building exercise. Peter insists that he isn’t scared, though we all know that he is.

Word Count: 1795

A/N: I love Halloween and I loooove Peter Parker! Ok I also had to add some cute af fluffy-ish moments of Peter and Reader, couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy this, omg I cannot believe Halloween is next Monday. That just means we’re even closer to Christmas *moonface emoji* Enjoy!

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The Rationals as Untranslatable Words/Phrases

INTJ: Kaizen (Japanese)

The philosophy and practice of continuous improvement to engender change for the better.

ENTJ: Sisu (Finnish) 

Loosely translated as the stoic determination, resilience, bravery, and perseverance of one’s spirit in the face of adversity.

INTP: Clerisy (English)

A group of educated people; the intelligentsia and literati.

ENTP: Pochemuchka (Russian)

A person, often a child, who asks a lot of questions.


INTJ: L’esprit de l’escalier (French)

Lit. spirit of the staircase, a.k.a. coming up with witty or perfect replies long after the moment has passed.  

ENTJ: Backpfeifengesicht (German)

A face in need of a fist or begging to be punched.

INTP: Velleity (Latin)

A wish or desire unsupported by the necessary willpower or actions to make it happen.

ENTP: Jibaku (Japanese)

Lit. self-destruction, a.k.a. unintentionally destroying your own argument while trying to defend your views.

- Mod Amal, INTJ

Apartment 24 (Part One) (MATURE)

He let his feet carry him up the stairs. He’d already managed two flights and he had one more to go before he reached his floor.

The lights effortlessly lit up the staircase and for that, he was thankful. The carpet felt soft and forgiving to his heavy footsteps and his hand glided across the banister.

He was only a little bit drunk. Drunk enough to feel a sense of heaviness in his head but not so drunk that he couldn’t gather his balance. Still, he held onto the banister just in case his body deceived him.

With great effort, he reached his floor and let out a long sigh as he stretched. Before he reached the door with the huge, gold ‘25’ nailed and covering the white paint, he passed the door that would have been the twin of his own if it wasn’t for the ‘24’ that was too, nailed into it.

It would have been simple to stride past if he hadn’t have known who was inside. He didn’t actually know her, but he’d seen her and he enjoyed what he saw. A lot.

He’d made the great effort to mutter a 'morning’ or 'good evening’ to her whenever he crossed her in the hall, followed by a smile that showed her his pearly whites. He felt his heart jump the first time she’d reenacted his greeting.

But that was all. And even though they’d done nothing but mumble words to each other, and he’d felt the air sweep passed him as she walked by, he felt the sudden need to lick his lips at the sight of her.

But as he stood staring at the door, urging himself to either knock or keep walking, he heard something that caused all the muscles in his body to contract. He felt breathless as he heard the same sound once more.

The sound was so erotic, and caused him to hum softly. It was as though whoever was making such a beautiful sound was aware of his presence and how much he enjoyed hearing it because the whimpering carried on.

He was sure it was her, and he couldn’t help but think about all those times she had sent him an innocent smile in the hall before closing the door to her apartment, and locking all of her secrets away inside so Justin couldn’t have the pleasure of finding them.

There’d been many times when he’d felt the sweet sensation of arousal in his body only minutes after being in her presence, it frustrated him that he could never demand she help him with his pent up sexual tension. He had to politely smile and walk away.

That might have been the reason that he knocked on her door; as some sick and twisted from of pay back, for all those times he was forced to pump himself to a foggy and distant image of her.

The whimpering stopped and a smirk laid happily on Justin’s lips. He heard shuffling and he stood straight and still, waiting for her.

The sound of the metal of the lock on the door turning rang through his ears, and he felt excitement dripping in his body as he awaited to see what she quickly found to wrap around her once naked body.

The door opened ever so slightly and he saw her gleaming face appear. He could tell that she was previously working towards a sexual high because she had a dazed expression on her face, mixed with frustration. He felt pity but also, proudness.

“Uh, hi.” she said breathlessly and he had to bite down on the inside of his cheek to stop himself from giving himself away.

It was only then that he realised he had nothing to say to her and the insane reason he was stood there was to catch her in the middle of her self-exploration. He wasn’t complaining however; he took great pleasure in staring at her tinted cheeks and her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Yeah, uh, hi,” he said suddenly. “Um, I was just wondering- my uh, my hot waters gone, completely cut out on me. Would it be too much to ask for you to boil me some?” he asked and knew, just like hers, his cheeks had gone red.

“But the whole building’s water is connected and mine hasn’t cut out.” she said slowly, her eyes squinted as she watched him.

“It’s cut out, I’m pretty certain.” he snapped, sending her a tight smile. He was regretting even stopping outside of her door, although the towel that was wrapped around her small frame was enough to make him want to stay.

“Oh, well, you might wanna call maintenance. Something must be wrong with your pipes.” she frowned, and Justin thought that was her way of declining his request.

“Nothing’s wrong with my pipes, thanks. I’ll catch you later, yeah?” he muttered, turning on his feet and feeling the heaviness set into his body. He felt exhausted now that, what seemed like fun a few moments ago, turned to something pointless. “I hope you deeply enjoy the rest of your night.” he said and thankfully, he was turned away when the smirk edged sneakily onto his face.

“Wait, I’ll get you that water if you want.” he heard her say and he swivelled on his heels. He say her leaning out of the door, giving him more of an insight on her body.

“That’d be much appreciated.” For the first time in her presence, he unleashed his smirk onto his lips. She smiled and nodded.

“Come in.” she said which shocked him. She was going to invite him inside her apartment when he’d just rudely stopped her from getting off? He wasn’t about to say no.

“Thank you,” he nodded and walked inside. He was greeted by darkness besides from the lamp on the table by the couch that struggled to illuminate the whole room. “I don’t know what I interrupted but I do apologise.” he lied sweetly. He had to keep reminding himself that while he’d thought about her a lot since he’d moved in four months ago, she was in the presence of a man she’d said five or six words to, and thought nothing of.

“O-oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t really doing anything,” she smiled and he did too, but for a completely different reason. She was probably dripping wet right now, he enjoyed the thought and felt a rush of arousal in his groin. “Sit down if you want, I’ll just boil the kettle.”

He heard her but he didn’t acknowledge her as he caught sight of the couch. She must have been spread out across it with her hand between her legs only moments ago. He couldn’t help the amount of filthy thoughts that came to mind when the sound of her whimpers echoed in his mind.

As time went by the desire to have her increased, especially as he sat on her couch in the middle of her apartment. The smell of sweet perfume had been present for the duration of his stay, which had only been minutes but his nose already felt numb. He wanted to inhale the smell while his face sat in the nape of her neck.

“Sorry, I’m not quite sure of your name,” she announced, and he gazed over to see her sending him an apologetic smile as though she had something to be sorry for. “I’ve seen you every now and then but I don’t think we’ve ever introduced ourselves.”

“That’s very much true,” he replied, abandoning his position on the couch and walking over to the counter. “I’m Justin, Justin Bieber.” he held out his large hand for hers to be engulfed in.

“I’m [Y/N] [Y/L/N].” she said and a second later, her hand was lost in his. He gave a firm handshake and found himself not wanting to let go and lose her touch. He wondered which hand she had previously been using.

“That’s a beautiful name,” he grinned down at her and, once again, she just smiled politely. “I’ve passed you a lot these last few months and I’ve never gotten to tell you how beautiful you are.” he muttered, now letting his eyes wander across her body before moving to her eyes.

“O-oh, really?” she stuttered and he took great pleasure in witnessing her nervousness.

“Mhm,” he glided his hand slowly across the surface of the marble counter. He could see she was watching it with caution.

He was becoming impatient and agitated, he was making polite conversation when all he wanted was to touch her and feel her squirm under his fingertips.

“I’m aware we’re only on name basis right now, but I think you should know I know what I interrupted.” He was brave to say those words, but he could feel his lust for her growing and he couldn’t hold back.

To this, her head shot up immediately and her eyes widened. Justin thought she looked like a deer in headlights and he wanted so much to laugh.


“You were pleasuring yourself.” he stated. He almost couldn’t wait to see if she accepted that he knew or if she attempted to deny it.

“Uh, that would be true. How you know that is beyond me-”

“You were whimpering.” he said, now looking her dead in the eye. He clenched his jaw and watched the multiple colours swirl around her jet black pupils, he tried not to fall into the illusion they caused.

“O-oh,” she laughed, clearly embarrassed. “I’m sorry you had to hear that.” He noticed that she pulled the towel tighter against her bare chest.

“Hey, I’m all for women enjoying their bodies. I just wish I was here to watch.” he licked his lips and enjoyed the sight of her cheeks turning the colour of roses in the Summer.

“Uh, your water’s done.” she ignored his previous comment and handed him a jar of boiling hot water. He took it and placed it down on the counter.

“[Y/N],” he said, “I think we both know I didn’t knock on your door for hot water.” he sent a raised eyebrow in her direction and she stood looking confused.

“Then, why are you here?” she asked and Justin smiled.

“What I heard out there, it was certainly arousing,” His tongue glided across his plump lips. “I’d like to hear more of what you have to say.” She gulped and made no movement. “What do you say? Would you like that?”

Her lips parted, he could see her shining tongue and Justin’s curiosity only grew from there. “I’m not quite sure what you’re asking me, Bieber.” she said somewhat confidently and it surprised and excited him. He felt a wave of eagerness in his stomach.

“I’m saying, let me make you feel better than you could ever make yourself feel.” he rasped and edged closer to her. He moved around the counter so that his body was directly in front of hers. She was speechless and he enjoyed it just as much as her nervousness.

He reached his hand down and took her into his grasp. Bringing it up higher, he let his hot lips touch the top of her hand. He watched her bite down on her bottom lip and he felt a desire to be the one biting it instead.

However, his lips didn’t stop on her hand. They started to make tiny, wet but rough assaults up her wrist and towards her elbow as his eyes gazed darkly into her own. She was watching with such anticipation when he reached her shoulder that he almost couldn’t contain his hunger any longer.

Justin pulled away only slightly before attaching his lips to her collarbone. He let his tongue slide over her soft skin before it became prisoner to his teeth. She let out a gasp when he caused pain upon her body.

He moved on to his next target after he was satisfied with the blood red bite mark he’d left and moved up her neck. And while his lips worked magic on her upper body, his hands caressed her sides gently. His thumb swiped left and right across her hip and he could feel goosebumps rising on her skin.

Meanwhile, his lips wandered under her ear. He was yet to find the sweet spot that would make her fall apart in his arms. He enjoyed listening to her gasps when they fell willingly into his ear as though they were made just for him.

“[Y/N],” he whispered. “Jump.”

And she did as he said. It was only seconds later that her legs were wrapped around his waist. All memory of the fact that they’d only had their first real conversation around five minutes ago left both of their consciences when their skin touched.

“Submissive. I’m impressed.” he muttered before his lips left open-mouthed kisses on her jaw. He could feel her fingers making paths through the waves of his hair and he decided it was one of the most pleasurable feelings he’d experienced in a long time. He silently hoped she wouldn’t stop.

Needing more, he finally let his lips fall onto hers. For a moment, it was soft and sweet. His lips connected with her own and his tongue slipped into the warmth of her mouth, taking its time.

But he wanted more, and as soon as possible. It caused him to begin to feed off of her and he only got stronger as she became more worked up. He took her plump, pink lip in between his teeth and tugged; letting his arousal take over. She moaned in response and it only spurred him on.

Without warning, and for no reason other than because his frustration was being released through his anger, he slammed her up against the wall so she was trapped in his body.

She must have forgotten she was wearing a towel, but Justin was aware because it pressed uncomfortablely into his stomach as she had her legs wrapped around him. He pulled away from the wall and walked, the best he could without being able to see, towards the couch.

He placed her down and noticed the towel only small movements away from falling open. He pressed his hot body up against her own and moaned at how she felt against him.

“You’re so hot,” he whispered breathlessly against her lips. “I want you so bad.”

His hand ran around her neck and he simply pulled her face closer. He couldn’t seem to get enough.

“Then have me.” she replied and pushed her hips up against him, he grunted in response at the featherweight friction that hit his growing erection.

He was thrown off by her words, but he soon recovered and was trailing his hand to her chest where the towel was being kept shut.

“May I?” he asked, looking up towards her face where her bright and gleaming orbs burned into his. She simply nodded, but it wasn’t enough. “Tell me. Tell me 'yes’, tell me you’re letting me have your body.”

He itched to rip the soft material from her awaiting body but at the same time, he wanted her words and appraisal just as much.

“Y-yes. Have me.”

That was what he needed to undo the strong bond between each end of the towel. And when he did, he was left speechless as his eyes were gazed hungrily at her.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” he muttered and licked his lips.

“Please.” she whispered also, he watched as her head fell back against the couch and her chest bulged forward. He could see the veins working in her neck.

His large hand pressed against her skin, just underneath her chest. She gasped beautifully and he felt the warmth of her skin against his cold hand. His hand made a path upwards and between the valley of her boobs, he purposely missed them.

Unable to control his eagerness, his hand moved down rather than up her body. He felt the way her body shook when he touched the inside of her thigh.

“You want it, right? You want me to please you, to fuck you until you cum all over me,” he rasped and instantly let his thumb press against her clit. He started a circular motion that stirred her senses.

“Y-yes,” she stuttered and spread her legs for him, it pleased him greatly.

“My wish is your command, [Y/N].”

Wish that, he began to let his fingers move even further down so that they peaked at her entrance. He could feel her warm juices coating the very tip of his fingers almost instantly.

He pushed into her using two fingers ever so slowly, enjoying the way she whimpered as his slender fingers opened her up. He watched her face intently.

“You want more?” he asked, but he was already pressing further into her walls, ready to pull out and do it over.

She nodded frantically, he noticed her fingers gripping the edge of the couch and he couldn’t help but smirk.

He wanted to see her shake and writhe, he wanted her to cum and clench around his fingers. He sped up his finger movements and began to pump in and out of her rapidly.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. He could already hear her breath becoming heavy.

“Hmm. You like that?” he muttered, watching his fingers disappearing inside of her and coming back out dressed in her wetness.

“J-Justin,” she gasped and arched her back. Her hand came down and she traced her clit with her fingers, that was, before Justin caught her hand.

“All you’ve gotta do is tell me, princess. I want you to take it all without doing anything. You don’t have to work for this; I’m happy to give it all to you.”

She pulled her hand away and he replaced it with his own. His thumb rubbed her clit up and down and she sighed.

“Is that right? That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? My fingers inside of you and on your clit at the same time, you’re just greedy for pleasure, aren’t you?” he almost let out an animalistic growl at the sight of her as she parted her lips.

He felt his fingers pressing against her walls and he was sure he was hitting her g-spot when she moaned loudly, it caused his dick to twitch behind his trousers.

“J-Justin, I’m gonna-”

“Do it, princess. Don’t hold back, don’t hold it off. Fucking cum for me,” he encouraged her and felt his hard on straining when she let out such erotic sounds.

“Holy shit!” she shouted and her body jerked forward. Justin’s fingers were moving in and out of her at a rapid pace while his thumb pressed harder into her clit, running around in circles still.

“There it is,” he whispered, his eyes beaming down at her body while she shook with pleasure.

Her lips parted and he could see down the back of her throat. He adored the way her back arched for him as she tried to get herself even closer to him. He only made his actions towards her rougher.

“Justin, fuck,” she whimpered. He watched her thighs trembling as she came down from her high ever so slowly.

He pulled out of her and made sure her eyes were gazing at him as he took his fingers in between his lips. His tongue grazed them as he pulled them out of his mouth. The centre of her cheeks turned a deep shade of pink and Justin grinned.

She lay breathless and Justin was more than pleased at the sight of her after she’d fallen apart because of him. He moved up her body and pressed his lips against her own. He moaned as he did so; enjoying the wetness of them. He pulled away and stood up. His boner pressed painfully against the material of his boxers.

“Get on your hands and knees, princess.”