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I’ve compiled a short showcase of the steps I followed to make my latest journal. Unfortunately, I could cover every bit and detail but the video does cover most of the vital processes. I hope you will enjoy!

The journal itself is listed for sale in my shop at House of Stopan.


Pictures of Gerard and Lindsey’s house from when they listed it for sale in 2016 

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do you actually have any evidence of yesstyle doing shady stuff though?i want to believe you but i've always had good exeperiences with them...

well i mean if you like shopping from them and you’ve had good experiences, i’m not trying to stop you from shopping there! it’s really not hard to see that they’re overpriced or that they have fake sales tho… just go onto any korean beauty store and compare the prices. examples:

  • etude house dear darling water tint
    yesstyle: $5.07, 70% sale ($16.90 listed price LOL)
    - yesstyle (not ‘on sale’): $5.61 ($5.90 listed price)
    jolse: $5.08 ($5.98 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.41 ($5.19 listed price)
    etude house: $5.20
  • tonymoly petite bunny gloss bar
    yesstyle: $4.77, 70% sale ($15.90 listed price)
    - yesstyle (60% off): $4.36 ($10.90 listed price)
    jolse: $4.97 ($5.85 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.24 ($4.99 listed price)
  • etude house missing u hand cream
    yesstyle: $5.95, 70% sale ($11.90 listed price)
    - yesstyle (not ‘on sale’): $7.51 ($7.90 listed price)
    jolse: $6.10 ($7.18 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.74 ($5.58 listed price)
    etude house: $5.90

i also want to point out that jolse and bnk both have free shipping on all their items, while on yesstyle you have to spend $35 or more to get free shipping.

edit: a convo with a friend reminded me of this ask :~)
so i added the current prices of these items that i compared a while back… and u can see how their ‘listed price’ seems to fluctate by up to $10 LMAO and that the other stores (with free shipping btw) are still cheaper than buying from yesstyle
my conclusion: buy asian beauty elsewhere (like jolse or bnk, which are linked above)

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Do you have any tips on finding a place in Chicago and which areas are good and which aren't, both people wise and money wise?

Try DreamTown’s information on Chicago neighborhoods (link). It’ll give you an overview of each neighborhood, its history, local resources/shopping/food, local house listings & recent sales, and a link to crime statistics.

You can get detailed demographic information on each neighborhood here from City Data (link).

Finally, the Chicago Tribune has the neighborhood (and suburb) crime rankings (link).

I have been looking through the blog and I read a few posts about houses down the street, and I wanted to share one of my own.

I suppose this story isn’t all that spooky, but I do find it interesting in its chain of events.

Also, this story contains suicide, just in case that makes anyone uncomfortable.

When I lived with my parents, we lived in a court. Or more commonly, a cul de sac, if you will. There were a total of 8 houses, and they were each numbered 1 through 8. Not trying to be big headed but I am fortunate to say my parent’s house belongs to a really beautiful, fairly new (5 yrs, at the time) neighborhood. So the people were kind, the houses were pretty. Where I’m trying to get is, that you wouldn’t expect anything completely weird. At first glance, anyway.

One year, probably about 2-3 years of us living in that house, a person in house #4 committed suicide by hanging. If some of your are not aware, the number 4 is really unlucky in some Asian cultures, and if I’m not mistaken, ‘four’ is a homophone to the word 'death’ in some Asian languages. And my family, being Asian, thought that was quite strange. As bizarre as that was to us, we shook it off for the most part.

My town has a military base, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see houses go on sale and be sold with new families every other year or so. Though I will admit, I have never seen a house that would keep someone for such a short period of time. Most military families would stay for a few years. Though with that house, not many people stayed longer than a month

The family that was living there when the suicide happened stayed for a few months before they hastily moved out one day. I didn’t think that was odd since, really, I don’t blame them for wanting to move out. But a few months after they moved, it was placed on the market for a really low prince, in comparison to the houses around it. The owners after that would move in. And you’d see them go in and out, and you’d wave at them occasionally, say good morning, all that nice neighbor stuff. But that doesn’t last long. After a month or two, the owners would be out, seemingly over night, and the house would be placed on the market again. From my memory, the house went through about three owners before it stayed on the market for about a few years. I haven’t lived with my parents for a while, so I haven’t paid attention to what has happened but I could only think. After that turn of events I have always wondered what went on in that house.

There have been a couple of times where they would have a Open House, showcasing the home to people who are interested in buying it. You guys will probably think I’m crazy but I have considered going in to look around and fulfill my curiosity. I would even grab a flyer from the front yard, but a gut feeling has always kept me from going in. And I think  I’ll keep it that way.

One more thing to add before I submit this, I just checked the houses listing in our town and sure enough, that same house is for sale. I would share a link on it, but I would rather keep street addresses confidential, especially since my parents live in that same court. I hope that’s understandable!

Language learning tips!

Tips for learning Vocab:

  • Make vocab lists (and post them on Tumblr!) Try to include a variety of phrases, and focus on different topics. Start with what will be the most useful or relevant to you- a couple of my vocab lists are “Everyday Phrases” and “Useful Phrases for Travelling”. Then expand into lists for politics, discussing your interests, vocab lists useful for reading certain kinds of books (like historical fiction)… Whatever you do in your native language, make a list in your target language!
  • Read information in your target language likely to use the language you just learned. If you’re learning about the rooms in a house, try looking at house or apartment listings for sale in a country where your target language is common. If you’re learning about colours, try looking at fashion sites from that country! 
  • Use the words you just learned as often as possible. Try making daily lists of words you learned that day, with a weekly review. Alternatively, use those words in a journal entry or tumblr post. 
  • Draw something next to the word to represent the word or its use.   (Note: don’t use this one if you have limited time, i.e. the day before your exams.)
  • Flashcards are useful- make sure you note the gender of the word and if it’s irregular or not!

Tips for learning Grammar:

  • Flashcards are useful for memorising non-complex grammar rules and exceptions. (Things like “i before e, except after c” and “aller is irregular in the present tense”). 
  • You can also use flashcards for learning the difference between words- for example, there are six words/phrases for “to need” in Danish, each with a slightly different meaning. In this situation, flashcards can be especially useful.
  • Practice. If you can’t remember the ending of an -ir verb in the simple past, for example, practice it! Construct lots of basic (and then more complex) sentences with -ir verbs in the simple past. I also find just conjugating verbs without the full sentence can be helpful (”je mange, tu manges,” etc.) 
  • Spend time making sure you really understand a grammar rule before moving on. Try creating three different sentences (with different pronouns and verbs) to check if you can put it into practice. If not, revise what you just learned, try phrasing it a different way, and look at other people’s examples on the internet. 
Something, Nothing, Anything - Chapter Ten

(N)SFW, SFF, 1.361 words. Have a lovely weekend! Previous writings can be found here.


Chapter Ten

Thank God it’s Friday. And thank God for Chester, too.

“Here you go. Nachos, right?”

She nods, grateful that he seems to have ordered the biggest platter-to-share this place had to offer. She grabs the one sticking out of a pile of melted cheese and dips it into the guacamole before dunking it into the hot salsa. Chester watches her do it, and grins.

“What?” She mumbles, “That’s how you are supposed to eat them.”

“You’re supposed to eat them with ranch.” He smiles, taking one himself, “And jalapenos.”

“I hate jalapenos.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She feels alright, actually. She feels as alright as she could be, after her mother left for New Jersey and Mamrie stomped down the street to get away from her and Hannah preached about common sense and hurt egos down the phone. It all seems somewhat forgotten now Chester is sitting across the table from her, wiping off nacho dust on a napkin after literally every single piece he takes. Who does that? He’ll have to do it all over again in literally one nacho’s time. She tries her hardest not to lick her fingers, which is how she usually handles nacho dust when she’s watching the Food Network by herself, or with Mamrie.


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#NoBillNoBreak: House Dems hold sit-in on gun control

Democrats took over the floor of the House at 11:25 a.m. ET Wednesday, demanding Republican leadership schedule votes on bills about universal background checks and blocking gun sales to those on no-fly lists.

The House revolt turned raucous overnight, with protesting Democrats shouting down Speaker Paul Ryan’s attempts to restore order during a gun-control protest that stretched into its 20th hour.

Democrats — who were shown solidarity by senators dropping by for support — broke out into a rendition of “We Shall Overcome” with the words “We shall pass a bill, someday.”

As Ryan left the chair, they chanted: “Shame! Shame!”

The sit-in shows no sign of stopping:

Lawmakers live-streamed the sit-in on Periscope and Facebook Live when cameras were shut off:

Celebs chimed in as well:


Houses for Sale in Oklahoma City New Listings of houses for sale in OKC


Foyle’s jovial demeanor quickly changes to wariness (worry?) when he realizes Arthur and Elizabeth have moved back to Hastings. 

Began “working” on this episode Tuesday, but one thing or another kept distracting me from the joy of it. When I saw the set that @flybybee posted I thought, “Uh, oh. Don’t want to step on her work”. So I decided to go another route, but didn’t get very far. This scene has probably been giffed a lot, but it’s my humble first attempt at trying to capture the awkwardness. I had to make some stills as well. Close-ups of Kitchen are difficult to resist.