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OTP Quotes Challenge

A belated celebration for reaching 5000+ followers! Here we have a list of random quotes for you to use for your OTP! You can have followers tell you numbers to draw your OTP as, or you can write stories based on your favorites, or both! Take these quotes in any direction you like for your creative use. Have fun!

  1. “Aah! That tickles!”
  2. “whAT IS THAT?!”
  3. “woah what happened while I was gone”
  4. “wait no that’s mine what are you doing”
  5. “No, I’m paying”
  6. “It’s fine, stop worrying about me”
  8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
  9. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
  10. “I’m so hungry I could eat a— stop looking at me like that in public”
  11. “Well, that was certainly awkward”
  13. “are… are you awake? Did you fall asleep already”
  14. “great, what did you bring home this time?”
  15. “I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”
  16. “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all”
  17. “I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong again”
  19. “I can’t… I can’t believe you actually remembered…”
  20. “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”
  21. “okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”
  22. “I wish we could stay here forever”
  23. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
  24. “You okay? You seem a little off today”
  25. “I’m fine
  26. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
  27. “c-can I hold your hand?..”
  29. “oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”
  30. “you can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you”
  31. “You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”
  32. “y-you look… you look very nice.”
  33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”
  34. “c’mon, let’s dance!”
  36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”
  37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.”
  38. “why do you find those cute I hate those pictures of myself”
  39. “you’re very warm… It’s nice.”
  40. “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”
  41. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
  42. “oh thank goodness… I didn’t think you’d still be here.”
  43. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared”
  45. “I can’t believe you actually bought that”
  46. “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”
  48. “let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that”
  49. “You’re too sweet”
  50. “ah, you’re up. how’d you sleep?”

Someday I want to do a Dungeons & Dragons game in which every Player Character is a Bard.

The premise?



I think it could be fun.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a take on Ryan's tragic backstory? (I know you said you actually have a nicer background for him but i thought you might have a dark version too!)

 Anonymous said: What are some of your head cannons for FAHC Ryan?

Ryan didn’t set out to be what he became. Few children dream of becoming devastation. It’s a trope that is thrown around in all kinds of media – redeemable bad guy, killer with a heart of gold. How quaint. Like most things, the real life version is so much darker.

There’s something bleak and awful in a world renown mercenary who still feels for every victim. Something inescapably tragic in finding satisfaction in an act so personally distasteful. Because Ryan’s never been cruel, exactly. Would never dream of torturing an animal, of hurting a child. Doesn’t even enjoy the majority of the dirty work he’s surrounded himself in. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy any of it. Doesn’t get some level of dark gratification from his own competence, from the fear he’s sown, the reputation he’s nurtured, the safety he’s crafted from blood-soaked screams and scorched white bones. There was a time when the Vagabond was truly as dispassionate as they say, but since joining the Fake AH Crew the mercenary certainly lived up to the gang’s notorious affinity for flare; Ryan always was a bit theatrical, and the only thing worse than an apathetic killer is one who can see the morbid humour in it all.

Ryan’s criminal career actually begins years before the Vagabond crashed into being. Started like so many others; young and bored, too clever for his own good and desperate for a way to prove it. He drifts into a group who wanted bigger, wanted better, wanted a life society told them was forbidden. It would be easy to say he got caught up in the wrong crowd, pulled along in their wake, but it wouldn’t be accurate. Ryan has been many things but never meek. Never a blind follower. Ryan who could never settle for simply trusting what others tell him, never believing in absolutes he hasn’t tested for himself. Not when he could find another way around, a way under, when he could take the problem apart and find a solution no one else ever expected.

So he joined, he fit in, he rose and he flourished. Ryan wasn’t a killer back then, criminal yes but not a mercenary; they were thieves mostly, would posture and swagger and inflate their own egos but they kept away from the big gangs. At least at first. Because sooner or later things are going to go south and it wasn’t pretty when they did. The group fractures, those who can flee back to their old lives, or into the relative safety of bigger crews, and those left behind have blood on their hands and a bounty on their heads.

Taking a life isn’t quite as difficult as Ryan had anticipated. Awful, of course, and not something he would do without necessity, but the time for scruples has surely passed and if death is what it takes for the last dregs of his gang to live then Ryan will paint the streets red. It’s wrong, he knows. It’s bad, immoral, everything people aren’t meant to be; it’s wrong and Ryan does it anyway. Figures morality is all well and good but won’t help at all if they’re all dead.

For a while it works, their group is small but it’s solid, together they were magnificent. Not that anyone cares about all that, not when the story everyone knows comes after. Comes, of course, with the birth of the Vagabond.

It’s no real surprise that the prominent story surrounding the origin of the most notorious mercenary in the country is as dark and unforgivable as the man himself. A tale of betrayal, of protecting his identity by wiping out all who knew him before the mask, making a name off of the death of those he once called friends. It’s chilling, horrifically fitting and almost entirely untrue; the crew dies, yes, treachery as the hands of one of their own but Ryan is not their Judas.  

The man who traded away their lives for the right price was Ryan’s best friend in all the world, close enough to call brother, someone he trusted so blindly he’d let himself be beaten half to death before he even thought about retaliating. The only crew blood on Ryan’s hands was, it turns out, the most undeniably clean-cut case of self defence, not that it matters in the long run. Not when it plays out in the dark, out of sight, without witness. Not when he’s the only one who walks away, the one who dons a mask and buries his name, retreats from humanity and loses all semblance of mercy. Against all odds Ryan managed to survive. The man he had once been did not.

The story takes on a life of its own and the Vagabond does nothing to stop it; he is, after all, a killer. People should fear him, should run and hide and pray he doesn’t darken their doors. He killed a man who he loved dearly; what line was there left to cross? What sin could be thought too great?

Free from distraction the Vagabond throws himself into his work, takes job after job and sets to building the most terrifying image possible, a reputation full of atrocities which grow with every telling. There are no weak spots for his enemies to target, no useless emotions dragging him down; they say he’s heartless, say he’s inhuman, call him evil, call him corruption, call him nightmare. Eventually Ryan grows used to the way people shudder when they see him, confident in his talents and comfortable with his image. He finally acclimatises to the way mirrors reflect nothing but a cold black skull, and perhaps he couldn’t quite call himself happy but he isn’t exactly displeased with his life.

It becomes cathartic in it’s own way, a sense of satisfaction born from devastation, a sort of peace found in ruin. It makes him his own kind of damaged Ryan knows. Makes him unfixable, maybe. Or maybe it’s that thought in and of itself that condemns him, self awareness of his own desecration, a self fulfilling future of irredeemable wrongness. Either way he knows there’s no going back to how he was. Either way he knows, deep down, that he isn’t sure he wants to. Isn’t sure he’d take back soft, harmless Ryan even if he could, even with the nightmares, the fear and self doubt, the guilt. The glaring absence of guilt.

Ryan isn’t ashamed of what he is, of who he became. He can track his path directly, has run his choices over and over in his mind and comes to the same solutions every time; the Vagabond has always acted with intention. Ryan has always done what he needed to, what he wanted to, always evolved and advanced and overcome. So he isn’t ashamed, but he’s not always proud either. Not always confident that a life spent doing what is necessary rather than what is right is a life worth preserving.  

It’s easier now, in the island of misfit toys, the family of selfish entertainment and bloodstained choices. Easier to justify the savagery of necessity when it is more than just his own life he is protecting, more than just his personal goals he is chasing. In the FAHC Ryan has found the acceptance he never knew he wanted, rekindled emotions he’d have sworn were beaten out of him in a dark alley all those years ago. Like stitching together a ragged wound he’d borne for so long he’d forgotten how to live without it; the scars would never truly fade away, still twinge on the worst days, but all of a sudden he’s faced with a life free of constant misery.

There is no way to repay them for that, for showing him a world where death and joy do not cancel each other out, soothing his conflictions without changing who he has become, for kinship between the equally wicked. Ryan knows they believe he’d die for them, and he would. Would jump right in with eyes wide open, just as self-aware as when he let’s Geoff make a show of his obedience, let’s Jack drag him out looking for ridiculously specific vehicles or let’s Jeremy tag in on a job he could have handled alone. As when he slows down a new trick Michael’s covertly trying to replicate or resigns himself to indentured servitude when Gavin plays him like a puppet; affection clearer in action than he could ever conceptualise in speech, trusting his team to understand.

What they don’t seem to understand is the fact that, if they needed him to, he would do so much more than die for them. To die is nothing, is brief sacrifice, but Ryan would ruin. Would create and destroy and conqueror. Were he asked to he would tear down the whole world around them, set it alight and shelter them from the blaze; a level of devotion that scares even himself when he considers it late at night, beyond thankful for their ignorance. Well, Geoff probably knows, something dark and thoughtful in his eyes when he looks at Ryan, something deeply confident in Ramsey when he commands the Vagabond. Assurance that no threat is idle, no harrowing claim is merely theatrics, and that knowledge alone should be enough to send Ryan running, to remind him of what happens when he lets down his guard, but it doesn’t, not anymore. Not since he recognised the clear display of trust in all that conviction, relishing in the opportunity to prove himself worthy; eyes alight with dangerous promise he now merely looks back at Geoff and has faith.

It’s not perfect; no matter how happy he is with his crew Ryan will still lose himself inside his own head sometimes, a place no other can follow, no other can ever truly understand. For all he is the ghoul in the nightmares of so many others Ryan never could quite extinguish his own demons. After all this time he still goes back and considers all his choices, still asks himself endless questions, gives endless answers, constantly assessing his place in the world, his counts and tallies, his debt. It’s how he reassures himself of the truth.

Did he make mistakes?


Does he have regrets?


Does death haunt him?


Did he choose this?


Is he monstrous?


Would he do worse?


Does he love them?


Did they destroy him?


Does he love them?


Will he destroy them?


Does he love them?


Is it worth it?


Are they worth it?


Is he worth it?


Is he worth it?

21 Little Ways to Motivate Yourself

I’ve been lacking a little in the motivation department with the end of the school year drawing closer, so I made a little list of ways to help you stay focused until the end! 

  1. Play your favorite song as you work through your PSET/essay/application/thing you don’t wanna do.
  2. Make yourself a hot cup of tea (or coffee!) in a fun mug. 
  3. Write your to-do list on a piece of pretty stationary with a pretty pen.
  4. Set a timer and race yourself to finish things faster.
  5. Use your imagination - your English paper doesn’t HAVE to be an English paper, it can be a Hogwart’s assignment. Sounds silly, but it works for me!
  6. Find a new place to study. Cute coffee shop? Balcony with a nice view? New section of the library? Heck, just doing your HW on the floor instead of your desk can be more engaging. 
  7. Dress up. You don’t even have to go anywhere, sometimes putting on proper clothing can switch your mindset. 
  8. Conversely, you can find your comfiest PJs and fluffy socks and wear those. 
  9. Put your hair up so it’s not in the way. When I’m focusing, my hair has to be in a ponytail so I’m not fiddling with it. 
  10. Get a snack, preferably something healthy(ish). Drink some H2O.
  11. Write motivational quotes on sticky notes and stick them around your study space. Or write them on your hand so you see it often. 
  12. At the very least, put your books where you can see them. Out of sight, out of mind! 
  13. Same goes for anything you need to get done (laundry, forms you’re supposed to fill out, anything goes!)
  14. Go for a walk around the block and spend some time in fresh air. Jog, if you’re feeling up for it. 
  15. Stretch out your muscles, roll out your shoulders, touch your toes. You’ll feel better if you’re not all tight and sore. 
  16. Put on some lipstick. For some reason, red lipstick always makes me feel like a boss (even if I’m chilling in a hoodie and sweatpants). 
  17. Write out the reasons you started in the first place. Put that list somewhere you can see it [see #12]. 
  18. Take a power nap. I just get a fluffy blanket and sleep right on my desk. 
  19. Talk to someone supportive. Parents? Best friend? Roommate? Your cat/dog/parakeet/goldfish? 
  20. Stand in front of the mirror and power pose. Yes, you’ll feel ridiculous. But it works. 
  21. Smile! 

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3 reasons to date each boy


Originally posted by niallhgifs

  1. Will serenade you with his guitar
  2. Will cook for you (just remind him to season the food :P)
  3. Very affectionate and cuddly


Originally posted by arctixharry

  1. Will treat you like a queen
  2. Very romantic
  3. Such a goofball


Originally posted by adrypopescu

  1. Will tell you silly jokes
  2. Very sentimental
  3. Excited for you to meet his family


Originally posted by 2tiedships2

  1. Would be up to do anything with you
  2. Lots of banter
  3. Would probably engage in silly “wars” with you (pillow fights, throwing water balloons, etc)


Originally posted by zaynfullness

  1. Will talk with you about everything and anything
  2. Would probably dedicate lots of things to you
  3. Will connect with you on a very high emotional level

(P/S - This is all just for fun, I’m aware there are more to them than what I’ve listed)

Saving people. Hunting things. You know - The code.

A/N: I may continue this, I may not. The setting is the grassy area between two apartment buildings, or possibly the lacrosse field, if I do continue it, I will decide then. Either way, this is going to just be a kinda silly, all around fun crossover of my two favorite shows.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

@sourwolf-trash said: “Ok so here’s a prompt.. A Supernatural/Teen Wolf Crossover called “Saving people. Hunting things. You know - The code.” (because you said you wouldn’t write it till you finished the prompts I decided to try move it up the list my making it a prompt :P )”


There was a rumbling in the distance, and you rolled your eyes. “Great,” you mumbled quietly, still every supernatural ear heard you, causing your friends to look your way. Chancing a glance at each face, you shrugged, holding your shoulders up by your ears. “Don’t look at me! I didn’t invite them!” Deadpans were all you got in return. “Honestly! Why would I invite them back?! It took everything I had to get them out of town last time!”

The rumbling had turned into a roar, and you swore the ground shook as you saw the black Impala pull up. Your cousin Dean was driving, of course, gunning the engine unnecessarily with a smirk as he saw your supernatural friends wince at the sound, Sam in the passenger seat met your glare with an apologetic smile.

Killing the engine, and hopping out, Dean was still wearing the smirk as he swaggered up to stand in front of you, Sam simply shutting his door and leaning his elbows on the top of the car, observing.

“Hiya, Y/N!” Dean’s grin was a bit on the maniacal side, but you plastered on your own sweet grin in return.

“Hey, Dean. Sam,” you nodded toward him. “To what do I owe the honor?”

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things to do together- long distance edition!

when chires and carers don’t get to see each other irl, that can make things feel really hard, and like you can’t do all the same things other chires and carers get to do together. here’s a list of things to help try to remedy that!

this was requested by an anon !

1. use hosting sites to watch things together.

    | watching things together can be a great way to spend time together! be it an old favorite movie, a cute tv show, or silly videos online, it’s really fun to do things like that together so you can feel closer!

2. skype call through the night.

    | as someone who gets very scared and has bad nightmares, it helps me a lot to be in a skype call with my dependeds through the night! it sure doesn’t beat sleeping next to them, but it’s the next best thing. i’ve found it helps a lot with not wanting to go to bed because you want to talk to the other- you can just talk until right when you fall asleep!

3. send a book back and forth and annotate it.

    | i know that the way i phrased this makes it sound like icky schoolwork, but it’s way more fun than that! if you find a book that both of you would like to read- even if it’s an old favorite, or a short children’s book, it’s really fun to write little notes about what you were thinking while you were reading it, and have the other do the same! it’s also fun to highlight things that remind you of them.

4. send handwritten notes for when the other is down.

    | a lot of the times, when the other person is down, you can’t always be there for them, especially when it’s long distance. if you write a bunch of notes and send them to the other for when they’re sad, it can definitely put a smile on their face to see a handwritten note from the one they love reminding them why they want to keep going, to motivate them, and to cheer them up.

5. make a playlist together!

    | make a playlist together- or a few! songs that remind you of one another, songs that you can fall asleep to, happy songs- make the playlists together, so that way when the other one is missing you and they want to have something in the background that can make you think of them, you’ll have those playlists!

6. make each other friendship bracelets.

    | in my opinion, this is one of the cutest things, like. ever. friendship bracelets can be incredibly easy to make, and you’ll each have something special from the other that’s just for you. it’s unique and special and they’ll always be with you no matter what that way!

7. play online games together.

    be it online rpgs or flash games, playing games together can be an incredibly fun and unique way to bond and hang out, no matter how much distance is between you! we’ll make a list at a later date filled with games you can play online together! we’ll link it here when that happens, but for now, there are a ton of masterposts floating around on tumblr with games you can play!

i really hope that this is even a little bit helpful! long distance can be hard with anyone that you care about, especially someone who you’re in this close of a relationship with. best wishes to all of you guys!

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ohmygodyourstuffissogoodjesus anyways idk if you're even still taking prompts i feel kind of silly asking but could you do 37 from the old list with Jamilton? I really need more Jamilton fluff in my life

Don’t feel silly anon! Fluff is why I’m here. We’re gonna go with a prom setting because I ordered my prom dress yesterday and I’m so excited.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

“Wanna dance?”

Prom wasn’t Alex’s favorite thing in the world, but it was enjoyable enough. It was fun to just dance with his friends and let loose. He was enjoying letting himself momentarily forget all the stressors of senior year.

About an hour in, Alex interrupted his and John’s terrible dancing to go the bathroom. He had drunk a little too much punch, plus the dance floor was hot and he needed to cool down.

When he reached the bathroom he was greeted by the sound of someone crying. Alex looked around until he eventually found the source under the sink. It was the last person he would expect to find in this situation, so he had to take a minute to compose his thoughts before saying anything.

“Jefferson?” He asked.

“Go away, Hamilton,” Jefferson muttered before choking out a sob.

Alex debated with himself before making the decision to sit down next to Jefferson.

“What happened?” He asked awkwardly.

“I said go away.” The last thing Jefferson wanted was for Hamilton to see him like this. He waited but Hamilton showed no sign of moving so he sighed and said, “Martha dumped me.”

“Oh dude, that sucks.”

Thomas waited for the laughter, the insults, any kind of mockery, but none came.

Instead, Alex said gently, “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t even convince anyone to come here with me.”

Thomas peeked out from under his arms at Hamilton. “I find that hard to believe.”

“No, I’m serious,” Alex said. “I asked every vaguely attractive person in the school and they all turned me down. I even asked the captain of the football team!”

“You asked out Charles Lee?” Thomas asked in disbelief.

Alex laughed, “Yeah, I got shoved into a locker for that one.”

Thomas gave a half-hearted chuckle. There were a few moments of silence before Thomas spoke up, pulling his head out of his arms and wiping at his eyes.

“You didn’t ask me.”

Alex froze. “What?”

“You said you asked out every vaguely attractive person. You didn’t ask me.”

Alex studied the ground. “Well, you had Martha. And…” Alex bit his tongue before he could continue.

Thomas looked away. “And you hate me. It’s fine. You can say it.”

I hate you?” Alex asked incredulously. “I was going to say that you hate me!”

“I don’t hate you,” Thomas said, furrowing his brow.

“You don’t?”

“Of course I don’t you—” Thomas cut himself off with a sharp inhale before he could get an insult in. “Sorry. Force of habit. I don’t hate you. You’ve always been fun to debate with.”

“I don’t hate you either,” Alex said. He hesitated before putting his hand on Thomas’s arm. “In fact, I’ve always kind of admired you. I would’ve liked to be your friend if I hadn’t thought you hated me.”

“Well, maybe we can start over,” Thomas said.

Alex was quiet for a moment. Thomas could tell he was in deep thought. Eventually he stood up and extended a hand toward Thomas.

“You wanna dance?” He asked, the slight shake in his voice betraying his nervousness.

Thomas stared at his hand, trying to process the question.

“Yeah,” he grinned. “Okay.”

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There's too much hate and rudeness in the fandom right now...who are some kind bloggers you have interacted with? Who would you suggest following or talking to?

You’re right, there is a lot of hate & rudeness circulating right now. But there is also a great deal of fun, silliness, activism, & kindness.

A few bloggers who never fail to fill my dash with beauty, love, & light (& are also some of the sweetest, loveliest people to interact with)…


Just a short list; there are many more. There are so many fabulous, positive lovelies in this fandom. Find them, say hello, & don’t pay mind to the hatefulness of others. (Good advice on Tumblr & in life.) 💕

The Song of Achilles: What to Read Next

Did you enjoy The Song of Achilles? Were you sad when it was over? Well, so was I. So now I have book recommendations to ease the pain and heartbreak,* split into fun and helpful categories because the list got kinda** of of hand.

*maybe not heartbreak. sorry.


Predecessors (as in, Madeline Miller probably read some of these)

The Iliad - Well, this choice seems obvious. If you want to know more about Achilles’ badass (silly) deeds, look no further. And if you want a list of every ship that went to Troy, also look no further. For readability, I recommend Robert Graves’ translation; for poetic beauty, Richmond Lattimore’s.

Iphigenia in Tauris - Technically this is a play by Euripides, but I read the lovely retelling of it by Goethe. Were you horrified by the sacrifice of a 12 year old girl to get the winds to blow again? Me too. This is the happy(ish) alternative story, featuring dudebros 5eva Orestes and Pylades.

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Motivational soremikus PSA

All my stupid motivational soremikus/nagleos./supportleos/sunshine childs are free for you to do whatever the hell you want with them.

As I’ve said before, all my sketches (except work and gifts to other ppl, ofc) are free for you to play with, ink, color, etc.

And all of them are also free for you to print them and hang them in your room or put them on your notebook and even erase whatever I wrote on the text bubbles and write your own little silly messages for yourself!
Seriously, nothing makes me happier than to know my silly things are helping other people get through their days, their tasks lists or their homework :)

As long as you don’t claim them as your own or try to make money out of them, have fun! :D

Thanks to those of you that have shared with me the little joys my silly things give you, I appreciate it immensely ;v;

you can find all the doodles under:

(I thought they were more than this… I need to draw more, lol)

The Types and Where They Usually Want to Go When Hanging Out

Outdoors, at this really cool park they know of: ISTP, ESTP, ESFP

At a restaurant or out shopping: ENFJ, ESFJ, ENTJ, INFP

At a cafe: ISFP, INTJ, INFJ

All of the above, and also probably someplace super exciting, like a theme park or the zoo: ENFP, ENTP

Going to your house instead of their house is probably the most they want to do: ISTJ, INTP, ISFJ, ESTJ

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I heard the song "Closer" and my mind went straight(aha) to Rick and Morty. It made me so happy and continues to. Do you know any songs that are perfect with them? Whether it be angsty/sexual/fluffy? - thank you!

yay i love this ask!! i have a rickmorty playlist that is basically the only thing i listen to haha. here’s a list of my favs!

🍧Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
🍭Elastic Heart - Sia
🍬Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
🍧Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
🍭Old Man - Niel Young
🍬Lie To Me (‘The Pleasure of Her Private Shame’ Remix) - Depeche Mode
🍧Journal of Ardency - Class Actress
🍭Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
🍬Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer (cause im a child, don’t make fun of me hahaha)

lol ik the dépêche mode one sounds silly, but the remix is better imho

PLEASE tell me if you listen to any of them! and lmk what u think!! 💝💫🚀

Six Sentence Saturday Theme

Because I’m on top of things this week, and because I promised I’d start posting these sooner…

This MONTH’S Six Sentence Saturday Theme will be:  

Originally posted by canwehaveapooldad

Six Sentence Valentines!  

And here is an actual list of the prompts:  (You’ll be able to pick one per ship, unless the prompt says you can pick another to go along with it)

L-is for the way you look at me: (chaste, cute, fun)

  • 1.       Cuddling
  • 2.       Gifts
  • 3.       Caught in the rain
  • 4.       Let’s get silly
  • 5.       Dancing

O- is for the only one I see:  (angsty)

  • 6.       Mutual Pining
  • 7.       Emotional Hurt/Comfort
  • 8.       “Please come back”
  • 9.       Forbidden Love
  • 10.     Jealousy

V- is very, very extraordinary (*wink wink* These are E-rated for smuttiness)

  • 11.   First time together
  • 12.   Dirty talk
  • 13.   Orally satiated ;)  
  • 14.   Deep penetration
  • 15.   Lingerie ;)  

E- is even more than anyone that you adore (romance)  

  • 16.   Love declarations
  • 17.   Proposal
  • 18.   First Kiss
  • 19.   A lover’s embrace
  • 20.   Holding hands

And finally…for those of you who aren’t in search of romance this Valentine’s…

  • 21.   Happily Friends with Benefits and nothing else (nsfw sex without romance, if you wanted to include one of the V prompts with this one, that’s completely fine!)
  • 22.   Netflix and ACTUALLY chill?  
  • 23.   Brotp Valentines hang out
  • 24.   Discounted Chocolate
  • 25.   Cooking/baking together

 So there you have it!  An early prompt announcement COMPLETE WITH ACTUAL PROMPTS!!!  

Remember that it’s Harry Potter day, so all your prompts will need to have at least one character from the Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts fandoms.  <3  

Living the life of a Princess

Source (x)

Prompt: Tony spends a day alone with your daughter and he takes her wish to be a princess a bit too serious.

Characters: Tony x Reader x Daughter

Word count: 1801 words

A/N: (d/n) = daughter’s name

“Are you sure you are going to be okay?”, you asked Tony while putting on your jacket.

Tony rolled his eyes, already having answered the same question 5 times in the last 20 minutes.

“Relax, (f/n). This is my daughter too. Obviously I can take care of her.”

“Remember not taking her near weapons or anything else dangerous… just don’t take her in the lab and call me if anything happens,” you started to ramble off a list of rules.

Tony lightly bounced your daughter in his arm whispering to her, “Mommy, is being silly again. Daddy and you are going to do so many fun things today, right, babygirl?”

Your little daughter eagerly nodded her head, she was such a daddy’s girl.

You sighed, still not sure about leaving Tony alone with your daughter, but she was almost 5 years old so she wasn’t completely helpless. It wasn’t the first time you left her alone, but there had always been a few of the other avengers at the tower. A glance at your phone told you that you were already late so you quickly pressed a kiss on Tony’s cheek before kissing your daughter’s head.

“Be good for daddy, okay?” you asked your daughter and turned to walk out of the door after waving at her, “Bye bye.”

Your daughter lifted one arm to wave back, “Bye bye, mommy.”

After you had left Tony carried your daughter into the living room and set her down on her coloring table, handing her a few crayons.

He watched her a bit before he decided that she would be occupied for a while. You had forbidden him to go to his lab, but he could at least finish a few mission reports while she was coloring. Tony sat down on the couch and started to work, making sure to check on his daughter from time to time.

He looked up when she tugged on his shirt, her clear voice ringing through the room, “Daddy, wanna look.”

Tony quickly slammed the report shut, not wanting her to see the rather gory pictures.

“Ahh, it’s just some boring work, baby.” Tony tried to play it off.

The little girl continued to look up at him with her big eyes, “Wanna see!”

Tony groaned, knowing that his daughter was as stubborn as him. While he was still thinking about a way to divert her attention she started to tear up, her bottom lip trembling.

“Daddy, wanna see!”

Shit. There was nothing that made him panic as much as his daughter’s tears. Tony cursed under his breath and quickly scooped her up.

“Do you want to play with daddy? We can do whatever you want, babygirl.” Tony cooed, desperately hoping to stop her from crying.

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me: im a magical girl elitist

yall: ha ha, silly arthur, what a jokester! theyre so funny and wacky

me: I can’t believe these idiots would even consider something like kill la kill that a magical girl when its clearly not even close. here is the official list of magical girl anime that i just wrote right now and these are the only true ones. *sees someone on the internet having fun with “irl magical girl” in their description* i bet this nerd hasnt seen anything except madoka and sailor moon :^/ heres my ten page essay on why the so called "magical girl fandom” is full of fakers and liars who dont deserve to call themselves fans. you think youre a fan? name five of their songs!


anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, which assassin's do you think you would get along with on a scale of 1 to 10?

Hmmm 10/10 being the most likely to get along? This might turn into rating my favorite characters, sorry anon XD

9/10 - Connor seems like the kindest person compared to everybody else.
9/10 - Desmond is not as annoying as the other assassins; it’s too bad the writers hate him.
9/10 - Yusuf seems like a fun person to hang out with.
9/10 - Aveline, I don’t know enough about her but she’s better than the rest of this list.
9/10 - Evie is the only good thing that came out of Syndicate.
8/10 - Altaïr is my favorite assassin but he’s emotionally constipated.
8/10 - Malik is the inspiration for brotherhoot, so he would kill me for making these silly gifs.
8/10 - Arno has the best hair.
8/10 - James Kidd is better than Edward.
8/10 - Adewale is better than Edward.
4/10 - Edward. He spawned Haytham.
1/10 - Ezio’s writers treat female characters like trash, so I treat Ezio like trash.
1/10 - Jacob is useless.

Nobody got a perfect score, but I could give it to Connor’s pet assassin turkey because I like birbs.

Please imagine if Cutthroat Kitchen existed in the Bleachverse

Author’s choice list. :)

Sorry to have another author’s choice list! It’s been a shitty week and I don’t have the emotional energy for anything else. And also…I may or may not have been marathoning Cutthroat Kitchen (the show, hosted by Alton Brown, in which contestants in a cooking competition get to buy silly sabotages and give them to their opponents), and I can’t help but think about how much fun a Bleach version would be. Please imagine with me…

1. The host (instead of Alton Brown) would be Gin.

2. Seriously just imagine Gin introducing the sabotages.

3. And snarkily telling the camera how the contestants are messing up.

4. Imagine Yoruichi buying the sabotage that forces Soi Fon and Urahara to work while inside the same hula hoop.

5. Urahara somehow managing to finish his dish while being forcefully dragged around the whole kitchen by an angry Soi Fon.

6. Soi Fon buying ALL the rest of the sabotages and giving them to Urahara.

7. Her favorite was forcing Urahara to do all of his cooking inside of a kido box.

8. Kenpachi being sorely disappointed by what the actual premise of the show is.

9. And that there’s no “fight your opponent to the death” sabotage.

10. Ulquiorra being forced to trade his protein for beef heart.

11. And just starring at it for a long time in silent contemplation while the clock ticks down.

12. Tatsuki buying the sabotage that forces Ichigo to use SUPER GIANT KNIVES AND COOKWARE.

13. Ichigo not noticing that anything is different.

14. Grimmjow bidding all of his money on the first sabotage because he can’t back down.

15. And then receiving, just, all of the sabotages from then on.

16. His least favorite was being forced to make all of his cooking utensils out of duct tape.

17. Hikifune being cheerfully immune to any and all sabotages thrown at her. Being forced to cook one-handed while sitting on a rocking horse and having her entire basket swapped with canned chili? Still made a dish so delicious that the judge had to fight back tears.

18. Orihime being the absolute best at having to work with unusual ingredients. Her basket has been swapped with gas station food? She’s actually really excited to try it!

19. Ishida’s intense sadness when he’s forced to give up the basket he so lovingly constructed.

20. Chad being forced to use really tiny utensils. 

21. Rose putting way more energy into presentation and selling the dish than he does in the actual construction of it.

22. Shinji buying the sabotage that forces Kensei to sing for his ingredients. 

23. Kensei’s angry singing.

24. People not quite daring to give sabotages to Unohana. 

25. Kira buying the sabotage that forces Renji to do all of his cooking using kido.

26. Renji trying to pass off his exploded, charred, and still smoking dish as a “deconstructed hamburger.”

27. Hisagi absolutely being the contestant who ruffles and smells the money when he first gets it.

28. Nemu somehow managing to take all of the sabotages meant for Kurotsuchi.

29. Yamamoto being forced to cook everything on a candle.

30. Aizen filling his basket with enough ingredients for a dish and two back-up dishes just in case…only to inevitably be forced to swap baskets with Urahara. Who just got radishes for some reason.