lit by sunlight

You are my sunlight. I mean, every day becomes sunny when you’re around. Smiling your smiles and laughing. Holding me tight in your arms. Telling me to breathe slowly. Never letting me go when I’m blue, just staying quietly by my side. Yes, you are my sunlight. Lightning up my darkened days. Keeping me sane. Keeping me above the water. Keeping me safe. Keeping me by your side. Keeping me. Keeping me. Keeping me. And for that I’m grateful. Always.

Mermaid!Stiles x Mermaid/Sister!Reader


‘How much further?’ You asked Stiles who slowed, the water swishing harshly around his tail.

‘The last time I heard from them they were a few more miles out.’ Stiles’ voice rippled through the water and you nodded, following him as he surged forward.


You smiled when he indicated that you’d have to swim lower and small smoothed stones rose to float around the two of you, gently glowing, lighting the way as he let you go first. There was a moment when the water got cold and you found the swirling hole in a rock which you shot through and burst into the peaceful warm and brightly lit cove.

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“Strangers“ (Pt. 3)

Josh Dun Fanfiction

Part 1  Part 2

Summary: (Y/N) and Josh decide to go out, since the storm is now over. They meet some obnoxious fans and top of that, Josh has planned a painful surprise for her. At some point they run into Tyler and Jenna, will that end well?


I hope you guys are happy with the way this chapter turned out. School‘s starting soon, which means I will not upload as frequently. One shots are going to be up every other day and please let me know if you want another chapter, because it takes a proper amount of time to write, so I‘d have to plan my schedule x

Words: 1,807

Their eyes lit up as the sunlight meets their skin.  

“Let‘s go get something to eat, I‘m starving“ Josh suggests, already grabbing his jacket and keys.

“Sure“ she smiles, already looking forward to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

They both agree on Starbucks, since it was right around the corner. Unfortunately, there was already a huge line at the counter at the time the pair arrive at the parking lot, but that doesn‘t really bother them. Shrugging they walk towards the building and stop at the end of the queue. Josh is hugging (Y/N) from behind while nuzzling into her neck, humming a faint melody while waiting to order. “Oh my god, are you two dating!?“ a high pitched voice shrieks behind them. They turned around to two girl around the age of fourteen rushing their way. One of them has light brown hair and a shocked expression on her face, the other trailing behind, has light blue dyed hair looking like she‘s about to experience the most embarrassing event in her entire life, thanks to her friend. 

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bodhisattvas a nickel a peck
haunting the bottled tunnel
lit with reflections of easter sunlight

the young don’t factor here
sticky clumps of orange fish eggs
ten thousand spawned that one hundred may milt

that one may swim long enough
to weary
the ceaseless current

we need old brains for this mission
decades of oxidated synapses
fizzling along

stung by the eager needles of toxicity
by the mentholated balm of hope

o ladybug ladybug fly away home
your house is on fire
your children will burn

silhouetted in silver chiaroscuro
against the chrome glare of empire street
odd profiles

the beard and the red sox cap
mumbling over a bitter kernel of unfairness
looping back in a rerun celtics playoff game

bad haircuts nodding bad heads rising
rising rise
projecting spectrums across the ceiling the iridescent shuttles of a

threadbare             unfolding

anonymous asked:

Michelle ?

The sound of gravel crunching beneath your feet, butterfly kisses, dark eyes lit up in sunlight, whispering with your friends behind your hand.

No more names please!


Book Meme (2/3) Endings: The Darkest Minds

We drove, winding down through the city streets until we found green, tree-lined roads, making our way toward the lazy lines of the river that ran along the curved spine of the city. Liam glanced over at me, taking a break from his off-key crooning. Lit by the warm  afternoon sunlight, his fingers entwined with mine over the center console. Zu rocked in time to the music, chattering excitedly about each and every sign we passed. Chubs slid a book out of the backseat pocket in front of him, examining the cover for a moment before flipping it open. His fingers absently tapped the cracked spine to the beat as Vida leaned against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

I brought my window down, letting my free hand drift out to catch the wind.

And the open road rolled our in front if us.