I always ask for books for Christmas

It’s sort of a given. My parents are always like “make us a list of books you want this year!” This year, as I started writing my list, I ended up picking out a handful of books that were all about f/f relationships. My parents have started calling it “Lesbian Fiction Christmas” in a rather serious manner, and that’s pretty friggin’ wonderful xD

My Lesbian (and Bisexual) Fiction Christmas List

Ah, nothing says Christmas like girls kissing! (;

MK 35 thoughts

Kid is severely injured. It looks like a gastrointestinal perforation if it got deep enough (he literally fell on the case..). And that can become life-threatening really quick without immediate attention (the chills, the fever, the nausea, the infection help him) I’m glad he’s sitting/lying down because even the slightest shifting movement must be excruciating. 

I don’t know how the hell he was waltzing around the first half of the chapter, acting like his insides weren’t trying to spill out. He was trying to climb pillars??? Damn it Kaito stop it. (it’s ok there’s protagonist armor so he’ll be just fine..) Well with him injured, it was like Christmas came early for me… ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

We got some Aoko/Kid shenanigans at least. Her poking him with a selfie stick as they walked was amusing. Then there’s Kid trying to use her to check for traps, intentional or not. They’re definitely low-key snarky assholes to each other. Wish they showed more of it (well, if Kid wasn’t dying lol) 

Back with Nakamori and gang (why are they so incompetent ;u;) I don’t trust that nun lady why isn’t anyone questioning her…Are Kid and Aoko really in a white room on a moving truck? How does that work? I think they fell out of the truck in 34? Well this was clearly not Kid’s doing so this Arizato owner (whose work sounds suspiciously close to Samizu Kichiemon’s) is the one behind this. 

I’m proud of Aoko for solving this stuff by herself while Kid is pretty much useless. She even half carries him (and drops him lmaoo) I’m glad for this spotlight on Aoko. I just wish it wasn’t so rushed. There’s barely any suspense. Hopefully the keyhole challenge will be more difficult. 

If we’re doing this Desperate Revival style, might as well have Kid pass out before he can tell Aoko he figured out the final hint/challenge. He could say some cryptic hint that helps her while garnering her suspicion. 

My guess would be after Aoko solves it, they get to enter another room where the culprit confronts them (Arizato? Nun lady???) They’re caught off guard because they didn’t plan for Aoko to be a part of this. They might know something about Kid’s identity or something along those lines and say things that will not be good for Kid. Aoko (or Kid) will do something to catch the bad guys/get away (Aoko please whack them with the selfie stick, I beg of you) 

But with all the suspicion racked up, Aoko might just pull at Kid’s face and realize that’s not a mask.  

Then we’re all in fuck lake city. 

Or gosho-listically, Kid’s going to wake up just in time and haul ass out of there before Aoko pulls his face. He might get help from Jii/Hakuba/Akako/Corbeau/Toichi’s not so dead soul. Take your pick. 

Interestingly Gosho’s also having Aoko show a sympathetic side towards Kid. She realized that Kid protected her during that fall and got injured.  So another option could be after everything happens, Aoko helps Kid get away as a one time favor. (And any more chapters after this will have her feeling guilty) 

So….I’m just glad for a crazy MK chapter again :’D

Fic based off this photo:


She’s getting used to the two red heads barging into their room whenever they want. It’s not ideal, and they have the most horrendous timing, but that isn’t what bugs her most. No, it’s because once again they bring up the ginger oaf. She looks up at the ceiling and takes a deep breath, slowly counting to ten. If she has to listen to Bird On A Wire one more time she is going to put her hand through the computer screen (Laura wouldn’t stop crying whenever it was on. Carmilla wasn’t going to admit that bothered her far more.).

But apparently the Ginger Twins had other reasons for letting themselves in. The biology major has information about what exactly the goop consist of, moving towards the computer and putting the pictures from the microscope up on the screen. Carmilla silently whistles because wow, who’s the unlucky bastard that had those in their brains-

And then Laura mentions Betty, and Carmilla stills. Betty, and the other girls oh God oh God she forgot she forgot oh God please no. Laura and LaFontaine are caught up in their own conversation but her eyes widen and her hands start to tremble so she grabs the edge of the bed as hard as she can and she can’t breathe she can’t breathe no no no no-

LaFontaine’s looking at her now, directing the conversation back to Carmilla. She pulls herself together, puts her hands firmly on the bed to keep them steady. There’s a hint of concern in the redhead’s eyes but the she asks once again what she knows about what’s happening to the missing girls, as if she hadn’t contemplated and analyzed every single scenario for 70 years except she never thought of this one and she can’t help it, after everything they still think that she knew what happened and she didn’t she didn’t she didn’t

She summons her rage and unleashes it in full upon the ignorant girl. It’s close enough to the surface anyway because they come into her room and again act as if she’s the villain, the mastermind, the one with all the answer. She rushes out of there as fast as she humanly can in a huff of righteous fury because she’ll be damned before she lets the ginger twins see that she’s hurting. She can’t look at Laura, can’t see pity in her gaze because Laura’s the only one that can figure out what’s going through her head and maybe if she doesn’t look she won’t have to see comprehension in her eyes because Laura always knows what Carmilla’s really thinking when it matters, even when Carmilla doesn’t want anyone to know (except for that one time).  If she looks at Laura she will see compassion, not pity, never from Laura. She will look into those earnest hazel eyes, eyes that just want Carmilla to be happy, eyes that say you deserve better. And she will break.

Her bottom lip starts to quiver and her hands are shaking now and no no no this cannot be happening people can’t see me like this. She just wants to get out of there as fast as possible. She barely even looks around before she evaporates into a cloud of black smoke and with

She rematerializes onto the stage of the Listic Theater building. It’s completely deserted, and after last night’s escapades there won’t be anyone here for days. All she can see are empty seats, section that are black and slightly charred and are just destroyed and have chunks missing. And she loses it. She collapses to the floor in a pile of limbs. It doesn’t matter that she’s a supernatural creature, all her strength has abandoned her and all that’s left is hurt.

She curls up in a ball and tries to make herself as small as she can, her arms wrapping around her knees. The righteous anger she felt towards the redhead is gone, leaving as if it never existed in the first place. It never really did. Her heart no longer beats, so why does it feel like it’s trying to escape from her chest?

There’s nothing to distract her from the pain. It’s all she can think about, and she doesn’t know if it’s ever going to stop.

Vampires aren’t supposed to cry you’ve been told time and time again. Except nothing is how it’s supposed to be, so why would this be any different?

Carmilla sobs the same word for hours, over and over again. Ell.