lit by sunlight

harry is scuffed converse, glasses constantly slipping down his nose, socks sagging from too many wears and eyes drooping from another late night. he’s the smell of broomstick polish and a crisp autumn morning, the rustle of leaves in dimly lit woods, sunlight dappling the floor golden. he’s the incessant tapping of a foot, tap tap tap tap tap tap, waiting for something but not knowing what. he’s an early morning run in the cold february air, lungs burning, eyes streaming, soul on fire. he’s a small smile that shows so much, a twinkle of the eyes that requires nothing said at all. he’s nights spent in a room alone, throwing spells against the wall, working and working and pushing and pushing. he’s warmth, yet distance. soft edges but biting teeth. anything and everything, wrapped into one; a myriad of emotion and feeling and fire that never ever seems to extinguish.

hermione is oxfords tied exactly twice, deep brown and shining. she’s the breeze in october, cool yet full of warmth, of faded reds and golds and browns twirling in the air. she’s running a finger down the spine of an old book, the creaking of aged, yellowing pages. she’s sunlight streaming through an opened window, illuminating the dust as it falls to the floor, floating and sparkling and almost magical. she’s holding a too hot cup of tea in mittened hands, the crunch of twigs underneath fraying boots, the rustle of leaves that have been silent for far too long. she’s nights spent in the biggest, oldest, coziest couch, papers scattered haphazardly, quill in mouth, biting biting biting, hands flitting from page to page and word to word, eyes bleary yet bright. she’s something steady, yet ever moving, wheels turning round and round and round, never pausing too long until the next idea, next destination, next task. she’s knowing that once, twice, is never enough to get it right. a grand idea tied neatly into a small, paper wrapped package, sensible yet never fanciful.

ron is bare feet curled into soft sand. he’s the crackle of a fire on low heat, just bright enough to illuminate every dip and rise of those huddled around, basking in its warmth. he’s the soft sun in may, illuminating and bright but never blinding. he’s a warm hand clasped around a wrist, a steady hand firm on a shoulder, felt but never seen. he’s the smell of freshly baked bread, of waking up to pancakes and the sound of voices laughing down the stairs. he’s sunlight through blinds, casting lines of light throughout the room, bright as day yet soft, never harsh or unyielding. he’s the feeling of laying in the grass, staring up at the clouds as they roll through a light, ever blue sky. he’s head in one hand, staring out the window and imagining new worlds and knights in shining armor and princesses high in castles as a voice in the background drones on and on and on, fading into white noise. he’s so much, yet never too much, a guiding light in the darkness, something almost like home, warmth in a sea of cold.

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prompt: malec laughing at dumb shit cuz im only the concept guy

“wait no, this is wrong.”

standing there in the soft light on the roof as the last of the sunlight lit up the horizon, magnus was holding a huge sheet of instructions in his hand. he had been buried in it, eyes running over the diagrams when alec’s voice brought him back into focus and he tugged the instructions down to frown over the top of them.

alec was standing near one of the lamps with a hand lost in his hair, scratching the back of his head and staring down at the new patio furniture they were attempting to put together. he looked stumped, stepping over the disassembled pieces so he could crouch down and sift through some of them. and not for the first time, magnus sighed audibly, trying not to roll his eyes.

“alexander, this is why i should have just done it with magic,” he said, pursing his lips. he stepped closer to one of the pillars of the pergola, sighing as he leaned against it and glanced at the instructions again.

“magnus, i told you i want to try it,” alec replied and magnus was pretty sure that’s the same thing he had said the last two times.

magnus fought a smile, shaking his head but it was hard to keep down as alec turned back, holding up a strangely shaped piece of wood and asking if it was the right one. he had that look on his face, that look of intense determination screwing up his features and magnus knew better than to derail that kind of stubbornness. he just fought back laughter and nodded, settling down in one of the still intact chairs so he could try and guide alec as he sifted through the pieces.

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I have aesthetics that remind me of different people. My best friend is the color of caramel and cozy coffee shops. Knitted sweaters and curling up with a cup of tea. My almost lover is a blazing fire and dancing in a dimly lit kitchen late at night. Sunlight peeking through windows and spontaneous adventures. My ex is running through the rain. Cloudy days, good books, and perfectly clear glasses.

The list goes on… but I always get stuck when I try to describe myself.

Simple Lucky Penny Enchantment

We’ve all heard of “lucky pennies.” It’s a superstition that has woven its way so far into our society we often forget to acknowledge it as magick. This is a simple enchantment of sorts to bring luck and wealth into your life.

You will need:

  • A penny (if your currency doesn’t use pennies, use whatever coin is “lucky” in your culture, if any, or any copper coin, or gold if copper is unavailable) 
  • A sharpie (fine point is better) 
  • A white candle (this one is a must)
  • A gold candle (optional) 
  • Works best during a waning moon but will work any time

Pennies are said to be lucky, and the copper/gold color represents wealth and success and ambition, so that makes pennies the perfect choice for both luck and wealth! Waning moons are also great times for luck spells. 

It’s said a penny found heads-up is lucky. For this reason, I drew the following sigil on the front: (credit: I found it on tumblr, saved it to my phone and i can’t remember where I found it. If anyone can direct me to the OP I will credit them! So sorry for this!) 

On the tails side, I drew this sigil: (credit: sopherielspeaks )

If you use one candle, light it at the back of your workspace and draw the sigils in front of it. If you use two, light them on the right and left sides and work between them.

If you do this during a waning moon, do it after dark by candlelight. Otherwise do it during the day in a room well lit by sunlight. 

Flip the coin several times, being careful to catch it each time, while visualizing yourself having all the luck and money you need (and perhaps the areas of life you need the extra luck, or the things you need the money for, or how you expect/want to come by the money, etc). Feel free to add any kind of chant here, if you like. 

Hold the penny between your fingers and hold it over the white candle as close to the flame as you can comfortably withstand to purify the enchantment (prevent accidental bad luck, and prevent you from getting tainted money). If you have a gold candle, do the same to it to strengthen the wealth and ambition. 

Leave the penny overnight in the waning moonlight to charge if possible, otherwise for a day in the sunlight (best if its a sunny day.) 

Carry the penny with you in your shoe everywhere you go. Walking will help keep the sigils charged. Also, carrying a coin in your shoe is a common method to bring money into your life.

Orkney Neolithic 'butterfly-like' motifs found by chance

Neolithic markings carved into a stone in Orkney that were missed for years by archaeologists have been discovered by chance.

The faintly incised “butterfly-like” motifs were revealed on Tuesday as sunlight lit up the rock at the “right moment, at the right angle”.

Experts believe the marks were deliberately made to be delicate and to catch light at certain times of day.

The find was made during excavations at Ness of Brogdar.

The incisions are so faint they do not show up in photographs taken so far of the stone.

The block formed part of wall of a structure at the dig site. It has since been moved to safe location. Read more.

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prompt: magnus calling alec 'pretty boy' again

it was mid-afternoon, somewhere far enough past lunch that sleepiness was starting to settle in. alec’s limbs felt heavy as he sat on the couch and he knew he had been paying attention to reading his book at some point, but at some point the even lines of text had gone blurry and unfocused. the maple syrup light wasn’t helping, neither was the slow tick of the clock, but worse of all was the way magnus was lit up by the sun.

his left side was all alight, the sun cutting up his sharp jaw and his cheekbone, burning up the tips of his spiked up hair. he had been working on a potion for the past hour, his face set in tense concentration, every single movement he made so particular. he measured ingredients with studied focus, his brows furrowed and amidst it all the sunlight kept glinting on his rings and the chain hanging from his fitted waistcoat.

alec found himself mesmerized, lips pursed and his gaze a little out of focus as magnus tapped on vials and sifted through ingredients. he was so handsome like this, the planes of his face set in determination, but it really wasn’t just how he looked. it was his focus, a palpable thing settled next to him in the room. it was his knowledge, the fact that he did all of this freehand and knew exactly what he was doing. it left alec wondering so many things. but he knew better than to interrupt magnus when he was working. which was why he didn’t say anything when he closed his book and pushed himself up off of the couch, starting towards the kitchen.

he was idly adjusting his shirt when magnus’s voice echoed in the stillness of the loft and brought him to a halt near one of the brick pillars.

“where are you going, pretty boy?” magnus’s voice was deep and warm, like it always was, but that wasn’t what made alec break into a big smile, his cheeks warming. it was those two words, catching him off guard as they always did.

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I’ve always been a little bit iffy on the idea of tampering with the official Pokemon, like creating new evolutions and such. The idea of regional variants however, is a quite cool in that I can adapt them to my region and treat them as almost totally different species. So I’ve decided to add some ‘Cyare Forms’ to the mix.

Introducing the Cyare forms of the Oddish family!

ODDISH - Grass
According to historical records, a group of Oddish made their way to Cyare centuries ago, as stowaways on the canoes of the Islander settlers. They eventually made their way deep into the dense forests that cover the region. Over time, the clean fresh air they breathed in removed all the toxins from their bodies, making them lose the poison type. The forests were so dense and dark, they felt safe and no longer needed to hide underground, or remain nocturnal. Their skin turned a brown colour and hardened into bark, which gave them a boost of defense and attack. Living among several commonplace ferns caused the plant to replace the leaves on their heads. After many years, they slowly emerged from the deep forests and now reside in many green areas across the region.

GLOOM - Grass
Gloom’s bark hardens even more once evolved from Oddish, and has increasingly gained attack and defense. Upon evolution they begin to drool a delicious golden honey-like nectar that is favoured by many and is used in many local delicacies. No longer being a Poison type as well, Gloom has developed a rather fresh and pleasant aroma, and city people in particular, keep Gloom to freshen their homes. Gloom is also no longer floral, as the ferns from Oddish remain, it has failed to develop any kind of flower. Still evolves from Oddish at Level 21.

Vileplume has grown into a tree, with a magnificent arrangement of ferns on its head. Most Vileplume prefer to live in forests, and are masters of disguising themselves as actual trees. Where there is no forest, groups of Vileplume may gather creating a forest themselves and is a spectacle to witness. Another form of Cyarean Vileplume has also emerged over time, this one being a lot taller than usual. This is caused by Vileplume that live in well lit forests, with the extra sunlight causing them to grow taller. A Leaf Stone still remains the method of evolving from Gloom. Attack and defense have taken over as Vileplume’s favoured stats, and uses moves such as Power Whip and Wood Hammer.

BELLOSSOM - Grass/Fairy
Bellossom also live deep in forests and are like whimsical wood sprites that shuffle about the forest floor. They wear a dress of dead fern leaves, a headdress of young ferns, and have soft dark green moss covering their skin. While Vileplume are slow moving and carefree, Bellossom are quick and alert, and are also known to emit a soft glow. For many years people have thought that the changes Gloom underwent made it lose the ability to evolve into Bellossom, as Sun stones no longer worked. It is now known that the ability to evolve was only suppressed until the right conditions were met, and a shiny stone is now required. Also opposite to Vileplume, Bellossom is strong in its special stats. It uses moves such as Moonblast, Energy Ball and Leaf Storm.

Cyare Form alterations designed by myself with the use of base designs © The Pokemon Company

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i’m rewatching hlv and sherlock's mind palace is all cold and lit up in bluish white while he’s dying but as soon as the name “john watson” is mentioned the whole place is lit up in warm sunlight because /john is sherlock's sun/ oh my godddddd

John is the world to Sherlock… it hurts so much how Sherlock loves John. I absolutely love this… Thinking of John – Sherlock’s conductor of light – returns the light into his darkness. He wanted to die, but he loves John so much, and can’t let John suffer his death again. John not only is his conductor of light, but his conductor of LIFE. 


morning sunlight was filtering in through the open doors of the balcony, catching on the beautiful leaves of all of their plants and all shiny and golden and beautiful. magnus had been up for an hour, going through emails on his phone as he dressed and got himself ready for the day. the sun had greeted him bright and cheery, spilling in through the big windows and drenching the loft in pale orange and soft gold.

by now though, magnus’s emails were sorted and he was sat by himself on one of the couches, leaning against the cushions on the arm with a book cradled against his knee and a mug of tea in his other hand. the steam that wafted off of it kept catching in the bright shards of sunlight, catching on the rings that adorned magnus’s fingers, especially the gold one that sat on his left ring finger with two initials carved into the soft metal.

everything had been quiet for a while now as his eyes scanned the page. it was a book of spells he’d loaned from catarina, an old one worn at the edges, a mix of languages old and new. he was looking for a spell in particular, one he wanted to try and expand on, possibly alter entirely before his clients showed up for the day. but when he heard shifting sheets and a soft grunt in the other room he paused reading, glancing back over his shoulder towards the bedroom.

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To fall in love with her.  S.B (smutty)

[A/N: Hello loves! So, this is something a little bit different. It was requested by the lovely @ra-veela-claw . The main character, Aileen Mairead Brady, belongs to her as well as the main idea. I don’t own the gifs/credits to their original owners. And to J.K.Rowling, as always.  
Requests are always open, and I am working on the final part of my fanfiction “Brisé, pourtant vivant” ( you can find the latest part here )
Warnings: This contains smut. Also, my English, but that’s old news.]

I really really really hope you’ll like this!

She was always Hogwarts’s sweetheart.

Lily and Marlene couldn’t help but actually stare as Aileen stepped into the Great Hall, each movement almost like a fairy dance. In people’s eyes, she wasn’t even walking; she was elegantly floating. It was a known fact that almost every girl wished to be half as beautiful as the blue-eyed vision of a girl, half as clever as the witty Ravenclaw. Most girls were consumed by jealousy. She could have any boy she wanted given the fact that every boy had tried to ask her out. Okay, let’s be honest. She could have even some of the girls. But they all failed to gain her attention. She never hurt someone’s feelings, yet somehow, she rejected every single one of them. What was weird, is that they were smiling, even after being rejected. So, naturally, nobody could hate her. She was always so kind, so friendly and accepting that you couldn’t hate her, even if you tried.
“Hello, girls!” Aileen greeted the group with a warm smile. Her very presence lit up the room. The sunlight was caught up in her perfect silky white gold hair· it was kept in a ponytail more often than not because if she ever let it down, it would reach her bum.  The way her big bright eyes warmed even the coldest of hearts- it was remarkable.
“Aileen! We were just talking about the Hogsmeade trip. You’re coming, right?” Lily grinned excitedly.
“No, Lily, sorry. I have to-”
“Study. We know. Merlin, you’re worse than Remus” Marlene finished off. The truth is that the girls secretly liked that Aileen wasn’t joining them. Don’t get them wrong, they loved their friend. But being constantly compared to her and trying to live up to that… well, it wasn’t easy.  The beautiful Ravenclaw let out an airy laugh.
“Well, thank you! However, I tend to be a little more laid back than Remus. I don’t sleep in the library” she answered with a smile as bright as the sun. Lily waved her off, ready to fire back that she was indeed sleeping in the library, but Remus walked on them.
“What am I accused of this time?” he joked, mocking a hurt expression.
“You are a bad influence, sir” Aileen told him with a loopy smile. He grinned. What the girl didn’t know was that the boy was hooked. Like any other person, really. However, he didn’t act upon it-seeing how she rejected everyone he thought that maybe she wasn’t even into something like that. And he wouldn’t risk her friendship.
“Anyways, I wanted to inform you that you have been invited to the most amazing party of the year. Tonight, at ten o’clock. Our common room” he said mimicking a medieval style, causing the girls to laugh.
“Please tell me it wasn’t James who made you do this” Lily asked him, but she already knew the answer. He just shrugged and landed his eyes on the very attractive girl standing next to him. She was ethereal. She was small but her shape- all those curves in all the right places. Thin but perfectly-Stop it, Remus scowled himself. His favorite curve though was her smile. Always, so genuine and kind.
“So, it’s a yes?” he asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Sure” she answered, flashing him a grin and pecking his cheek before turning around and leaving in order to go to the library. She didn’t look back. If she had, she would have witnessed not only Remus flushing bright red but also someone else, frowning his eyebrows and fighting off the urge to follow her. Someone who’s gray eyes were following her all day-every day. Someone who wasn’t her friend and didn’t want to be.  He wanted more. But so did he with every other girl; and Aileen Mairead Brady knew it all too well. 

Aileen was watching the floating flakes from the window- a safe distance from the icy air. 

“Are you okay?”. A voice threw her out of her mind.
“Yeah. Just tired. You look tired yourself. Is everything alright?”. Her gentle, calming voice caused his heart to squeeze in a very strange way. With her bewitching blue eyes staring right into his, he found himself wanting to share his secret, to share a piece of himself with the mesmerizing girl in front of him.
“I-I…It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I… I am scared that you’ll leave if I do” he croaked, debating whether he should or shouldn’t tell her.
“I am very well aware of the situation, Remus” she said emphasizing her pun. It took several seconds for Remus to get it. His eyes widened.
“Yo-you are?” he whispered. She smiled.
“Now you’re just underestimating my intelligence. I am a Ravenclaw, after all” she stated and laughed at his expression. It was true. She had figured it out after two or three months. Oh, and nicknames don’t really help.  She had heard many times Black calling Remus, Moony to not figure it out by putting two and two together. However, she said nothing. Remus was her friend. She had to wait for him to trust her enough to tell her himself.
The sand-haired boy was about to finally tell her what he wanted more than anything when Marlene decided to interrupt them by grabbing Aileen’s arm and dragging her all the way to Gryffindor Tower because it was “makeup time”. She tried to fight in protest, but it was useless.  What Aileen didn’t know was that Marlene couldn’t continue watching her flirting with him.  It was driving her crazy. 

She had to give it to Marls. That girl knew exactly what to do with all those supplies. Aileen was never the one to wear makeup on a daily basis. Maybe a little bit of powder once or twice, but really, nothing much. Now, she was looking to the mirror in front of her, not being able to realize that it was her reflection. Her skin was smoother than ever, her eyebrows perfectly shaped, her lips, dark red, bold and full and her eyes… she couldn’t even believe it. They actually popped out. So intense and captivating. She never really thought that a black liner would change her appearance so drastically.  
Tonight, she had finally let her hair down… it wasn’t exactly easy to say no to Marlene.  Beautifully done, falling into waves, reaching her waist.  
She had borrowed a black, mini skirt from Lily and a white, lacy crop top from Marlene. All the girls were on heels-and that was a no. A big, fat NO. She was comfortable in her black sneakers, thank you very much.  
“How can you look so sexy, yet so shy and demure?” Alice asked the girl with a hint of jealousy in her voice. But it was Alice, one of the kindest people Aileen knew.
“I am not sexy Alice” she answered while a blush crept into her cheeks.
“Yeah, okay, whatever you say. You know, I am actually worried about Black. He hasn’t made a move on you. Yet. Maybe tonight you will finally get some action!” Marlene said indiscriminately, leaving Aileen to choke on her breath.  
“Can we please get going? It’s already eleven” she practically begged. She was blushing like a mad person. The girls agreed while Marlene was smiling triumphally.

 She could feel all those eyes piercing her body. Maybe she shouldn’t have dressed the way she did. It was actually annoying. Everyone liked her for how she looked. No one cared for who she was. And that was eating her alive. She made a beeline towards the drinks, courtesy of James as it was mentioned in a little flag hanging above them. She grabbed a butterbeer and leaned on the wall behind her. She was never the one to join a party and be the soul of it. But she did enjoy it. 

Lily was too caught up with James and his stupid jokes, which made the girl smile, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Not even to herself. But she was falling for him and Aileen knew it.
Alice was already kissing Frank. Aileen smiled to herself. They were perfect for each other. Honestly, she was jealous. She craved something like that. She craved it so badly-but knew that she could never have it.
And her good mood was over. She had Black to thank for that.
“If it isn’t for the beauty queen” he said way too flirty for her liking. She wasn’t going to admit it anytime soon, but she was hooked. And he was the most unavailable guy in the entire castle, the one she should never fall. He was a player, for Merlin’s sake. He slept with a different girl each night, leaving them to deal with the morning after, alone. He was danger. He was wrong. He was… breathtaking in his black shirt and ripped jeans.
“Hello Black” she greeted him kindly but warningly. She knew she would end up heartbroken.
“Do you have a Band-Aid?” he asked as he made his way closer to her. Way too close.
“Hm? What?”. She was confused. What exactly was he asking her? Maybe it was the butterbeer. Maybe it wasn’t.
“Because I scrapped my knee falling for you” he finished, wiggling his eyebrows. She couldn’t help but snort a bit, her lips fighting off a smile, while she was rolling her eyes.
“Sorry, but you owe me a drink” he stated and her eyes widened… He was close enough for her to notice how beautiful his eyes were. Danger was written all over him.
“Excuse me? Why?” she asked baffled by his ways.
“Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine”. OH GOD, she thought.
“Well, I am pretty sure, those girls are very much interested giving you a… drink” she answered making a slightly suggestive comment and pointing at a group of giggly girls. He looked shocked. He was Sirius Fucking Black. How could she shrug him off? No one ditched him. He ditched them. She left him hanging.
She grabbed a fire whiskey and sat out. She wasn’t exactly laid back tonight.

 A couple of hours and drinks later, she finally had loosened up. She was a bit tipsy, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Or so she thought. 

“Hello, there beautiful”. Oh, no. Oh, no. She looked up and saw a very drunk Gryffindor guy. Erik, was it? She didn’t want to hurt his feelings or his testicles, that is. He was intoxicated…
“Hi” she answered kindly, keeping her distance. Unfortunately, her back hit the wall. Shit.
“Can I help you?” she continued but her tone was a bit colder.
“Actually Brady, you can”. He slithered closer. She tried to move but all she achieved was to make him put his hands on each side of her. She felt threatened.
“Look, you’re drunk. Just-”
“I don’t want you to talk. I want you to use your mouth differently”. She froze. What? What?
“Get off. Please” she fired back trying to avoid his face as he got closer. I don’t want his lips on my face. God, please, she thought.
Suddenly his weight was lifted off of her. She felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around her in a protective way.
“She told you to get off” Sirius growled slowly and very terrifying to the drunk guy.
“She was asking for it, really” he said with a glint in his voice that made both boys crazy. How dare he?
The next thing Aileen knew was that Erik was growling in pain. Sirius had punched his face and Remus had helped. Remus. The calm, kind boy. However, that same boy had caught the way she was looking at Sirius. His heart sunk. Of course. Of course, it would be Sirius. How could it not? And then he noticed the way his friend was looking at her. He never looked another girl like that. If he breaks her heart, I am gonna break his neck, he thought to himself.
“Are you okay?” he asked her, breathless. She was truly magnificent tonight. No wonder everyone’s eyes were on her. She nodded.
“Thank you. Both of you” she said sincerely. Her eyes stayed on Sirius a little too long to go unnoticed. Remus just smiled and left. He would deal with this later.
“I am sorry I wasn’t here earlier” Sirius said, looking down at the floor. Her hands flew toward his arm, clenching it.
“You’re kidding me? If it weren’t for you, he would… Never mind. Thank you” she said giving his bicep a squeeze. He looked at her. She was the one girl that he could never take advantage of. Innocent yet fierce. Quiet yet easy going.
She sat down on the couch behind her. People didn’t seem to notice what was going on in that corner.
He plopped beside her.
“Can I ask you something?”. He was a bit drunk. Well, more than a bit.
“Sure” she gently answered. Why is this so hard? It’s not like you haven’t asked other girls he mentally slapped himself.
“Are you a Veela?” he asked leaving them both in utter surprise. That wasn’t what he wanted to ask her and it wasn’t what she wanted to answer. She stiffened. That’s why I don’t tell people, she thought.
“My grandmother was. I guess, it runs in my blood as well. I can see the way people look at me. Like I’m hypnotizing them simply by breathing and I hate that the only thing they see is the Veela part” she admitted, blushing because she had let on more that she would like. It didn’t come as a surprise to Sirius. But it was hard for him to watch her drifting away into sadness. He decided to be bold. He took her hands into his.
“Listen to me. Yes, people are drawn because you’re absolutely stunning but it only takes a second to realize how beautiful you are on the inside as well” he spoke quietly but his words eased her mind. Did he truly believe that?
She was looking right into his eyes. Jewel-like eyes staring into gray. He was now sure of it. She held his heart and she didn’t even know it. So, naturally, he was taken aback when she leaned in and pecked his lips with hers.
He didn’t respond for a while and she felt her heart dropping to her stomach. Great. Just great.
“I’m sorry. I don’t-” she began to apologize when she felt his arms being wrapped around her middle and his lips muffling her words. He kissed her passionately yet softly. She wasn’t a one-night-stand to him. She was so much more. And she probably deserved someone else but he was selfish.
Her hands reached his hair tugging them ever so lightly. He moaned into her mouth. He was never turned on by just a kiss. She was a different world.
“Maybe we should continue this somewhere else” he suggested never believing that she would agree. But she did. She just nodded her head, unable to verbalize her thoughts.


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I Think I'm In Love (Shigezane x MC)

This has absolutely nothing to do with Forbidden Lovers ~ It’s it’s own thing I guess XD

Um, yeah, just had this idea randomly, hope you guys enjoy it XD

~ * ~

Her soft, brown hair trickled over her shoulder like a gentle waterfall, the slight bump as it fell over her breast and pooled next to her slender hips. The early morning sunlight lit up her face, exaggerating and softening her features in all the right places.


There truly wasn’t any other words to describe her.

With her sitting a few feet away from him it was difficult to focus on the report he was supposed to be writing. Sneaking glances out of the corner of his eye, he really couldn’t help the dorky smile on his face.

Definitely a welcomed distraction.

The book in her hand dangled on her finger tips, unread, her eyes had a far away look as she gazed out the open door.

“Everything alright, Doll?” He finally asked when a little sigh left her cherry colored lips.

“Yes … Maybe …” Her mumbling answer did nothing to ease his concern.

“Wanna talk about it? I’m all ears.”

A grunt was her only response as she opened her book once more, giving her full and undivided attention.

Something was definitely off.

He wanted to press more, find her enchanting smile. The twinkle in her eyes when she laughed could outshine any star in the sky. Her joy was his medicine. Her sorrow was his death.

But there was no coaxing her or she would crawl deeper into her shell. Only time would allow her to open up to him, when, if, she was ready.

The brush felt incredibly heavy in his hand, the ink a hundred times darker, the page much duller.

Busy pouting over over sheet of paper, he was completely oblivious to her stare.

Her pretty eyes peeking at him from under thick, dark lashes. They quickly when back to her book.

For a moment there was only the sound of page turning and a brush on paper.

“I think I’m in love-”


Shigezane had a rather difficult time processing what had just come out of her pretty little mouth. The splintered peices of the brush fell out of his hand.

“Uh, hm, really.” Something thick was lodged in his throat making his voice sound scratchy and horce. When did it get so hot in here?

“He must be quite a guy to have cought your eye.” A smile had never hurt so much.

Damn him.

Damn his family.

Hell, damn his cow.

He stiffly brushed the broken peices of the bush to the side.

“He is.” A bashfuly glow lit her cheeks, her eyes stayed glued to her hands. That smile he loved, he now grudgingly realised, was for someone else.

“I just can’t stop thinking about him.” The girlish giggle made him smile, even if he could feel it chipping away at his heart.

“Well, who’s the lucky chap, maybe I know him?”

He didn’t want to know.

He did want to know.


“You do. Your very close to him.” She still hadn’t met his eyes.

Probably for the best. He wasn’t sure how well he was hiding his conflict right now.


He did his best to sound intrigued in meeting him, but all he could think about was giving him a good fist to the face.

She began tracing patterns on the floor, a dreamy look in her eyes.

What he’d give to be able to make a girl look like that. Preferably her.

“He’s just so captivating to watch, especially when he spars. He has a great build.” She covered her face, her blush taking on a much redder tone.

Shigezane subconsciously felt his biceps flex. He’d never been one to be jealous over another man being more well built than him, but he sure as hell was now.

“He’s so sweet to me too. He calls me a cute name, and it just makes me feel all fluttery inside.”

He didn’t know what it was about that but it left a nasty tast on his tongue. Curiosity and the need to hit something began to burn stronger.

“It’s Kojuro, isn’t it?”

“What? No. He’s far to old for me.” She giggled. “He’s my age.”

Thank God.

He wasn’t sure what he would have done if she had said yes.

“Actually, he’s quite close to Lord Masamune, he’s related to him actually.”

This bastard … Was related to him!?

Fate was cruel indeed.

“He lives here?”

“No, but he visits alot.” She was twirling a strand of hair on her finger. “He has a wonderful sense of humor.”

“I bet he dose.” It came out much harsher than he had ment to, but with her high spirits she hardly noticed.

“So are you gonna tell me who he is?”

He just needed to know.

“I’m sure you can guess by now, Shigezane.” She stood up, hands clasped behind her she stepped outside. “When you do, could you tell him I’m waiting in the garden, please?” She smiled sweetly over her shoulder.

“Of course.” It hurt to swallow.

Shigezane stared at the wall as he listened to her footsteps fade.

Of course.

What else could he have said?

No, because, I think I’m in love too … ?

He rested his forhead aganst the table, his arms encircling around him. A moment … Just for a moment, he wanted to pretend that conversation did not just happen.

She’s waiting for him.

And he was supposed to go calmly tell her lover that.

And he would. He would do anything for her.

Of course he’d do as she asked … Then beat the shit out if him in a sparing match.

The thought healed a little of his broken heart.

The question was, who was he going to beat the shit out of?

He was here age, which also ment, his age. He was probably some inexperienced dolt who didn’t know how to treat a woman right.

There were many young men his age that could be her possible lover, but none of them where related to Masamune, or him for that matter.

Honestly, the only person who even fit her description was him.

His rested his head on his arm, pushing around the brush peices. He was happy for her, he really was. She was a smart girl, so whom ever she has set her heart on must have been a man worth her time. He only hoped that this wouldn’t end with he-


His hand stopped as his mind back tracked.

The only person who fit that description … Was him.

Her age.

Related to Lord Masamune.

Cute nickname.

Dosent live in the castle but visits regularly-

His feet slide on the veranda as he shot out. Briefly apologizing to the maid he had terrified he swiftly hops the railing.

Shigezane didn’t think he’d ever ran that fast in his life.

~ * ~


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