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Where Were You?

~Yay my first smut~

Kim Teahyung X reader

Daddy kink, Tease

~Thank you for your request~

 It was 10:00 at night and you promised your boyfriend Taehyung you’ll be home at 9:00. You were thinking of all the ways you could explain to him why you were so late. You really did feel terrible about this. When you opened the door you were greeted by Taehyung sitting on the couch. His stare burning threw you.

“Where were you?” He asked his voice deep with anger.

 “I was out with my friends, I’m so-” 

“No, I was worried sick about you.” He cut you off.

“I’m so-”

“I don’t want to hear it. You haven’t seen me in months and this what you do?”

“Let me-”

 Before you could finish he had you pinned to the wall. You stared at him his handsome facial features showing clearly.

“I slaved over a hot stove for hours for you and this is how repay me? You’re dinner got cold and I had to eat alone.” His voice now deep a husky. He nibbled and your earlobe making you shiver. “How are you going to make it up to me?” You looked in his eyes. His anger now turned to lust and greed. He looked at you waiting for an answer. After not getting one he finally said “No Idea huh? Don’t worry I got one.”

   He suddenly smashed his lips against yours. You soon melted into the kiss. Moving your lips in rhythm with his. Instead of asking for permission he started rubbing his knee against you clothed clit, making you gasp. He took the opportunity to dominate your mouth. Swallowing your moans he rapped your legs around his waist carried you into the bedroom. Dropping you on the bed. He continued to make out with you. You were dripping you needed him now.

You reached for his belt but he pulled away.

“Oh no princess, you’re being punished.”

“Please Taehyung.”

“That’s not my name.” He said while sucking on your neck  licking every mark he made. He started dry humping you and you started grinding to create more fiction. “No, princess daddy’s in charge now.”  but you didn’t listen. He growled and slapped your ass. “Didn’t you hear me? Daddy’s in charge.” He said while grinding harder. You we’re a moaning mess. After what felt like hours he stopped and took your silk panties darkened by your lust. He looked down a proud smirk appeared across his face. “Damn, princess do I really make you that horny?”. He and his tongue across your slit earning him a moan.

 He entered one finger and started slowly pushing in and out and enjoying your reaction. “Please daddy.” You whined  “What princess.?” he said while he bit your bottom lip. “I need you now, please.” “No, i’m not done playing with you.”

He lowed his head. Breathing hot air on your clit. We started harshly sucking it. You let out a moan that sounded more like scream. You couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Daddy please, I need you now!” you whined

“You want daddy to fuck you like the slut you are?” He said in a low sexy voice while pinching you clit making you gasp.

“Yes. I’m sorry.” You said hardly even hearing yourself 

“Suck me first.” 

You obeyed. You undid his black belt and pushed down his jeans taking his underwear with them. His member sprang up. You took it in your hand and lick the shaft to bring you tongue so it can circle it. He gave you a moan. You started sucking the tip. Welcoming the bitter taste of pre-cum in your mouth. He was turning into a moaning mess. You started sucking going deeper and deeper. Making him into a moaning mess. You started touching yourself but he smacked your hand away. “No princess only I can please you.” 

 He pushed on your back. He started rubbing the tip on slit. He slowly started to push himself into. You guys were like puzzle pieces. He was a perfect fit.Like  you guys were made for each other. You let a moan. He started going faster letting out low growls on the way. The sounds of your moans and his grunts filled the room. You could feel yourself about to reach your peak. You arched your back as you hit it. Not long after Tae reached his.He pulled out “Open your mouth princess.” You obeyed. He came in your mouth and you swallowed it all. He kissed the marks he left on your necks “I forgive you he whispered.” in your ear. You pushed him on his back. 

“My turn.” You said with a smirk 

I thought that was Amelia...

Combination prompt:

@kreneeb21 “I was wondering if you could write a fic based on what Meredith was talking about (thinking it was Amelia making all the noise.)”

@cailesss and @amensanatomy requested a smutty Omelia take on the dinner that the girls forget about that is scheduled to happen in 12x04 (I didn’t know about this until I read the prompt and can’t wait for Thursday!)

WARNING: smut and that…

Things have been confusing between us. Every time we make a concious effort to talk, his lips are near mine and I end up caving into my desire. It would appear as though location has no influence on this problem- porches, elevators, hallways, on-call rooms, the helipad (that was a fun one), a taxi, most recently the queue for the toilet at Joe’s, and currently my bedroom.

Our jackets are lost somewhere between the door and the bed and he has me trapped underneath his big build on top of the sheets, his hands freely roaming my body, groping and squeezing my hips, ass, breasts, thighs… basically every part of me. If there is some flesh to caress he seems to be there with his hands- everywhere. It’s relentless, causing my mouth to instinctively ellicit my pleasure through moans and breathless pants.

I suddenly feel far too dressed for this scenario and move my hands to his tie, pulling between the strands above the already loosened knot. Feeling it fall apart, I whip it to the side and discard it to the floor, returning to free his shirt buttons from their restraints. One by one I make quick work of them whilst his lips amble their way down my neck, nestling into my collarbone and creating waves of desire in my core as I feel him start teasing the skin with sucks and kisses.

As soon as I tug the shirt from his shoulders and his arms are released, he returns to my mouth with renewed sense of purpose- more hungry and desperate. I can feel a growing bulge as I wrap my legs suggestively around his waist and cause his groin to rub against mine. His hand weaves into my hair, his rough fingers massaging the scalp there as he teasingly rubs and brushes his lips into mine, never completing the kiss. It’s so uninhibited and raw, erotic as hell, tongues openly duelling between our mouths. My lower abdomin starts to ache and I can practically hear my vagina screaming for him to close the deal.

He grinds his erection into me slowly and then chuckles as I moan sexually. He loves what he’s doing to me, he knows he’s driving me crazy and he enjoys the fact that I’m currently turning into putty in his hands. Another excrutiatingly slow and hard grind and I can feel my inner walls starting to contract and pulse in need, juices freely flowing within.

His mouth moves round to my ear and starts to play with the lobe, his hot breath penetrating through to my core.

“Mmmmmm, I can tell you’re getting wet,” he mumbles, his voice low and dripping with desire.

“Oh my god, YES.”
I swear if she wakes the kids up with that noise… I don’t mind her having sex, of course. She’s a woman- a single woman- and it’s what she’s supposed to be doing. Hell, I think it’s what I’m supposed to be doing… I don’t even know anymore.

“Oh my god, YES.” We both hear the clear but distant moans of another person. I can’t tell whether it’s Meredith or Maggie- either way, it causes Owen to pull back and hover above my face, his eyes meeting mine and a mischievous smile spreading across his face. I bite my lip and stifle an amused chuckle as we both stay frozen in each other’s arms, eyes locked and grins wide, listening for any developments.

After a while, we close the gap and the heavy make-out and dry humping session continues in full force. I get bored being clothed so I shove him off me and he rolls onto his back, allowing me to climb on and straddle him. Instead of leaning down and kissing him, something I can tell he’s expecting, I grab the bottom of my loose fitting jumper and throw it over my head. My naked chest seems to take him by surprise, considering just moments ago his hands were all over me… His gaze on my body looks dark, dirty and dangerous. He looks like he hates me but loves me at the same time. One of those looks that makes my weeping walls inside me melt and once again I can practically hear her screaming for release.

I look back at him, my eyes intense, my teeth biting my bottom lip, my hair messily framing my face and my hands resting naturally on his chest in front of me. I’m watching him soak me in, wanting him to take the mental image- something I could cheekily remind him of in a text sent across a meeting room perhaps…

“Oh God, please…”
Begging? Really Amelia, I expected better out of you. Surely you can’t be that desperate, and surely Owen can’t be THAT good in bed? The two have once again been getting along, making out all over the shop, unable to resist the attraction that seems to be there. It’s made me feel a little guilty for discouraging it over a year ago but by the looks of things (and currently the sound of things) it’s had no effect on the outcome. They seem to be finding their way back to each other.

“Oh God, please…” The begging tones of a sister penetrate the walls once more. He puts his hands on my hips as he chuckles at the sound from the other room.

“Somebody is enjoying themselves…” he winks.

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