listening to this brings back memories

Music asks, personalized list

1. A Song you’re ashamed of liking
2. Favourite lyrics
3. Favourite band/artist
4. Top 5 Favourite songs at this moment
5. Latest song that made you smile
6. An overrated band
7. An overrated song
8. Latest song that made you cry
9. Artist/band that saved your life
10. If you could see any band/artist live, who would it be
11. What song/album/band/artist always brings back memories for you
12. saddest song you know
13. Favourite song to sing in the shower
14. If you played an instrument in grade school, what was it
15. What song would you like to have your first dance to at your wedding
16. 5 Songs to have sex to
17. One band you’d have get back together/bring back from the dead
18. You’re forced to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what album is it
19. A song that gets you through shit
20. A song to shut everything out
21. A song that’s a joke between you and your friends
22. A song to jam out to at 4am
23. A song that punches you in the gut every single time
24. A song that calms you down
25. A song that makes you feel alive
26. If you could get any lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
27. What band/artist would you get your children addicted to at an early age
28. Can you play any instruments, if so, which
29. If you could be a member of any band for one show, who would it be
30. CDs or Vinyls
31. 25 songs to play at your funeral
32. What are some song titles that you love
33. If your life ended today, what song would you choose to represent it
34. Can you give me a 10 song playlist on ____
35. A heart wrenching song
36. A band/artist you’re proud of
37. A song that has a lot of meaning to you
38. A song that reminds you of school
39. A song not sung in your native language
40. An instrumental song
41. A classical song
42. A song with no percussion
43. Something you’ve heard performed live
44. Something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
45. A song from a band/artist that’s from your town/city/state/province
46. A song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
47. A song made suddenly painful because of someone special
48. A song that demands lip syncing and a makeshift microphone
49. A song from a band/artist you met/know
50. A song that you would rock at karaoke
51. A song you can’t help but dance to
52. A song that makes you want to dance on a table
53. Your 10 song striper playlist
54. Favourite Disney song
55. A song that starts with the first letter of your name
56. A song from an artist still alive
57. A song from an artist who’s dead
58. A song you love by an artist/band you hate
59. A song you love with a colour in the title
60. A song you love with a number in the title
61. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
62. A song that needs to be played LOUD
63. A song that makes you think about life
64. 15 Songs that get suck in your head easily
65. A song that you think everyone should listen to
66. A song that makes you want to fall in love
67. A song that makes you think about ‘him/her’
68. A song that you remember from your childhood
69. A song that reminds you of you
70. Okay what’s the real answer to number 1

You assholes never send me music asks.
  • Alabama Shakes: Favorite female lead?
  • Arctic Monkeys: Favorite male lead?
  • Ben Howard: An album that reminds you of your favorite season?
  • Bon Iver: An album you could listen to on repeat for years?
  • Bastille: A song that brings back bad memories?
  • The Beatles: An artist you think is overrated?
  • Coldplay: A band you used to love but never listen to anymore?
  • Daft Punk: Favorite instrumental (no vocals) song?
  • Dawes: A genre of music you absolutely cannot stand?
  • Electric Light Orchestra: Favorite song to help you cheer up?
  • Elliot Smith: Favorite song to listen to when you're sad?
  • Evanesence: Ever done drugs and listened to music?
  • Fun.: Put your music on shuffle and list the first three.
  • Fall Out Boy: First album you fell in love with?
  • Green Day: A song that makes you feel rebellious?
  • George Ezra: A song that reminds you of a past lover?
  • Genesis: A band that your parents always played when you were little?
  • Hozier: Favorite brand new artist?
  • Iron & Wine?: What song would you want to be played at your wedding?"
  • Imagine Dragons: What song would you want played at your funeral?
  • Jack Johnson: A song you heard in a movie and fell in love with?
  • Joy Division: Your least favorite album by your favorite band?
  • The Killers: Name your top three songs of all time.
  • Linkin Park: Suggest a band you think I might like.
  • Led Zeppelin: Favorite album art?
  • Muse: Craziest music video you've ever seen?
  • Mumford & Sons: Favorite cover version of a song you love?
  • The National: A song you sing in the shower?
  • Nathaniel Rateliff: A song that never fails to make you emotional?
  • One Direction: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
  • Pink Floyd: You can go back in time to see any band you want. Who would it be?
  • Queen: You can meet any band member, living or dead, and hang out with them for 24 hours. Who would it be?
  • Radiohead: Favorite concert you've ever been to (or a band you want to see live).
  • Rihanna: A musician you respect, even if you might not like their music?
  • Roo Panes: Favorite acoustic version of a song?
  • Simon & Garfunkel: Favorite album movie? (Ex. Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Help!, The Graduate)
  • Skrillex: What's the strangest song you have on your Ipod right now?
  • Tame Impala: A band none of your friends listen to?
  • Taylor Swift: Name that one artist that literally makes you so angry you're willing to throw the damn radio right out the window to make it stop.
  • U2: A song or album that somehow got onto your Ipod but you have no idea where it came from??? Weird.
  • The Vaccines: What are your favorite lyrics? Quote them for me. Do they mean something special to you?
  • Vampire Weekend: A band or artist you follow on Twitter?
  • Vance Joy: An artist where you can never tell what the hell they're singing?
  • Weezer: Favorite oldschool band?
  • The xx: A genre/band you've been getting into that you never thought you would enjoy?

Ok real talk though, what happened to the glowing trees??? They were there for one episode and then they just??? Disappeared??? Why did the forest stop glowing??? Where are the butterflies??? Where did it all go???

1/? of a set I’m working on. :) 

LISTEN you guysss I’m a sucker for the “rude tsundere jerk with good intentions +  sweet sunshine girl who can curbstomp your ass” pairings and I stg I always end up shipping this dynamic no matter what. kacchako is my newest obsession so I had this crossover idea! first up is inukag! Classic banter between these two just brings back the best memories. I always loved Kagome’s selfish obsession with Inu’s ears and how he lowkey loved it but would always pitch a fit. <3 (i have a rival otp from this series that’s even edgier when it comes to this trope tho and i won’t tell so don’t guess lol)  I picture Uraraka and Bakugou having a similar situation. @ochakos-trashcan this is dedicated to you because you’re encouraging and awesome! 

More to come! So far i’ve sketched these two out as fuu/mugen, zuko/katara, soul/maka, and junkrat/mei. i’m sure there are more because I’m a simple girl and I’m weak to this shit. whenever I think of one of my past OTPs i’ll add it to the list for sure lol 

Happy New Year everyone! I’m off to a pajama party~ 

even the song mrs hudson’s listening to while vacuuming tells us that this definitely isn’t the end of the story

I left alone, my mind was blank.
I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind.
What did I see?
Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy.
Just what I saw in my old dreams
Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?
‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there
The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair
The night was black, was no use holding back
'Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell?


Request: Hi! I was thinking you could maybe write something like that? Dan and y/n are married for 10 years now and they have lovely kid. And they moved out but Phil lives next door because friendship. And then Dan and y/n organise some meeting with friends at their house to bring back all these cool memories they have. And their son sits with them and listen to these stories not being even able to believe his parents were that crazy sometimes. And its just all fluff? Please and thank you

Word count: 1264

Warnings: Nope

I cried during this…. Didn’t help that Phil noticed me!! Ah, emotions.

Originally posted by patchworkshirt

A single knock at the door sent the whole house into chaos.

Michael jumped up from his seat on the sofa, bolting down the corridor. Bernard, the Great Dane, sprinted after him. Dan yelled for Michael not to open the door over Bernard’s barking and the cat skidded past me as it tried to escape, the floors too smooth for a grip. You grinned to myself, making your way to the door, Dan telling Bernard to stay sitting down as he picked up Michael, resting him on his hip. Dan had always been very motherly with Michael, probably due to you being ill after bringing Michael into the world.

You opened the door to be greeted with Phil, his wife Emma and their 10-year-old son, Alex, only two years older than Michael. You beamed, pulling the door open wider as the air was filled with series of ‘Hello’s.

“Come in, come in.” You waved them in, pulling Phil in for a hug after he pecked you on the cheek, the family merging with each other. Phil let you go and you met eyes with Emma, flinging your arms round her. You had been best friends for years, and it felt like you hadn’t meet in forever.

“I’ve missed you!” You laughed as you pulled away, ruffling Alex’s hair as he rushed towards Michael, making him giggle and shout a ‘Hello’ before shooting upstairs to Michaels room, most likely to play on the ancient Playstation 64 Dan insisted he had.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Babies get in the way!” Emma exclaimed, laughing and glancing at Phil. You followed her actions, watching the exchange between Dan and Phil. They were smiling at each other, not saying anything, but Dan was holding a bag which he wasn’t before.

“You organised this to talk to all of us, right? Don’t go making a YouTube video now!” You joked, making Emma laugh and eventually Dan and Phil. “PJ, Chris and Louise should be arriving soon.” You told them, leading them into the lounge.

“You really managed to get them to come?” Dan raised his eyebrows, settling down next to you.

“It was quite easy actually, it’s just you’re too awkward to ring instead of message them on Tumblr.” You rolled your eyes, everyone laughing.

“You haven’t changed in ten years, have you?” Phil shook his head.

“Stop judging me!” Dan retorted. “Anyways, would you all like a drink?”

Eventually, Louise, PJ and Chris came along with their significant others and children, the alcohol flowing, but not too overly due to the kids. They jumped around and we had a round of karaoke, when I convinced Dan and Phil to have a duet of toxic for old times’ sake, making sure to film it secretly. After we had food (takeaway pizza, of course), Dan told everyone to settle down and gather in the living room. I threw him a confused look, but he just tapped his nose, kissed me on the head and sent me away, Phil staying at his side.

“What is all this about?” I laughed to Emma and Louise as we sat down, the kids being sat down by Chris until they convinced him to sit with them.

“I think you’ll like it.” Emma told me, grinning.

Finally, Dan and Phil came into the room, settling down a large box that I recognised, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Phil also held the bag he gave to Dan earlier.

“Alright everyone. Since this is the first time we have met in forever, we decided to dig up a load of old stuff.” Dan announced, opening the box and pulling out a dress.

“Oh, my god!” You let out, putting your hand over your mouth as you realised it was your wedding dress. Long, silky and plain, but suited you to a T. The adults ‘awed’, the kids asking Chris what it was. Dan smiled gently at you, folding it carefully and placing it on the ground, away from Bernard. He then picked up two colourful books – The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside. You laughed, the kids reaching out to grab them, Dan allowing them to look through them.

“I haven’t seen those in years,” Chris chuckled, everyone nodding in agreement.

Phil then reached in to reveal several awards, making you smile softly. How quickly time had flown.

A few more items were shown – Dan and Phil calendars, fan art and letters from conventions, the two iconic T-Shirts from the tour.

“And lastly…” Dan grabbed the bag, and pulled out a large book.

“Is that… Holy fuck!” You squealed, before slapping your hand over your mouth, Emma whacking you on the arm playfully. Darcy, the oldest of the kids, sneered under her breath. Dan burst out laughing.

Your old scrap book. You had thousands of photos stored in the pages, recounts of stories and diary entries. You could remember when you cried for days after you thought you had lost it.

You jumped up, flying towards Dan and wrapping your arms around him, lifting your feet up as he swung you, nearly dropping the book.

“Thank you!” You shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” When Dan finally let go, you then jumped at Phil, who made a squeak before breaking into laughter.

“Why is Mum/Dad attacking Dad and Uncle Phil?” Michael whispered to Chris, making him laugh.

“They’re just happy.” Chris reassured him, and he giggled. You were gently taking the book from Dan, settling down on the floor and opening it up.

“Look, it’s our first photo!” You pointed out to Dan. It was taken at the Manchester flat, your face pressed to Dan’s. You were sitting in his room, playing truth or dare previous to photo.

“Truth or dare, right?” Dan asked, both of your eyes widening before you shouted.

“Butter bum cheeks!” You both burst out laughing, clutching each other for support. You had been dared to shout ‘butter bum cheeks’ out the window, and of course, you did. It just so happened Phil was coming back from town at around this time, and just saw you poking your head out and shouting the words – that was Phil’s first impression of you.

You moved on through photos of the tour, dates and meeting fans. There were a few diary entries, which you skipped, saving for a more private moment. You eventually came to wedding photos, and the last page contained a large photo of you, Dan and Phil, laying on the bed with your heads falling off the side and your legs leaning on the wall. Underneath it in neat, simple handwriting was one word.


“I want that photo on the wall.” You sighed, eyes tearing up. Dan wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the head.

“Happy tears?” He asked, and you nodded, wiping them away.

A few hours later, you lay curled up against Dan’s chest, the kids in Michaels room, sleeping, your friend’s downstairs.

“Thanks so much for tonight. It was amazing.” You mumbled.

“It was about time.” Dan laughed, making the whole bed shake a little. “I wish we could go back sometimes.”

“Same. I miss being young. I mean, you’re 36 soon… And Phil will be 40.” You shuddered.

“Don’t remind me, love.” He nuzzled into you. “I love you, you know that, right?” You smiled, glancing at the rings on your finger. One from the day you took the last photo for the sketchbook, your engagement ring and your wedding ring.


Questions - Will bring this back every time I hit my next hundred.
  • 1. How old are you?
  • 2. Song you're listening to right now? (I guarantee I will be listening to one.)
  • 3. Favourite colour?
  • 4. Favourite item of clothing?
  • 5. Most romantic thing a person could do for you?
  • 6. Favourite HP book?
  • 7. Age you discovered HP?
  • 8. First memory that pops into your head when you read this?
  • 9. Favourite smell?
  • 10. Favourite food?
  • 11. What perfume do you use?
  • 12. A hobby?
  • 13. A treasured memory?
  • 14. Single?
  • 15. Favourite song at the moment?
  • 16. Favourite band at the moment?
  • 17. Favourite female HP character?
  • 18. Favourite male HP character?
  • 19. What animal would you take to Hogwarts?
  • 20. If you weren't in the house you are in, what house would you be?
  • 21. What HP group are you and your friends most like?
  • 22. What is your patronus?
  • 23. Why did you start a blog?
  • 24. How long have you been on tumblr?
  • 25. How tall are you?
  • 26. What quidditch position would you play?
  • 27. Which HP character do your friends think you are most like?
  • 28. Which marauder is your favourite?
  • 29. Who is your least favourite HP character?
  • 30. Answer any of the above.
Pierce the Veil

30 Day Song ChallengeDay Three - A song that brings back memories
    ↳ Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil - Selfish Machines

what if i can't forget you? i'll burn your name into my throat, i'll be the fire that'll catch you. what's so good about picking up the pieces? what if i don't even want to?
Raindrops - Preview

I’m new to this but I was wondering if anyone would like to read the rest of it. Let me know. :)


She was looking outside the window as they drove by the houses of the new city she would be living in. She watched the raindrops running down the window. It remembered her of all the times they laid in bed on a rainy day, cuddling or listening to some random records he used to bring. She couldn’t bring herself to believe the fact that he was mainly the reason she would be moving. As she remembered all the good times they had, she felt the deep hole in her chest where once the butterflies she felt with him used to be. Thinking back to this evening was the worst about it but the memories replayed anyways.


“Yeah, I’m sorry baby, i can’t make it but I will make it up to you, i promise” he said. He sounded like he was in a rush. “No, it’s fine. Just promise you will get back safely. I love you.” you said but deep inside you were crashed he couldn’t make it to your birthday party. “I will, I promise. And I love you too, (Y/N). More than anything.” As soon as the words were out of him you heard a beep sound from the line telling you he ended the call.
Your friends did the best to bring you into mood for the club you were heading to but something still got you down so you weren’t really feeling it. A little while into the night and a few drinks later your mood gladly lightened a bit and you were enjoying your time with your best friends. After a full heated dance session of about an hour and a half your feet were hurting and you needed something to drink. You headed to the bar and you friends told you they were waiting in the spot you booked for the evening. You told the bartender what you wanted and headed to the direction your friends were in a little later with the glass in your hand. As the pain from your feet took over again you tried to reach the buckle of your heels to open them. As you got pushed a little you stumbled. You looked up to see who’s ass you had to kick for shoving you but something different caught your attention. Not far away from you, you heard laughter and a voice you were quite familiar with. You scanned your surroundings until your view fell on the person you were searching for. The pain suddenly moved from your feet to your chest and you felt as if there was some invisible weight sitting on your chest as you saw Shawn sitting on a sofa with some blonde girl on his lap. You watched as he pushed her hair off her shoulder and began sucking on the skin above her shoulder blade. You heard a clashing and looked down, realising you slipped your glass and it broke. You looked up again only to lock eyes with Shawn.


I’m not ashamed to say that I got emotional over this. It just brings back happy memories, related to the show and my own life. :) Please have a listen!

Top 15 K-Pop Songs of 2016🎶

I was tagged by @squeakyjimjam (thank you🌸) for this challenge. This was probably one of the hardest lists i had to write because during this year so many great songs came out and was just like hOw Am I SupPoseD To cHOoSe OnlY 15 ??? *mental breakdown*

Anyway, after a long reflection,  i present to you my top 15 of 2016:
(Random Order)

  1. MINO – Body 🔸 Don’t even get me started on this song.
  2. B.A.P– That’s my jam🔸 There are other songs from them that i loved this year, but this one in particular has been my jam since it came out; also it brings back some really good memories from my summer holiday, so that’s a plus.
  3. MONSTA X – Blind  🔸 I could listen to it forever and I.M’s rap here gives me life. Definitely my favourite song in the 4th mini album (which is UTTERLY AMAZING. Plaese, check it out if you havent and STAN MONSTA X
  4. SHINee – 1 of 1 🔸 THIS IS MY LIFE SONG Y’ALL
  5. SF9 – Fanfare 🔸 My babies debuted and the song was LIT (support them!)
  6. ASTRO– Confession  🔸 I love this song, a lot. The melody is upbeat and great but the lyrics are what stroke me the most, that’s why i get all teary eyed when i listen to it im an emotional bean when it comes to music. This song is just too good ahhhhhh (Rocky’s part tho, just sayin’) 
  7. BIGBANG – FXXK IT 🔸 Where do I even start? BB are my first/ult group, and will never stop loving them. This will be the last ot5 comeback for a while and thinking about it makes me really emotional idk—  Anyway, this song is a m a z i n g, my babies slayin’ as usual.
  8. ZICO ft Crush, DEAN BERMUDA TRIANGLE 🔸 Do i even have to say why?
  9. Agust D – The Last🔸 Okay, this song is everything. His mixtape was pure fire, but this track in particular was the one that really reached my heart. I cried so much listening to it. I’ve never felt so connected and understood by an artist like I have with Yoongi. The way he raps, the words he used, left a mark in my mind and i don’t think it’ll ever forget about it. Plaese, if you haven’t, give this song a listen, it’s worth it.
  10. BLACKPINK Playing with fire 🔸 Probably my favourite song from them, jamming to it since it came out.
  11. BTS  – Blood, Sweat & Tears 🔸 S P E E C H L E S S .
  12. GOT7 – skyway 🔸 Their new album so so so good, but this track oh my god, it K I L LS me.
  13. Infinite – The Eye 🔸 This is my no.1 song of this year, i have been listening it nonstop since it came out. MY LOVES.
  15. EXO Artificial Love🔸 Since ex’act came out this song has been stuck in my head, love love love love it.

And that’s it!
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unpopular opinion: it is the year of our lord 2017 and i still get chills when i listen to the soundtrack from the academy award winning les miserables film from 2012 


   “Listen to him,” said the Healer, taking Lockhart’s arm and beaming fondly at him as though he were a precocious two-year-old. “He was rather well known a few years ago; we very much hope that this liking for giving autographs is a sign that his memory might be coming back a little bit. Will you step this way? He’s in a closed ward, you know, he must have slipped out while I was bringing in the Christmas presents, the door’s usually kept locked… not that he’s dangerous! But,” she lowered her voice to a whisper, “he’s a bit of a danger to himself, bless him… Doesn’t know who he is, you see, wanders off and can’t remember how to get back… it is nice of you to have come to see him -”

cos + ootp text

anonymous asked:

Just curious, how do you feel about HIM breaking up? Are you still a fan of their music ? Sorry for the bad English (I'm Vietnamese & shy lol)

I feel terrible about it. OF course I’m still a fan, I think anyone who’s enjoyed their music will feel some tinge of sadness at the news, because even if you didn’t go to a concert or buy a CD, a band or their music will always hold some place in your heart in the form of memory. That one song, that one album, it will always bring you back to a time and a place where you were angry or sad or elated with joy. Beautiful will always remind me of sad nights contemplating my own fragility. Right Here in My Arms, will always remind me of one of my close friends, a HIM fan who I met on tumblr. Sleepwalking Past Hope will always remind me of lazy nights getting stoned and listening to Venus Doom in the shower. Your Sweet Six Six Six will always remind me of my ass tattoo. And so on, and so on. A band may break up, but those memories will never go away.

anonymous asked:

1, 15, 23?

  • 1: A song you like with a color in the title

BLUE by Troye Sivan,, i love it

  • 15: A song that is a cover by another artist

Safe and Sound by Alex Goot (originally performed by Taylor Swift). i know it from a friend i don’t talk to anymore so it brings me back memories :(

  • 23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Your Best American Girl by Mitski (+ Supermarket flowers for real… it’s my blog title)

TamaTown Tune
Bandai America Inc.
TamaTown Tune

Throwback Thursday!

Music to our ears! The TamaTown tune is easily one of the most recognizable songs to any Tamagotchi fan. The TamaTown tune was featured in the V3 and V4 TamaTown which were launched in 2006 and 2007. Just listening to it brings back so many memories! Don’t forget to sign the petition for Bandai to bring back TamaTown!

*The TamaTown tune is property of Bandai America Inc.

coltonklynn  asked:

# !!!

Cole 📝 

  bring home milk please 💖