listening to the new fall out boy album

remember that time when you didn’t know their names? when you didn’t knew who played which instrument, who’s your favourite and how their personalities are. when you had 4 albums that you’ve never listened to, finding out about so many new and amazing songs. when you still had to discover every little fact about them, not knowing that they’ll be your favourite band soon. yes? that’s my favourite part of discovering a band.


                        2016 Favorite Korean Album Releases

                                                     Reasons (aka raves) under the cut.

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Spirit Worker Reminders

It’s okay if your practice isn’t filled with drama and attacks. Never having been psychically assaulted or tortured on the astral plane doesn’t make you any less of a spirit worker. You’re not doing things “wrong” if the most you’ve ever had to do to banish an unwanted spirit is say “can u not”.

It’s okay if you take an informal approach to your practice. The spirits I work are routinely addressed with such lofty, respectful titles as: dude, bro, homeslice, nerd, jerkass, hey you, rat-fink, you get the idea. Obviously, sometimes you’re gonna want to break out the formalities, but it’s fine if you don’t use them in the day to day stuff.

It’s okay if your practice is mellow and modern. One of the most treasured “bonding” experiences I have had to date with a spirit involved the two of us hanging out on my bed and listening to the new Fall Out Boy album. Who would’ve guessed a dead coyote would love the song “Uma Thurman” so much? Not me.

It’s okay to stop and question yourself sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you can’t entirely believe everything that’s happening to you, with feeling like you’re imagining things. You’re allowed to be skeptical of yourself and your practice at times. It only makes you a “bad” spirit worker if you let it stop you forever

slightly obscure fall out boy lyrics that would make good usernames

(i used periods for spaces but obviously you could use whatever you like)


feel free to use and add your own!

  • Patrick Stump: *originated as the drummer, decided to be lead singer, also plays guitar*
  • Brendon Urie: *played all the instruments in his new album*
  • Tyler Joseph: *basically plays every instrument except the drums, also can rap/sing*
  • Gerard Way: Lmao I suck at guitar, hey listen to this *screams*

The curtain falls and I’m out of breath
막이 내리고 나는 숨이 차
I get mixed feelings as I breathe out
복잡해진 마음, 숨을 내쉰다

Since today is Mikey Way Day Fourth of July and both of us are petekey trash,we have decided to write some headcanons about them! So put Fourth of July and Bang the Doldrums on repeat and enjoy!

-  The worst part of any day for Pete was leaving Mikey’s bed and heading to his own so that they could keep their relationship secret
    - Every time Gerard saw the two of them together, he would either wink or nudge Mikey, because Mikey can never keep a secret from him, and Mikey would blush profusely while Pete just smirked back  
 -On the warped tour in 2005 Pete and Mikey would often go to a field nearby and Pete would make flower crowns and they’d watch the sun go down
 -After concerts at 1am Mikey would take Pete out to old diners that would be open and they’d just stay there the whole time talking and joking till the sun came up
  - Nowadays when Fall Out Boy releases a new album,Mikey will listen to all of it with a huge smile and text Pete a full novel about what he liked about all the songs
- Mikey wrote a sweet heartfelt text or FaceTimed Pete on his birthday and that was why there wasn’t a tweet
 - Pete’s favourite thing to do was to wind Mikey up in public by pretending he was about to announce their relationship but instead just saying shit like “I’m hungry as fuck”. Secretly every single time Mikey hoped he would actually tell the truth so that they wouldn’t need to hide
  - Mikey was never able to date a guy again. every thing they ever did would remind him of Pete and that was just too painful
  -the worst part for both of them was after breaking up pretending to still be good friends because they had to keep up appearances. In the end, however, this proved very good for their relationship as after a while they genuinely got on as friends again, though they never stopped getting that small ache in their chest when they found out the other was dating someone new
    - Mikey invited Pete to his and Kristen’s wedding but Pete turned it down. He said he had other plans but really it just hurt too much to see Mikey so happy with someone else. Although he had gotten over their romance, it still nagged in the back of his head that that could have been him


in honor of a brand new year and a brand new fall out boy album, i decided i’d finally compile these FOB pixels i’ve had sitting on my harddrive from around when SR&R was announced, nearly two years ago (!!)  These were made for a fake game trailer (a concert-themed beat-em-up) Ellen and I collaborated on for a class project—she provided the buttery smooth animation for my initial pixels of Andy and his drum kit, hence why i left him out of the detail shots, but everything else was done solely by the biggest nerd you know (me) (it’s me)

did you know?: the release of a new fall out boy album seems to be a harbinger for a great year in my life (this rule even applies retroactively to the years in which i did not yet listen to fall out boy.)  fingers crossed for 2015!

Dating Woozi would include:
  • long naps together
  • secret kisses that no one else notices
  • lowkey skinship
  • like him rubbing your thigh under the table
  • him subtly rubbing your back
  • discretley holding hands
  • but sometimes people would notice
  • because honestly this boy is a blushing mess around you
  • probably a lot of cheek kisses
  • blushes
  • lots and lots of blushing from this giggly boy
  • chan would be absolutley over the moon excited that his hyung found someone
  • soonyoung and seokmin would never leave you two alone
  • seuncheol would be a proud dad
  • “does he do aegyo around you?”
  • him asking your opinion on everything
  • especially music
  • he adores the way you light up every time he asks you to listen to a song that he wrote
  • long nights at the studio with him
  • you falling asleep in his lap
  • or in the chair next to him
  • lots of cuddling when he’s tired
  • dumb fights about nothing, honestly
  • “i can’t believe you listened to their new album before ours…” “jihoon your album isn’t even out yet????”
  • you having to remind him to eat and sleep bc this boy can’t take care of himself
  • having to physically remove him from his office chair some nights and take him to bed
  • “you know you’re a lot lighter than i thought you’d be”
  • death glares
  • seventeen always pestering you to tell them secrets about jihoon
  • “so what does he REALLY think of us”

just lots of love in general, this boy will love you so so much, even if he has trouble showing it sometimes

2015 has been a great year and also - a great year for fresh music.

Many new artist this year that bloom the charts and some old artist/bands have released new albums as well.

So here’s my year ender of my top albums I’ve listened this year! And if you haven’t tried some of the albums listed, you have to try that out!

1. Twenty Øne Piløts - “Blurryface”

Released May 19, 2015 under Fueled by Ramen

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Tear in my Heart
Lane Boy

2. All Time Low - “Future Hearts”

Released April 13, 2015 under Hopeless Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Something’s Gotta Give
Cinderblock Garden
Kids in the Dark

3. Sleeping With Sirens - “Madness”

Released March 13, 2015 under Epitaph Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
The Strays

4. coldrain - “VENA”

Released October 21, 2015 under Hopeless Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Heart of the Young
The Story

5. Bring Me The Horizon - “That’s the Spirit”

Released September 11, 2015 under RCA Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
True Friends
Happy Song
Follow You

6. One Ok Rock - “35xxxv”

Released February 11, 2015 under Warner Bros. Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Cry Out

7. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - “Get Lost, Find Your Self

Released May 18, 2015 under Fearless Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
The Other Line
Playing Dead
Pull You Under

8. Halsey - “BADLANDS”

Released August 28, 2015 under Astralwerks

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Roman Holiday
New Americana

9. Fall Out Boy - “American Beauty/ American Psycho”

Released January 16, 2015 under Island Records

Suggested tracks (my top 3 favorite):
Uma Thurman
Favorite Record

2016 is coming. New music for sure!

Let’s all welcome the new year with good vibes! I’m wishing all the fangirls out there (including myself) to meet their favorite bands in 2016 and more concert/ tour next year!

- @omgcaren ❤


according to baymax this is his favorite song on the record

Today we’re streaming our album one song at a time.

Listen to Favorite Record, up next Immortals…you’ll just have to stick around and see when it hits.

American Beauty/American Psycho out January 20th worldwide. Pre-order it on iTunes or Amazon for $7.99 (limited time only) and get 5 songs instantly. If you bought the song individually the pre-order price will be even cheaper.

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