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some nightcore favorites.

01. radioactive (nightcore) - imagine dragons // 02. monster (nightcore) - meg & dia // 03. flesh(nightcore) - simon curtis // 04. beautiful lies (nightcore) - b-complex // 05. welcome to the club (nightcore) - manian // 06. va va voom (nightcore) - nicki minaj // 07. clarity (nightcore) - zedd // 08. lights (nightcore) - ellie goulding // 09. poison (nightcore) - alice cooper // 10. alone together (nightcore) - fall out boy

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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

FiKi December Challenge 

So, I looked at this background and thought “You know what this is missing?… GRUVIA!”! ^_^ Here’s also a little poem I composed while thinking about these two T_T 

Will it rain?

Would you be my prince forever?
Would you wait for me till dawn?
Bodies morphed with steel and leather,
Touches soft as silk and feather.

Would my lips hold your embrace
Long enough to leave a trace?
As I touch your friendly face,
Would you recognize me?

Would my heart be ever wavered
By your stoic resilient tone?
Would the glasses keep on breaking
As you leave me all alone?

Would they laugh at our demeanor when they realize the truth?
That our hearts were always bounded
By a thread of love and youth.

Would you comfort me in silence
As I pour greathearted pain?
Dreams of love, hope and acceptance
In abeyance shall remain,

As we learn each
Others secrets;
As we listen
To the rain.


a yellow umbrella
on a patio with smoke,
a gray plane a mourning,
the skyline rains, but
i expected spots of light,
arms raised for him,
all across the west hills,

waking in two hour intervals
through the night,
i wonder
need to know,
what are you saying? so
i look,
i look for it,

something should be done
or something should be happening,
colors should change today,
everything should stop, a vigil,
a day of dancing,

my eagle said hes gutted and
i want to fill him back up,
i tell him and he tells me,

sweet haris says
now he will never
listen, ever listen
to music again,
and i say
now i will never stop


Impossibly it is these hard-won nights –
the ones entirely outside of comfort,
with that tense low-throbbing beat

on dreaded repeat through the wall, cold
visible in the room because the heater
is on the blink again, accidental fire

when a pillow drops into a merry candle,
the air feather-singed for days after,
roommate bursting in furious with a

‘what the fuck is going on’ – that gold-
edge everything that passes. We hang on
to a sliver of blanket on a single bed,

this night without a moment’s rest
because no release outlasts sheer desire,
an early departure tapping any minute

at the window. Yet here we meld, bold
in carving from the rain-streaked streets
this craved unknown, this melody

which is a feeling out, a letting listen
to what we succumb to, transported by
the shared belief the night will never end

to reveal debris scattered from our hold.
This is what the gods want part in;
rapt in each other’s hard-won pleasure,

we recognise it like a brand new song.

A Spoken word for the Day of Silence


Do you hear them?
I bet you don’t.
That’s okay.
I don’t hear them, either.

But you will still listen to them.
Instead of their voices
You will hear their silence.

Today, you will listen
to the voices who cannot be heard.
To the voices who will not be heard.

To the voices who will never be heard again.

Today, you will listen to the silence.
I won’t need my words.
My silence speaks more than enough.

Today, I won’t talk.
Today, I won’t fight.
Today, I will listen,
but tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I will shout as loud as my voice allows me
Tomorrow, I will battle for the fallen.
Tomorrow you will hear me.

And you know what you will do?
You will listen.

Now, listen closely.
Do you hear them?
Neither do I.

It’s time to change that.


Last night he threatened to tie me
to the bed and force me to listen
to him read from his dream diary,
one of the worst tortures in the world
if one could allow oneself to forget all actual
tortures in the world. Have you ever met a man
who knew what it was like to be a woman
because there was this one time 
he thought someone was following him
home? If not, I can introduce you.
This week my feed is blowing up
with fear of two things: the disease
that turns your body inside-out
and the men on the street who say
Hey beautiful what’s the matter
can’t take a compliment?
While the men calculate the odds
of catching an invisible virus, the women 
risk going outside every single day,
dressed in their own permeable skin.

I will not listen

to the banal voices of pop culture

who tell me what to wear.

I will not listen

to the boring voices of bullish rhetoric

who tell me what to believe.

Nor will I listen to the blaring noise of the masses,

who tell me what to think;

voices that threaten my soul,

voices that try to deafen my mind, and 

imprison my heart.

Instead, I will listen truly and fully,

to the voice that speaks

through the symphony of rain, or

the whisp of pine needles.

I will listen attentively, silently,

to the voice that tells of 

ancient stories carried by the wind.

I will listen, too, 

to droplets on leaves,

to the the storm that cleans the sky, and washes rocks,

quenches the forest and greets me.

I will listen to my own voice,

siphoned by a tear falling on this page,

for I am the daughter of nature,

same spirit, same strength, same sincerity…

Daughter of Nature © Maritza Alvarez, January 2016

Fair Warning

Don’t love someone whose self-love
trumps all else. In the dark hour
he will need only a mirror
to illuminate love’s inner workings;
when the light blinds, she’ll tell you
to be still so she can listen
to the enraptured sound
of her every waking breath.


Io sto con Ignazio=I am with Ignazio is a hashtag going about on instagram that’s basically people supporting Ignazio and defending him from the italian internet trolls that believe that Il volo shouldn’t be representing their country, who believe that they actually did that thing at the hotel and that believe that Ignazio does drugs and that it was his own fault what happened in Miami.

Listento me, it’s disgusting, yes, but it’s good that #IostoconIgnazio is trending, our boys know that some people don’t like them, but it’s way more important that they know just how many people love them and support them all around the world. It’ll be okay, don’t get too upset, don’t go around insulting people, because that’s what trolls want.

Just take a deep breath, take a moment to relax,use the hashtag with some nice words or don’t say anything at all. It’ll pass and at the end of the day the haters will come and go but we’ll always be supporting our boys.