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Open Your Eyes - A Framework playlist - listen here

open your eyes - snow patrol / hello my old heart - the old hellos / say something - pentatonix / runnin’ (lose it all) - naughty boy, beyonce / sane - fear of men / fortress - bear’s den / looking for you - the lone bellow / amsterdam - coldplay / heavy in your arms - florence + the machine / after the storm - mumford & sons / poison & wine - the civil wars / smother - daughter / agape - bear’s den

I was going to caption this with a few verses of one of my favorite songs but I thought I’d just tell you guys to listen to the song itself ↠ new york by snow patrol

You Could Be Happy (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

i cried writing this even though i don’t relate to the song but i am tired and need sleep cos i gotta rise like the dead at 6am tomorrow to go to london 

lemme know if you want a part 2 


Song; I Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol (pls listen while reading it’ll make it more emotional)

Other characters featured;


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; just 100% pure sad angst type shit 

Word count; 1143

lyrics are in bold/italics and flashbacks are in just italics 

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I know requests are closed but it's my last night in london after 5 months here and i'm v sad. any harry blurb or something would so nice rn. tysm

Here you go, bub. Hope you feel better soon. x

You were sitting at the airport gate, looking out of the large glass windows as you waited for your plane to start boarding.

You were wrapped up in one of Harry’s hoodies, the light blue one that fit way too big on you but made you feel the safest. You were sipping on a cup of coffee that you’d bought at the airport, listening to Snow Patrol in one ear. 

You had spend the past few months living with Harry in his home in London. You had the time off of school, and you had saved up enough money in the previous summers that you could afford taking this summer off to spend time with your man. 

But you didn’t expect to fall in love with the city.

There were memories everywhere, from the first day where Harry walked you into his flat for the first time to last night when you shared one last evening stroll together before returning home to pack. You had made up your mind somewhere along the way that this was where you wanted to settle down and live forever, but you had unfinished business at home in the form of an education, and you weren’t about to throw that all away.

“What’re yeh thinking about, love?”

Harry’s voice was soft and gentle against your ear that wasn’t covered with your earbud. You smiled despite your morose feelings, tugging the music out of your ear and turning to look at your boyfriend’s face. He had shuffled closer to you while you were lost in thought, and you leaned over against his arm whilst sighing.

“I’m really gonna miss this place,” you admitted, more to yourself than to him. You never imagined yourself falling head over heels in love for London, but it had stolen away with your heart much like the boy who’d brought you there.

“Feels like home now, doesn’t it?” He agreed, stretching his arm to wrap it around your shoulders and tug you closer. You nodded your head, your lips turning downwards with sadness as you rested your head atop of his shoulder. You were grateful that Harry was going back home with you for a little while before he got started with all of his upcoming promo - you couldn’t imagine having to say goodbye to London and Harry all in one go.

“It’s silly, isn’t it? To feel so upset about leaving a city?”

“course it isn’t,” he replied, pressing a lingering kiss to the top of your head. “Nothin’ silly about it. But you know what?”


“m’gonna bring you back some day soon,” he reassured, lightly resting his cheek against your head. “An’ maybe we’ll stay even longer that time, and we can buy our own house here, a house for the two of us. An’ maybe here’s where I’ll put a baby in yeh.”

You giggled softly, closing your eyes as you nuzzled further against his shoulder.

“And we can take our baby out for walks every day?”

“Every day,” he agreed, his voice gentle. “An’ we’ll take’er out to have tea parties in that little café you love.”

“What if it’s a boy?” You giggled.

“Then we’ll still take’im out to tea parties,” he stated. You could feel him grinning.

You smiled and shuffled closer against your boyfriend, properly winding your arms around his torso and sitting up a little so you could press a loving kiss against his cheek.

Even though you were sad to leave, you were excited for any future that had Harry in it.

After all, home was wherever he was.

vagabonds; a thaluke fanmix [listen] [art]

bastille - bad blood // panic! at the disco - this is gospel // paramore - monster // florence + the machine - no light, no light // mikky ekko - burning doves // birdy - wings // daughter - medicine // snow patrol - chasing cars // katy perry - the one the got away (acoustic)

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OMG Rachel fam I just listened to the song "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol and started getting really emo thinking of Sterek! Like fuck "Is it too late to remind u how we were and not our last days of silence screaming blur…I should’ve stopped u from walking out the door” Totally stiles POV and then Derek’s perspective from after “Somehow everything I own smells of you.” IDK I just can’t deal with anything now.


Aw, this really is a beautiful separated Sterek song, canon or otherwise. Stiles thinking of Derek after he leaves, gut wrenching as he spots those initials carved onto that space in the library, trying not to remember all the things he’d said to Derek over the past year and all the things he wished he had said, all the things he wished he’d been brave enough to admit or to do but it’s too late. It’s too late now because Derek’s gone and he doesn’t think there’s any reason to come back.

And Derek, out there on the road, trying to find a place to call home except nothing seems to fit. He used to be able to settle in anywhere. Wherever Laura wanted them to stop, because home wasn’t a place anymore; it was just… wherever she was. And he tries that again with Cora but her new pack doesn’t fit right against all his ragged edges. He tries random quiet towns and ringing, blinding cities and it should be easy now to be somewhere because home isn’t Laura anymore, and it’s not Cora, and it’s not Beacon Hills so he should be able to make home anywhere, except… wherever he goes now he can’t settle because he’ll spot spiky brown hair or a fleck of mole-dotted skin and see Stiles, because he’ll slide into his Camaro and somehow, impossibly somehow, pick up just a trace of Stiles’ scent under the cheap fast food, the ocean air, city smoke. Stiles, worked deep into the leather and plastic, worked into the fabric of Derek’s clothes, into the air and the corners of his mind like he was meant to be there. Like Derek is meant to be with him.

But Stiles is happy back in Beacon Hills without him, with his pack and his family and his life, growing and becoming all the things he couldn’t be if Derek were there to hold him back with his issues and insecurities and all their might have beens.

And Derek is out there in the world, Stiles thinks, free and happy in a way Beacon Hills could never make him. Stiles could never make him. And he’s happy for Derek, he is, that he got out. He’s happy and heartbroken in a way that just isn’t mending. Heartbroken for everything they could have had, if they’d just found the right moment; the right words.

And both of them are left pining for each other, wounded and aching and wishing they could reach out through the miles and silence that separates them, but knowing they can’t. Knowing the other is happier without them. Knowing they’re better off like this. Apart. They know that.

Warm Me Up Pt 18

From now on I’m just going to link the first chapter for those who want to start the story and the chapter before the update for those who want to refresh their memory. Also, the end of every chapter should have a link to the next. :)

Also, I was listening to Little Things by One Direction and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol on repeat for this one. I think I’ll mention the songs that inspire each chapter at the beginning :)

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 17

It was the first time he’d be celebrating Valentine’s Day. It was the first time he wasn’t dreading it completely. It was the first time he didn’t have plans to simply horde food in his room and watch Netflix from the moment he got home until the day was over.

It was the first time he was in a relationship and wouldn’t feel so lonely. If anything he felt excited when the red and pink decorations started going up in the stores.

Though it made him a little nervous that the fourteenth was two days away and Nico hadn’t mentioned any special date or event. Will had learned by now that Nico was someone who had to be asked direct questions in order for him to have an answer.  

So while they ate at the dining hall for lunch, Will nudged him for his attention. “Hey, are we… doing anything for Valentine’s Day?”

The fork slipped from Nico’s hand and clattered to his plate as his eyes widened and his face went blank. “Oh fuck, that’s a thing,” he breathed. “Shit.” Will raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “I… I’m used to ignoring Valentine’s Day, it honestly completely slipped my mind that it’s a thing couples do. Oh man, please don’t be mad.”

Will laughed and shook his head as he put the fork back in Nico’s hands. “Relax,” he said. “I was just asking. I thought it’d be fun to do something like other couples do.”

“Of course. Anything. What do you want to do?” Will shrugged and kept eating. “Well, we can go all out- tuxes, fancy dinner, candles, and stuff. Or we can keep it small- a picnic, pj’s, movies.” He took his hand and held it, a small smile on his face. “Anything you want.”

Will smiled and ran his hand through his mess of hair. “Sounds like a plan,” he said. “It’s the first time I’d celebrate it, you know with a boyfriend, not just… a group of distant friends or something.” He chuckled and felt his cheeks redden as he spoke because Nico was getting that look on his face.

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“Betty and Veronica, now B and V, and maybe forever, had been forged.”


i don’t want to let you go: Weezer //  distance: Christina Perri ft. Jason Mraz // technicolour beat: Oh Wonder // wild: Troye Sivan // love they say: Tegan & Sara // hold my hand: Jess Glynne // outlaws: Alessia Cara // hey girl: Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch // by your side (cover): beachood sparks // stone: Alessia Cara // chasing cars: Snow Patrol 


“don’t you want to live before you die?” - a playlist for All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


One Day - Kodaline || Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol || Promised Land - Lily Kershaw || Heaven - Amber Run || Crystals - Of Monsters and Men || Sleepsong - Bastille || Medicine - Daughter || Made of Light - Mikky Ekko || Circles - Birds of Tokyo || Unclear - Kodaline || Thank You - Amber Run || The Weight of Living, Pt. II - Bastille || You Found Me - The Fray || A Bad Dream - Keane || Rolling Over Me - Tyler Imbrey || Spies - Coldplay || The End Where I Begin - The Script 

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20, scott/liam or scott/reyes?

Here are all of my feelings. (Read here on AO3

Listening rec: The Lightning Strike (part 1) by Snow Patrol

As we huddle together, the storm raging outside

Scott stirred from his light sleep as he felt movement from beside him. The room was dark, and he had to blink a few times to make out shapes of the room around him. He was in his bedroom at the Kadara outpost, the only one of the quarters he was provided with that he ever frequently used. There was no light outside of the glass ceiling and windows except distant signs of guard posts on the outpost perimeter, and the only sound came from the heavy pounding of rain from outside, bouncing off of the glass.

Goosebumps rose on his skin as he realised that the sheets had slipped off at some point in the night, and the air con sent a chill across his bare torso. His fingers reached across the bed blindly, feeling the recent warmth lingering on the mattress.

There was a flash of lightning from outside, lighting up the room and Scott realised that the man he’d been sleeping beside was now sat on the edge of the bed, hunched over a little. He shimmed closer, wrapping an arm around Reyes’ middle, pressing a kiss to his back.

“Can’t sleep?”

Reyes glanced around at him, a gentle smile on his face, “Just a lot on my mind.”

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“…you could be happy, I hope you are.
You made me happier than I’d been by far.
Somehow everything I own smells of you,
and for the tiniest moment it’s all not true
.” (x)

a healing love; a tuckington mix that encompasses the ideas of them helping each other with their mental health, falling in love, and finding friendship & love in each other. they deserve it.


contact | jeff williams. // run baby run | the rigs. // run | snow patrol. // run | daughter. // fresh start fever | you me at six. // artificial nocturne | metric. // twin skeletons | fall out boy. // parachute | ingrid michaelson. // just one yesterday | fall out boy. // look after you | the fray. // all these things that i’ve done | the killers. // war of hearts | ruelle. // contact redux | jeff williams.

"(...) If there's something I need to do starting today, I want to hang out more with everyone, and talk, and goof off... And I want you to help me... I want you to help me live..."


you could be happy - snow patrol // ii. i won’t give up - jason mraz // iii. the reason - hoobastank // iv. your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus // v. everything - lifehouse // vi. falling slowly - glen hansard and marketa irglova // vii. if i die young - the band perry // viii. life left to go - safetysuit // ix. the weight of us - sanders bohlke // x. mad world - gary jules // xi. iris - goo goo dolls // xii. prodigal - onerepublic // xiii. fuckin’ perfect - p!nk // xiv. how to save a life - the fray // xv. echo - jason walker // xvi. safe and sound - taylor swift feat. the civil wars // xvii. a twist in my story - secondhand serenade // xviii. shake it out - florence and the machine // xix. stay in my memory - bim // xx. one step away - elisa

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I really loved your writing SO MUCH! And this is my first time doing this, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly… But could you do a continuation of #10 & #20 with Alex? Love the angst! Cheers~

Hi I was wondering if u could write a part 2 for alex summers “things u said that made me feel like shit” + “things u said I wasn’t meant to hear”

plus like, several other asks about it ngl v overwhelmed by the response to it but in a good way

A/N: Bonus points if you listen to set fire to the third bar by snow patrol while reading, and here is where you can read the first part

Edit: You can read part three here

You feel like you’re viewing everything from a great distance as you sit, curled into a corner of the couch, staring at a closed book on your lap, tears still welling in your eyes. Alex enters the room, and you can sense his presence without looking up. He comes to sit at the other end of the couch, still tense.

“Hey, baby. Something’s come up at the mansion,” he starts warily.  “They asked if I could help them out, so I’m-”

“Gonna be gone for a while?” You interrupt him, still staring blankly at the cover of the book. “Yeah. I heard.” The tension in the room is so thick it’s hard to breathe

“It’s,” He takes a deep, shaky breath. “It’s not what you think. It’s not what it sounds like, I promise.”

“How could it not be what it sounds like? God, Alex. You’re going to war in a few months. You could die and I’d lose you forever and you can’t find in you to spend these last few months with me. Fucking how else am I supposed to interpret ‘I can’t be around her’. You could’ve fucking talked to me about it.” By the time you finish, you’ve given up trying not to cry in front of him and your voice is shaking, and he physically flinches, but you don’t care. Why shouldn’t he be hurting too?

“Because you’re not like me” the words explode out of him, your pain and bitterness sparking his own. “We are fundamentally different. What was I supposed to say? ‘Good morning, sweetheart. Lovely day, isn’t it, oh and by the way, I could lose control and kill you painfully at any moment. Shall we go out to brunch?’” He’s on his feet now, pacing across the room. “Jesus fucking Christ, I can talk and talk and talk but you can’t understand how this feels because you’re normal. I’m a fucking weapon and being around you is like balancing on a razor because if I slip up, everything literally blows up around me, and I can’t think about anything else because it’s not something I can fix, it’s just what I am.”

“Just because I’m not a mutant doesn’t mean I can help how I was born any more than you could.” You snap back, rising from the couch. “I’m fucking sorry that the world is afraid of you. I’m sorry that people are so shitty and divisive about people who are different, but I have never ever given you a reason to think I would walk out on you because of something you can’t change. Fine. We’re fundamentally different. But you didn’t even try to talk to me about it. I love you so much. I would do anything for you. Is it really so hard to believe that I could help you with this?”

“Sympathy and empathy are two very different things and you fucking know it.” Alex’s voice is flat and cutting. “Sure you could feel sorry for me but, but pity is as good as revulsion, and you still can’t possibly know what I go through every goddamn day. I’m deadly. I’ve killed people and I don’t know how to come home to you with that eating away at me every second of every day. I don’t know who I am anymore without this-this poison I carry around with me.” The rage in his expression is ice cold, his eyes desperate and furious. “I’m one of the ‘dangerous ones’ and I don’t know how to be around someone who’s not.”

There are still tears running down your face, but your voice is cold and ugly, a stark contrast to your explosive pain from only moments ago.

“You’re right. I probably don’t understand. Maybe I can’t understand, but maybe I don’t need to understand something to want to make it better for you. Just because I don’t understand something on the same level you feel it doesn’t mean I can’t try to make it hurt less for you.” You sound hollow. You feel hollow. Everything about this fight has burned you out, and you can barely find the strength to remain upright, much less sustain the all-consuming anguish that had been fuelling your ire. “But clearly I don’t get a say in this.” You cross the room, heading for the bedroom but you pause just before you exit. “Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who wants some space right now.” You spit, venom lacing your tone. As you shut the door behind you, your legs give way and you collapse against it, sliding to the ground and hugging your knees to you as your body is racked with silent, choking sobs.

the kids aren’t alright: a twinleaf playlist

01. hometown // twenty one pilots 02. wherever I go // onerepublic 03. don’t you worry child (acoustic) // swedish house mafia 04. the chase // sohn 05. never forget you // zara larsson & mnek 06. just friends // blackbear 07. clap your hands // whilk and miskey 08. lush life // zara larsson 09. is there anybody out there? // adam k 10. chasing kites // iamamiwhoami 11. way back home // bag raiders 12. too bad I have to destroy you now // kid cudi 12. chasing cars // snow patrol  

                                             art credit.

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