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Request:  anon asked: could you do an imagine where the team doesn’t know that you’re bisexual except reid bc he found out by accident but has been quiet about it and ur girlfriend comes by work and kisses u in front of the team and morgan is like,,,,,, “i’m offended, u should of told me i could of been ur wing man!!” and just fluff also if possible could the girlfriend be jillian holtzmann from the new ghostbusters??? it doesn’t have to be, it’s up to u!!

A/N:  I haven’t seen the new ghostbusters, so I’m not going to base the girlfriend off that character, however, I will use still the name Jillian.  The characterization just may not be accurate.

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It was days like this that really made you need a break.  The endless stream of paperwork on your desk was unreal and it seemed like enough to kill a forest of trees, but it unfortunately had to be done.

Finishing the last bit of writing on one of your many files, you slumped back in your chair with a huff.  Tired was beginning to plague you and concentration was becoming difficult.  You took a quick glance around at your team, they were all buried deep into their own paperwork.  For the last hour and a half, your mind drifted to your girlfriend, wondering what she was up to.  Talking to her always helped take a bit of stress off you, so you took the opportunity, with all your coworkers too busy to notice, to stand up from your desk with your phone in one hand and coffee cup in the other to make your way to the break room, away from any listening ears.

Yes, you had yet to tell your friends and coworkers of your relationship, not wanting just yet to come out as bisexual.  But it was your personal decision and you knew that when the moment felt right, you’d tell them.  With the amount of cases you had and the wild amount of stress the team was under, you knew now was definitely not the right time, either.

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