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Classic Literature Bad Boy Crushes, A Ranking

Level 1: Mr. Darcy. Strictly entry-level. Really just awkward and kinda rude, hasn’t killed anyone.

Level 2: Lord Byron. Significantly edgier, with a laundry list of real and fictional misdeeds. Probably killed someone at some point.

Level 3: Rodion Raskolnikov. Welcome to Russian literature. You’re definitely lusting after a murderer now, but at least he’s repentant.

Level 4: Nikolai Stavrogin. You’ve graduated to Dostoevsky’s Baddest Boy. He kills people and doesn’t even feel bad after. You’re equally repulsed and turned on (as was everyone in the novel, it’s OK) and beyond all help.

Level 5: Satan.

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Saw another anon asking about Madoka. Would you be willing to imagine the Senshi as Madoverse witches, and describe them in excrutiating detail for us?

WHOO BOY I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR 2 DAMN DAYS. I still have some issues with it, but I feel like it’s about as perfect as I can get it realistically before driving myself mad and/or just never publishing it. It’s only one of the girls because, well, it’s still more than 2,500 words because I have no idea how to shut up. 

Spoilers for Madoka CONCEPTS, but not for the actual show. Reminder that I have Disqus! 



The first note in an elegiac symphony that would only end in ruin.

Mina whipped around to face the sound, and saw Haruka’s sword fall to the floor. The witch had been defeated, the Grief Seed laid plump on the floor ripe as a berry for picking, the labyrinth had faded from around them, and yet she was reminded that even in victory, there is no moment for relaxation.


Haruka clutched at the Soul Gem on her shoulder, eyes wide, as if trying to desperately hide the quickly growing rift in her gem, to conceal the inevitable shatter of her own life. Her legs gave way beneath her, and she fell to her knees.

“Haruka…” Michiru’s whisper was soft and fragile, her soul already giving way to the sorrow as she stood, fixed as a statue, as if she could stop this moment in time.

Haruka looked up at her, scared and pleading. “Michi, I—“


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Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak and Even meet in the schoolyard (9.10 part 4)

Also known as that post in which I make use of my English lit degree to overanalyse everything.

So here it comes: the scene, in which everything is laid bare and has been episodes in the making. You get the script, but as far as you can see, there is only one line for one of you. That means that the rest of the scene hinges upon you, the actor, your eyes, your body movements, your energy. Throughout the series, you’ve had moments in which moments of quietness were needed, but none as long as this one. To really make it work, it’s all about you and your fellow actor. As mentioned in @softnorwegianslovely post  the trust has been established: you know what you’re both comfortable with and what you can do without breaking the scene. You can challenge each other, and you have each other’s back; so you can make this as intense as possible. We as an audience have to keep in mind; it could be that the music was played during the filming of this scene, but it’s not the only sound they would’ve heard. 

So how is it possible that this scene feels so particularly intense, even when you disregard the music? I think that one of the reasons that makes you feel it so deeply is because of its use of the five senses in order to focus on feeling. Feeling that you’re not alone is so different from knowing that you’re not alone.

Regardless of whether Even was really going to take that final step or not, Isak is scared out of his mind after receiving that text message. As a person who has the tendency to assume the worst, as evidenced by his inability to see that people aren’t always mad at him for stuff he does, for Isak to see that bench to be empty has to be the most horrible feeling in the world. You feel that his heart just sinks right into his stomach; until he remembers Even’s ridiculous towel dispenser flirting move – maybe he’s to be found there. And then, as if the stars aligned for just that moment, Even is there.

The tiniest hint of a smile is found in Tarjei’s mouth and eyes, and he makes the relief feel tangible; Even is shocked into a motionless state, his depression clearly has taken a heavy toll on him with his red-rimmed eyes. But still, they walk towards each other. Both in different mind-sets; Even terrified and maybe unable to comprehend what’s going to happen here, while Isak is slowly taking in the fact that Even’s still here. They keep looking at each other.

Now, the first time I saw this scene I was confused as to what Isak was doing here; he’s not kissing his cheeks but seems to be ‘nosing’ them. But rewatching it a few times, one edit with regular street sounds in particular, made me realise that Isak slowly wants to make sure that Even physically and emotionally feels that he’s not alone. And even for himself, this is the case: Isak needs to feel Even is there, he isn’t gone yet again, he’s right there. We need to see this in close-up.

So first are touch and smell; cheeks upon cheeks, noses upon noses as they are so fond of doing. Can you feel me, Even? How close we are to each other? There’s no space between us. And when he’s sure Even feels him – because Even leans into him in small increments, brushing his nose ever so slowly over his cheek – then he moves on to touch and sight and hearing. His hands make sure Even looks up, into his eyes. Can you see me, Even? I’m still here. See me here so close to you.

And then he mentions a few of the most wonderful words you can hear in this universe and all the parallel ones.

You’re not alone.

What a beautiful reaction from Henrik here: he listens, takes it in, and closes his eyes as if it’s too good to be true. Ever so slowly, they move on to touch and taste. Isak takes the initiative, kisses Even very carefully and only twice. I’d like to kiss you so much more. If you’ll let me. But that’s all they need for this moment. Then there’s the eye contact again; Isak already almost falling against Even, seeing his face and those wonderful eyes again. Until now they’ve only given the barest touches to each other, but now that’s not enough anymore.

Tarjei and Henrik’s amazing chemistry, trust and ability to show the feelings and emotions behind this scene without saying anything made this such a special scene. Lesser actors would not have been able to convey such intensity in a scene without dialogue.

So Isak envelops Even into his arms, and Even reaches around him to tightly hug him back. And isn’t that one of the most wonderful feelings in the world? When you’re completely surrounded by someone’s smell, and touch them by taking them in your arms, and hear their breath pushing out in relief? Now you not only know you’re not alone, but you can actually feel it.

What a Helga Natt indeed.

Previous parts: here.

nervouspearl replied to your post “Major Crimes…time to discuss.”

I really don’t think she’s ever been written as particularly private. Nothing like Laura Roslin for example. It just always sounded like an (extremely poor) excuse not to write any personal scenes for her.

YES! And this is one of the biggest problems I have with MC vs. BSG. Duff likes to tell, not show, which is a terrible, terrible thing to do when writing multi-layered characters. In BSG, Ronald Moore showed that Laura had personal (and somewhat ill-advised) relationships, but she never discussed them. Showing that set her up as a character who kept everything very close to the vest. It also made the payoff for Laura allowing Bill into her life that much sweeter, because we had a setup going back YEARS to illustrate how hard that was for her. 

We, the fans, know that she had an affair with Adar. We also know about that student thing and how it drove her to take a position in Adar’s cabinet. Nobody on the show ever knows that. It’s a delicious layer to a character that’s seen as prim and proper to everyone else on the ship.

New Names at the PLHL!

I hope you’ll join Dianne, Penney, Sarah, and me in welcoming the two newest additions to the PLHL admin team: Cilla and Mia!

Cilla comes to us with a background in romance writing, and she is currently studying at college as a writing minor.

Mia is working on an English/Brit Lit degree, and is in the process of editing a trilogy.

We’re very excited to see how they’ll bring their diverse knowledge and experience into answering all your wonderful questions :)


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if you say something overtly sexual in response to this ask i'll go streak outside right here right now in the 40 degree streetlight-lit night

first i need coffee.

band of brothers wac headcanons [1/?]
  • for the entirety of the war, ruth winters has her red hair pinned up real tight. everyone’s shocked by how long it is when she finally lets it down in austria — and only because it feels better loose during her morning swim in the glacial lakes.

  • darlene randleman has a gaggle of boys already and you aren’t meant to have dependents in the women’s army corps — it says so on all the fliers — but she packs her children up and sends them to gramma and grandpa’s house to stay because like hell is she teaching her boys women can’t fight for the right reasons.

  • babe heffron’s all skinned knees and pigtails but bette guarnere knows a south philly girl when she sees one.

  • helen wins a parachute — and a few packs of smokes — off a drunk paratrooper and carries it with her for the duration. louise asks about it and, of course, she’s keeping it around to make herself a wedding dress. silk, you know, rationing and all. nix tells her kit grogan’s probably run off with a woman’s ordinance worker by now. you bitch, that’s not even funny!

  • lynn compton is built like an amazon, a classic american beauty. she’s used to the easy female camaraderie of the ucla cheer squad so she fits right in to the wac. just don’t challenge her to a game of darts — especially if she’s been shooting lefty all night.

  • skip muck (that’s what everyone calls wilma muck; ever since she was a kid, on account of her being the skipping rope champ of erie county) and alexandra penkala drive a supply truck across enemy lines to relieve a company of paratroopers (paratroopers are supposed to be surrounded) but they take a direct hit from german artillery on the way back. there’s articles commending their actions published in papers back home.

  • diane webster is a few credits short of a degree in lit from radcliffe college. her upperclass parents would prefer she marry so she joins the women’s army corps instead.

  • the world is going to hell, francesca perconte thinks, but that doesn’t mean she has to look like it. the others might not understand what the carefully applied red lipstick signifies but decorum keeps her sane. it makes her feel more powerful. all four feet eleven inches of her.

  • after the war foul tempered tech 5 judith liebgott, a hairdresser from cisco, wants to settle down with a nice jewish boy with a smile to die for and a big **** (cue diane webster curling her lip in distaste)

  • she also loves to read: woman in red, fantomah mostly.

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i want to do an english lit degree and q***r theory is an optional module i was interested in doing because i thought i'd get more exposure to lgbt people in literature. could you educate me on what's wrong with it because based off that ask it doesn't sound like something that as a gay person i should take

no you 100% should take it if it is something you are interested in! don’t let my ask discourage you. but there’s a lot of stuff that you have to understand about academia and queer theory and just things to be wary of. at my college and we’re The Biggest college in the state where i live, and i’ve taken a few sexuality studies/queer theory-esque classes and you absolutely HAVE to have the right teacher. took a gender and sexuality studies class that was taught by an italian woman who had little knowledge of activism in the states and was more concerned with overseas issues that no one in the class knew about. 

ive made posts about it before but if you have a professor who isn’t an actual LGBT person and is just an Adult who Knows Things, and wants to impart that knowledge on you, things can be a little different. the woman who taught my class wasn’t lgbt and yet spearheaded class discussions about the aids crisis, gay men, bathhouse culture, circuit parties, etc etc and all these other things that you just won’t understand unless you’re Apart of the LGBT community because there is a vast difference between being apart of the community and understanding something and reading about something on paper or in a book. a good example would be that article (x) abt gay loneliness written by a gay man. imagine this article had been written by a straight man and that is the type of class you need to watch out for. 

There are classes that you could find that can help further your education while getting your lit degree. if there is an option, i would 100% recommend an LGBT history class or anything similar, especially if you’re young enough to not have been apart of a lot of it. and do this for every class, but check out you professor before hand. don’t go into an LGBT studies class taught by a middle age straight white man just teaching to collect a check y’know? 

and that ask you’re talking about is one of the biggest problems in ‘queer theory’ (aside from calling it queer theory but whatever). there’s a lot of ‘study’ talking about how no one is 100% this or 100% that and it’s often perpetuated by professors who take the ‘my word is end all be all in this class room’ stance. and as a gay man who isn’t attracted to women, it’s just flat out wrong y’know? the same goes for certain people’s views on gender.

if you decide to take any classes, which—if it interests you, why not?—just be cautious about the information your given, how it’s presented and who it’s presented by. if you’re an english lit major, i would rly recommend any type of history class or classes about lgbt ppl in media or pop culture, bc it is interesting and in a strange way fulfilling to learn about that part of yourself and to learn about history and the growth of lgbt culture and presence in media. 

i don’t mean to discourage you from broadening your horizons when it comes to lgbt studies and things like that. but as a fellow gay who has been had his time wasted by college level classes concerning lgbt people, i want to make sure you don’t waste your time either and actually find the experience educational and enriching and fun. 

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Hi! I'm starting my lit degree at Manchester in September and have so many anxieties about it. I'm widely read and one of the best in my college but I'm from one of the worst colleges in the country and when I met the other students who were mainly from london couldn't help feeling shabby and inadequate (something my awful accent doesn't help). I'm so terrified I won't be able to keep up with everyone and will be the worst on my course...

It doesn’t help that I’m shy too and am worried I will struggle to make friends. Do you have any advice on how to deal with these worries because I wish I could just get excited about uni like everyone else :( thank you in advance!

Please don’t worry about your accent! Anyone who’ll judge you for that isn’t worth being friends with anyway. As to the college situation, I really don’t think it will matter, honestly. I went to a really good college (just by chance, really - it was the closest college to my house) but almost none of what I learnt at college had any bearing on my degree, and in fact I had to completely unlearn my approach to analysis and essay writing and learn it all over again because the methods and expectations at uni are so different to college.

Also, at the end of the day, you got into the course just like they did, and in fact it’s actually more impressive that you got in, since you didn’t get to go to a great college! To me, that shows that you’re really clever and dedicated, so please don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about that - again, those people don’t deserve to be your friends anyway!

I promise you’ll find lots of like-minded people at uni - I found it much easier to make friends there than anywhere else, because I was studying with other people who loved the same subjects as me and I joined societies pertaining to my interests and political beliefs which helped me to connect with other people like myself in those respects (and I found that fairly easy, and Surrey is MUCH more conservative than Manchester, so you should find it even easier to find people with similar ideologies!)!

I know it’s hard, but try to remember that everyone is nervous when they first go to uni, and there will definitely be other people who are nervous for the same reasons as you! You’re not alone, and I promise you’ll settle in much more easily than you think!

Best of luck - uni was the best time of my life, and I hope it’ll be yours too!! 💕

CoMC Introduction

Hey guys, I’m Brianna! I’ve never read this book before, never seen any adaptations, and also never participated in a read-along, so this is just a whole bevy of new experiences here. I’m posting this on my book/reading sideblog, and will probably be using this one to follow along, but if someone happens to post under quietrae, that is also me!

I’m a 24 year old college grad with an English Lit degree, and I live in Missouri; I also work full-time as an Admin Assistant and volunteer a lot with my local chapter of Indivisible. Besides reading my hobbies include true crime podcasts, creepy paranormal stuff, very very slowly trying to learn Spanish, and my dumb adorable cats.

I’ve wanted to read this book for a loooong time, so this seems like as good a time as any to jump in and start. I don’t know much about the plot except that it involves revenge, lots of drama, and lesbians at some point, and all that is right up my alley, so this should be fun. I’ve got the Robin Buss unabridged version (I think? I HOPE?) in case that matters any.

You know what's lit

Having a

-100 degree fever
-wanting to be warm but also cold
-having a sore throat
-having a stuffy nose
-having a runny nose in the other nostril
-wanting to cuddle someone but am sick

But hey, at least this didn’t happen when I was in Florida on vacation, or the 27hr drive there/back


“‘I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire…I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it. Because no battle is ever won’ he said. 'They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools.'” William Faulkner, The Sounds and the Fury

Dale’s quote comes from William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury (Faulkner, who was obsessed with the South and its fall from grace after the civil war). It’s a speech that begins Quentin’s "June 2, 1910” section.

The irony of the section is Quentin’s obsession with time. He fixates on the watch his father gave him, eventually breaking it. He is obsessed with the need to control time, the need to return to the past and not deal with his crisis at hand. Quentin kills himself, but not before trying to put his final moments into a semblance of order - he brushes his teeth, changes his clothes, as if searching for a final moment of peace that comes from habit.

Food for thought during these upcoming episodes. 

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novellll (ℋℯℓℓℴ)

  • Novel: what are you currently reading?

well, i’m re-reading two of my favoruite books: The Secret History, by Donna Tartt, and Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels. I’m also slowly making my way through a book of John Keats’ letters, and of course I’m reading a lot of stuff for uni because I’m doing an English lit degree :P

thanks for asking! 

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Hiiii I’ve been following you for a few months and have to say you are just a wonderful person, oh my gosh. I would love to know who you think my pal would be! I was born in June and enjoy video games, watching shows/reading, and sewing, but the thing I really adore is writing. Since I was little it’s what I’ve known my life would revolve around, and I’m making it happen bit by bit by having gotten a Lit degree, editing my novel, and doing library work. Ideally I see myself living right [1/2]

(continued) where I am, surrounded by mountains and forest in a mid-size town; I need an urban feel but that’s not too big, and love wilderness. I’m only able to keep a handful of friends, but the ones I have I love and will support for life, and we all love really in-depth conversations. Sometimes though I can get really withdrawn, and need alone/mental rest time to function. I tend to work better with animals than with people overall, and have chronic pain from a bad leg but I fight through it

Hahahaha I bet you’ve been waiting for your request to be answered for a few months as well hahaha sorry. 

But good for you! You keep doing you and you keep striving for the best! Your presence is so comforting and warm. You’re going to be a great author and I am very proud of you.

And I have the perfect partner for you! Let me introduce you to…

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this is a good excuse for me to put off being productive and i am in the mood to talk about books bc i had a bad day and book talk makes me feel better, so im gonna go ahead and answer it publicly! If u don’t like books you can blacklist my Lit tag ! or just unfollow me tbh my feelings wont be hurt

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probably the best part tbh

of my Helpful Guide to Renaissance Italy:

me: okay, so Naples was a mess, people were always invading and the Neapolitans didn’t really take most of them very seriously, because - well, people were always invading

students: ok

me: but it wasn’t war like the northern Italians’ pretend wars, it was actual, bloody war, and often kind of absurd

students: huh?

me: okay, to give you an idea, I think there’s a story that really illustrates the Problem of Naples

me: once upon a time, two men both decided they were rightful king of Naples. One of them was a French guy called Louis, the Duke of Anjou, and the other was a Spanish guy called Alfonso, King of Aragón

students: *yawn*

me: anyway, they’re fighting it out, and Louis’ people manage to kill Alfonso’s beloved brother Pedro, which obviously upset him

students: zzz

me: Louis didn’t exactly apologize. By which I mean that he stuffed Pedro’s corpse into a cannon and shot it at them

students: zzzzwHAT

me: Yep! Of course, Alfonso was enraged and decided he was going to burn Louis’ most important city to the ground.

me: So he stopped by Marseille on the way home and set it ON FIRE. But it rained and put the fires out. 

students: hahaha, ok

me: But Alfonso wasn’t going to give up that easily! So he set it on fire again and it rained again. So he said, ok, maybe it was the will of God or something, and he’d try one more time, and if it rained again, he’d know God wanted him to go home quietly. So he tried one last time. And guess what?

students: it rained?

me: NOPE! It didn’t and he razed Marseille to the ground. And went home in a much better mood. Any questions?

students: …

students: ……

me: It Was Another Time