listening to the radio does these things

reasons why Lance is so Cuban
  • Loud AF
    • like literally volume 10 is his norm
    • whispering is like volume 8
    • His yells are like super sonic (boom that’s canon omg)
  • Something good happens: he dance
  • Eats something delicious: he dance
  • Literally anything: he dance
  • Everything is an inappropriate joke
    • Literally innuendos at everything
  • Wears a fucking baseball shirt
    • Cubans really like baseball 
      • no not soccer
    • but like he’s literally wearing a baseball shirt how does anyone not believe that he is Cuban like that’s your first clue jfc
    • How much u wanna bet he got his name bc his dad was listening to a Spanish baseball sports broadcast thing bc let me tell you those guys on the radio be like “YYYYY LANZAAAAAAA” ((fight me on this tbh))
  • Flamboyant tendencies
  • His mom probably picks at his blackheads, and that’s why he’s so on top of his skin care
    • Cuban moms are like that not even kidding
  • Them expressive fucking faces
  • Those expressive fucking eyebrows
    • “mira look *points with lips*”
    • Also uses his chin to point
    • This is just factual cuban canon behavior
  • Has probably yelled “DALEEEE” before a mission at some point
  • An alien has once asked him if he wanted some space tobacco and he just gave this look of “it’s because i’m cuban isn’t it”
  • Anytime he sees red, white, and blue “oh the cuban flag colors, lit”
    • “Lance literally those are the american flag colors” “um,,,,sounds fake but ok”
  • Was most likely able to adapt to the changes better than anyone because he has had to adapt to changes when he first immigrated
    • Since he’s an immigrant
    • Because that’s canon
    • He’s a boy from Cuba you guys
  • Speaks Spanglish with his closest and bestest who he feels most comfortable with
    • literally if Cuban speaks spanglish around u, ur special
    • “hasta la later keith”

i was laughing at this by @thehausghosts for like 5 min so here are some more driving hcs

  • bitty: good country/town and highway driver. likes to drive big cars/trucks bc that’s how he learned and bc he feels safe in them. passive aggressive. speeds like a motherfucker. he got it from his mom. coach fears for his life whenever he drives with either of them. passive aggressive. if you tailgate him, he will slow down to 15 under the speed limit and watch your frustration in his rear view mirror and laugh.
  • holster: decent driver, but loud. blasts the radio and sings/screams along. hates driving if there’s no aux cord. yells and rants when people do things he doesn’t like. the worst person to be with in traffic bc all he does is bitch about the traffic. uses his horn a lot. get’s lost a lot. 
  • ransom: defensive driver. always uses his blinker. hates when people don’t use their blinkers. never goes more than 10 over the speed limit bc getting pulled over makes him nervous. likes listening to podcasts/radio shows/the news while he drives. is somehow good at driving when there’s a lot going on in the car around him. not great at directions so he always ends up doing a lot of harsh fast turns bc o shit that’s my turn isn’t it 800 feet sure goes by quick
  • shitty: the fucking worst. speed limits are suggestions. stop signs don’t matter when there are no other cars around. yellow light means speed up. sits in the middle of the intersection for left turn yield on green. messes with the radio an unsafe amount. drives with the windows down no matter the weather. road rage but not like violent road rage, just a lot of yelling. his car smells like weed. 
  • lardo: tries to be a defensive driver, but gets annoyed easily. is good at speeding, but only does it when she’s 100% sure she won’t get caught. always listens to music. likes long drives as long as she’s the one driving bc you can just check out for hours bc you’re focusing on driving and not the rest of the world. her car is a mcfucking mess, not trash, just a lot of random shit. has a blanket in there, a sweatshirt, a few pairs of sweatpants, random books, empty water bottles, like 5 pairs of sunglasses, a grocery store bag of lollipops, an empty cooler, a posterboard, etc
  • nursey: has never been behind the wheel of a car in his life and isn’t planning on changing that
  • dex: also good at driving when there is chaos in the car, likes driving with other people. listens to the radio or cds. good at small town driving and highway driving, but wouldn’t city drive if you paid him. would probs be alright at it tho bc he tends to be a more aggressive than defensive driver. doesn’t speed a ton. slows n goes stop signs. can drive anything, no matter the size or condition of the car. does u turns anywhere. no cars? it’s ok to make a u turn. also ok to make a k turn if you have to. 
  • chowder: always lets people merge/make left hand turns. always yields to pedestrians. slows down for yellow lights. loves highway driving. can drive anywhere, but would prefer not to drive if it’s not the highway because people are assholes and the road is a scary place. gets angry when people do stupid things, mutters under his breath a lot. 

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thoughts on the erasermic adopting todoroki after endeavor gets exposed for all his bullshit? :^)



ok hear me out

-aizawa gets fuckin pissed when endeavor gets exposed. like, absolutely livid. he’s always kinda not liked the dude and thought he was, i don’t know–shitty, off, stuck-up, always kinda unnecessarily violent. he’s fucking pissed when his treatment of shouto comes to light. he initially keeps his cool around shouto but just. fuckin loses it once he’s out of the room. like, enough so that mic has to attempt to restrain him. also sorry i’m throwing in my headcanon of aizawa being an abuse survivor who just completely loses his shit when he meets people who have mistreated kids. 

-the custody over shouto was originally supposed to be temporary. but aizawa got Too Attached and so did mic. it was never a question of if they wanted him, because they did, but more of a question of whether or not living with them is best for shouto. aizawa and mic get attached to the point where they’re completely unwilling to let him go.

-shouto is initially really confused about everything, especially what he’s supposed to call mic and aizawa given that they’re his teachers. he initially calls them both ‘sensei’ but that gets confusing and weird for him pretty fast. they basically let him call them whatever he wants and for a long time, he just calls aizawa by ‘aizawa’ and sometimes still ‘sensei’. it’s a little easier with mic, because he’s not shouto’s homeroom teacher, but still a little odd since mic isn’t his actual name. he eventually gets shouto to call him ‘yamada’ and even that makes mic more than happy. eventually, shouto does start calling aizawa ‘shouta’ and mic ‘hizashi’ and the first time he does it, especially with aizawa he shuts up immediately and thinks he’s done something terrible

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Ok so these photos are not in any particular order but they made me so upset.

I recently got into kpop a little over a year ago and living in America and not be able to fully understand Korean has made it hard. However I still appreciate all the work these idols put in. No language barrier can hinder me from seeing that. So seeing this post is wicked offense to not just BTS but kpop in general.

If I’m correct (and please correct me if I’m wrong) but Jungkook is a fan of Charlie (somewhat) this cover was amazing and in my opinion better than the original. Just because you do not know of an artist, band, or even an entire genre of music does not make it below you or the music you listen too. If Charlie the man that wrote and performs this song can give Jungkook credit on a great cover than everyone should. Another thing, this girl also tweeted serval things about how they are not universally famous because they don’t play on the American radio stations and are from Korea. Like how does that make a difference. Last week in New York they played Blood Sweat and Tears sooooo idk She then goes in to say how you shouldn’t be proud of awards BTS have won because the award shows they go to are not as popular as the Grammys for example. Charlie Puth has won 8 awards from numerous awards shows in his career. Meanwhile bts has won over 53, and both artists have been around for the same amount of time. I’m not knocking Charlie or anything I’m just saying if you gonna try to come at a group and say they are not as talented or unimportant because the awards the win “don’t count” check yourself. Because in the end you look like the idiot and BTS stay winning

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I miss you

Warning: This story contains sexual content and strong languages that are not suitable for young readers. If you are not into these kind of stuff, please don’t continue.

Rating: R (17+ Readers)

Words: 4,759

Where the reader and Taron have been very busy for the past few weeks

Taron and I mostly spend our Friday nights by cuddling on our busted yet comfy sofa in our flat while watching lame movies with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands. Then the following days off is for whatever shit we had in my mind. But not at these times. 

Taron and I have been very busy for the past few weeks. With him doing interviews and shoots, and me in uni because of my exams and all that school related shit since my days are numbered because I’ll be graduating in a few days. Yay.

And I have been cranky lately simply because I literally don’t have any sleep due to paper works. And people in my college are frustrating and annoying. Plus, I miss Taron. I miss his presence, his touch, his cuddles, his smell, his hair, his eyes, his soft lips, his body pressed against mine, his moans filling my ears, the sound of his heartbeat. I just miss everything about him. We haven’t gotten the chance to spend time with each other. If one us gets home, it’s either I’m sleeping or studying, or him sleeping or I won’t totally see him because he’s at work. We’re lucky enough if we find each other in the same room. I know that he misses me too as much as I miss him.

There was one time last week when he found me sleep-sitting on the floor, head resting on the edge of the sofa, opened books and papers sprawled everywhere on the floor, I had tried to scramble to my feet as soon as I opened my eyes to but he quickly stopped me. I sat on the sofa and he sat beside me. I smiled at him and he sighed tiredly, mimicking my smile, 

“Hi.” My voice was laced with tiredness. 

“Hi, love.” he said, caressing my cheek, “Why were you sleeping on the floor? You should’ve slept on the bed.”

“I was studying for finals next week and i was waiting for you.” I said shrugging, grazing his cheek with my thumb.

“Aw, baby. I told you not to wait because I’ll be coming home late until Thursday next week, right? You know how the shoot works.” He said sympathetically, concern and worry in his eyes. 

I straddled his legs and wrapped my arms around his waist, I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his musky scent, “I know, baby. Since I was also studying, I just thought that maybe I could wait up for you. I just really miss you, that’s all. I barely see you and we haven’t had enough time to talk.”

He hugged me tighter and kissed my temple. “I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Your graduation is going to be on Friday next week, right?” I nod, not moving from my spot.

“So what do you want to do after the ceremony? We could go out and have dinner or go to the movie house. Your choice and my treat.” He whispered, voice low and soothing. His hand was running up and down on my back. 

I shrugged, “I just want to hang out with you, that’s all.” I kissed his neck and let out a relaxed sigh. He rested his cheek onto my hair and sighed, also “Okay, let’s get you to bed. Shall we?” I nod again, reciprocating my action earlier.

“Come on now, baby. Stand up.” He said soothingly, lowering his hands to my bum. 

“No.” I refused.

“Come on. Get up. Don’t be such an arse.” He patted my bum twice.


“Y/N…” He warned me, his voice was low.

“But you’re so comfy.” I whined and nuzzled my face further to his neck, hugging his waist tighter. “I like it here.”

“We can’t just stay here like this. Stand up, now, come on.” He said as he pushed my shoulder off him gently. “We can cuddle on the bed.”

I crossed my arms and scowled at him playfully. He did the same thing and I stuck my tongue out at him. He also stuck his tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes and climbed off of his lap. He chuckled and smack my bum lightly as I made my way to our bedroom, leaving my things scattered on the floor. He followed me and he undressed himself, he went to his dresser and picked up a fresh pair of boxers. I laid down on the bed and pulled the duvet over to my chest, I felt the bed lower and Taron wrapped his big arms around my waist. He whispered into my ear, “Good night, I love you.” and then we both drift off.

I woke up the next morning he was gone.

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I’m All You’ve Known

You can read this destiel ficlet on ao3

Today, Cas is the one who almost died at the hands of a prince of Hell or whatever the fuck- it’s not like it matters what ends up doing them in, only when it happens- but Dean’s the one who’s wrecked. Dangerously drunk, waving a bottle around, nearly dropping it, though only twice.

Cas isn’t sure why exactly but he thinks Sam might have an idea since he retreated to his room as soon as they made it back to the bunker, leaving Cas and Dean alone in the library.

Cas didn’t notice just how much Dean was drinking at first, too occupied with leaning back in his chair and recuperating. There’s no wound, not anymore, but Cas is drained.

Eventually, he opens his eyes and Dean is standing (no longer sitting), holding a different bottle than the one he had started with, having entirely abandoned the notion of a glass, and glaring at Cas.

“You fucked up, Cas,” Dean slurs, moving to take another swig, but he aborts the idea. “You’re fucked up,” he corrects. He takes the swig this time and it’s a long one, long enough that Cas winces at the phantom burn in his own throat.

“The injury is gone, Dean,” Cas says placatingly, reluctant to defend himself. Dean seems primed for a fight and he doesn’t want to fight with Dean.

The feeling is not mutual, apparently. “Shut up,” Dean says. “Just- Just be quiet. You don’t get to speak anymore. You don’t get to say things, anymore.

“Dean,” Cas starts, never one to obey. “It may have been a close call but everyone made it out with minimal damage.”

“You can’t say shit like that, Cas.” Dean stumbles back like being near Cas, even with the table between them, could hurt him. He takes another drink. It’s impressive, really, Dean wasn’t even sure he could get drunk anymore.

“It’s the truth. We are all alright and-”

Dean interrupts him with a dry laugh, arms swinging out, liquor spilling, balance precarious. “No,” he says. “You can’t say what you said.”

Cas doesn’t understand what Dean is referencing and it might be because Dean isn’t making much sense but Cas is so tired that it might just be him that’s unable to keep up.

“You said you lov- You said-” Dean can’t say it, Cas never should have, so he drinks more instead.

Cas gets it, then, and he’s relieved. This he can handle much more than a conversation about how mortal they all really are. How much time they don’t have. Telling Dean he cares, he can handle. Showing Dean how he feels, he can handle.

Dean knocks back maybe another two shots worth of booze and slams the bottle onto the table. There’s an audible crack, but nothing seems to leak. Then Dean stalks down the hall.

Cas thinks he ought to follow but Dean is already back with a duffle. The duffle is Dean’s, tattered and worn, but it’s the few articles of clothing he’s stuffing inside are Cas’.

Dean walks all the way around the table and pulls Cas to his feet by the lapel of his trench coat, shoving the bag into his arms.

“I’ve put some stuff you’ll need in there like cash, credit cards. Some IDs I had done for you.”

Cas’ eyes are wide but Dean can’t tell since he won’t even look at him. This is not how Cas thought this conversation would end up going, and he’s imagined it plenty of times.

“You need to go, Cas.” Dean speaks gruffly.

“W-what is this?” What is going on?

Dean’s head snaps towards him, eyes finally meeting his. Dean says, “You have to fucking go.”

“Because I said-”

“Because you said something you can’t mean!” Dean pulls on Cas’ lapel again, tugging him towards the stairs. He’s so drunk that it’s mostly Cas keeping him steady. The angel could easily subdue him but it’s not like Cas would fight Dean.

They’re at the foot of the stairs when Dean stops, apparently sober enough not to attempt going up the steps. He shoves at Cas to, though.

Cas stands firm for moment but his voice cracks when he says, “But I do mean it.”

Dean glares at him, shoves harder, meaner. “You don’t. You only think you do, Cas, because you don’t know anyone else. We’ve- I’m all you’ve known. You need to go.” Then, again, softly, “Please go, Cas.”

Cas doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t understand what is happening, but Dean is looking at him like Cas is the person who’s ruined him most in life and Cas can hear the prayer that’s begging him to get gone and Dean is grinding his teeth like being this close is causing him pain again and Cas doesn’t want that.

Cas loves Dean. Loves Dean enough to always come when he calls. Loves Dean enough to go when he asks.

The heavy metal door of the bunker shuts behind him with a clang and he’s left with the clothes on his back, whatever Dean’s packed in the duffle and a very big hole in his chest.

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jughead likes to pretend he’s a dark and twisted guy, and everyone kind of believes him. he wears all dark and talks about these underground music bands that mostly sing about hell and moral conflicts. he wears his big-ass headphones around his neck and you can hear music playing loudly and it’s all angry screams.

but jughead has a secret: his favorite kind of music is pop. sugary, bubbly pop that plays in every major radio station. he also loves ballads, he especially loves listening to them at night with his eyes closed so he can make up romantic music videos in his head.

when he and archie start dating he makes a playlist for their relationship. it includes songs like teenage dream, you belong with me, little things… he never plans to let archie find this list but archie does and he absolutely loves it. it becomes their thing: dedicating songs to each other and singing along to them in archie’s room while they lay in bed just cuddling.

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Could I request for headcanons about cute signs when he has a crush on reader for Thirteen, Snipe, Aizawa, Hizashi & Toshinori please? P.S. I love how you improvise with Thirteen & Snipe. They're both so interesting!

I should do this like my last post so they’re all the same post but it’s too late for that

Thirteen (A bit shorter for the ones we don’t know much about yet):

⚪️ He talks to you a lot. Goes out of his way to do so and he will talk about anything that he thinks will interest you. He’s pretty good at not sound arrogant if he talks about himself. Also, he truly does love listening to you talk too. Overall, he enjoys talking to you.

⚪️ Will openly want to invite you out with him too. It’s not a date, or at least he isn’t confident enough to say it’s a date quite yet, but you can very well take it that way. Typically it’s just the two of you unless another teacher decides to tag along.

⚪️ If any incident happens and you’re involved, in the end causing you to get hurt, he is so, so worried. Instantly tries contacting you and, if he can’t right away, then he’s hurrying to get to you as soon as he can. 

⚪️ Result: Very outgoing and open with you, and to the other teachers it’s pretty clear he likes you but it’s also easily mistaken as friendliness.


⚪️ Talks to you about cowboys and his favorite Overwatch character, Jesse Mccree (no i wont stop making that reference)

⚪️ But seriously, I imagine he’s an absolute sweetheart with his crush. He’ll say things trying to be charming or smooth but it just doesn’t come out right, but still ends up making him look adorable for trying anyways.

⚪️ He’s such a pushover with you. You can ask him to do anything and he’ll probably do it so long as you flash him a smile or bat your eyelashes a bit. 

⚪️ Since he is an adult and a teacher, I imagine he, like the others, doesn’t have time to play the ‘does she/he like me, do they not?’ game. He’s not super blunt but he also isn’t a complete nervous wreck around you either. He’s able to talk to you like a normal human being unless you do something that especially flusters him. 

⚪️ You’ll find that’s easy to do.

⚪️ Result: He’s sweet. It’s pretty clear that he likes you and he’ll probably make the first move eventually.


⚪️ Good luck trying to figure out whether he likes you or not, because this man is an expert at hiding it from you. He doesn’t get nervous, he doesn’t blush, he doesn’t stutter - everything that happens with him is inside. Butterflies in his stomach, a racing heart, ache in his chest. It’s all there, but not at all visible.

⚪️ He’s so soft on you though. Even though he tries to be extra tough with you and extra cold, it’s so obvious that you have a place in his heart. Toshinori and Hizashi are probably the only ones who can catch onto this quickly and realize it’s because he has feelings for you.

⚪️ Very, very protective. He tries to act like he isn’t, but he is. If you’re in trouble, he drops everything that he’s doing to help you. Yet he’s still a bit of a mystery, because he also is the type to encourage you to know how to defend yourself. He wants to be your hero but at the same time, he wants to know that you have some sort of way to be safe when he can’t access you in time.

⚪️ Sometimes he’ll ask you out in a simple way, without saying it’s a date. “Oi, (Y/N), let’s get coffee/a drink.” It’s because he likes you and wants to spend time with you, but he’ll vehemently deny that being the case. And, of course, Toshinori and Hizashi both know what he’s doing and tease him about it.

⚪️ Just because he doesn’t blush often doesn’t mean he never does. You can get him to blush, it’s just hard to do. Typically it’s when you point out his soft spot for you, his students, or cats.

⚪️ It will take a while for him to go out with you romantically. You can make the first move as much as you want, but unless it’s something very straightforward, he’ll just brush it off. As for him, it will take a serious situation or him accepting his feelings to make the first move.

⚪️ Result: Tough to read and seemingly cold towards you, but overall very good, loyal, and reliable toward you.


⚪️ Uh well if you don’t know that he has a crush on you then you’re probably both deaf and blind.

⚪️ Everyone knows it. The teachers know it, the students know it, people who live on the other side of the world know it - because he literally tells you “I love you baby! Let’s go out!” In complete English nearly every time he sees you.

⚪️ It’s because of this, though, that you don’t realize how serious his feelings are. Hizashi is capable of having serious conversations and he’s a surprisingly intelligent guy, but sometimes he likes playing around too much. 

⚪️ He’s always inviting you to be on or listen to his radio show. Always telling you to listen to this new song or hear his new rap. He brings you signed CDs and stuff as if it’s the best gift ever. You probably have a whole pile of things that he’s brought you. 

⚪️ Since he’s so playful and isn’t that good at getting his real feelings across in a heartfelt manner, you might have to make the first move. If he does, then you’ll have to truly understand that he isn’t just playing around. 

⚪️ Also, he talks about you all the time. It’s annoys Aizawa to no end.

⚪️ Result: Loud. Obvious. Considerate, but doesn’t have an inside voice.


⚪️ Aww the cutest when he has a crush. He is hopeless around you. Despite the fact that, when in his buff man 3000 form, he gets a lot of attention from girls, he’s nervous around you.

⚪️ It’s probably because he fears that you won’t reciprocate his feelings due to his state of health and physical appearance. He also doesn’t want to end up getting sick while in a real relationship with you, so sometimes he wonders if it’s best to keep his feelings to himself.

⚪️ But man, he really really likes you. Assuming you also have feelings for him, your relationship is one that will happen naturally given that you spend time with one another. And you will, because he still asks you for drinks, to see a movie or the cedars he likes, or to go jogging with him or something. Anything, really.

⚪️ Tries to be smooth when he compliments you but it never comes out that way. He’ll try something and then he’ll mess up the line, say ‘oh shit’ in English and then he might either try again or get too embarrassed to continue. 

⚪️ You are the number one person who can calm him down, make him smile, change his mind, and more. He listens to you so much that it annoys Aizawa because he stops listening to what Aizawa says if you don’t agree.

⚪️ He likes to watch you when he’s mostly sure you won’t notice. Typically it’s when you’re doing something with a big smile on your face or you’re laughing. it makes him get that calm, content expression and it puts him at ease to see you like that.

⚪️ Result: Just wants you to be happy. He wants to be happy with you but it’s a bit hard for him to accept it. Head over heels for you though. 

Another story

It’s Gladio, but he’s a part-time writer and loves to listen to the radio.

It’s always the same radio station, at the same hour. The Astrals were kind to him, and it happens that he’s already done with work-shift and he gets to listen to the same program during his drive home.

Usually, as soon as he gets in his car, there’s news on the radio. There’s the weather report ever fifteen minutes, and he catches only one before the news are done for a few hours and the program starts; it’s some sort of discussion table, but with only three broadcasters. They talk the relevant events of Lucis, the latest polemic trend, or, Gladio’s favorite, just philosophy and life and cosmos stuff.

Where they think life comes from, opinions on the dressing code, why certain event was wrong, if (X) author deserved the Aurora prize for literature that year, where they think the throne family’s magic comes from, are we alone in the universe, will we be sucked by a black hole, do we reincarnate, polemic trends, who was right and who was wrong in X trial, whether breaking laws is always ‘wrong’, the string theory, any matter to discuss, in two hours.

And Gladio enjoys of the entire discussion.

And Gladio loves one of the broadcasters’ voice.

He wouldn’t lie if you ask him, what first caught Gladio was the mere color of the voice. A delicious tenor, almost baritone, with a Tenebraean accent. A voice that feels like dark brown, coffee beans, a fireplace mid winter. It’s like a flame, but the most gentle of flames. The color, the way it moves, its rich nuances and wide variety of schemes and colors and tones and sounds. 

Gladio got immediately attached to the voice as soon as he heard it, and ocassionally listened to the program just to hear it again.

But then he discovered he also loved the mind behind the voice.

A rare jewel of a mind. Smart to mind-blowing levels. Intelligent, wise. Alive like the fire of his voice. This particular broadcaster is by far the most brilliant of the three minds, and by far the most brilliant from all of Gladio’s acquaintances and friends. Maybe the most brilliant in all Lucis. With a knowledge of all things, the ones you do not learn in books included, that it’s simply…impressive.

He always has the best arguments. He always waits in silence during the first half an hour before joining in, and nobody can stop him. You’d think one thing is right, he can convince you otherwise. You’d think a polemic is hard to solve, he proves otherwise. The universe, his thoughts on the cosmos, the oh so poetic way in which he visualizes death, and the oh so beautiful but realistic way in which he visualizes life and the world. 

And Gladio starts listening to the program daily, to hear that voice, but also to hear that mind behind.

A faceless creature, a faceless man with a voice and mind of fire, blazing through his head, changing his visualization of many things of life, turning his thoughts upside-down, marveling him with his vast and endless knowledge and philosophical way of living and thinking, all of that said through that wonderful warm voice that almost seems to be able to sing without really singing.

And then Gladio writes a story.

It’s his passion outside work. He loves to write as he loves to read. And he’s a hopeless romantic. So he, inspired by that voice, inspired by the mind behind it, inspired by this faceless broadcaster , inspired like nothing had inspired him in years, Gladio sits down and writes. And finishes, and reviews and re-reads and corrects until it’s done.

And he sends it to the radio’s station’s headquarters, with a nickname due to shyness, and a small note. 

The next week, he turns on the radio at an unusual hour, past the discussion table, when he’s already home. It’s the story reading program. They announce the title of his work, recall his nickname, and announce the narrator.

It’s him. The broadcaster of beautiful voice and a more stunning mind.

‘I wish for Ignis Scientia to narrate this’, his note he attached to his story when he sent it read, ‘if he agrees. And if he does, please, do not tell him it was a request of mine.’

And oh, Ignis Scientia agreed. And Ignis Scientia, the brilliant mind with a gorgeous voice and a mysterious face, is reading and narrating it. And his voice fits the story perfectly fine. Because Gladio wrote it thinking about him; he wrote it thinking of his voice, thinking of what and which words would fit with his voice in ways that go beyond the phonetic aspect. 

The story flows with his voice like one was born from the other, but none existed before the other. The words come from his mouth like he does at the discussion table; natural, in a way that’s born directly from within him, like this is part of himself. He breathes when it’s required and not a single word before, he stops in the exact spots, he understands which parts require a high comma, which a low one, in ways that they cannot teach at diction and radio schools. 

It’s like Ignis Scientia feels this story.

Gladio had been inspired thinking that whatever job he did with his writing, it would be a brute rock, and that, if Ignis Scientia read it, it would be turned into the most beautiful of diamonds.

And oh, was he right. Was he right. 

It’s his words, his story, but it’s like it’s the first time he hears it. He feels like he gave a rough and dirty dummy to this broadcaster, and he turned it into a porcelain doll. More than that, something much prettier than that. 

So Gladio continues to write.

This shoots his inspiration to heights he did not know possible. He writes in any free time he has, he’s barely focused in life because life feels so empty compared to the feelings inside himself when he’s writing. And writes until he sends another story, but forgot the note requesting for Ignis, who had not been at the story reading program since the first novel. 

But, to his surprise, it’s Ignis Scientia who’s hosting the program. And he’s reading this second story.

 And Gladio’s immediately feeling his heart and face lit up and come to life in a way he only experienced when he first listened to Ignis reading something of his creation. 

So he sits there, hunger forgotten, work forgotten, everything sent to hell except for Ignis’ voice in the radio reading his story in the beautiful way only Ignis can create.

And Gladio continues to write, and continues to send his stories to the radio station. And Ignis continues to read them, never skipping one, never disappointing, always there at 10 p.m. when it’s story telling time.

And Gladio ignores that Ignis is not being paid for this. 

And Gladio ignores Ignis asked permission to read his stories.

When the second story came in, they told him it was fine just leaving it to the usual narrator. But Ignis requested to do it himself. ‘This is not in your contract’ they told him, ‘we cannot pay you for this even if we wanted.’

But Ignis bowed the head.

‘Please. I’ll do it for free.’

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{ H E A D C A N O N S } // Music Tastes with Eren, Jean, Armin, Reiner, Erwin, and Levi

Request: In a modern-day AU, what kind of music would Eren, Jean, Armin, Reiner, Erwin and Levi listen to? :D If that’s too many, just Eren, Erwin and Levi is perfectly fine! :) - from anon
Warnings: Mild swearing.
Author’s note: I may or may not have put way too much thought into this.


❀ Probably into some shitty pop music from the 2000s.

❀ Likes Rhianna and Beyonce a lot.

❀ Everybody judges him for it.

❀ I judge him for it.


❀ Loves 80s/90s rock.

❀ Owns every single Nirvana vinyl.


❀ Loves rap music.

❀ Can rap literally anything you give him the lyrics to perfectly by the third try.


❀ Just listens to whatever’s on the radio at the time.

❀ Rarely downloads songs. He only does when it’s something that he really, really enjoys.


❀ Really rocking that country.

❀ Even has a cowboy hat that he wears sometimes when he’s singing just to embarrass his friends.


❀ Totally into indie-pop.

❀ He has a thing for Teagan and Sarah.

❀ You can fight me over this.

important things to keep in mind: only understanding a little when you’re watching/reading/listening to something in your TL does not mean you’re somehow not smart or bad at learning languages or even that you’ll never learn your TL. Often it just means you haven’t learnt the words necessary to understand that thing in particular yet, especially when you’re a beginner and have only learnt the words that are necessary to understand the texts in your books/classes.  Yes, watch movies and listen to the news and the radio in your TL but don’t beat yourself up over only understanding a couple of keywords; you will get there and for now getting used to the sound and the rhythm of the language is the most important thing. This will help you understand audio much better later when you know more words so it’s not a waste of time at all!
Also knowing a language poorly doesn’t mean you’re not smart either; it just means there’s a lot of stuff you haven’t learnt yet but that’s okay, you can’t learn everything at once. Take it one grammar rule and one word at a time. 

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What Emma and Hook talked about on their way back to Storybrooke (3x12)? Any headcanons?

This got long. Sorry.

I started writing a fic about this last year but never finished it. So yeah, I got headcanons. This is more than just their conversation, but bear with me.

They left NY in the morning (9/10am I’m guessing) and arrived in town late enough that it was dark and no one was out, so it looks like at least 9pm (probably much later, but whatever). I estimate on the short side of things that the trip took about nine hours, which is obviously a lot longer than six, which is the Google Maps estimated travel time between the locations, so I’m guessing they made multiple stops to eat. Twice fast food (at least), and maybe they have a sit-down lunch or something in Boston? Henry and Emma reminiscing about their favorite food joint (from fake memories on Henry’s part, real ones on Emma’s) and deciding to spend a little extra time to have a decent meal. (Also I’m assuming Emma drives SUPER slow. And maybe they hit some traffic. Caught behind construction work or a car accident or something.)

But anyway, given the roughly 9-hour trip, surely there had to be a little conversation. They likely couldn’t discuss real stuff since Henry was in the car, so maybe they talked in code, as they did throughout 3B when the kiddo was around. I think Henry would probably for the first hour try to engage Killian in conversation, asking tons of questions, as kids do, and Killian probably tried his best to dodge stuff he didn’t understand or didn’t know how to answer, maybe taking cues from Emma on whether he should say yes or no. I’m sure Emma would answer for him a lot.

“So what exactly do you do, Killian?”

“He’s… a performer, Henry.”

“Like a street performer?”


“Oh. That’s why you’re wearing the pirate stuff?”

“Yes, that’s why he’s dressed like a pirate.”

“Swan, I’m perfectly capable of speaking for myself.”

“Shush. Drink your coffee, H-… Killian.”

“The mermaid emblem is apropos.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“A rubbish species for rubbish coffee.”

“What did mermaids ever do to you?”


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I was hanging with an old friend from high school the other day. he knew nothing about Taylor only what he had heard from the media and the first thing he asked me was “why does she only write about love and break -ups?” and instead of the conversation going where it usually goes, he actually listened and asked questions about who Taylor really is and what “other” types of songs she has on albums and not just radio singles and he was IMPRESSED and completely stunned when I told him about T doing ss. he was like “SHE BROUGHT FANS TO HER HOUSE??!! ISNT THAT DANGEROUS?!” and I was like naaaaw fam, she stalks them before she invites them. and y'all I’ve never seen someones face actually represent what the fuck…. long story short, he only knew her reputation now he knows who she really is and somehow thats everything. 

British Vogue better get Helena Bonham Carter on the cover again soon, and she better get to do an Inside The Wardrobe and In The Bag video for their YouTube channel I mean can yOU IMAGINE SEEING INSIDE THAT WOMAN’S WARDROBE

Trash Husband Answers
Trash Husband

We were reading asks and decided this was easier than actually replying. (Also I recorded because he was ranting like a fucking mad man)

@meanyoongis said: OMFGGG I HAD A DUMBASS SMILE ON MY FACE THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS LISTENING (all 18 mins) y'all are adorable. T.H. is hilarious as are you the banter is adorable!!!!! Stan talent stan T.H. also when are y'all starting a podcast?? I could listen to the two of you talk abt anything tbh 😍😍😍😍

Anonymous said: You guys sound so young ❤️ trash husband is so funny. You guys are the perfect match for each other.

Anonymous said:October 14th 2017, 12:23:00 am · an hour agoI love this so much. You and trash husband made my day! This is like high end comedy. Please I hope you guys do more audio things together in the future. ^-^

@mrsmin88 said: Not to make trash husband’s ego bigger but he does have a radio voice, but besides that I think personally you two would be great for a radio show like I could not stop laughing. Thanks for making my night 🤣🤣

K consider this trash husband that ask wasntfor you! It was for nicole!!!!!

@jjk-dicc said: oh my god you guys sound so cute..!

White Demon Joker X reader

We were cruising down the highway leading to Gotham after a full day of business negotiations just down the river. The sun was setting turning the sky an orangish-pink color that seemed to widen your eyes every time you looked to the sky. I let me float out the window being carried up in down by the wind; moving it like the oceans wave. I cast my attention from my lazy hand to J who was staring at the road in front of him- his face resting in his usual scowl, the sunlight seeping into the little pockets that dotted the inside of his eye lighting them up like a fire was burning through them. I kissed him gently on the cheek- the only acknowledgement to it being the tired side smile he shot me. “Baby what’s wrong?” I asked frustrated with how he had been acting. He looked out on the ocean. “Oh nothing kitten, I’m peachy as ever” He laughed but it was fake, something I never thought he could do. “You sure?” I nudged his thigh with my bare foot. A deep growl came from his throat which worried me. “I have been thinking kitten…”

 He moved his head from shoulder to shoulder laughing suddenly. I became a little tense at his words. Was this the part he stuck a gun to my head, pulling the trigger splattering my face all to hell. “Wa-what do you mean honey?” I said innocently. He had stopped laughing and only grunted seeming to be… nervous? He would let out random laughs never looking me directly in the eyes. “Well as you know I am the King of Gotham and naturally…” He erupted into horrible laughter yanking the wheel so the car sped to the side of the road. 

J slammed on the breaks putting the car in park. He looked a me his wide chrome smile staring me in the face. “Look at me doll” he said pulling my attention away from his teeth. “So naturally these peasants need a queen!” He exclaimed hoping up standing steadily on his seat.His pale tattooed hands began digging around in his pockets until he pulled out a little purple box. I gasped. “You want to get married!!” 

He furrowed his non existent eyebrows shushing me loudly. “Now darling don’t spoil anything or daddy’s not going to be happy” I put my hand over my lips remaining quiet for the rest of his speech. He cleared his throat. “Now doll please accept this ring-” he threw the box at me landing roughly in my lap. I giggled until he put his pointed finger over his mouth. “As a token of my eternal… attention. I will be there to protect you as well as tend to your girlish dreams, anything you need I will give. If you accept this you will belong to me and only me, being my partner in crime.” he paused shortly while I was swimming in his words ready to hug him and say yes but he continued on taking out his gun. “If you decline this offer you will be taking the bullet train out of Gotham:” he began laughing. One thing he does well is crack himself up as well as ruin special moments. “So whadda ya say doll?” He smiled at me holding out his hand. I smiled skipping his hands and going straight for his lips. “Yes baby” He laughed at my words shaking his finger at me. “Smart girl.” 

We continued on the road the beautiful sunset before fading into a darker sky. I sat leaning up against J listening to the loud rap he had blaring. I turned it down getting his attention. He hated when I touched the radio. “Did you really think I would turn you down?” He grinned taking his dear sweet time to answer. “Oh no it was all for show dear.” I kissed his cheek rolling my eyes knowing that he may have been genuinely afraid I would turn him down

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a victuri fic rec: part two! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡ 

part one (x)

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