Listen Log: VIRAL TIME

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Carl Zimmer, “Viral Time” at the The Long Now Foundation

This one changed the way I think about the world a few different times. Viruses are crazy. There’s 4 trillion in you, they mutate and replicate at unfathomable speeds, yet they’re unfathomably old. Oh, and they’re affecting global climate. And–could be a way for us to (geo-)engineer the climate. Hack, cough, sneeze. Did you know the etymology of influenza relates to sickness being thought to be influenced by astral forces?

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Fannie, Freddie, and a financial Frankenstein

Planet Money #243: The Frankenstein Podcast (web | iTunes)

Confirming my suspicions about mortgages, and explaining what the hell Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are/were in the process. Memorable:

the NINJA loan […] stands for No-Income-No-Job-or-Assets… you don’t have those things, but here, take half a million dollars, go buy a house!

but the real “Frankenstein” here is the more conservative, common loan American homeownership has been based on.

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I can't win a game, I can only lose it

Radiolab Presents: The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper (WNYC’s Radiolab, web | iTunes)

Story by Hardeep Singh Kohli, originally for the BBC.

I was a goalkeeper in my youth (although we said “goalie,” a lesser word), and this story rings true to me, especially this line from former Arsenal keeper Bob Wilson:

The other ten guys can make numerous mistakes in a game, even the star striker, he can miss five, six, eight chances in a game, and score a winning goal in the 89th minute of a match, and he goes home the hero. In the reverse situation, is the goalkeeper, this lonely individual […] for 89 minutes you do the reverse, you play brilliantly, and in the 90th minute you make a positional error, or the ball moves, swerves and dips, and it looks as if it’s your fault.

A great dive into the morality play that is sport.

Image of Gary Sprake, who features in the story. Source: Allsport Hulton Deutsch/Allsport,