RFA + Minor Trio Playing Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp

No one asked for this, but I made it anyway. 

My Masterlist


  • He plays it nearly as much as LOLOL
  • It’s his go to game when he is waiting for the bus, or while the LOLOL server is down for maintenance 
  • Shares his friend code on the RFA chat and the LOLOL chat
  • is super excited when anyone he actually knows joins
  • Religiously checks on all the animals every day and gives all his friends kudos 
  • His campsite is just a hodge-podge of a bunch of furniture he likes, it looks like a college student decorated it
  • Tex, Filbert, and Kid Cat are his favorites
  • Cringes every time he has to look at the beetles, but forces himself to catch them anyway


  • Downloads the game per Yoosung’s request
  • Does not actually have time to play the game, but decides it would be good to research as old popular video game series getting mobile adaptations is becoming something of a phenomenon
  • He likes that the animals take care of themselves, though he thinks they are strange and “absurd”
  • Does not actually have time to play it most of the time, so he makes Jaehee play it for him and give him a report 
  • He actually finds how casual the game is to be very soothing
  • Wine!drunk Jumin keeps sending the RFA screenshots of his conversations with the other camp-goers
  • Only invites cats to his campsite
  • Chooses cool style initially, has a crisis over if the more expensive items to craft are actually nicer
  • Disappointed the stripes furniture collection features primarily horizontal stripes


  • Has no time to play this game
  • Only plays it because Jumin made her
  • However, because she has to write reports on it, she is a fantastic encyclopedia of information for any Animal Crossing questions you may have
  • Prefers natural style furniture and likes to use the sets to make the campsite look put together
  • Maggie, Goldie, and Lily are her favorites
  • Can occasionally be caught scolding the characters for trying to take on feats well above their capabilities “Maggie, if it requires years of training to properly smoke fish, perhaps you should start with a simpler pursuit.”
  • Will turn bright red if you ever catch her talking out loud to her phone screen


  • The controls confuse him
  • Why do people waste their time playing this?
  • Refuses to invite any of the cats to his campsite or even visit them
  • “Isn’t it kind of creepy that these animals can talk?”
  • Selects cool style furniture and then complains he doesn’t like it
  • The one who asks “Is Hopkins a blow up doll?” mostly innocently, only to have his words twisted by Seven
  • Disgusted by the horned dynastids


  • You know he downloaded the app because he starts calling you ‘picante’
  • Added himself to everyone’s friend list
  • Item hoarder, collects everything 
  • Initially chose the cute style, everything at his campsite is obnoxiously bright and colorful
  • Will talk about harvesting fruit like an epic quest
  • Never talks to his friends or gives anyone kudos unless it’s for a goal
  • Owes way too much money to O.K. Motors
  • Loves all the cat characters, but Kid Cat, Tad, and Bud are his favorite characters 
  • Jokes about being a pale chub
  • Mercilessly awakens any and all sleeping campers “Just to say hi”


  • Cool style furniture, keeps his campsite as all-black as possible
  • insists he does not need friends
  • Has only you and Saeyoung on his friends list
  • Wants you to play the game with him 
  • Cherry, Apollo, and Kyle are his favorites
  • Likes to go virtual fishing when he gets stressed out in real life
  • When he can’t sleep he will stay up late fulfilling requests and getting annoyed that the animals are asleep at 4am
  • Gives everyone kudos on their campsites when he sees them around the campground, because he is a good bean
  • Lowkey uncomfortable receiving gifts from the campers 


  • Natural style, with a clean layout
  • His campsite is aesthetic™
  • Crafts lots of furniture and likes helping his other campground neighbors by completing their requests
  • Fruit collecting is his favorite, he likes their design
  • Lets out an adorable little huff of annoyance whenever his avatar gets stuck on a piece of furniture and cannot move
  • Punchy, Agnes, and Beau are his favorites 
  • Appreciates all the creatures equally and tries to mediate Yoosung and Zen’s dislike of the beetles
  • Genuinely disappointed he cannot host all of the campers at his campsite at one time


  • Stole Seven’s phone and is playing his game just to torture him
  • “Do your work and maybe I’ll give it back.”
  • Secretly makes his own account afterward
  • He doesn’t play it often, but he likes fishing
  • Initially chose sporty furniture 
  • His campsite has a variety of styles of furniture, but it is all arranged to go well together. 
  • Plays for maximum efficiency rather than personal preference 
  • Butch, Apollo, and Roscoe are his favorites