listening to this all night tbh



Song: Jonas Bothers - Poor unfortunate souls
Characters belongs to Rooster Teeth

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I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)


All Or Nothing - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 6,244
AN: College AU, all human. This was never meant to be published tbh but you can thank @writing-obrien​ for it getting done. Also shout out to @hardladyheart​ for her late night motivation and @sarcasticallystilinski​ for spitballing title ideas with me.

The song that’s sung is obviously not mine, it’s by State Champs. Listen HERE.

You transferred into Berkeley college in the beginning of your sophomore year. You hated starting a new school, but at least it was college and not high school. You’d been here a few weeks. You hadn’t made any friends yet, just your roommate, but you were more acquaintances. She was an art major and a little quirky, plus her boyfriend lived off campus so she wasn’t around much.

Being a music major had it perks. There were a lot of hot guys in the music department, but most of them were too involved with their own projects to notice you. You were pretty quiet, always lost in your own head. No one would have guessed that you weren’t the least bit shy. And you liked to keep it that way.

However, life had become boring. You finally had the hang of your classes and schedule but you needed to find something else to do with your time. Which is why you found yourself in the music building, standing in front of the bulletin board. Most of the notices were the same, people selling instruments or looking for them, people looking for practice space, advertisements for open mic nights. But one flier in particular caught your eye.

It wasn’t fancy at all, maybe a little creased and wrinkled from being in someone’s pocket. It was plain white, written on with black Sharpie.






There was a crudely drawn Chewbacca next to it, holding what looked to be a guitar. You chewed your bottom lip in thought. You could do that. You fit the qualifications. You pulled out your phone, typing the number in and saving it to your contacts for later.

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anonymous asked:

do u have any new fluff/smut (or any fics with a happy ending) zk fic recs?

hi!!! I’m so sorry for replying late but in any case THANK YOU FOR ASKING BECAUSE BOI DO I EVER


1.) The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish

thoughts: My absolute favorite fluffy fic in this fandom. It’s written in an unconventional albeit REAAAALLY astounding style (read: First POV Katara writing in a journal hooo boy). Features drunk!Zuko, ticklish!Zuko, and overall #1FuckingDorkinTheWorld!Zuko, but also angsty!Zuko and dumbshit!Zuko who just wants to set everything on fire bc he’s a dumbshit sometimes tbh. You will laugh and cry and laugh and laugh and cry over and over again and I just cannot recommend this fic enough please go read it now edhsujsa.

Accompanying Oneshots if you’re up to it (you will be trust me):

  • the collected lists of zuko - a comprehensive list of things that annoy Katara and why Katara is the most impossible girl in the history of ever (which is why you love her Zuko. we all know. WE ALL. KNOW.), according to our favorite fire lord 
  • the crooked thing - they’re trying to keep this thing they have a secret; a.k.a. in which things are perfectly imperfect.
  • snuggling dysfunctional cats - all of this shit from Toph’s POV brb im fucking screaming .

2.) i didn’t know i was lonely (’til I saw your face) by raisindeatre

thoughts: Listen. LISTEN. @raisindeatre​ / Atia is an absolute GODDESS. Her writing style is one of the best I’ve seen in this fandom, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. She just blows my mind on a regular tbh. This fic is genius and stunningly weaves canon into a modern AU, and one that actually works (and there’s very few of those imho). Slow burn but worth it. Every word of this is golden (also please read all of raisindeatre’s work, she’s amazing I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH).

3.) Bones by sadladybug

thoughts: Zuko and Katara on the night of their wedding. I absolutely love it when authors weave in Fire Nation/Water Tribe/any kind of avatar lore into their stories (it amazes me moreso when it comes sTRAIGHT FROM THE AUTHOR’S OWN RESEARCH AND IMAGINATION) and I’m overall just a sucker for this kinda shit. This fic also achieves the perfect balance of smut and fluff, and is written so beautifully it just makes me wanna cry go read it pls. 

4.) Scars by Em Dixon

thoughts: “Katara is the only one with scar-touching privileges. Very quick read but beautiful all throughout. 

5. What Little She Can Do by chromeknickers


this is from chromeknickers’ collection of drabbles and ficlets (they’re very short, but they’re so well-written and they make me want to cry tbh). Not all of the entries are fluffy, so I’ve listed the ones that are!

From the same author’s Through the Looking Glass Series:

Special Mention:
swing and a miss by stellatiate, for beanaroony

Currently in the middle of reading this AND I CANNOT STOP FLAILING. It has some angst in it but the in-between fluff is where it’s at, fam. The writing style is very unique and i’ve never read anythign quite like it. It’s genius. Thank you so much to @babyfairybaekhyun for reccing this iufdhsuijhn

i havent been active in the fandom very much so this has been such a nice refresher! Plus i’m an absolute sucker for fluff. Anyhow, I miss you guys lots, so please accept this as a sort of gift from the bottom of this MIA zutarian’s heart. Enjoy and feel free to add more!!!


Favorite Summer Albums of 2017

summer is almost over ;-; but these 10 albums made this summer v special for me and i highly recommend all of them :)

10. Aminé - Good For You

I’m not a big fan of Aminé but this album proved that he’s not a one hit wonder and has a LOT of potential. the album is very colorful, at times it sounds like the band fun. made a rap album tbh. also i personally care a lot about album covers and they actually affect the way i judge & listen to music, and this cover art is absolutely one of my favorite album covers of the year as it perfectly visualizes how the music sounds.

9. Haim -  Something to Tell You

ok maybe this album is not as strong as their first album but it’s the most “dream-girl-californian” type album that I’ve heard in a very long time, it’s like a soundtrack for all these tumblr blogs dedicated to highly stylized pictures of California and California girls and it’s amazing.

8. Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

honestly, i never expected to like this album as much as i do but it’s like literally the definitive American summer album. and like it’s like one of those albums that no matter how much they tried to fuck it up, they couldn’t make it any less good than it is with the list of artists that are featured on it. i mean Frank Ocean on the first fucking track?? and then the rest of the album being equally good? double amazing! “Faking It” is one of my fav song of the year despite the fact that i almost threw my headphone the moment i head Lil Yachty screech at the very end of it to compliment Kehlani, smh.

7. Brockhampton - Saturation

Kevin Abstract is amazing. American Boyfriend is an amazing album and Saturation is like Brockhampton’s take on that album and beyond. extremely fresh sounding, the rapping of every member is unique and exciting, the band knows their audience and so their lyrics resonate extremely well in a genuine way which makes the album very relatable for people in their late teenage years/early 20s.

6. Mura Masa - MURA MASA

the cover art is great but clearly a rip off of The Life of Pablo. but that doesn’t change the fact that Mura Masa is consistently amazing. despite releasing half of the album before the official release, the non singles - particularly “Who Is It Gonna B” , “Nothing Else!” and “Messy Love” - are phenomenal and it has such a London sound, and he even described the album as a love letter to London. every time I hear it, it makes me wanna move to London <3

5. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains

okay i can’t really judge this yet because i only listened to the shit quality leak, but MAN, even with that shit quality, this album fucking RIPS. less accessible and more experimental than “…Like Clockwork” and heavier too. lyrically and conceptually, though, it sounds like it comes from the same headspace that resulted in “…Like Clockwork” but this album to me is like a very epic epilogue to the previous album. “Villains of Circumstance” is a masterpiece and a strong contender for the best closing track of any album this year.

4. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

i’ve talked about this album before but the more rap albums i heard these past few months, the more amazing this album became for me. i mean just go listen to Mike Will Made-It’s new album (or any other generic trap album from 2017) and Big Fish Theory back to back, and the difference in production and atmosphere says it all.

3. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy

i’ve also talked about this album before but this album this summer is what Blonde was last summer for me. it’s Tyler’s most defining work, and it only makes me excited to see how he will follow it up.

2. Lorde - Melodrama

this masterpiece soundtracked a lot of my sad & happy summer afternoons and nights. every time I listen to it, it reminds me what’s like to be 20 years old, and “Supercut” is the ultimate Lorde song ever tbh; amazing dance beat + intensely emotional lyrics. and that applies for most of Melodrama, every single emotion and feeling that Lorde expresses is actually felt.

1. Arcade Fire - Everything Now

believe it or not, in 2017, it’s unusual to like Arcade Fire. I’m still trying to figure out if the disappointment that this album brought to fans and critics is as a result of power of our absurdly high expectations, or the marketing campaign that pissed a lot of fans and critics off. either way, what matters for me is that I loved both the album promotion and the album itself. this is the best summer album (and potentially my favorite album) of 2017 for various reasons. for me a great album is an album that creates a world that makes me feel like I’m living in it for the duration that it has, and if it’s great enough, it makes me wanna live in that world forever (no matter how good or bad that world is). Arcade Fire are masters of teasing and promotion, and through a genius marketing strategy, they created a world for this album before it came out and after listening to the album few times after my initial disappointment with the singles, everything about it just made sense. the great irony about it is that despite its ridiculously complex and seemingly confusing promotion, the album itself is extremely direct and heartfelt. yes, the songs are extremely well produced and multi-layered, but what makes it amazing is just how personal it is. even in a song as colorful as “Everything Now”, there are some really dark lyrics. “Peter Pan” is about reaching an age when you start losing your parents (Win wrote it after realizing his dad is sick). “Put Your Money on Me” is a song where Win directly references his religious family and the dissatisfaction of his mother at his wedding, since Regine is apparently not of their faith. “Creature Comfort” and “Good God Damn” are both about a suicidal person (Win’s close friend) and why life is always better, even at its worst. and finally, “We Don’t Deserve Love”, an amazing heartbreaker about the simple concept that no matter how much we rely on people of higher status, whether our parents or religious figures, for love and connection, love and connection are inside us right from the start without us even realizing it sometimes. i think this album is the one that makes the most sense to me along with Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy” - as both albums talk about the absurdity of our modern lives, yet in the end, both albums conclude with the statement that love is what matters the most at any stage of our life.

b.a.p is so talented even the rappers can sing. stan legends


my new binder! i made the cover (n tbh i’m super proud!) inside it features any printables n any loose notes! i have 2 calanders from @thearialligraphyproject which i love so much! 

i’ve been listening to “diary queen” by PWR BTTM allllll afternoon n i just want 2 dance around my room all night! also - the blended strawberry lemonade from starbucks is Superb i love her so much!

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend songs for when you'd like to make babies w joon daddy sorry I'm a mess right now and having major trouble finding better words

Gurl, you came to the right place. (ps. I’m still alive everyone! and excuse my old ass songs but they will never get replaced! never!)

Sex Playlist (in no particular order):

Trey Songz - Love Faces

Trey Songz - Slow Motion

J Holiday - Bed

Jeremih - Birthday Sex  (and any song by/featuring Jeremih is good tbh)

Chris Brown - Take You Down

Chris Brown - Beg For It

Chris Brown - Wet the Bed

Ciara - Body Party

T.I. feat. Chris Brown - Private Show

Kehlani - The Way

The Weeknd - Often

The Weeknd - Earned It (good mood for slow foreplay)

Crush - Give it to Me

Jay Park - Feature (any song by Jay Park tbh, but this one especially!)

Jay Park - Replay

Jay Park - Sex Trip

Minje - Do (for slow grinding)

Reddy - Think (can relax to this too, I will never get over this chill beat)

NiiHwa - Gravity (slow)

NiiHwa - All Night Long (slow)

After sex Cuddle/Relax Playlist:

Jeremih - Oui

DJ Khaled feat. everyone - Do You Mind

Tory Lanez - Say It

Bevy Maco - Bad Dreams (very relaxing, will make you feel really chill/sleepy)

Eric Bellinger - Road Trip

Eric Nam, Table, Gallant - Cave Me In (very chill)

Sam Kim - Seattle (Namjoon likes this song, did RMusic for it, very relaxing)

Just Good Songs to Listen to:

Dash - Up Down

Luizy - Baby Ride (good song for driving)

Loco - Think about you (you will twerk)

Ocean - Ya-Hea (I guess you can smash to this too, lol)

Phantom - Could You Be Mine

Babylon - Crush on You

Crush - Whatever You Do / and also Crush on You

Reddy - Moscato Dasti (FAVORITE SONG RN, PLEASE LISTEN!! and you can smash to this if you really wanted to lol)

Rheehab - Oh My God (any song by Rheehab is good)

XQ - Long Time (also one of my new faves)

Yella D - Ooh Yeah (turn up! it’s lit yo. anything by yella d is good)

Yungmoomedia - Bad High acoustic version (ALWAYS BE A FAVE. never remove this song from my phone. there are 2 versions but I prefer the acoustic)

Jeebanoff - Sungbook-gu Kids (RMusic, relaxing, slow. He makes good music if you’re into electronic/house/pop… idk how to explain… see song below)

Ovcoco - Me & You feat. Jeebanoff and Bevy Maco

Oops, got carried away. Anyways, I hope you and others can find new songs to listen to! Share songs that you like with me too! Hunting for new songs is very difficult. Rip. Anyways, thank you for reaching out! Be happy! :D

Pocket Josh

Scoups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || Dk || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino

» Im gonna die writing this
» Okay
» So
» Im just gonna say one thing
» Soft
» Like joshua is already soft
» But imagine him pocket sized
» Im cryin
» He’d be just as gentlemanly
» Accept doing things that only small josh can do
» He tried to hold the door open once
» It didn’t go well
» Lets just say you screamed really loud
» And never let him near a door again
» Anyways
»You hadn’t planned on getting a pocket person at all
» You can barely take care of yourself how could you take care of a tiny person
» But you were with a friend one day
» And they were like
» “We gotta go check out the rescued pocket people”
» There were a few lil guys in the giant house the store had set up for them
» A few of them had been abandoned by previous owners
» And a few other had homes destroyed by bad weather
» But they all seemed to get along super well
» Except on little guy who looked really left out
» You could tell he was a super shy guy from just one little glance
» And with that you grew emotionally attached to lil josh in just a few seconds
» And before you knew it you were walking through your front door with a very happy josh in your hands
» Your favorite things to do together would be going on walks for sure
» Like he’d just climb onto your shoulder
» And just hang on
» The two of you would just talk for hours
» He’d be the type to hid in your bag or pocket when you went to work or something
» Especially if he knew you were having a hard day
» And he’d go to classes with you
» And just sit on your desk and help you with your work
» And encourage you and stuff
» One time he fell asleep on your desk
» And it was the cutest moment of your life
» You barely got any classwork finished because you couldn’t stop dying over how cute he was
» You guys would have lots of late night movie marathons together
» Also a lot of late night talks
» Gettin deep with pocket shua
» What can you say
» He gives great advice
» Sleeps in the little bed you set up on your nightstand table
» Most people get their pocket buddies at least a small house so they have a bedroom and such
» But josh didn’t want one at all
» Tbh sometimes your forgot he wasn’t normal sized
» You two did almost everything together
» Always had meals together
» He just ate off your plate
» He really likes the steak
» Just beef in general
» The two of you would totally listen to music all the time
» And give each other song recommendations
» Josh would show you a lot of kpop songs
» Because kpop changes his life
» I’ll stop now
» Having josh as a pocket person is probably the best thing life could offer tbh

Monsta X: going to the club or staying at home?

Shownu:  club….but he’d take some time before agreeing. Though he’d rather stay at home most nights and not restrain the skinship, he’ll still be down for going out and letting loose as long as you’ve convinced him.

Wonho:  club, but he’ll want to go back home in a few hours. Idk what you expected to be going out to a club with him and not have him be jealous. He’ll keep you close to him and throw dirty looks at any sneaky eyes, but at the end of the day he just wants to keep you all for himself, and tbh he’d be too stressed over that to let loose.

Minhyuk:  home. He really isn’t the type to wanna party often, even if it was once in a while. He’d prefer to have get togethers and kick back with his closest friends, and you ofc, than to be dancing with a bunch of drunk strangers.

Kihyun:  club. He’ll be dressed to perfection and both of you would be the eye candy of the night, everyone would want to get close enough to dance with yall. He’d prefer it if he didn’t spend the entire night on the dancefloor, and loves people watching with you from the bar, as you two laugh at the drunk people who are busting out the best moves.

Hyungwon:  home. You won’t see him hitting the folks on the dance floor anytime soon, he’d be too annoyed with the drunk behavior from everyone. On the rare occasions that he does and go out and party with you, he’s in the back of the room and silently judging everybody, including you probably.

Jooheon:  club. It’s always lit when you go out with him, and he’ll always be the life of for party. He won’t get drunk, or drink at all tbh, he’s having too much fun being the center of the attention. Ends up being the DJ by the end of the night and puts on the most fire tracks, “yo yo yo, check out this group called Monsta X, you won’t regret-”

I.M:  home. He’s down for occasional turn ups, but he’s happier doing other things like shopping or hanging out wherever. He esp likes it when you’re both chilling and listening to music, since this gives him inspiration to write some of his own tracks.

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Today in Music History - March 31, 2012, “Glad You Came” by the Wanted peaks at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100

Turning it over to a guest blogger, @vernaegi:

ah yes my early 2010s mainly english speaking boy band of choice, kings of club bangers right here. ofc 1d happened so the wanted never really blew up in the us like they deserved but??? their discography???????? HAS SO MANY BOPS. satellite and lightning and love sewn (a good song 2 cry to when you’re havin’ a sad, also to put on your sad relationship fanmixes) and we own the night (magic! a masterpiece!) and like…all time low…gold forever!!!!!, warzone gets me emo tbh, lastly i found you. all of these are bops. 

also okay for this weird period in 2012ish,,,,the wanted were k-pop fan’s western boy band of choice because jay & tom liked 2ne1. and then earlier this year or in late 2016 or whatever (listen i’m a winner stan i had other concerns at that time, btw when it comes out by fate number for on itunes), they tweeted about being sad that 2ne1 disbanded and i was like “lol”. also uhh max was on glee and y’allready know what nathan sykes has been doing. tom’s on broadway and i love jay, but i have no clue what he’s doing, same goes for siva. anyway this has been laura brack talking about the wanted

i can think of something better

Pairings: Alya Césaire/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Alya Césaire/Ladybug

Words: 3654

on ao3

Alya likes Ladybug. Ladybug is Marinette. Marinette likes Alya. Alya maybe likes Marinette?

Or, the time Marinette managed to get into a love triangle with herself. For like two minutes.

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markhyuck fluff headcanons
idek if some of these count as headcanons
  • sometimes mark and hyuck will have lil duets where hyuck sings and mark plays the guitar for him
  • mark makes them cover high school musical songs
  • mark teaches hyuck how to play guitar but honestly hyuck would rather watch mark play the guitar because he just loves seeing mark so concentrated
  • it makes hyuck’s heart stop beating and his lungs just fill with mark and his brain short circuits awH
  • hyuck genuinely does wanna learn how to play the guitar but he cant ever concentrate when he’s around mark
  • whenever hyuck’s fingers get sore from pressing on the guitar strings, mark’ll kiss the pad of hyuck’s fingers sabfhgavsdbhd
  • hyuck pretends to hate it but they both know he loves it honestly
  • ok so mark doesnt really sing often because he’s not that confident in his voice :(((
  • bUuuUuuUT when he does it’s usually always with hyuck or because of hyuck
  • mark just feels really comfortable with hyuck ya know?
  • he feels like he can do anything if hyuck is by his side
  • i mean they’ve trained together and debuted together and experienced so many things together and mark just knows he’ll be able to do anything and everything with hyuck
  • mark likes writing songs and he always lets hyuck listen to them because even tho hyuck is mean to him he’ll always be honest (even if he has to sugarcoat it)
  • hyuck knows how hard it is for mark to show him his songs and he knows when to be mean and when not to be
  • also hyuck is mark’s muse but hyuck will never know that
  • hyuck hangs around in the studio with mark because he doesn’t wanna leave mark alone
  • he knows how frustrating song writing is for mark sometimes so he always wants to be there to calm him down
  • mark always gets inspiration late at night and sometimes hyuck will fall asleep on the floor in the studio
  • but mark always knows when hyuck’s about to fall asleep so right before he does, mark’ll drag hyuck onto his lap so he can fall asleep there
  • what a baby im screaming
  • hyuck resting his head on mark’s shoulder when he’s writing lyrics or producing something
  • when they walk home on snowy days, hyuck’s cheeks get really red and mark will pull them somewhere where he knows nobody will see them and kisses hyuck’s cheek
  • on cold days, mark will hold hyuck’s hand and put their intertwined hands in his pocket
  • hyuck looks like a big marshmallow on winter days
  • his face will be covered by a scarf and mark will always be a sneaky shit and pull the scarf down so he can peck hyuck’s lips
  • late night talks are also a frequent thing
  • sometimes mark will start quietly singing a song to himself when he’s bored and hyuck will join in afgdfgajdkfn
  • hyuck hates stormy nights bc thunder freaks him out so he always sneaks into mark’s bed and mark wouldnt even complain because hyuck makes him feel all warm and happy inside
  • mark only talks in his sleep when hyuck sleeps with him because mark only sleep talks when he’s really comfortable and relaxed
  • on the rare times hyuck sleeps in his own bed, mark will find a way to drag him back
  • ”hyuck look at this meme !!! this pupper !!!! A BIG DOGGO !!!!!!!!”
  • hyuck ends up getting annoyed from moving back and forth so much, he ends up just laying beside mark
  • i bet hyuck buries his face in the crook of mark’s neck in the early mornings when he realizes he’s woken up too early
  • hyuck makes sure mark eats enough and sleeps enough because if mark ever gets hurt from pushing himself too hard hyuck will SCREAM
  • if hyuck ever gets hurt, mark will cry
  • like, flat out cry
  • hyuck calls him dumb and tells him that he shouldnt waste his tears on him but mark gets so worried and he just never wants to lose hyuck asvadshfsdf\
  • theyre honestly fucking soulmates, whether it’s platonic or romantic, they just connect in a way that nobody else can understand
  • tbh still into you by paramore is their couple song and always will be
  • encouraging boyfriends that will always cheer each other on
  • their classmates dont question how they ever got together because there’s just something different in the way they look at each other, ya know?
  • there’s a different glint in hyuck’s eyes when he looks at mark and something in him just tugs on his heart strings
  • and everything inside mark softens into a big mush and his heart tightens up and all the oxygen in his body just leaves him bc lol bye who needs air when i have lee donghyuck
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forehead kisses when the two of them are tired out of their mind
  • if one of them cant figure out a dance move, the other will always help them out
  • hyuck’s seems really mean to mark but he’s sosososo encouraging when he needs to be
  • they’re each other’s first love dsbagfvsfh
  • no matter what happens they both know theyll always have a piece of each other’s hearts
  • because that’s just what first loves do, right?
  • when mark found out he was in love with hyuck he freaked the absolute fuck out
  • he’s had a crush on hyuck for the longest while but he wasn’t in love with him or anything
  • but then the two of climbed onto sm’s roof (wow how cliche anna) to look at the stars together and mark looked over at hyuck for a split second and couldnt take his eyes off him
  • he couldnt register how the moonlight shone down on hyuck in an almost ethereal way and he couldnt figure out how he ended up falling in love with his best friend
  • but then hyuck looked over too and they locked eyes
  • and he just knew hyuck felt the same way
  • they’re both awkward lil beans that dont know how to express their feelings which is why they work together so well
  • they kinda had a love at first sight kind of thing but it was more of a ‘i know im gonna spend the rest of my life with you whether we stay friends or become more’
  • hyuck seems like he doesn’t care much but he cares way too much
  • he notices all the little things with mark and manages to fall in love with him over and over again
  • jaehyun said they fight every night but tbh i bet you my left sock that it’s petty ass fights
  • ”hyuck close the lights”
  • ”no you close the lights!”
  • ”youre closer!”
  • when hyuck wakes mark up in the mornings, he always does it in the meanest ways bUT THEY WORK
  • hyuck screams in mark’s ear and makes mark fall out of his bed
  • mark curses hyuck out in english and korean
  • ”listen mark i may not know english but i know what bitch means and iM FIGHTING YOU SQUARE THE FUCK UP YO”
  • mark wakes hyuck up by cuddling him and peppering kisses over his face until hyuck tries pushing him off
  • hyuck falling asleep on the couch is a common thing bc whenever he watches videos on his phone, he’ll get sleepy and just pass out there
  • and one time, mark found him asleep on the couch so he carried him back to their room and put him on his bed
  • and then he went to leave but hyuck groggily grabbed his arm and asks him to stay sleepily aKHSDFBSHDKNFML
  • mark has the urge to protect hyuck 24/7

anonymous asked:

tbh I get immense joy out of hearing men say "my husband" it just makes me so happy that they found happiness in a world that devalues their relationships

it’s SO FUNNY YOU SAY THAT cause i’m listening to welcome to night vale at this very moment (for those of you who aren’t familiar with it the main character is a mlm very in love with his scientist crush then boyfriend then husband and he talks about it all the time)

all I rly want is for tae to introduce me to dumb songs that i end up getting addicted to. so addicted where it reaches a point where him and I are just casually staying up listening to these dumb songs at crazy hours of the night and giggling (and maybe making out idk) until we realize that it’s 7am and tae was supposed to be at a meeting like an hour ago