listening to this on repeat and sobbing

It’s Love: Tom Holland x Black Actress

I know I’m already writing an Imagine based on the song ‘Can’t Help Fall In Love’ with Peter Parker but this imagine came is inspiration after listening to the song on repeat and sobbing. 

Reader is on Ellen and her and Tom have been apart for 6 months. He sends her a little surprise to remind her that he misses her and is still in love. 

You had missed Tom dearly but realized that you both had jobs to do. You both had been apart for 6 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds but you weren’t counting. 

You had Facetimed him before you got to Ellen’s show. “Hey love!” He said. “Hi.” You smiled. “You ready to go on?” He asked. “Yeah, I just really miss you so I thought I’d call you before I go on.”

“Okay, well if I could watch I would but I’m sending you all of my love.”, “Thanks babe, I’ll talk to you later?”

“Umm, I actually have to be on set for the rest of the day and I won’t be-”, “That’s fine. I’ll just call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. I love you.”, “I love you too.” He smiled and hung up. You thought it was weird how he was always busy on set as of late. It was a bit unusual for a production to do that. 

“Y/N, you’re on in 5.” You put on your happy face and waited for you cue. You heard your name and you danced your way out to Ellen. You gave her a hug and waved at the audience. “Welcome back to the show!” 

“Thanks for having me again! I’m actually surprised you wanted me back, you know after-”, “We’re going to forget about that.” Ellen joked causing the audience to laugh. 

You were there to promote your new movie and also just to chat. “SO how’s Tom?” She asked. “He’s great. But we’ve been apart from each other for 6 months-” the audience awed. “I know I miss my bay.” You said poking out your lip. “That has to be hard because I know you both are extremely busy and not seeing each other. I can’t imagine.”

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McKirk Yoga!AU, Jim being the yoga teacher and Bones being the stressed client with the broken marriage

Haha this is GREAT.

  • Bones is a mess after his divorce. He drinks a lot, sleeps little, and works longer hours just to be distracted from the horrible failure that’s his marriage and ultimately, also his life. 
  • So BFF Sulu is just done listening to Bones’ sob stories about how terrible his life is, because it isn’t, it’s just one failed marriage but Bones is still a life saving doctor, he’s generally a good person, Sulu reckons he’s just down, and stressed. So he signs Bones up for this Yoga class. “Yoga,” Bones repeats after Sulu tells him the news, “You signed me up for yoga.” “Yeah, I’ll join you. It’ll be fun,” Sulu says. 
  • And of course, it’s fun for Sulu. He’s slender and agile and he knows how to bend in those impossible ways Bones just can’t do and it sucks. Sure, the Yoga teacher is hot, but Bones just feels twice as stressed when they get out of their first class. “Just go again, it’ll get easier.” Sulu promises, but Leonard shakes his head. “I’m never going to that class again.”
  • But that’s a lie, because he’s actually back again two days later, without Sulu. He doesn’t even know what drives him to go there because it’s yoga and it’s stupid, and Bones can’t bend that way. He’s startled when he feels a hand on his lower back and nearly punches his yoga teacher in the face, but the guy just laughs it off. “Relax,” he says. “You’re doing fine.” “I’m not,” Bones grumbles under his breath, because he’s all but relaxing. “Stay a little after class.” But Bones doesn’t. He’s gone to the bar immediately after.
  • Next time he goes again it’s with Sulu. And Sulu bends so well and Bones is just proud he can actually touch his toes with his fingers. It doesn’t seem like much, but that’s progress. 
  • Jim’s actually a great instructor. He’s patient, he’s all but condescending for Bones’ lack of being able to do anything. He puts his hand on Bones’ back, or helps him stretch his legs properly. The first time he actually successfully does a Cobra pose, and he holds it for thirty seconds with Jim by his side, Bones just feels something inside of him, like a wall crumbles down in his head and he just ends up sobbing on his yoga mat. “Hey, it’s okay,” Jim says softly, a hand on his shoulder, but it’s not. It’s humiliating, and that makes it even harder to stop. His life’s a mess and he’s crying in his yoga class. It doesn’t really get much worse than that.
  • So he skips his next class and instead he goes out drinking with Scotty, because fuck Sulu and his dumb yoga therapy ideas. He stays even after Scotty’s gone home, and looks up when a stranger slides down in the chair next to him. “I got you a whiskey,” the man says, and Bones grunts when it’s Jim. “Why are you out here? Shouldn’t you be teaching a health class somewhere?” Bones asks, and Jim laughs. “I’m a yoga instructor, not a health specialist. I like burgers as much as the next person.” That’s soothing, at least. Jim clears his throat. “Do you want to talk about it?” 
  • Bones talks about it to this guy who’s basically a complete stranger. About his failed marriage, and not having custody over his daughter, and how his work performance is suffering, and Jim listens intently. He doesn’t interrupt, he just listens. When Bones finally shuts up with a sigh and a sip of his drink, he feels like a weight’s lifted off his shoulders. “Sounds like you could use another drink,” Jim finally says, gently patting Bones’ shoulder. “It also sounds like you should definitely be coming to my classes.” Bones scoffs. “I’m not going again.” “Why, because you cried?” Jim asks. “When I started doing it, I’m not kidding, I cried for months, but you can’t tell me it wasn’t relieving. Just keep going, you’ll feel better.”
  • So Bones continues going to those classes, even when Sulu’s not there. And the first few weeks he does cry, every time, it’s like it’s hitting nerves inside of him that break down those walls. Jim’s a big part of that, too. He stays with Jim after classes and they talk. Sometimes Jim helps him get better with certain positions, and sometimes they just lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. And Bones starts feeling better. The next time he drinks, he notices it’s mostly because he likes it, not because it makes him feel numb. Maybe he doesn’t need to feel numb.
  • But then Jim pulls this asshole stunt on him. Bones gets to the studio and Jim just hangs up the phone and he’s like: “So I gotta go do something personal. You’re gonna take over the class. You’ll do fine.” And he’s gone. And Bones just stands there in horror as the class walks in and Sulu looks confused because what the hell Bones. But Bones can’t really tell them all to go home, so he does it. And it goes okay. Bones kind of knows what he’s doing by now. 
  • He confronts Jim about it later after their next class, and Jim apologizes, but his dog got hit by a car and he had to take care of that, but he’ll pay Bones for his teaching class. Bones immediately shakes his head. “No, don’t worry about it. Is your dog okay?” “He’ll live,” Jim says, and he smiles lightly. “I heard your class was pretty good.” he continues, resting his hand on Bones’ leg. “It was alright. Would’ve been better if you didn’t throw it at me so unexpectedly.” But then Jim throws another unexpected thing at him, because he leans in and kisses him. Bones initially leans in, but then pulls back. “I don’t want you to be just my rebound, or something.” He says, and Jim huffs. “I’m not going to let you make me a rebound,” he replies, pushing Bones down on his yoga mat, and he straddles his lap swiftly. “Besides,” Jim continues, leaning in to press soft kisses on Bones’ jawline, all the way up to his ear, “once you find out how flexible I am, you’re never gonna want to leave.”

Listening to a sad ost on repeat while drawing this..leave me alone ///// gross sobbing on de floor

How About Cuddling Some Zico....

So like imagine he rushes home because you just got the most terrible news or maybe today was the day from hell and he’s watching you pace around explaining everything and nothing at all because he can’t really understand what you’re saying under your sobs but there’s no way in hell he’ll make you repeat it. All he knows that whatever’s going on or whatever happened is terrible and he needs to listen attentively and hold you hand when you reach for him. Now he’s not a big cuddle person in my opinion, but it’s probably because he’s never been cuddled right before so at first he’s kinda just ghosting around you until you finally catch on and nuzzle into him more pulling him closer to you and releasing all the tension in his spine and he’s starting to understand that he won’t break you if he just holds you a little harder, and a little more- and before you know it the tension is releasing from your spine too and you sigh in relief because damn it was building up you thought you’d snap in two from the pressure but somehow it’s been washed away. And you sigh deeply into his chest and cry a few more tears till until your eyes a too raw and he’s getting fancy on you rubbing circles into your shoulders and kissing your forehead because he’s confident in caring for you- he knows now that he didn’t need to have an answer for your sorrows he just needed to be willing to listen to them and you marvel at him because he’s not used to this he’s used to you being able to take care of yourself but every now and then this feeling, Jesus he’s going to crave it now. The synchrony between you is on another level because he doesn’t rattle on about what to do next he just simply says “I’m here-” and it’s not something he read somewhere in a stupid list of things to say when you don’t know what to say, he genuinely means that he is here with you right now in this moment feeling everything you’re feeling because he’s watched every single one of your vertebrae unhinge itself under his touch and he truly believes in his ability to take on the world with you. And you’re beaming because it’s so much more than him being considerate, it’s him being a man living up to a promise he never had to say out loud. And you’re both in a state of bliss giggling like fools with faces pressed so close to each other you can see the laugh lines forming in his eyes and you think for the first time in your life that the horrors of this world aren’t so terrifying after all.

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Okay I just want to say I'm sorry for reblogging like every single thing you post I'm sure it's annoying but it's just your blog is so goooooood Also the end reminded me of Roman Holiday and I just sooooooobbbbbeeeeedddd

i don’t mind the reblogs! and i sobbed at the ending too, OH MY GOD! i cried throughout the whole movie, in fact. it was the result of listening to the soundtrack on repeat ever since they released it and then watching the movie and seeing the songs come to life during each scene and uGH MY GOD SO BEAUTIFUL

Quiero morir en tu piel
Quiero beberme tu vida

We Need To Talk’ was beautiful ; H ;  but then i started to get gem!kurt and human blaine feelings real baD *SOBS*

I like to think that every time they dance or get intimate, Kur’ts gem glows. And sometimes that makes Kurt a lil emotional, some tears maybe y’know~

  • Gallius Rax, listening to The Cantata of Cora Vessora on repeat: Hm, I'll need a code name if I'm going to kill all of my political rivals with the Republic's forces.
  • Gallius Rax, sobbing over a few notes and living in the attic of the Hanna City opera house: It needs to be clever, terrifying, and capture my very essence.
  • Gallius Rax, marrying a cardboard cut out of a famed soprano: I've got it! I shall become...the OPERAtor.

After that horrible scene i just really need Stiles to have Derek by his side…
Like imagine Stiles calling him and sobbing so hard he can’t talk. Derek repeating Stiles’ name over and over and asking what’s wrong! And then he just says quickly something like “I’m coming Stiles! I’m on my way!” And Stiles just sinks to the floor on his knees and between sobs gasps a “hurry! Derek please…” And then he just lays down on the floor of his room sobbing softly and clutching his phone to his ear, listening to Derek who is trying to calm him down…
Derek paying double to be able to take the soonest flight… Not caring in the least.
Derek arriving in beacon hills and going straight to Stiles’ house. Stiles waiting for him and as soon as he sees Derek a sob escapes him and his face crumples but Derek has him in his arms in seconds, just holding him and shushing him. And letting Stiles clench at his jacket and bury his face in his throat until Stiles is calm enough to tell him everything that happened while he was gone.

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oh my gosh i am so in love with your piano cover of "spring days" by bts ♫ it is so de-stressing and relaxing and it is so freakin beautiful. . .i might or might not have started crying ;__; literally listening to it on repeat ♫

AAAAHHHHHH NAZ YOU ARE TOO SWEET ;__; I’m blushing oh god thank you!!! but we really have to thank bts for blessing us with such a beautiful song!!!


@ everyone……play this at my funeral

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tbh the entirety of v&v. but specifically i'd say Always. oh my god. i remember the night i heard it. i listened to it on repeat, sobbing because his voice???? is so soft???? oh my god. i wasnt even a proper fan at this point but that song is what rly got me into panic. it remains my favourite song.

Bruh I’m always a slut for vices, it’s just so beautiful -A

  • Me: **listens to the last six songs of Hamilton on repeat until I'm a sobbing mess**
  • Me: **picks up phone call from my dad**
  • Dad: Have you been crying?? What's wrong?
  • Dad: Sweetie that was over 200 years ago, I think you should move on by now.
  • Me: **still in mourning**

come back when you can - barcelona | beside you - marianas trench | can’t pretend - tom odell | x&y - coldplay | ever the same - rob thomas | not alone - red | dark star - jaymes young | knockin’ on heavens door - raign | king and lionheart - of monsters and men | devil’s backbone - the civil wars | work song - hozier | set the fire to the third bar - snow patrol [listen here]

send me bellarke songs that can tide me over until 2016 ♥