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Submit your writing to Tongue Tied!

Hello! As some of you may know, I’m the literary editor for @tonguetiedmag. We’re making some changes to the way the mag is run, and one of those changes is that we want you to submit your work to us! We’re looking for content from passionate voices and people who want to submit their work to a broader audience. Some of the content I’m looking for as lit editor includes:

  • Original poetry or prose works
  • Book reviews / literary criticisms
  • Interviews with writers
    • If you want to interview a writer, email us with the request before you actually carry out the interview. That way we can reach out to that writer and set up the interview for you! 
  • Recordings/videos of you performing your own slam poetry
  • Articles and opinion pieces about issues/topics/passions concerning literature
  • Anything you wanna share concerning literature, writing, or the literary world

If we like the content you submit to us, we’ll feature it on our page! This is a great way to get your work out there to a broader audience and to start establishing yourself as a serious writer. 

For submissions, send your work to with the Subject “submission: [your article title]”. If we like your content, we’ll let you know when your article is being posted, or if we like what you send us but want some small things edited, we’ll let you know! 

I’m so excited to see what you guys write and are passionate about! If you have any questions, you can email either or my email, or you can message me on here.

Thanks so much!

[old conversations]

I used to carry a peach around in my pocket
the size of two fists combined,
thinking one day I’d be strong enough
to lay the bruised fruit on the table
and give voice to all our hurt.

You and I left things unsaid, so
imagine this poem as an unsent letter,
an old I love you,
that says
I miss letting your palm lines
imprint themselves on me
like love lines.

We’ve left conversations tied to fence posts
like a wild animal left to die,
left to fester for days in the sun,
and when we came back to them they were unrecognizable,
or if we were lucky, they had decomposed back into the earth
and a flower had grown in its place.

—  [old conversations] by Alex Lenkei published in The Dinner Table Review. Find them at their tumblr, typewriterdaily

Last year I published a post inquiring the level of interest my direct Tumblr community had an submitting to a lit mag I’ve long wanted to start

I’m please to announce that, well, I’m in the process of doing just that! I’m working out a few kinks right now, and plan to open submissions in very soon for the inaugural issue, set to be released in January!

Please be on the look out for this, Literary Tumblr! Specifics to come.


Hello writers and artists on Tumblr! My name is Sebastian and I am beginning this new project that has been a long time in the making.  I am beginning to curate a literary/art magazine by teenagers, for teenagers.  This work will only be by kids 13-18, because I feel like those are the people who have some of the best work to share and they are never given an outlet to share it.  That is why I am creating this magazine, because I want more adolescent voices to be heard. If you are interested in submitting writing (essays, poems, short stories, flash fiction, etc.) or visual art (photography, graphic design, drawing, painting, etc.) then feel free to head over to the Submission Guidelines. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! 

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Friday night is messy like spilling vodka on my new shirt and being too lazy to change it,
it’s the girls in the bathroom with mascara down their cheeks, it’s how their wishing to be anyone else, when the boy they like forgets to show up, when their best friend leaves without them, when they lose their cellphones, when they lose their minds, it’s the broken bottles on the sidewalk, the smell of cigarettes in your hair, the bruised knees and the missed chances and the missed Ubers and the missed phone calls, it’s missing you when I wake up alone, it’s trying to scrub the night from my skin in cold showers with cold beers, it’s the smell of regret, sins, and people loving people more than they are loved back.
—  for more please visit
Tumblr Lit Mag: The Next Post

The Next Post is a free online literary magazine designed by two Tumblr users for Tumblr users. There’s a reason that our tagline is “A literary magazine on Tumblr, for Tumblr, by Tumblr.” It accepts short stories in form of nonfiction, fiction, and fanfiction, as well as accepting submissions of photography and art (including fanart).

YW Note: We’re just posting this on behalf of The Next Post. If you have any questions, please contact them directly!