listening to sad music

Ugh, I wish I had some sad music to listen to at work.  All I have is a playlist of video game soundtracks and some EVP recordings of ghost hauntings.  I guess ghosts are sad.  I’ll just listen to those.

But if you’re feeling happy, I do suggest listening to the “Go-Go Gorilla Go-Go Kart Racing” soundtrack.  Some solid 16-bit J-reggae.

We are all good at talking and talking and talking some more. But what if you don’t like the sound of my laughter, the way I eat spaghetti like my life depends on finishing them without breathing or the way I look in the morning, all puffy eyes, dark circles and crazy hair? What if you can’t stand when I am bored out of my mind and annoying, what if you don’t know what to do when I wanna crawl into a ball and listen to sad music while emptying my heart on the bed sheets? And what if you don’t get why I read so much and you just want my attention instead? What if you don’t find my witty remarks funny or you hate how I always need to be reassured that yes you still want me. What if you don’t like me being clingy and constantly hugging you and kissing you and taking your hands in mine then putting them on my body?
What if you don’t like me in real life?
What if?
vixx as people on airplanes
  • n:immediately starts a conversation with everyone within a five seat radius and brings extra candy so he can give it to children and babies and ken
  • leo:speaks to no one. earbuds in 24/7. stares at the baby two rows back until it cries, but he really just thought it was cute and was debating whether or not to take a picture for the Random Cute Babies and Animals album on his phone. he looks through it when he's sad
  • ken:listens to music and accidentally starts singing along out loud. spills water on someone's laptop and apologizes so much he cries
  • ravi:looks left. looks right. surreptitiously takes out his knitting and works on it, humming quietly to himself
  • hongbin:doesnt drink anything so he wont have to use the airplane bathroom. reads the safety manual thing in the seatback like 8 times. keeps swiping people's peanuts for snacks later
  • hyuk:takes the aisle seat and sleeps through the whole flight, much to the dismay of the man next to him who really has to pee
Reasons to stan NCT #Part 1: Ten 텐

Part  1 :Ten 텐

1-Ten is from Thailand and his real name is Chittaphon , he’s born in Feb 1996, (Yaaay a 96liner)

2-A video of Chittaphon as kid didn’t die as time passed by, he played piano and danced, he loved dancing since being a kid.

3-He started taking dance lessons after watching the American movie Step up.

4-Ten then participated in a thailandese show called teen superstar where he shined as the youngest participant.

5-He danced in events like Christmas with his friends.

6-Ten can speak 3 languages : Thai, English and Korean.

7-Ten’s favorite subject at school was art.

8-Ten likes designing and drawing.

9-Ten’s favorite color is black.

10-Ten auditioned through the global SMtown auditions and became since then one of the SM Rookies.

11-Ten is now in the main NCT unit NCT U that debuted in April 9th 2016.

12-Ten listens to sad music as the last thing to do in bed to fall asleep.

13-He is currently in Mnet’s Hit the Stage with other sunbaes like SHINee’s Taemin, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, INFINITE’s Hoya,  as a rookie who debuted 3 months ago this is quite impressive and not to mention that he’s doing pretty good in the poll, taking places from 2nd to 3rd , Let’s wish Ten best of luck in that show.

Things that attract the fans:

14-Ten’s piercings, he’s got 8, 4 in each ear, which is incredibly hot especially with his black short hair (he may be getting more piercings in the future ).

15-Ten has a bright smile that makes the other members and people around him happy, (Taeyong said in a show that Ten was the first person that attracted him among the rookies cuz he looked cute and innocent as if he knew nothing, Ten then asked him if he’s no more cute and Taeyong said no, he’s still cute).

16-Ten’s flexibility ( Jaehyun once said that he envies that in Ten ).

17-Ten usually introduces himself jokingly by counting until the number 10 Ten.

18-In MV commentary Ten complimented himself and said “Very Hot” which was unique and hot, and now many fans say “Very Hot” in Ten’s tone.

19-Ten has a strong image with black short hair, piercings and dancing skills, but he’s full of aegyo, fans went crazy over him when the members played the cute counting game in the car on their way to Bangkok (NCT LIFE in Bangkok) .

20-Ten is paired with Jaehyun ( who calls him Ten Hyung-i and which makes the fans go crazy about it, and they both like playing basketball, Jaehyun once mistakingly grabbed Ten’s leg during their performance in Bangkok while he was supposed to grab Taeyong’s to lift him cuz that was part of the dance, Ten questioned it for a second but they both kept it professional ) , Taeyong (especially after the SM ROOKIES GAME TIME) , Mark and Johnny because of the ability of the 3 to communicate in English.

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