Seven forests to get lost in

1. There was not a castle on the knoll at the forest’s centre, and no fairy had walked there for a thousand or more years, and there was certainly no enchantment left about the place. But there are few things so infrequently-updated as adventuring manuals. And so knights on horseback (and third brothers, and cloaked wanderers with their linings full of fake magic watches, and maidens running away to sea with a garland of red flowers and a cruel hooked knife) would turn up on the regular. The forest’s inhabitants had long since given up trying to get them to go away. Instead they planted thorny thickets and twisting pathways and kept the wild roses well-watered. There was an inn in the village that made a good profit, if only the travellers should happen to need more than a day or two to find the magic lacking.

2. There was also a swampy forest of old willows that had been woven together by the tricky winds of the valley. In autumn the paths between them clogged up with wet yellow leaves and sometimes the things that lived under the mud would come out and play in them. But that was only because the valley was deserted in autumn other than for them. Excepting, of course, those years when the wind knitted together a new wall whilst a visitor was still inside. The mud creatures liked those years. They did so miss news of the world outside, and there was always room for new people under the mud, which was spacious and almost warm.

3. It started out as a skyscraper-fabrication method. Everything was automated; the system was delivered in a small pod and it would mine any minerals that it needed itself, if the soil was compatible. The buildings put out solar panels as they grew to power the construction process. When it was complete the pod would be re-packed and could if necessary start a second building a set distance from the first, and so on. If supplies were limited it would reduce the size of the building, either in height or width. In time someone left them alone with the right, or the wrong, instructions, and it made a forest of three thousand narrow skyscrapers, each with its own internal stairwell, a functional lift, one room per floor not quite large enough for a bed, and a vast shivering canopy of solar panels.

4. There was also a forest that did not quite connect to the mortal world, a little extra balloon dimension of strangeness. You could get there by finding a tree with a crack all the way through it. If you went through the tree you could sometimes find yourself part of that overgrown labyrinth; it had no forest floor but continued in all directions, up down sideways back and forth, as a tangle of interconnecting branches. There was only light if you brought it. Who knows what that forest lived on. Perhaps it digested the people who went in and wandered too far.

5. There was a library that had a metal crank behind the front desk and with it you could wind time backwards for the books. Each was only a little bit of tree, and most were little bits of many trees all smooshed together, of course. But when the crank turned they had to grow back into something; and so the books usually coalesced, by and by, into a recognisably patched-together forest. Sometimes there were spruce trees that grew apples, and sometimes they had eight trunks like a wooden spider and a woven crown of someone else’s leaves. That forest was very silent. If you stood still long enough you could sometimes hear sap dripping through the cavities in the trees’ lost hearts, washing away the last ink vestiges, until nobody had any words left at all.

6. There was a field that had drunk from a cursed raincloud and, ever after that day, if you planted something lost there it would grow. A lost key would grow into a great twisted metal tree, jangling its seeds in the wind; a lot wallet would put out papery leaves which could never quite be spent in a shop. Over time it became a small forest and the trees tangled together in all sorts of inventive ways, making it very easy to get lost in. And once you were lost, of course, you started to grow. There were a few people who called for help loudly enough that they made it out only part-tree, but still. It is a very dense forest indeed these days. Nevery cut a branch from it. And do not listen when it talks.

7. It was a ghost forest. It had burned down entirely in a wildfire some fifty years ago, and a housing development built in its place. As the trees were only ghosts, there was no need to walk around them or even notice that they were there after all. But if by some chance you did manage to walk the old paths you could sometimes get to where the dryad ghosts hung out behind the community centre, and hear them singing, and not have them drift away as they did when people came to them by the straightest road.

Bi Culture

We bisexuals don’t get enough rep in mainstream media and I feel like this contributes to the feeling that we don’t have a distinct culture. But! We do! Bis let’s get together and make some bi culture happen. Here’s my start of what bi culture is…

  • Cuffed jeans
  • Tucked in shirts
  • Bisexual flag!
  • Finger guns
  • Double thumbs up
  • Awkward standing
  • Not being able to sit straight/ putting our feet up on anything and everything
  • Leather jackets
  • Striped shirts
  • Overalls
  • Bonus: bi people are always the coolest people in the room. Always.

 sunday night feelings of despair management checklist 

  1. set a timer for five minutes and tidy up. (you’ll go past the timer.) 
  2. pack your school/work/lunch bag
  3. pick out which clothes you are wearing tomorrow
  4. prepare any food/drink you can (putting water in coffee maker, etc)
  5. make a to-do list for tomorrow
  6. check if anything on that to-do list can be done now
  7. do one final email check
  8. do one final planner update 
  9. relax
  10. you’re gonna have a great week! you got this! 
Six incorrect theories proposed by aliens

1. Humans have a variant language mode for use in the Winter, when normal commmunication becomes more difficult due to the muffling effect of their thick Winter coats. When this mode is enabled, rudimentary messages may be exchanged by barking and possibly also by the secretion of chemical-signalling mucus droplets.

2. Humans enjoy a symbiotic relationship with giant robots and can travel long distances held in the robots’ oral cavities. We hypothesise that, over time, the species have evolved together such that the robots are unable or unwilling to move without humans present: for example, they may make use of the humans’ body heat to kick-start their locomotive processes. What the humans get from this relationship is less clear. They may be carried many miles from their homes by the wandering of the robots and perhaps are able to access better or different foraging at these locations. In any case, they are usually able to identify the robot they were transported by and use it to make a return journey.

3. We believe humans originally evolved from water-dwelling animals. One piece of evidence in favour of this is that human dwellings often contain water vats in which they can perform water-related functions that remain from this evolutionary stage, for example equalising swim bladder pressure and venting internal gases.

4. Humans are one of the rare species to have at least partially made use of fire for their own aims. We believe this transformative experience has led to numerous flammable-material cults across the species. Many humans keep blocks of fire-starting material in their home even if they do not normally take on the fire-starting role. Closely examining fire-staring material is a socially-approved activity in public spaces. We believe these activities may have arisen from the need to make sure that these materials are not wet or contaminated with poisonous spores.

5. Human mating activity requires the complete or partial shedding of the outer skin layer. Interestingly, humans will often re-enter the shed skin layer after mating, perhaps to provide shelter from the elements while they regenerate a new skin underneath.

6. We believe that the species as a whole may be attracted to atmospheric vibrations. Humans can often be observed gathering in intensely-vibrating areas, particularly after nightfall. It may be that they have learned that such environments are uncomfortable for predator species and thus relatively safe. We have not yet determined why so many of the humans’ nest biomes are characterised by vibratory arenas.

Water //

Cancer // dream , emotional , strong , angry , cry soft , feeling , scared , sad ,mean well , secure , adventurous , unpredictable , nature , homebody , kind ,warm ,secrets ,intuition, support ,friendly, sympathy, talk, sensitive ,sweet ,strong ,pure ,innocent ,love care ,positive ,selfless

Scorpio // fight ,stoic , loving, straight forward ,patient ,intense , curious , kind ,loyal reliant ,control ,obsessive ,emotional ,protective , love , strong ,passion ,intimate ,aloof ,power childish , evil , vengeful ,fun, penetrating ,eyes , sad , cruel ,unforgiving

Pisces // create , color , beach, art, free spirit ,order , goal oriented , wandering , confused , emotional, instinctual, generous, home body , unappreciated, sweet, soft ,genuine ,creative ,charming, impressionable , dislike confrontation, gentle , attention , insightful , intelligent , beautiful ,philosopher, deep ,weak , heart ,soul ,mind ,easy going ,sweet , cheery, introverted , stubborn , dreamy ,intense , forgiving

Fire //

Aries // destroy, bold , soft, delicate , fight, sad , bright , heart, independent, courageous, exciting , enthusiastic , goal, persevering, brilliant, humorous , modest , expressive , individualistic , impatient, quick-tempered , blush , outspoken ,opinionated , efficient , playful , party , fun , sexy

Leo // cry , accomplish , poet, generous , manipulative , circumstance , giver , honest, strong , pride , high self esteem , confident , devoted , loyal , kind , generous , hot tempered , forgiving , independent , leader, idealistic , charming , social, shy, intelligent , optimistic, naive , extroverted , witty , hair

Sagittarius // hide, laughter , hard-working , determined , procrastinator , lonely , optimistic , adventurous, journey , travel , independent , honest, fast , thinker, strong, will , competitive , adaptable, compulsive , active , opinionated, cheerful, curious , confident , caring , bitchy , nervous , teacher , insomnia

Air //

Gemini // talk , outspoken , awkward , extroverted , very talkative , social flow , clear , charming , curious , sharp , communication , confident , overthink , knowledge , intelligent , funny , drama , attention whore , supportive , creative , genius, hard worker

Libra // sleep , jealous , prepared , beauty , hair , forgiving , lonely , dreamy , graceful , mesmerize, dependent , confident , easy-going , detached , understanding , protective , letters , popular , appealing , kind , adaptable, dramatic, serious , supportive , loving , helpful , sassy , sarcastic

Aquarius // Icon , friendly , likeable , fierce , vibrant , relax, new, refresh, popular , stunning , known, confident , dreamy , enigma, evolved , conscious , aware , woke, spirit , mind , clever , humorous , witty , special , voice, present

Earth //

Taurus // serious , silly , goofball , emotional , chatty , understanding , adaptable, stubborn , persevering , versatile , compromise , love , stable , committed , confident , comfort , indulgent , pleasure , healthy , tolerant , logical ,heart ,nature ,heaven

Virgo // warrior, strong , envy , bright, tea, wander , books, enchanting , enigma , delicate , class , high , competent, restless , nervous , communicative, routine , perfect , obsessive , calm , peace , beauty , grace, intellectual, sharp , dorky

Capricorn // museums , power , ambition , low-key , attractive , best , control , resilient , cold , tense , stiff , pride , petty, traditional, cozy , loved , narcissistic , flirty , witty, chill , funny , humble , family , animals , beautiful

david fincher’s handwritten list of his favorite films

  • butch cassidy and the sundance kid (george roy hill, 1969) 
  • chinatown (roman polanski, 1974) 
  • dr. strangelove (stanley kubrick, 1964) 
  • the godfather: part ii (francis ford coppola, 1974) 
  • taxi driver (martin scorsese, 1976) 
  • being there (hal ashby, 1979) 
  • all that jazz (bob fosse, 1979) 
  • alien (ridley scott, 1979) 
  • rear window (alfred hitchcock, 1954) 
  • zelig (woody allen, 1983) 
  • cabaret (bob fosse, 1972) 
  • paper moon (peter bogdanovich, 1973) 
  • jaws (steven spielberg, 1975) 
  • lawrence of arabia (david lean, 1962) 
  • all the president’s men (alan j. pakula, 1976) 
  • (federico fellini, 1963) 
  • citizen kane (orson welles, 1943) 
  • days of heaven (terrence malick, 1978) 
  • animal house (josh landis, 1978) 
  • mad max: road warrior (george miller, 1981) 
  • the year of living dangerously (peter weir, 1982) 
  • american graffiti (george lucas, 1973) 
  • the terminator (james cameron, 1984) 
  • monty python and the holy grail (terry gilliam and terry jones, 1975) 
  • the exorcist (william friedkin, 1973)
  • the graduate (mike nichols, 1967) 

Me trying not to seem straight: a series

  • *looking in a mirror* would a straight person wear this outfit?
  • I wonder if people know I’m not straight
  • Oh no do they think I’m straight *panics in bisexual*
  • writes in pink, purple, and blue
  • stares at girl for a little bit longer than necessary to see if she stares back
  • *girl looks back at you* oH my GoD does this mean she’s interested
  • gets very excited when cute girl glances in my direction
  • *thinking* I am so bi today how has nobody realized anything
  • gets involved in any lgbtq conversation
  • sits on tables, sits with feet up, sits in any strange position
  • *someone does/wears anything remotely gay* me: hmmmm
  • also a series: me actively trying to scope out the gays in any given situation

lesbiandoomguy  asked:

Hey! First off, I wanted to say that I love this blog and I’m so glad you’re running such a fantastic resource! This is probably pretty broad, but do you have any recs for high fantasy novels with wlw romances (preferably without sexism or homophobia)? Or any recs for books with wlw knights or pirates (historical, fantasy, or otherwise, again preferably without sexism or homophobia). Thank you so much again!

Thank you! :) Fantasy is my favorite genre so I know tons! I won’t apologize for this list being long, I feel like that’s the opposite of a problem.

Fantasy with magic:

Lady knights and princesses:

Lady loving lady pirates:

Happy reading! 

Ten punks

1. Bibliopunk. In which you put on your vellum coat and sneak out at night into dark underground libraries to swap first editions with a guy who has the whole of The Tempest tattooed on his body; they cut their gin with ink down there; at three in the morning you’ll go out bounty hunting together, drunk, there’s a lot of paper to be made in collecting late and lost fees.

2. Lavapunk. In which the floor is literally lava; vast protective suits; everyone has a giant fashion heatshield; she has a pet phoenix and you think you might fancy her but it’s hard to gauge physical attraction when you never see any part of each other’s bodies; long technical discussions of extremophile bacterial protein, but with sexual tension.

3. Rainbowpunk. Party-balloon airships, unicorn stud farms, science in search of colours never before seen by humanity; mountain-waterfall cities; the mists lifting over the skyport in the morning.

4. Bunpunk. In which everyone wears and also eats bread; new bread each morning; maybe eclairs or a croissant or something for a special occasion; you and your maverick loner mates prefer sourdough, which you ferment in crumb-littered suburban rooms; the city is sweltering in the heat that comes off the bakeries, but smells fantastic; oh god the pigeons.

5. Aviopunk. Archipelagoes of solar-powered aircraft circling the globe; the staging points of space elevators; Earth’s surface as something mysterious, hidden under dense forests of which we harvest only the tops; balloon-mounted algae farms; rogue pilots rescuing gliders who have fallen into the sea.

6. Socialpunk. All need for work has been automated, leaving humanity alone with itself at a party for the rest of time; the formalities of infinite conversations; someone liking things, endlessly; the propagation of truth and lies.

7. Dracopunk. Cities built out of old dragon-bone; great scaled cupolas crawling with tiny, jewel-bright lizards; slick molten-gold patches at the sites of old battles, not to be discussed; dragons grown human-sized hiding out in basements, wondering if they will grow to the size of their great dead ancestors; everyone is terrified of fires, and of what they might mean; this also not to be discussed.

8. Ghostpunk. In which the apocalypse came already and now only the dead are left; the conventional dead, largely trying to do day-to-day what they did in life, through ruined cities; some preferring to sleep in great hibernating piles against the day that they may rise; and the unconventional dead, sloughing off their bedsheets, what can we make out of ectoplasm, what walls can we now go through, who can we bring to justice.

9. Forestpunk. Chlorophyll tattoos, bacchanals, bio-solar panels; pine-scented lovers from the North; over time you and your trees grow together, you become a graft and bear fruit; the manipulation of leaves to transmit data, by sound and the obscuration of light; rough scrumpy, dirt and fox tracks.

10. Memepunk. In which the humans are the infastructure, their brains the dull suburbs through which the ideas that we are interested in dance; we see brilliant and ridiculous ideas meet, flirt, grow old; some merging together and some falling under the waves of consciousness only to rise up again later; whilst scrappy young ideas kick around at the edges of thought at night, always on the verge of going viral, sizing each other up and tearing each other down.

how to create effective to do lists

essential to all planning and organisation, making the most out of your to-do lists will make your life so much easier

- decide your medium. some people like handwritten lists, others are happy to just use the reminders app on your phone. 

- break things down. create different lists for different tasks, or colourcode your master to-do list. rather than writing ‘history essay’ break it down e.g. into ‘do reading’ ‘plan essay’, ‘write essay’ - not only will you feel more productive because you can see you’ve done lots of little tasks, you will also be able to keep track of the work process and be more efficient

- title your lists. i like to do this either by project title or due date

- be ok with being messy. its ok to scribble things out and move things around, especially on a handwritten list. not all todo lists will look like studyblr bullet journals, and that is ok 

- put your to-do list on your to-do list. make a habit of checking and reorganising your to-do list at a set time everyday. i like to add to my to-do list every evening and check it as soon as i wake up so i know what the day has in store for me

- prioritise. use colour to separate low and high priority things on your list to maximise productivity

77 questions for students
  1. how old are you?
  2. are you in high school or college(university)?
  3. what year or grade are you in high school or (university)? 
  4. what is your school’s grading system look like? do you like it? what problems do you have with it, if any? 
  5. if you are in high school do you plan on going to university or college? if you are in college do you plan on finishing and if you do, do you plan on continuing on to other graduate or professional schools? 
  6. if you are high school what do you plan to study in college, if you plan to go. if not, what do you plan on doing after high school? if you are in college what is your major? do you plan on changing it? 
  7. why are you picking or why did you pick what you are currently studying? 
  8. do you go/plan to go to community college, technical college, or a four-year institution? how did you make your decision, or how do you plan to?
  9. what factors did you consider when picking a college, or what factors do you plan on considering? 
  10. what is your favorite pencil?
  11. what are your top three favorite pens? 
  12. do you prefer wide-ruled paper, college-ruled, dot-grid, or graph paper? 
  13. do you use different types of paper for different courses or classes? 
  14. do you use a backpack/bag for school or college and what kind is it? why did you choose it? price, quality, function, design? 
  15. what is your favorite outfit to go to class in and why? 
  16. what is something you always have to have in your backpack or bag? 
  17. what is your least favorite subject and why? 
  18. have you ever gone to tutoring, if so, how has it helped your academic endeavors? 
  19. have you ever seeked academic counseling, if so has it helped you?
  20. has your mental health ever suffered during high school or college, and what did you do to cope? 
  21. do you like to listen to music when studying? if so, what genre, if you have a playlist share it! 
  22. do you prefer to study at a library or at home at your desk? 
  23. what are your top three items you keep on your desk? 
  24. do you feel as if you are more productive during the day or in the evenings? 
  25. if you exercise, do you feel as if it affects your productivity and if so how? 
  26. do you participate in any extracurriculars and if so how do you manage your time?
  27. do you use a bullet journal, a planner, or to-do lists? do you use a combination of all three? 
  28. do you have a note-taking style?
  29. do you have a color-coding system? 
  30. what do you believe is one of the most overrated studyblr trends? 
  31. what are your career goals, how do you plan to reach them? 
  32. do you use a laptop? if so which model? how does it perform, would you reccomend it? if not, what model would you like?
  33. do you use a tablet? if so which model? how does it perform, would you reccomend it? if not, what model are you interested in?
  34. if you post pictures to tumblr, do you use a camera or your phone, if so, what is the model? 
  35. 0.5, 0.7, or 0.9 pencil lead? 
  36. 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, or 1.0 pens? 
  37. how many hours a day do you spend studying? are your hours consistent daily or do they differ depending on assignments and exams? 
  38. how many courses do you take? what are they? 
  39. how long until you graduate? in credit hours, semesters, or years? 
  40. how did you find the studyblr community? 
  41. how did the studyblr community impact you? 
  42. do you go to school in the day or night? 
  43. what is something you are too afraid to be involved in at school or college and why? 
  44. do you type or write your notes? 
  45. what do you do on your breaks from studying? 
  46. how do you study for math exams? 
  47. do you rewrite your notes at home after class, or do you just use the ones you have already? why? 
  48. what are your least favorite courses and why? 
  49. are you in a relationship while in school? if so, why? if not, why? 
  50. if you are in a relationship, how do you manage that along with your studies? 
  51. if you aren’t in a relationship, do you plan on entering one while still in school? explain. 
  52. do you worry about GPA, if so why, if not why? 
  53. did you or do you plan to take the SAT or ACT, how did you feel about the exams? did you study for them? have you taken it more than once?
  54. did you or do you plan to take the GRE, LSAT, PCAT, MCAT, DAT (or any other grad exam)? how did it go? how are you or how did you study for it? have you taken it more than once? 
  55. do you or did you take AP classes is high school? how do you feel about how they prepared you for college? did your school require you to take the exam?
  56. do you or did you do the IB program in high school? can you explain it more for those who are unfamiliar with it? 
  57. do your or did you take dual-enrollment classes? how did you feel about how they prepared you for college? 
  58. how many colleges or universities did you apply to or not? and why? 
  59. how did you make friends in college or high school? 
  60. has your friend group stayed the same throughout your time in school? 
  61. how does your friend group influence your goals? 
  62. what is your favorite thing to learn about in your free time? 
  63. what is your favorite study snack? 
  64. what is one thing that can completely make you stop studying? 
  65. are there days during the week that you keep completely free from studying? 
  66. what do you do when you have to hustle? where do you go? 
  67. are your parents or family supportive of your goals? if so how does this affect you? 
  68. do you like to read? and do you ever have any free time to do so? 
  69. do you wear a watch? why or why not? what kind? 
  70. do you like to drink coffee or tea when working? decaf? what do you add to it? why do you like to drink coffee or tea? 
  71. how do you organize your notes after your finish writing them? 
  72. what do you do with your notes after the year or semester is over? 
  73. what are your favorite studyblrs?
  74. what are your favorite studygrams? 
  75. what is the biggest impact a teacher or a professor has had on you? 
  76. what is the biggest impact that a class has had on you? 
  77. who is your inspiration and who do you look up to academic wise and career wise? 

send asks with numbers for questions to be answered! 

studyblr asks idea inspired by @i-will-walk


10 Most Anticipated Holdovers of 2018

The ten films with festival releases or releases in their home countries in 2017 I can’t wait to see in 2018.

Angels Wear White dir. Vivian Qu

The film arrives at the perfect time as questions about sexual violence take over the news everywhere. The film is about a teenager who accidentally witnesses the rape of two young girls at the hotel where she works. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the film since it premiered at the Venice Film Fest.  

I Am Not a Witch dir. Rungano Nyoni

It’s all too rare for any African films to get meaningful distribution so I’m glad Nyoni’s debut is having a long and successful run on the festival circuit and has already been released in the UK. The film is set in Zambia and is about a little girl who is accused of witchcraft. This was a film that was brought to my attention based on great reviews and positive word of mouth and I hope it gets distribution so I can finally see it.

Nico, 1988 dir. Susanna Nicchiarelli

I’m not familiar with Italian director Nicchiarelli ‘s work, but I am familiar with the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico. The film takes place during the last year of Nico’s life just as she was trying to stay sober and reconnect with her son. It’s still astonishingly rare to go to the theatre and see a movie starring a woman 40+ so I am fully behind this one. I’m also a fan of Danish actress Trine Dyrholm who will play Nico in the last year of her life.

On Body and Soul dir. Ildikó Enyedi

This is the first film from Enyedi in 18 years. I was a huge fan of her debut film My Twentieth Century which merged fantasy, fairy tale and politics and it looks like she’s back and better than ever with On Body and Soul about two factory workers who share the same dreams. The film also won the Golden Bear (Best Film) at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Party dir. Sally Potter

Potter is one of my favourite directors. She has a long career and she’s never given up finding new ways to play and experiment with story, image and film. The Party is her latest film about a group of upper middle class Brits who gather for a dinner party that goes awry. It also is a film that seems to embrace limitations with a small cast and taking place (in from what  can tell from trailers) one location over one day. I love films like this!

The Rider dir. Chloé Zhao

I can’t over-emphasize how much I truly loved Zhao’s directorial debut Songs My Brothers Taught Me. She returns to Pine Ridge, where Songs was made, for her second feature about a cowboy who suffers from a near fatal injury. The film premiered in Cannes and drew accolades from Werner Herzog before garnering several surprise nominations at the Indie Spirit Awards.

Vazante dir. Daniela Thomas

I knew I wanted to see Vazante the second I saw the stills for the movie. It’s shot in black and white but there was so much dimension to the images I could tell right away that the cinematographer was someone special and after looking the film up I realized the director of photographer was Inti Briones, someone who had already impressed me with the way he shot The Loneliest Planet. The director of Vazante was someone whose work I was already familar with too: Daniela Thomas co-directed a beautiful short film starring Catalina Sandino Moreno with Walter Salles for the omnibus feature Paris, Je t’aime.

Set in the 1820s in Vazante, Brazil, the film follows a widowed, middle-aged Portuguese plantation owner who lusts after and marries his first wife’s 12 year old niece. The niece is understandably more interested in playing with one of her husband’s slaves who is closer to her own age. I don’t know what happens next in the film but it seems like the kind of epic film that will take an unflinching look at sexism, racism, and colonialism in the old world.  

Waru dir. Chelsea Cohen, Ainsley Gardiner, Casey Kaa, Renae Maihi, Awanui Simich-Pene, Briar Grace Smith, Paula Whetu Jones, & Katie Wolfe

I have mixed feelings about omnibus films, but Waru strikes me as one with the potential to work. Centered around the death of a young Maori boy the film is directed by 8 Maori woman who each were in control of a ten minute one-take shot of the film. Do I need to explain more? That concept alone is incredibly intriguing and makes me want to seek this film out.  

You Were Never Really Here dir. Lynne Ramsay

I’ll admit it, I don’t really gel with Ramsay’s films. I admire their beauty, I see why other people would love them, but when it comes to my Scottish realists I prefer Andrea Arnold over Ramsay every time.

Even after YWNRH collected two prizes at Cannes (for Screenplay and Best Actor), I wasn’t really looking forward to this one. That is until the stylishly cool French trailer dropped showing Joaquin Phoenix as a cold-hearted murderer-for-hire who has to rescue a young teenage girl who’s been forced into prostitution. Is the plot a mess of clichés? Absolutely yes. But I’m a sucker for a beautiful film. Hopefully with me and Ramsay films, 4th time will be the charm.  

Zama dir. Lucrecia Martel

This is FINALLY the last year I ever put Zama on a most anticipated list. It’s been a decade since Martel had a new film to debut in North America, though not for lack of trying. The film was announced in 2012, was rumoured to film in 2014, was delayed until 2015 and then stalled in pre-production as Martel battled cancer. She was fortunately able to overcome her health difficulties and complete the film, which got shafted from Cannes before premiering out of competition at Venice, making it ineligible for prizes.

It’s been a long journey, but all the waiting has only whetted my appetite for the film, an adaptation of a novel about a Spanish officer slowing going mad in 1800s Argentina as he waits for a letter that will bring him back to his beloved Buenos Aires.

Twelve lovely villages out on the old moor that are absolutely worth a visit

1. Bibbling Green. This charming rustic spot is home to a shade of green found nowhere else. Popular with painters and environmentalists. Bring a bucket, you can take some home.

2. Firencestermonceux. Pronounced ‘Fecken’. Nobody has ever been murdered by being thrown from the humble steeple of the local church. You cannot afford to live here. Buy a hanging basket.

3. Gentleman’s Knob End. Extremely proper village. Come and see our massive maypole.

4. Upper Lowering. Watch pigs wander across the beautiful village square whilst you feast on local cheese. Maybe watch the local dramatic society re-enact the Odyssey whilst you do it. Oops, you’re now a pig. Tremendous realism, also very villagey.

5. Little Snorenham. Pretty as a picture, because it is a picture. We painted it on the back of the local rotating parts warehouse, hope you appreciate the thatched cottages, they took ages. Perfect for selfies.

6. Porp. Come for the cream teas, stay for the cream teas, never leave because you are chained to a cream tea. World’s foremost cream tea dungeon. Very popular with connoisseurs.

7. Drizzlage. Only town on the moor to have a mathematically-impossible town square. Make sure not to park your car on the South side or it will be divided by zero while you have lunch at the cafe. Make sure to visit the garlic shoppe whilst you are there.

8. Gurning Norton. Actually, don’t.

9. Haunted Borehole, Upper Moor. You may hear some people call this a bit of a hole. They would be wrong. It is a whole hole. Charmingly rustic phantoms will seize your luggage and throw it down a ten-metre minicliff. Perfect for the adventurous. Coach parties welcome.

10. Fnarpham. We made up this village, because it is raining and anyone who has been out looking at villages all day is probably sheltering by the fire in an inn not out looking for Fnarpham. Unless you are looking for Fnarpham, of course, in which case sorry.

11. Trap. This is actually a trap and not to be confused with Trap, the lovely village on the next map sheet along. The road gets narrower and narrower until finally you are eaten by a mutant hedge. Very vigorous blackthorn in this area, you could probably make an excellent sloe gin.

12. Sillage Borp (Lower). Take this village home, it’s drunk.


180513 // I admire ambitious people who work hard to achieve their goals. But also those people can sometimes feel as if deadlines, tasks and daily to-do’s pile up uncontrollably. Here are some tipps on how to get back to work when you’re feeling as if overwhelm stole all your motivation and productivity.

Single tasking is helpful to be focused at work (click here for exercises to be a single tasker).

Here are my other advices on self improvement, self help and mindfullness. :)

I also love to journal <3

Recent Sterek Reads

I haven’t been really into Sterek for a few months but the other day I had an intense craving for a Time Travel Sterek fic, this is the result. Over the past 4 days I have read all these fics (yes I am aware of how pathetic that sounds), in this exact order. All these fics I’ve read multiple times already and feel like these have a similar thread. 

1. The Long Way Round (Series) - exclamation
Time Travel. Magic Stiles. This is such an incredible series, I love that it’s a time travel fic that doesn’t go back to before the fire. Love Stiles bonding with Laura and Derek, and becoming the next Merlin. I really love all the magic in this and the incredible side characters.

2. Fly A Little Faster - mirrorkill
Time Travel. Teen Derek. Basically what should have happened in 3x08 Visionary. Instead of falling for Paige Derek falls for Stiles. Full of cute dates, Derek being both shy and confident around Stiles, and Stiles being “cousin Stiles”. 

3. Now As Ever (All That Is And Has Been) - venis_envy
Time Travel. Teen Derek. This is a little more heartbreaking, Stiles spending every Saturday in the library listening to his mother read stories to kids, just rip my heart out why don’t you! But I love Stiles bonding with the Hale Family, and how he tries to stop Kate, and the cute little relationship with Derek. There is also a lot about string theory which can be kind of confusing. 

4. This Time With Feeling - Crimson1
De-Age. Teen Derek. This is so fluffy without being fluffy, if that makes sense. It’s just a Derek that is happy and young and trusting. The pack interactions are so amazingly nice, and Stiles and Derek being best buds (with a little extra of course, this is a Sterek story) is the greatest. Derek as a comic book geek is precious. 

5. Spook: A Ghostly Love Story In Three Parts - zosofi
Ghost. Time Travel. Teen Derek. This is a super interesting fic with Stiles being a Medium. Love the Stiles and Lydia friendship and Ghost Derek is sweet. The Time Travel aspect and the merging of the timelines is really awesome.

6. Our Memories Are Numbered - rufflefeather
Memory Loss. Confident Derek. The one thing I love most about this fic is how confident Amnesia Derek is, so sure of himself. And the way the pack kind of comes together and everyone in their own way heals things, it’s really awesome. Also the take on the Alpha Pack is interesting. 

 7. By Any Other Name - entanglednow
Memory Loss. This has the feel of a Supernatural episode but with Derek and Stiles knowing nothing about themselves and assuming they are dating. The tension between them is really well done and at the end you almost don’t want them to get their memories back. 

8. Where Clouds Roll By - ohanotherday
De-Age. Young Derek. Teeny tiny Derek still all bossy and stubborn, attaching himself to Stiles, is super cute. Derek saying “’Tiles” is the cutest thing ever. Just, tiny Derek is so freaking cute okay??

9. Does Size Really Matter? - impalagirl, wilddragonflying
Tiny Derek. Okay, I have a thing for Stiles taking care of Derek it seems. But tiny tiny Derek with fluffy ears and a tail is adorable. I love how it’s set during S1 and even though Derek talks a lot more than normal, it still seems very in character. Like this bonding between Stiles and Derek could have happened on the show, it was very natural. 

10. Prince Among Wolves - Rarwen (Zimothy)
Parent Derek. Babysitter Stiles. The kids in this, Andy and Olly, are the cutest things ever. I love that Stiles is so good with the little wolves and that there’s a whole thing about Andy being Transgender, and Derek trying to accept it. Stiles fits himself into Derek’s pack so seamlessly and mends this little family. 

So I figured out the connecting threads. The biggest connection with these fics is Caretaker Stiles. No matter the fic, Stiles is always taking care of / protecting Derek, it’s my favourite thing. Another thread would be Derek not exactly canon Derek all the time, mainly this slightly more free, confident, happy Derek. Even if it’s only for a short time, it’s still beautiful. 

musicalrainboots  asked:

Do you know of any F/F books where the main couple are/were childhood friends and/or grew up together? sweet, fluffy stories especially. Thank you!

Of course! Here’s some you should check out:

Happy fluffy reading!:)

What happened after the thought experiments

1. The cat hopped out of the box and wandered off to look for its food bowl, which it knew was around here somewhere. It had no idea how lucky it was. Meanwhile, a single pale ghost peeled of its sheaf of lives and went mewling up until it joined the clouds. It was not until ten years later, and on its last life, that the cat had cause to remember the incident.

2. The younger twin returned from space, grizzled and radiation-burned, still disorientated from the final burst of deceleration. By now the older twin was near death; it had been a long journey. Nevertheless, deep space is not a healthy environment. Thw twins entered the hospice together, and told each other stories of their years apart as far as they were able. It was the twin who had been to space who died first.

3. The accident was widely reported and led to a number of high-profile resignations. Seven people who had been responsible for maintaining the trolley failsafe systems and track security were found guilty of neglecting their duty. They recieved a mixture of fines and prison sentences. The man who had pulled the lever was eventually judged to be innocent, although some held his decision to be politically motivated, and the families of the deceased refused to accept the verdict.

4. The tortoise’s victory was widely reported, and it even signed a small sponsorship deal with a shell polishing company. However, opponents became increasingly reluctant to allow it a head start in subsequent races. Without its crucial advantage, it began losing. The sponsorship deal was not renewed and eventually the tortoise was largely deserted, even by its supporters. It took to performing stunts to try and win back fame, but ended its career in ignominy after a failed dismount killed a passing playwright.

5. Unfortunately, the hotel with infinitely many rooms was found to contain infinitely many cockroaches. It was shut down on public health grounds. The issues involved in evacuating an infinite number of guests were found to be severe, eventually leading to the formation of a tourist singularity which consumed most of the hotel’s host planet and permanently disrupted the orbits in its home system. Fortunately, infinitely many guests also escaped. Their subsequent search for accommodation led to an unusual period of economic growth and hotel-centric culture in that part of the galaxy.

6. The ladder continued through the garage at relativistic speed and slammed into the warehouse behind, converting its considerable kinetic energy into a large explosion. At the inquest, nobody could quite recall why just making the garage slightly bigger had not been considered as a viable option for ladder storage. It seemed that they had all been overcome by a sort of delirium of scientific enthusiasm.

7. They were very nice jars. After the brain-in-a-jar operation had been shut down by horrified authorities, the custodians charged with winding up operations took a few of them home, where they were repurposed as fish tanks, terrariums and fancy dress astronaut helmets.

8. Having finally produced the complete works of Shakespeare, the monkeys were out of a job. Nobody was interested in what they might produce next. They came to the conclusion that they had accidentally typed some morally unacceptable combination of syllables. Subsequently, they used this insight to develop a language and a culture based on being as far distant from that used by Shakespeare as possible. With one exception; the worst insults and most taboo curses were, of course, wholly Shakespearian. Fortunately, Shakespeare had provided a fine selection to choose from.

a list of things i like to think about
  • thunderstorms
  • newborn kittens
  • a moonlit ocean
  • girls who laugh as if it made the air sweeter
  • the way the world stops and no one dares breathe just seconds before a band goes on stage at concerts
  • the infinity of curves in cursive love letters
  • the absolute conviction that little children have 
  • the soft acoustic sound between verses and the chorus in indie songs
  • the way the words “i love you” roll off the tongue when it’s right
  • looking into someone’s eyes and having absolutely no clue what’s about to happen except that it’s going to be truly good 
  • the way eyes inevitably glitter at the beginning of a waltz 
  • random streaks of glitter you find on gorgeous people’s lips (and how you hope they’d let you shine too)
  • the moment of true trust when you make a pinkie promise
  • how easy it is to fall in love

feel free to add more