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Honestly, dudes, if I ever teach a Canadian Literature class the first week is going to be a pop quiz called “Was this nominated for a Governor General Literary Award or did I find it on AO3?” and it will be just selections of somewhat uncomfortable sex scenes.

Spoiler alert: they’re going to be all GG winners because nothing says Canadian Literature than a sex scene that no one’s enjoying themselves in.

me after sma
  • what she says: good morning
  • what she means: dO YOU KNOW WHAT MY SONS DID LAST NIGHT they're so freaking talented and deserving and i still can't believe they haven't won a rookie award but oh well they won a freaking Hallyu Special award which means they're up there with exo and infinite and they're an overseas favorite like wow do you know what that means for them im so happy that they're so happy and their smiles when they won the award lit up my entire freaking world and i've been softly sobbing tears of pride into my pillow for the last hour and just wow i didn't think it was possible to love and support people i've never met so much

thanks to everyone who entered in my very first tumblr awards! it was so so hard to choose the winners because i had over 200 people enter, but without further ado, here are the winners and runners-up :) the prizes are listed below as a reminder, and you can claim them anytime!! (i also added two new awards for reasons)

The Awards

- Nikolai Lantsov Award → best url
- Blue Sargent Award → best theme
- Ginny Weasley Award → best mobile theme
- Queenie Goldstein Award → best updates tab
- Izzy Lightwood Award → best icon
- Sansa Stark Award → nicest blogger
- Jyn Erso Award → newcomer award (less than 700 followers)*
- Neil Josten Award → best creations **
- Kaz Brekker Award → best ya lit blog
- Jon Snow Award → best multifandom
- Nina Zenik Award → best overall
- Ronan Lynch Award → personal favorites
- Anakin Skywalker Award → problematic faves
- Keith Kogane Award → biggest emo weebs

The Results

- Nikolai Lantsov Award / winner: @izzylightwood | runners-up: @renly @ginnys
- Blue Sargent Award / winner: @bsargent | runners-up: @hjppogriff @snicketbeatrice
- Ginny Weasley Award / winner: @cho-chang | runner-up: @adampairrsh
- Queenie Goldstein Award / winner: @milliebobby | runner-up: @newtscamandur
- Izzy Lightwood Award / winner: @spideygwen | runners-up: @sirien
- Sansa Stark Award / winner: @thunderbiirds | runner-up: @sanssa
- Jyn Erso Award / winner: @wylanvangansey | runner-up: @princessarya
- Neil Josten Award / winner: @zoyalina | runners-up: @philukas @aeryastark
- Kaz Brekker Award / winner: @ninazcneik | runner-up: @ri-ddikulus
- Jon Snow Award / winner: @lannistcrs | runners-up: @daeneris @expelumos
- Nina Zenik Award / winner: @aphorhdite | runner-up: @khazbrekker @fcyre
- Ronan Lynch Award / winner: @audreil | runner-up: @ninazeanik
- Anakin Skywalker Award / winner: @elizamidford | runners-up: @galacticgaylien @shadehunters @ryzaphelle
- Keith Kogane Award / winner: @sirreadsalot | runners-up: @sapphicmanon @korrassami

The Prizes

- a follow from me (if not already)
- a spot on my blog/updates tab until my next tumblr awards
- 1 group promo
- up to 5 single promos (3 for runner ups) on request
- 3 gifset/mood board/aesthetic requests (1 for runner ups)
- my eternal gratitude ♡

Guide: Top 10 most iconic sneakers in movie history

Tomorrow is the date of the 89th Academy Awards - the annual event that showcases the year’s best in movies and cinematography. I’m pretty sure that La La Land will end up winning Best Picture, Casey Affleck for Best Actor, and Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor, however, these things can always be so unpredictable that I wouldn’t bet on it. However, something I would bet on would be these being the most iconic sneakers in movie history. There have been a number of notable sneaker moments in cinema - ranging from elements that had a direct impact on the plot, to more subdued instances that many have only registered for those dedicated to the world of sneaker collecting. I’ve rounded up my top ten favourites here in no particular order.

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